- Mason Storm vs. Jade Dragon vs. Jaymz-


it was nice having Julie sittin next to me and things seemed to be getting back to normal; though the only problem with Julie was that she really had no place to go… I couldn’t take her back to the house on Mud Island cause the neighbors would recognize her and wonder why she was out of the mental institute. But there were some things that I didn’t like, …Julie had changed a little bit since she had been away; though the only problem with Julie was that she really had no place to go… I couldn’t take her back to the house on Mud Island cause the neighbors would recognize her and wonder why she was out of the mental institute. But there were some things that I didn’t like, …Julie had changed a little bit since she had been away, apparently they made her talk – they made her communicate with them using words, ..and I know my Julie don’t like to use words. We went out to eat last night as some little hamburger shack after I got her some real clothes on and I figured that I would have to be the one that did all the ordering like usual, ..but I didn’t. It was Julie who spoke for herself and though her words weren’t the worlds most well spoken, the dumb bitch at the counter understood her enough to place the order… When we sat down to eat I was glad to see that some things never changed; cause she fuckin dove right into that food like she hadn’t eaten in months.

Of course the first thing that she did was take the pickles off and eat ‘em cause she has that love for vinegar – and I was glad to see that some things never changed.. But Julie, ..she was mad at me and she couldn’t seem to understand why I left there at the Institute and though I tried to explain to ‘er she didn’t wanna hear it. ..One thing I didn’t understand was that she kept them teeth with her, ..the teeth from one of them orderlies – and she sucked on ‘em all night long like they were jaw breakers or something.. One by one she would pop ‘em in her mouth and spit em back out as slobber ran down her face and her hands, ..gettin that shit all over the leather in my Tahoe, ..but I didn’t mind cause Julie was back. ..and them teeth she was suckin on? ..Well, it wasn’t the only thing that she was suckin on last night… We stayed at a hotel that last night and sleeping didn’t come easy cause she stayed in my mind, ..she didn’t want me to sleep – she wanted me to feel the pain that she went through. ..And when Julie sent ya somethin with ‘er mind you can feel the pain and those dreams seemed like they were real, ..and even right now I wonder if they were…

She had me tied down to the bed, sittin on top of me with a needle and thread… I couldn’t talk, and I couldn’t move. She licked the needle as drool ran down the left side of her cheek as she then grabbed my lower lip and I could almost hear the dull needle tearing its way through my lip and then again as it went through my upper lip… stitch by stitch by she sewed me up and the pain was almost unbearable… Everytime I tried to open my mouth I could feel the pain and the thick threads tearing away at my skin and she seemed to find this humorous. She reached down by the bed and pulled out a small scalpel, where she was getting these tools I didn’t know, as she went to work.. The pain was excruciating as she pulled up on my left eye and slid the scalpel down inside my eye lid and slid it across… warm blood filled my eyes and everything went blurry as she did the same thing with my right eye.. She dabbed away the blood and held rags there for a while as the blood stopped – my eyes burned from being unable to blink as she stood up, walked across the room and flicked on the lights… I tried to scream and felt the tearing in my lips from the thread, ..I thrashed my head from side to side trying to break the restraints that held me down. My eyes felt as if they were on fire and I could hear her laughing, ..laughing at the pain that I was in – and she loved every second of it.

…It was then that I woke up in the hotel room and Julie was standing over me and I could feel the warmth of the urine that she had let spill down the gown that she was wearing. I could see the droplet’s of urine that stuck to the hairs on her legs since they didn’t shave her there at the Institute, and damn – she had more hair that I did. The bed sheets were soaked and so were my clothes and I saw on her face that she had sent me the dream, …that it was only the first of many to come for the night – and it was my punishment for letting her stay in that place, …the punishment for her King for not rescuing her and taking her from the solitude and the pain that she was in… I tired not to sleep cause I didn’t want anymore of the dreams, ..but Julie has her way and if she wants you to sleep – then you’ll sleep. It was a night of hell and every dream that she sent me was worse than the others, ..I woke up in cold sweats and once jumped at her and slammed her head into the wall but she only smiled at me and held my hand… She loved it when I was mad at her and loved it when I struck her, ..it was a long night, …and Im glad its over with cause I knew the first night was going to be hell for me to pay, ..but in the end? ..it was better that I had my Julie at my side than in that hellhole that the doctors had placed her in


It was a warm day in Memphis and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky as the sun began to set on the horizon and would soon give way to the darkness that started with shadows that grew long on the ground. The cemetery was farther out from Memphis, closer to where Jaymz was having his house built… He hadn’t talked to Crazy J in a few days as he knew they all had their personal business they had to tend to after being on the island for a week… Rex was away and Cash was out hunting, ..but Crazy J? Jaymz knew exactly where he was and figured it was time that Julie met Kim, ..and he was hoping they would have something in common. He pulled the Tahoe inside the gates of the cemetery and drove past some of the old time-worn headstones and went to the back where the crypt was. He lit up a cigar as the engine of the Tahoe shut off and he stepped out; Julie sat inside still suckin on one of the teeth that she had taken the night before. Alexi walked over to the passenger side of the Tahoe and opened the door for her and we could see that her appearance from the previous night had changed some.. She was wearing some of his old clothes – a pair of black shorts that were way to long for her, and apparently Alexi had shaved her legs for her sometime earlier in the day as there were a few cuts, scratches and missed hairs that still lingered on her legs. Her shirt was a “ZT Owns you” shirt that was posted over the Fatal Elements logo, ..and no shoes. Even if he had a pair of shoes that would have fit her it wouldn’t of mattered because Julie never wore shoes to begin with. Jaymz looked around the cemetery and didn’t see anything as he held Julies hand and led her away from the Tahoe.. Jaymz noticed there was a table set up outside with some candles on it and wondered what the occasion was.. It was then that Alexi saw the big door on the crypt open up and Crazy J stepped out; Kim stayed inside peeking her head through looking at the strange woman that was with Jaymz.
"Jaymz, how you been!?

"ah, its goin - Have you met Julie?" He pulled her by the arm and up close to Crazy J
"We have, ..but its been almost a year since Ive seen her. ...she’s...changed." He looked oddly at the woman as he stuck out his hand, but quickly took it back as Julie snapped at it with her teeth, "woah!! - I like all my fingers where they are!"

Jaymz slapped her in the back of the head and she fell to the ground, "damnit... I told her bout that bitin' shit last night when I was stickin things in her face."
Crazy J motioned for Kim to come outside but she seemed a little hesitant, he motioned again and she finally came from the crypt and slowly walked over to them, "Kim - this is Julie." Crazy J introduced them.
Kim stuck out her hand for Julie even though she was still on the ground - but Crazy J swatted it away, "she dont shake hands.. So this is home, Julie make yourself comfortable.. you look a little tired, ..you can lay in my casket if you like."

She still laid there on the ground as Jaymz rolled his eyes and pulled her up by the back of her shirt, she gave Jaymz a cold stare as she got back to her feet; he shrugged it off knowing that he would pay for it later - but not here, ..not in front of someone else. He took her by the hand and walked toward the table where Crazy J had set up the candles and pulled out a chair, turned it around to face the cemetery as did Crazy J who took a seat next to his friend. Julie and Kim stood next to their men, neither of them seemed to notice but Julie gave Kim and awkward smile and a weak wink. Kim only looked at her with wonder and didn’t return the wink.

Jaymz pulled out a cigar, "So what’s the occasion J?"
"Well you'll have to wait until the other guests arrive, ..they'll be here shortly."
"you want one?" Jaymz asked as he held out a cigar for Crazy J
"Sure, yeah" He took the cigar from Jaymz and looked back at Kim who was now smiling at Julie, "Kim....Kim....KIM!!!!" She finally looked down at Crazy J who was holding the cigar up to her, "take this - we'll put this to good use after our guests leave tonight - you might like it."

Jaymz' eyes grew wide, "uh.. you want one to smoke?"
"to smoke!? Naw, ..not right now" Crazy J shook his head, "Them damn cuban ones were bad enough."
"ahh, they were alright - had me talkin a lot of shit though.."
Crazy J looked over at Jaymz, "you talked to Rex lately?"
"no - last I talked to him he was still in Flordia" Jaymz shook his head, "why?"

"Just wonderin.. I dont like fighting a brother."
"I know what ya mean, J - we’ve all done it before. I just dont like the place it puts me in"
Crazy J laughed a little, "you!?? Fuck your position - its my US Belt that’s on the line!"
"Yeah well, ...you could be my Tag partner next week." Jaymz said as he blew smoke in J's face
"No I damn sure wont be - we had our run.. You and Rex are on somethin good, ..nothin needs to fuck that up."

Jaymz agreed, "yeah I know, ..but either way Im in good shape.. we had a helluva run a year ago with these belts, ..took down Goth and Fang - and we get 'em next week I believe."
"Good, ..they need an asskickin again - but its gonna be Rex doin it with ya this time, not me."
Neither of them said anything for a moment, and neither of them bothered to look back at Kim and Julie.. Julies nipples stood out from her shirt and she wore a huge smile on her face as drool ran down her chin.. Her eyes were fixed on Kim, who had lost a piece of skin that had fallen on her shoulder. Julie picked it up and licked it, her eyes rolled back in her head at the taste of Kim.. She licked it again and finally stuck the piece of dead skin in her mouth... Kim smiled, put her hand over her mouth and turned away from Julie as if she was blushing.

"You gonna be in a bad spot anyway Jaymz, ..when you win that Global Title shot - you cant hold two belts at once."
Jaymz nodded, "I know - thats the problem, ..that Global Title shot is gonna have to go on hold for a while until Rex and I lose, ...which I dont think will ever happen."
"I know you'll get past Mason, he's still ashamed that I took his paint. ..Jade though, .she doesn’t even have a clue to what’s going on around here"

Jaymz laughed, "no shit! ..this little girl needs to learn her place too - cause it damn sure isn’t in the ring."
"yup, your right" Crazy J looked up at Kim and saw she was staring down Julie - but didn’t bother to look over at the crazy woman to see that she was transfixed on Kim, "Ya know, Jade would be perfect for someone like Grinder if she was three feet tall, had a hole for a mouth and a flat head so you could pour beer in it - she would be the perfect woman!"
Jaymz found this funny and coughed out cigar smoke

"You know what her fuckin problem is Jaymz!?
"what’s that?"
"She needs to find a man, ..a real man" Crazy J looked around, "Cause she’s pissed off all the time like she just got fingered by Captain Hook or somthin"

"no shit!!" Its alright though, ..let her get mad - cause shes only gonna get more pissed Monday night when I’m the one who’s takin that Global Title shot home.."
"Yup and she----" Crazy J looked behind him, ..."Hey? ...where did Julie and Kim go?"

Jaymz turned around and looked, ..the girls were gone, "I dunno... Hell, they couldn’t of gone far., ..lets go look for him."
"We gotta hurry to" J said as he got up, "I got more guests on the way"


I dunno, but it appears to me that a dead girl and a crazy bitch seem to have a little more sense than the lizard that I’ll be facing in the ring here in a few short days. There’s lots of people in his organization that make me laugh with their comments but I don’t know if anything beats what Jade Dragon had to say… Cause here we have a woman who seems to know everything about her own record and how many time she’s won on Anarchy… Yeah, she tries to look smart but if she was then wouldn’t she be on top of things? She claims that she knows all this GWA history and who beat who, ..but uh – she actually came out here and said that I never beat Feight in a singles match!? Shit, I’m sure the people in the hotel room next to mine were getting a little worried as I was laying on the floor kickin the wall cause I was laughin so fuckin hard… Hey Jade, Master of GWA History, you made a little mistake there didn’t ya!? I like how you tried to school me on the issue of who you have and haven’t beaten like you have some edge on me… I like how you had that shitty little grin on your face when you spoke of the fact that you beat AP in a singles match and I didn’t… Well, I sure am glad that you pointed that out for me Jade because back on October Ninth, ..almost one year ago.. I could have sworn that it was AP Feight that I completely destroyed, a man that I dismantled and left a bloody fuckin mess in the middle of the ring as I took the Extreme Title….

But, you must know better than me cause you’re a pro on who beat who and what everyone’s records are… Im sorry, it was AP Feight that changed how he fought in the ring, ..it wasn’t Feight who had to re-evaluate his whole outlook on the sport because of the beating that he took… So tell me Jade, ..if I didn’t beat Feight for the Extreme Title, ..then who was it? A look-a-like? A hologram? So keep on bragging about how you beat Feight and I never did – cause yer only makin yourself look more like a fuckin idiot than you already have. Hell, all you had to do was go to the GWA website and click the ‘title history’ to see that it was Feight that I destroyed in the ring for the Extreme Title… But since yer an old pro on GWA history I guess you don’t need to do that, ..do ya? And you expect me to believe that your gonna come into the ring and defeat me? ..you actually think that Im gonna take you seriously when you speak of my weaknesses and the things that Im not good at when you’re rattling off things about a match that you don’t have a fuckin clue about!? …Im ashamed for you Jade cause the whole world laughed at you, laughed like they did when Crazy J stripped the paint off of Mason’s face. Hell, Feight will tell ya that it was me who made him change the way he operated in the ring, ..that it was me who gave him the beating of his life – but shouldn’t you know all this? No, because you don’t fuckin pay attention.

Now Im glad to see that you wasted more good TV time by putting more voice over and rambling on TV, …but ya know what the best part is Jade? ..You didn’t have anything new to say… Yeah, yeah, yeah, ..Im a coward, I heard you the first ten times that you said that to me in your first promo… Im gutless, spinless, I tuck my tail between my legs and run – blah, blah, blah… Did I get you so fired up that you forgot that you called me all those same things the first time you aired your frail little ass on TV? Did you not listen to me the first time that I told you that Im not the head of Zero Tolerance? Hell no you don’t listen, cause all yer worried about is runnin yer mouth on TV… You’re not worried about facts, ..facts that you claim are true but their not, ..you’re not worried about the fact that I can snap you in half like it wasn’t shit, …and you damn sure don’t seem to be concerned with the fact that a Global Championship shot is on the line. No, ..you wanna ramble on about how Im a coward, and how were worms and how “The Dragon” is gonna breath its fire and shit on our heads, ..or something like that – whatever it was that you said. See Jade, Im comin to the ring to win that Title shot – Im comin to the ring to show everyone that not only am I better than Mason but that I get to pick on a little girl who thinks that shes larger than life. …Tell me Jade, hows life gonna be when your sittin back stage watching me take on Bill – if he still has the Global Title then, and winning it.

Holding it over my head showing the world that, yes, I am best… Better than any man, and damn sure better than some little girl who wants to be a jungle cat, a dragon that breaths fire and any other animal you feel like being for the day. Will you sit back and cry Jade? Will you pout, bitch and moan that it should be you standing in the ring across from the Global Champion and not me? …Don’t worry though, I’ll wave to the camera, ..I’ll put on a little smile for ya just so you’ll remember that it was me who took your dreams away and sent you back stage packin yer bags wonderin why you ever decided to step into the ring with me to begin with. …Now do you think that you’re some wise wrestling guru with your amazing insightful analysis of me and how I conduct myself in the ring? Do you think the whole world was in shock when you said that I just come to the ring and over power people and pummel them to death!? WHAT!!???? NO FUCKIN WAY!!!!! I always thought that I came to the ring and did some fancy little flips around the ropes; jumped from the turnbuckles, used technical wrestling moves and LOVED to make my opponents submit!! ..but you wouldn’t know cause yer too busy claiming over and over again that Im the leader of Zero Tolerance and all I do is repeat the same ‘jargon’ every week, ..but again.. it all comes down to the fact that you wanna put the blinders on about the things speak, …but I don’t care about that Jade, just keep on calling me a coward and the leader of ZT cause every time you do someone changes the channel cause they know what yer gonna say.

Jade, ya know what I found amusing? ..It was your ramblings about how you beat Stacy, that she was no big deal that and that you were unimpressed because you beat her before. Well tell me what happened last week Jade, ..who was it that you lost to? Ooohh that’s right it was Pain, that bald headed guy whos been nothing more than my bitch in the ring! They guy who cant seem to pick up a win over me or any other Zero Tolerance member as of late; the same fuckin guy who took the Airborne Title away from you… And you think that you can come into the ring and beat me!? That you cant pick up a win over Pain yet you can come into the ring and take down the biggest sumbitch in the GWA!? Hell, you cant keep your Airborne Title against that loser and suddenly you can come in and compete for a shot against the biggest Title in this business? Hell, if I was you I would be ashamed for talkin about Stacy the way you did when you lost to Pain just last week… So you like to get in the first blow huh? ..cause that’s what you claim… Well, Im glad that you do because I sure as hell don’t do that kind of thing and seein as there are quite a few guys in the Black Circle to they have to take a number, or is it like a lottery to see who gets that first blow? …don’t be tryin none of that shit on me in the ring cause if ya aint my Julie then Im not havin any of that! Cause see Jade, its things like that that are distracting you from winning this match… your too busy trying to dissect the words that Mason and I speak, calling us the same names all week long and worrying about your personal win/loss record.

..thats great Jade, cause its gonna give you something to think about when I collect the win this week. Tell me Jade, why are you so concerned with the words that Mason and I speak, cause it seems to be that’s all you wanna talk about… Yer tryin to get Mason and I to make some retarded verbal commitment about scripts or something, ..but I don’t use scripts Jade – I just say what comes to mind when the camera is on. Tell me, why are you so hung up on having a ‘verbal combat?’ It’s a proven fact that girls talk more than guys do so Mason and I cant compete with you on that level Jade, ..so I guess that means that you win the match; that if you call mea coward fifty times and call Mason Mary Kaye another fifty times your gonna win this match? Did anyone tell you that we didn’t sign up for the debate team? ..Did they bother to tell you that we signed up for a wrestling match that involves no talkin what-so-ever? ..No, I don’t think that they did Jade – but I have to give up and concede this match to you, ..just as Mason should since we just cant compete with your ‘verbal combat.’ Hell, Im more worried about taking the Global Title from the Champ with the shot that I’ll be earning this week after you and Mason fall at my hands, …and then you’ll be a on a losing streak Jade; but that wont be the only streak you’ll have Jade – cause yer gonna leave one in yer panties when you shit yerself after your pitiful body slams into the canvas when the Silence gets the best of you.

Since your so caught up in this ‘verbal war’ that you believe is gonna win you the match then maybe you should come up with something a little more original than the “David and Goliath” comparisons… Do you know how old that is Jade? Do you know how tiring that is for me to hear week in and week out? Yeah, Ive lost to the “David’s” as you say, ..but my losses come to the best in the business, ..I don’t lose to people like the Staniak - people like Demetrius Randall and losers like that. ..and I know that you like to brag, but who have you beatin lately? Tidus Storm? Wwwoooowww, should I be impressed? Or what about Stacy, ..the same girl that Rex and I beat last week? Where are all these wins against Goth, Weck, Pain? No, were not talkin about what you did in the past Jade because too much time as passed since then… cause you left, ..and nobody comes back as the same person, ..so where are all the big time wins since you’ve come back? I know, I know, ..you beat Rex - trust me a heard ya already, ..Rex is my brother – and he knows this week again he has to do something that we hate and thats facing each other; but Ive faced Rex as well in the qualifying round for the Psycho Circus – and I had to take him out as well. …and you ask me why I have more losses than you, ..could it be because I have more matches than you? That by the time you win as many matches that I have you’ll have your share of losses as well…

you’re starting to sound a lot like Mason did when he first got here Jade, ..he was on that winning streak and suddenly it went all to shit… I know that loss to Pain still sits in the back of yer mind, you can tell me that it doesn’t but I know better than that, ..and when you take a few big hits, ..when you find that it’s a little harder to get up from the canvas that doubt is gonna come creeping back into your mind and you’ll begin to second guess yerself. ..you’ll wonder if you have anything left to give, if you have the energy to get up and fend me off just one more time. So keep on crying Jade, cry about the words that we speak and pretend that its gonna win the match for you, …but I’m glad you think this is a verbal debate that were having and not a wrestling match, ..and when I take that Title shot you’ll be damn sorry that you didn’t prepare, that you didn’t take it seriously because you were too worried about words. Mason though, ..he’s on a different page than Jade is; but well…most people are. But what Mason doesn’t understand is that weve weathered the storm, that ZT has stepped through the shit that he tries to tell us, ..and kicked his ass. ..and aint nothing gonna change this week cause I don’t take what the future gives me, ..I re-write the shit and I take the things that I want, I do what I wanna do and I kick the shit outta anyone that stands in my way, ..and that’s you too Mason.

So let me have your anger, let me have your rage – throw it all at me, ..get it all the fuck out right here, ..on me…Do yer fuckin best of beatin the shit outta me, ..and when your done – well I might chuckle a little, crack my knuckles and put out the cigar, ..then move from the spot that you never moved me from; and the beating that I’ll give you will never wanna make you stand in the ring with a Zero Tolerance member, …ever. Bring all yer lightening and thunder, ..cause we all know what comes with that don’t we? ..Then comes the rain – but no Mason the sprinklers aren’t coming on, ..that rain’ll be the tears that come from your eyes when you realize that you’ve looked into the face of defeat once again and this time it was for the Global Title shot. Didn’t you learn the first time Mason that Im not just ‘just another big man?’ I guess not, but that’s yer mistake and this time there isn’t gonna be someone there to save yer ass; you wont have a partner to jump me from behind when I’m smashin yer fuckin head. …But no, you wanna refuse the things that you felt and saw first hand. You wanna ignore it as if it never happened but you don’t get to this time around Mason; there wont be anyway around the pain and torture that Im gonna bring you. Your lucky that Havok got pinned cause I don’t think you were about to last that much longer Mason, ..but again – hes not here. I know you wanted this match just as I did but that was a while back Mason, that was when you brought all the momentum….

But not now – cause its ZT that houses half of the GWA’s Gold and its all the attention on us, ..the Black Circles just had to form on the wrong night – the same night your paint came off… You lost it there Mason along with one of your very own and now the Fatal Elements have come to play near the bottom of the barrel as you lead the sinking ship… But don’t feel too bad Mason cause you should have just listened to me in the first place, …wouldn’t life have been a lot easier, ..and a lot better had you made your decisions differently since you came to the GWA… I warned you Mason, I told you that Grinder and Al would turn – that it was only a matter of time before that shithole group fell in on itself… But, .well, ..you knew better than I did, right? You’ve been the one whos been right, the one who was gonna take the Fatal Elements past Zero Tolerance and look down upon the GWA. I told you it wasn’t gonna happen, …I told you then – and before, ..but you had options and things you could have done, ..had you just listened… Now look at you Mason, you stand alone as the Fatal Elements have lost one of their own and one who happens to be the best of your boys. …Should of listened huh? …But what are ya gonna do Mason? Its too late to change all that now, and if you listen to me one time; then you better fuckin listen now. This better be the time that you actually sit the fuck down; listen to what I have to say and take it serisouly, …right?

…This is MY match Mason, ..this is MY chance to take back the Global Title, ..and I will take it. I will go through you, and I will go through that little girl. Fight all you want and argue all that you will, as you have before – but you really should listen this time around. So if you want to come stand toe to toe – then let me stomp the little bitch and you can have your chance – but bring a fuckin step ladder so you can get eye level before I tear yer fuckin neck out. I wanna see struggle, I wanna see you fight - and I wanna see you left with nothing as I pace around the ring looking on at my two downed opponents; letting them know who’s in charge of the ring and who the best in the business is. Go on and tell me that I don’t bring anything or relevance this week because I just told you; like I have many times, whats about to happen. Tell yourself that you actually have a chance at winning, ..that you can actually tear me down and put my shoulders to the mat and keep me there long enough for the ref to slap his hands on the canvas three times… Wont happen Mason, ..it just wont. For you two, ..theres a Silence in your future as I slam you two to the mat, ..and the crowd will be Silent – the whole arena will... And I’ll stand there waiting for my chance to be the Global Champion