- Staniak vs. Jaymz-

Preacher Man

It was a bright morning in Memphis as Jaymz got into the Tahoe and pulled out of the driveway. He went east down the pot-holed filled road and headed into the city. Tristan had come to his house to make sure there everything was going fine but Jaymz suspected there was more to it that that as he followed Jaymz back into the city. As Jaymz got into the East side of town Tristan took a right and headed south..It was then that Jaymz knew he wasn't following him, snooping in his business. He lived over that way and to Jaymz relief he was headed there. He didn't want Tristan to see where he was going, or what he was going to do. He had a point to prove so someone. He drove through the city, the streets were packed with people getting their shopping done before the kids got out of school…Everybody seemed to be carrying huge bags stuffed to the top in things that they would never get to relish, since it was for other people – and to eat. Jaymz looked at all the people running here and there on the sidewalk, smiles on their faces because the change in weather. He couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about, why everyone was soo happy at this time of year just cause it was a little cooler out.

Going off and spending a bunch of money was never his idea of a good time like girls seem to think. The light turned green, a car behind Jaymz honked..He slowly shifted his eyes to the rearview mirror and saw the man behind him flipping him off. …He didn't mind, he had other things to do than mess with this moron. He let off the brake and let the Tahoe creep through the intersection. He went a few more blocks leaving the business and crowded sidewalks behind making way to a more residential area. The streets were calmer and less crowded, he took a right off Belmont Avenue and pulled into a small parking lot on the corner. Given the size of the parking lot, the cars in it made it look full although there really wasn't many cars. Like the parking lot, the building it served was small. It was painted white but needed a new coat as it was chipping and peeling away in places. The roof was brown and pitched high, slim rectangular windows made their way down the entire side of the building. Jaymz pulled his briefcase out of the passenger seat and got out of the Tahoe. He weaved his way around the vehicles, cut through the grass and onto the sidewalk leading to the front door. There was a white cross on the front of the building, the bottom touching the top of the door and rising to the height of the building.

On the cross were four words written in Old English, “Preach unto them Jesus.” The door were polished wood and looked new, a slight grin came over Jaymz face before the entered the door…The smile faded some, still slightly there giving him a more personable look. He pushed the doors open and stepped inside. He didn't see anyone, a hallway stretched to his left and right. In front of him were two more doors, he could hear the Preacher inside speaking. He slowly opened the doors and peered in. The pews near the door were empty..Hell, half the pews were empty. He pushed the door open and silently went in. The preacher saw him come in, their eyes met. Jaymz knew the look, the look of not knowing someone but the preacher smiled anyway as Jaymz took a seat in the very back, setting the briefcase next to him. There were maybe fifty people inside, not counting the kids that sat between their parents. They sang their songs and did their dances but Jaymz only watched on. Nobody ever turned around, they were all to consumed in the service to notice anything else. Jaymz sat quietly as the preacher gave his sermon…He appeared to be a happy man, he had bright blue eyes and brown hair. He looked to maybe be in his late thirty’s as wrinkles were forming around and under his eyes. Patiently, he waited as the Preacher concluded what he had to say for the day..You could tell it was about time to leave, the kids were getting rowdy and hungry. Everyone began to get up as the Preacher left the stage and talked to a few members of the church. Some people looked at him as he left, he smiled to them in what appeared to be genuine, but it was as cold as the evenings air inside his head. The church began to clear out when the Preacher made his way over to Jaymz, knowing that he wanted to speak with him because he was still sitting and didn't seem like he was going anywhere, anytime soon.

”Well, hello there.” The Preacher extended out his hand to shake and Jaymz returned it, “You must be new to the area, I’ve never seen you in here before. I'm Brother Justin, and you would be…..?”
“Mr. Yaroslav” Jaymz spoke softly, “..Alexi Yaroslav”

. The Preacher smiled, “Mr. Yaroslav? It is nice to meet you and I'm glad that you could come and visit us at, this is a fine house of the Lord.”
Jaymz seemed uninterested, “Yes, I imagine that it is….”

”Is there anything that I can help you with today, sir?”
”As a matter of fact I think you can” There was now a smile on Jaymz face, “ People tell me that I'm not ‘right with the Lord’…I was thinking that maybe you could help me

. ”Yes, yes! The Lord is my life!” He extended his hands into the air with a smile and laighed, “ I feel that He has put me here on their beautiful planet to help others. Why don't we go on back to my office and see if there is anything that I can do for you!”

Jaymz got up from the pew and followed Brother Justin back past the stage and through a door. They came to another small hallway decorated with pictures of Jesus and pictures aimed to get the attention of children. Brother Justin opened a door and let Jaymz enter first. It was a small office and like the halls the office was filled with pictures of Jesus. Jaymz sat down in the leather chair that was cracking in places across from Justin. He walked around the backside of the desk and sat down across from Jaymz. He was playing a CD at low volume, it was one of those nature sounds CD’s..A waterfall could be heard, birds chirping. Justin had many pictures on his desk, him and his wife with his kids…He had lots of kids, Jaymz glanced at it quickly counting six. Justin folded his arms on his desk and looked at Jaymz with a smile on his face.

”You know, were here almost every night. If you need counseling about the Lord we could set up a few days for you to come in, whenever it is most convenient for you.”
Jaymz seemed unconcerned, ”Have you ever heard of a man named Sin?”

Sin? No, I cant say that—wait! Isnt he the wrestler guy!? ..My son used to watch a man named Sin on TV – I knew I had seen you from somewhere!! Now I know you!” He put on his fake smile, but once he realized who he was dealing with the color ran from his face a little
Jaymz nodded, “Yeah, that's him”
Yes, I know who he is. Personally, I’ve never met him but and I don’t think that I would like to; I didn’t approve of my son watching the filth that he aired on TV, and frankly, I didn’t agree with the things that you aired either. But were all children of the Lord and I could never turn anyone away, ..it simply isn’t right”

Jaymz looked around the room, “..He was more than a wrestler. He was more than a man, ..and now hes gone.” Jaymz looked around the room again and smelled the air – chills ran down his back. Sin was here. “Theres nothing written about him, …nothing that you have?”
“Well, maybe I check into that this week…” The preacher seemed really nervous now, “you know,..since Ive heard of him and I now know you…Do you go by the name Yaroslav there?

”I go by Jaymz.”
He didn’t know what to say for a moment, “Like I said, I'm not familiar with it so you will have to forgive me. “

Justin was now nervous and wanted the man to leave his office, “What is it about our Lord that you would like to know? “
”There is no Lord.” Jaymz spoke in a low tone”
”Excuse me!!?? I'm sorry that you feel that way. But the Lord is in all of us, He’s part of us all…He died for our Sins, we owe him our lives!! How can you say such a thing!?”

A sick smile crossed Jaymz’ face, “Don't be sorry for me. You live your life in blindness, as I told you: There is no Lord. Ive seen beyond the flames, I’ve been through the River of Styx and I’ve seen the Otherside.. Sin is here – tell me where he is, ..he has something that I want”
Justin placed his hands on the desk with a stern look on his face, “I don't really appreciate you coming here and downgrading the One that we love. If you practice in somekind of Devil Worship then I suggest that you just leave.”
He didn’t seem to mind, only shrugged his shoulders, “Then I guess you will have it your way.”
”I'm sorry that you are a confused man, please…Let me pray with you…If you’ll let me.”

Justin stood up, as did Jaymz. Justin suddenly became a little concerned, the man was tall and thick. He knew that this man could hurt him in an instant. He held out his hands, palms up. Jaymz raised his arms and laid his own palms down, their hands closed together

”Our Heavenly Father If Yo—“

He stopped speaking. It was like his mouth froze in midsentence. His face went an ashen pale, his eyes never moved as they still looked down at his desk.. Jaymz closed his own eyes and a small grin crossed his face. Justin’s body began to shake as they held contact with each other. After a few moments tears began to roll down his cheeks, Jaymz opened his eyes and watched as they fall..Shortly after that the tears changed..The tears that began to come out of his eyes were drops of blood…His body still shook with the now crimson streaks running down his face. Jaymz released his grip and instantly Justin fell to the floor. His hands were still palm up, eyes still looking down and blood tears running down his face. Jaymz picked up the briefcase that was sitting on the floor and opened it up…His eyes seemed to shift and the blackness seemed to be taking over. He pulled out huge long steel stakes from the briefcase and set them on the desk, he then pulled out a mallet as well. Jaymz then went over to Justin’s side of the desk and sat him in the chair. He never said a word as he reached for one of the steel spikes and the mallet. He placed the tip of the spike on the palm of Justins hand and pulled Justins arm against the wall and drove that spike through it into the wall, he reached for the second spike and did the same with the right hand…Blood poured down his body and all over the wall leaving an instant puddle in the floor. Jaymz then took off both his shoes, helf both feet crossed over each other and drove the final spike in them and into the wall.

He was hung there, like Jesus hung from the Cross. Jaymz reached into the briefcase one last time and pulled out the last thing. It was a Crown made of thorns, his own fingers began to bleed as he barely even touched the razor sharp points. He set it on Justins head, pushed it down tearing away pieces of flesh, causing even more blood to flow from what was left inside…Jaymz turned around and began to walk off as he heard a cough; he stopped in his tracks – turned around and his eyes grew wide at the sight of what he saw. It was Sin – nailed to the wall with his eyes glowing white. The eyes moved to him as the left hand removed itself from the wall with sickening suction sound. Then the same happened with the right; then the feet. Sin took himself from the wall and fell back to the floor landing on his feet; stood there looking on at Jaymz – but not breathing. Jaymz blinked – and Sin was gone. Julie was now there; but the spike in her hand was gone and it was now a nail; the same one that she had nailed herself to the wall with last week before Crazy J and Kim had come to visit. Her eyes were rolled back in her head as she advanced towards him. He couldn’t move, he was frozen and didn’t know what to do. She reached out for her King; pulled him close and stuck out her tongue. She ran it up his face and he could smell her breath – it was the smell of death and rotten flesh. He shuddered


…and woke up. Julie was standing above him on the floor of the unfinished house wearing the t-shirt that was waaayy to big but still showed her hairy legs down by her ankles. Drool slid down her chin and fell of onto Jaymz’ shirt as he laid there on the floor. She made odd cackling noises and seemed to have a twitch.. She was sending him dreams again, …and something was wrong, ..very wrong.


Well, Im still in shock at what happened the other night. We were in a no DQ match, yet ...I got a DQ? What in the fuck is up with that!?? That ref was lucky that he escape with his life because it cost us the match - and ya know what!? Im not even gonna acknowledge that as a loss, because it wasnt. You cant get disqualified in a no disqualification match, its bullshit and its as simple as that. Sure, they can claim it as a loss in the official GWA books but when it comes from my mouth its called "bullshit." but 'bullshit' doesnt get to go on our record and thats fine because the whole world saw that we got fucked, so tell me - they got fuckin Oregon football replay officials doin the match now? Did they hire some trash off the street to come in and ref this match. Im ashamed for the GWA and Im ashamed that the world had to witness such a fuckin sham! I know that Grind and Al wanted to see us lose because of thier pure hate for us but even they had to be shaking thier heads in shame at the incompitence of the man reffing our match. ..But, thank God they instituted the rule that you cant lose a belt off of a disqualification, ..so in the end? Yeah it was J and I that came out on top, and STILL Goth and Fang cant claim a legitamate win over Zero Tolerance in a tag match. yeah, Im sure they'll try but to say they won the match when the whole world was watching is a disgrace.

So fuck it, ..Im pissed but I'll have to get over it cause there isnt a damn thing that I can do. ...and ya know, I dont even know why Im so pissed cause when it comes down to it the Titles still call Zero Tolerance thier home - just as J and I said that they would. We had some rust to work off cause its been quite some time that Crazy J and myself have been in the ring working as a team; and even though its been over a year since we teamed up we still held our own before the ref decided to break the rule of the match. I cant say that it was a succesful night for Zero Tolerance cause Stacy was the only one who picked up a win, while we picked up our 'bullshit,' and we lost two of our belts. But thats the business and I know it wont be long before we claim gold from the GWA and take it back to Zero Tolerance once again; and this time it will be Stacy winning the Airborne Championship and Cash winning the US belt that Rex just lost a few days ago... So in a few days all will be right with best group of wrestlers that the GWA has to offer. ...There is no tag match this week because there isnt anyone left to fight - I see that Fang bailed out from Goth because he knows its his only chance to get the GWA Tag Gold and had to get Weck to be his parnter - and they'll get that chance if they can beat the former champs that Rex and I beat almost two months ago. ..But for me? I get Good 'ol Stan.

When I think of Stan I think of someone like Fang, ..a wanderer who has gone from group to group looking for a place to fit in and right now hes on his own, trying to show the world that hes good enough to get the job done... Ive never been one to give someone credit outside of my ZT brothers and one retired wrestler, ..but I have to give it up to Stan because he did manage to knock off James Weck for the Global Title, ..something that I didnt even get accomplish; and I told Weck the week after that it was like Appalachian State beating Michigan when he lost that belt - cause we all knew that Good 'ol Stan couldnt hold that belt for very long.. He got lucky and was better than Weck for that one night - and thats all he needed to be, so he gets credit for that... But then, the Division two A top dog lost to another Division Two A loser in Bill Barnhart and that was a point in time where we all watched the mediocore wrestlers rule the GWA's top prize, ...but not anymore - now we have a girl as the champ who is better than the two men that Ive just discussed. Stan's had a few weeks off and he made his re-emergence the other night at Anarchy and I guess that it was bad timing cause I damn sure wouldnt want a few weeks off only to come back and stand in the ring against me - thats just asking for a fuckin beatin, and I guess thats what Stan wants.

So tell me Stan, is this match going to be any different than any other time that weve faced off? Do you really believe that you can come out here and take me down for the first time in your career? ...Or are our past matches going to linger in the back of your mind as your punishment begins? Cause I'll tell ya Stan, its not like Ive gotten any worse in the ring or that my abilities to kick your ass have weakened since the last time that we met. ..And look at what youve done to me, youve put me in the second match on the card - the match where nobody have thier asses in the seats because they DONT CARE! That's what youve done to me Stan, so I guess its on me to make this match look some what entertaining and hope they come back in to see the show that Im putting on. ...But do you know were in the second match Stan? Without putting it nicely: you suck. Your a below average wrestler who's seen better days and a wrestler that just happened to get lucky one night back in August; and now everyone knows that youve had several weeks off and you go up against me. People will shrug their shoulders and yawn as you come to the ring because thier all going to assume that Im gonna Silence your through canvas in a matter of seconds.. But I'll try and make it worth thier time; I'll throw ya around - chop ya so damn hard that it echos throughout the arena and hopefully - if its quite enough - they'll hear your bones snap and your screams of agony as I twist your body like a wet fuckin towel.

Its gonna be a long night for you Stan, it'll be a night that wont be any differnet from others that weve had in the past with the only exception is that youve managed to take me to lower-card status. I have better things in line for Stan with the ZT Tag Gold being the front runner. No, dont think that I'm gonna come out here and over look you because I dont do that kinda thing... I love a fight and there isnt a damn thing thats gonna keep me from coming to the ring with other things on my mind.. Its you, and only you this week. I call you a warm up for my match next week - and though I dont know who its gonna be yet I damn sure know that its gonna be a better fight than the one that you can give me. I know, I know - you dont like hearing the things that I have to say because you dont like to hear the truth. You'll get mad and tell me how wrong that I am just as you have before, ...but youve yet to show me anything in our past matches and I dont see this one as being any different. So accept your place Stan and know that your several rungs lower on the ladder than I am and that pinning you to the mat is gonna be easier than it ever has before.. Its alright Stan, lots of people have had to admit the same thing even though they wanna deny it, ..but for you? No, not after this week - not after I pin your sorry as to the canvas one more time and make you wonder if you can ever beat the biggest sumbitch in the GWA.