- Dark Enforcers vs. Zero Tolerance (Tag Titles) -

New Faces

...Choked it, that’s what happened.. I was lookin a win right there in the eyes, I seen the look of desperation in Mason's face as I held him up in the Silence and I suppose I held 'em there a little too long and let him get that chance to escape. ..So that’s my own damn fault - I cost my own damn self the match. But ya know, I aint upset about it cause my plates full as it is - and we down plan on losing those tag belts. The Global Championship shot was a second priority; hell yeah I wanted to win - but we’ve already got gold and that’s the main focus. Ive already gotten a phone call tellin me that Im still lined up in the ranks for the big Gold later on - but like I said, ..that isn’t the main concern. Crazy J's my partner now and I know there isn’t a loss of talent with who holds the other belt cause lots of our success came simply because we knew each other so well, ...and Ive known Crazy J longer. ...Everyone knows the history that J and I have in the ring; weve held Tag Gold in every shithole promotion that we’ve ever been in and the GWA isn’t an exception. We suffered our first tag team loss here in the GWA to two people who aren’t even in the ring anymore - we took our tag team titles from two guys who we'll face this week, ..and its bout damn time that we got the second round goin cause its taken too damn long. This week we get more Black Circle members in the ring and I bet they dont forget about is tearin the ring apart just to get a piece of 'em - but they'll have to learn that we dont play second fiddle, that we dont take a back-fuckin-seat to anyone, ..and that damn sure aint gonna happen now.

Monday night, post Anarchy.

The smoke filled the inside of the Tahoe as it sat across the street from the arena. The passenger window rolled down and Crazy J was coughing, "goddamnit - you gonna fuckin kill me too???"
Crazy J stuck his head from the window and gagged a little more. Jaymz just shrugged it off as he wasn’t in the best of moods.. He had lost his match and the last thing he knew was that there was a girl claiming that she was Zero Tolerance. He had hoped that it was nothing but a joke but it wasn’t looking that way from the way she acted.. He was quick to bolt from the arena and into the back without asking a lot of questions until he looked for a certain vehicle – evidently not seeing it on the quick sweep of his eye he went back into main part of the building and began to ask around – the person was gone. …So there had sat in the Tahoe outside the arena, ..waiting.. until Crazy J had come.

J leaned back into Tahoe and looked at the pissed off man, “Hey – its alright man… I wont tell Julie”
“Huh!?” Jaymz shook his head, “..about what???”
“about the way you were lookin at that girl, ..Stacy.”

The cigar damn near fell from his fingers and he didn’t say a word for a moment, “….say what?....”
“yeah! When she pulled off that shirt you just like, …froze – checkin her out. ..I saw ya..”
“I wasn’t fuckin checkin her out!! She pulled off that fuckin shirt and it said ZT on that top!!

Crazy J looked ahead and seemed to think about it for a moment, “..oh yeah, - but you weren’t lookin at that – I saw what you were lookin at!! ..Julie will never find out.”
Jaymz grumbled something to himself as he looked back to the arena. Wrestlers, managers and everyone else who was of any importance had begun to leave a short time ago and slowly everyone left for the night – but still not seeing the person he was looking for.

“If it aint Julie - then what the fucks your problem?”
“Im waitin….”
J started to look around at the people leavin from the passenger window, “who?”
“Whens the last time you seen Erik tonight?” He said as he flicked the cigar from the end of the window
“After your match, he was still hangin around. You know what he did, he just went and signed Stacy just like he did Cash.”

Jaymz nodded, “I know – since we left the Detroit he think hes on a power trip or some shit; he cant be doin this shit – not to us, we have to fuckin work with this girl! He doesn’t! and ya----“
Crazy J was looking around the Tahoe – not listening to Jaymz, “Hey!! How the fuck you get this Tahoe up here, ..and you cleaned it too?? ….fuck, man you really were getting ready for Stacy!”

“No!!!” Jaymz screamed back, “I wont fuckin drive anything else – so Tristan makes sure that I got one here…why?”
“I dunno, ..its kinda fuckin dumb. ..what do you think Kim and Julie are doin?
The two names even took Jaymz attention and the anger away, “…I haven’t really thought about it.” Then the anger came back, “If hes gonna sign a fuckin girl then why the fuck not Julie!? The hell is wrong with Julie – she can wrestle and I know that’s a fact!!”
Crazy J still wasn’t paying attention, “ …renting a Tahoe every week?… Tristan don’t give me shit like that at all.. I gotta talk to him about this shit.

“Well then who bought that cemetery for you!?”
Crazy J looked over – he was paying attention now, “bought for me??? When the hell has anyone ever bought anything for me!? I have to take what I fuckin want! That place is mine, ..and Kims to I guess.. but its mine!!”

That ended the conversation again as they both looked back over to the arena and the people leaving; J was bored and about to go back inside, get his stuff and leave when he saw two people walking up the opposite end of the street. They wore short black skirts, black leggings and one of the terribly pale ladies had a wad of black hair that hung in tangles.
“Look” J motioned, “Its Goth, ..look how he snuck outta here in his emo drag stuff!”
Jaymz laughed, “..yeah, yer prolly right.”

The prostitute’s walked on down the street as Jaymz spoke up, “There!!” He pointed over at a man in a suit, .it was Erik Black. His limo was pulled out of the building and the someone opened the door for him as Jaymz and Crazy J got out of the Tahoe and walked across the street; before the driver could get back in Crazy J opened the back door and there was Erik Black. He had a glass of Grey Goose in his hands and didn’t seem surprised to see the two men, “Hey guys, whats goin on?”


Well it was about what you would expect, ..Erik gave us the typical ‘it was a business move’ line of crap but I damn sure wasn’t buyin it. Here’s a girl that I fought in the ring just last week and he expects me to just get along with her!? ..he did this same shit to us with Jason Cash – except the different is, is that I hated the fucker.. He came to the GWA and started shit with me and rest of my brothers, …Kissinger on the other hand? Well she didn’t do a damn thing but I got thoughts about workin with girls and what their positions in the world are… She may not agree and if she don’t then were not gonna get off on the right foot… but ya know what pisses me off? Erik and Tristan act like their say is the end-all; that we don’t seem to have a voice in who we have to work with… I told Erik this shit wasn’t gonna work for me anymore, ..that if he wants us to work with new people then he needs to tell us first… So here we are, ..Zero Tolerance with its new member – Stacy Kissinger. I don’t like it but then again I guess I don’t have much of a choice; but them fuckers better not ask me to stand in the same corner as her in the ring cause I aint ever gonna team up with some girl; Erik laughed it off like I wasn’t serious – but I guess he, and Tristan, have a few things to learn…


Anarchy rolled through with the success that we always have, ..no I didn’t win the match but we didn’t manage to lose our gold either and for another week we claim all the Gold the GWA bosses are gonna allow… But that’s the good thing about losin the match; cause right now I didn’t have time to fight for the Global with the Tag Belts on the line, …and what kind of boring pay-per-view would that have made? ..A show with no Global Title match!? ..Well it damn sure wouldn’t happen cause J and I are gonna show the world exactly where we left off a year ago when we lost these belts, ..and it just happens to be my good buds Goth and Fang who get to be the first victims of the second round of the Crazy J and Jaymz Tag Tour. Its been a while since any of us have been in the ring together; the last time that I had faced Goth it was for the Global Championship all those months ago and I haven’t seen the man in a match since then… but that’s prolly a better thing for him since beating me is about one in ten chances, ..and with Crazy J added to the mix? Shhhiiiiit – these guys know all too well what happens when we stand in the same corner. Fang though? Well Fang is the GWA’s resident toilet paper… How many time can a guy get shit on and STILL go back to the same old ways? Tell me Fang, how does it feel to be the GWA’s resident whore? …you were whored around with Vindication, through us, a few more groups and now you end back up with the Black Circles?

…How long is it gonna be before they dump you again? …Can we get a bet going on that cause I don’t like yer chances of lasting that long… Its been a while since weve faced off or even had a little chat, eh? …Not much to talk about since you were made a fool of by us, since we fucked up your plan to screw us over and ever since then you’ve wandered around the GWA begging for acceptance from the other big names and groups only hoping that you’ll fall in good with someone. ..but it wont last Fang, not just you, but the whole fuckin group cause it’s the same people it always is, ..the same people who turn on each other in a heart beat. ..Didnt expect to see me and the rest of my brothers, and my…..sister….pop up from under the ring, huh? You sad bunch of pathetic people, ..wanting to go out there and take on Feight like twelve to one. I don’t concern myself with Feight and what happened with him in the ring tonight, ..we saw a chance and had to take it, ..now where that goes or how Feight will see that? Well, ..I guess we’ll have to see…wont we? Just the fuckin look on your faces when we came up from the ring was priceless and the battle that went down wasn’t but a fraction of whats gonna happen this week when J and I put the Tag Belts on the line and collect another win as you two fall at the hands of Zero Tolerance. Goth can scream, yell and get all out of his skillet if he likes but that inst gonna get a win, ..that isn’t gonna take the Tag Belts from J and myself.

Im sure that watchin the Rex versus Crazy J match that it was a lose-lose situation for the both of you, …though I sure you would of liked to have seen Crazy J win for the simple fact of that you two know that J and I are capable of beating you, …Rex? Well – we’ll never find out now will we? Yeah, you would have liked to see him in the ring hoping that he couldn’t take the place of what J and I did to you two a year ago – but this is the way the ball rolled and I like the match up… It’s a match that’s taken too long to set back up, ..theres too much bad blood here between the four us without the rest of ZT and the Black Circles and the tension will weigh down the air… There will be hate, ..and plenty of it – but this is the time boys, this the one time for you two to prove yourselves that your just a little bit better than Crazy J and Jaymz… you’ve had a year to get ready and prepare for your shots as the tags that we took from you, …and now can you get them back? Oh yes, you two would love nothing more than to just beat us even without the belts so this adds in something just a little extra; but I cant help but notice that Goth seems to be eaten up by the fact that James Weck, his own member, has the Global Title.. Cause Goth is jealous, he’s a man who believes that he’s destined to be back on top – that hes the man who should be holding that belt, …but he’s not. So now? Well Goth things that for him to have any kind of stand in the Black Circles that he HAS to have some Gold.

He wants to be seen, he wants to be smelled and wants the whole world to believe that he’s the man. “look at me, look at me” said the little man from behind as Weck holds up the GWA Global Championship for all the world to see. Sit the fuck back Goth and take the backseat to Weck like you should; quit yer bitchin and whining about wanting this Gold and how much it means, …cause it don’t mean all that much to you Goth.. you know that taking the Extreme or US title is going to be very, very hard - and you know all about the Extreme Title and its Champion, ..dont ya? …So where are ya at now? You hoping that there’s something left for you, a division in which you can call yourself a champion where your own boy doesn’t reign… So your boys, the bosses, have decided that it takes the two fuckin Black Holes, ‘the Dark enforcers,’ to take the Titles from Zero Tolerance.. Great, so come on and get your sorry asses in the ring and so J can get that Tag Team rust off and we can continue on the dominance that Rex and I started. I know you boys want all the gold in this business and you have the numbers to do so, …but do you two really believe that’s gonna happen? That all the Black Holes can pick off every single title one by one and leave the rest of the GWA, ..and more-so Zero Tolerance empty handed?

Haha – that’s for the laugh guys cause we own exactly half the Titles in his company, ..and how many do yall have? Keep yer numbers cause we got the fuckin belts, ..we got the gold that shows our dominance and who we are, …you guys? Well ya got two – good job cause that’s all yer gonna get. I know you two wanna forget the past and the beatings that you both have taken from Zero Tolerance and your failed attempts at winning, …and that’s fine cause yer right; none of those matches don’t make a damn difference this week… but I know they happened just as you two know they happened, ..and no matter how bad the beating is for the two of you – there will come a time in the match that you’ll both remember the past – you’ll remember those matches and those old thoughts will come back to yer head. Goth will remember the time I took his Global Title, ..and the time we took the Tag belts. So ignore those matches all you must, ..cause I wont; I call it picking up where we left off.. That were now gonna write up a new history, something that happened in Two-Thousand and Seven that kept the bad blood alive, ..the same blood that we’ll wipe off the title when we take ‘em back to the locker room when we collect our wins. Goth you have to ask such stupid fuckin questions like ‘what could possibly stop our hunger for these belts?’

…What do you think Goth cause the answer isn’t that fuckin far from ya! Bring that hunger for these belts cause I wanna see it Goth – I wanna see if you still have it in ya to take us on and put one of our shoulders to the mat. Hunger isn’t gonna win you this belt boys so be sure and eat before ya come to the ring cause ya aint getting fed at Anarchy and were gonna show you exactly why its been over a year since ZT came here and stomped your ass from the word ‘go.’ Goth I cant say that I’m surprised at the things that you had to say, ..you expect us to come out here screaming – yelling and calling you names… all in an attempt to try and get under your skin… Goth we don’t have to try anymore, the days of getting under your skin to piss you off have come and gone because you know your place, and you know that your playing second fiddle to Zero Tolerance as you always have been. You know how I am, so for you to talk of things like “Jaymz rambles” isn’t a very smart move is it? Because you know all too well about being a hypocrite – don’t you? Weve been under your skin Goth and its been since the day we took these belts from you, ..and I can only imagine the look on yours, and Fang’s, face when the bell rings signaling us as the winners, ..and still GWA Tag Team Champion.