-Demitrius Randall/Stacy Kissinger vs. Zero Tolerance)-

What the Hell?

Memphis, Tenn - 10:38 a.m.

The sun shown in on the white carpet of Erik Blacks office in Zero Tolerance building downtown; it was a clear day and warmer than it had been recently and it was the kind of weather that Erik liked. Though it wasn’t even quite eleven 'o clock yet Erik had a glass of Grey Goose in his hand that he was slowly working on. He stood over at the massive window looking down at the city of Memphis as he swirled the drink around in his glass thinking about the decisions that were going to be made this week. He knew that the decisions that he and Tristan were about to make weren’t going to be popular, that they weren’t going to go over easy with the guys - but they saw no other option in how the situation should be handled. What Erik didn’t want to do was to tell Jaymz the solution to this problem as he knew the big man would throw a fit, scream and yell until he got his way, ..because that’s what he did. Jaymz wasn’t the kind to easily take orders, ..especially when its something he didn’t like, and Erik knew that Tristan would have to work on the man as well. It was only moments later when the door ro Erik's office opened up and Tristan walked inside. Tristan was a man who walked with authority and held a sense of power when he spoke; he had worked under Drache for many years and picked up on some of the mans better qualities, and when Tristan walked into a room you knew that business was about to be takin care of. Erik nodded as Tristan, who was dressed in his blood red suite, took a seat on the other side of Erik's desk as he glanced at his watch that looked to cost more than most peoples cars; he sighed - he was a busy man and had places to be as the plan was in roll and he had to set the rest of it up, ..but discussions with Jaymz weren’t gonna be easy. Erik, who was still standing by the window, finished off the glass of Grey Goose and headed back to his desk as he plopped down in the leather chair and set the glass down on his desk, ..not wanting to refill it yet as he looked over to Tristan,
"What time was he suppose to be here?"

Tristan shrugged his shoulders, "I dunno - he goes on his own schedule, ..you know that.
"Time means nothing to that man" Erik rolled his eyes, "Doesnt he know we set appointments for a reason??"
"...And that’s why if you want Jaymz here on time you tell him to be here an hour earlier than he should be." Tristan looked down at his watch again, "Have you talked to anyone?"
"No" Erik shook his head, "last I heard - Crazy J was in route, ..but Im sure Rex and Cash are being taken care of.... They'll all be there tonight, ..if Jaymz ever fuckin gets here."


The elevator on the top floor of the Zero Tolerance building came to a halt, there came the little 'ding' and the elevator opened as Jaymz stepped out. He was wearing his usual attire, dirty jeans and a white wife-beater. An unlit cigar sat clinched between his teeth as he walked down the hallway and opened one of the two double doors that let into the massive waiting room of Erik Blacks office. Tracy, Erik's secretary, lifted her head and smiled at the big man; he found her attractive - very attractive, ..but she just wasn’t the same as his Julie. Sure, this lady was blonde, fit and had blue eyes that would catch a mans attention across a room. She had a beautiful smile and white teeth that went ignored for the two huge fake friends that sat on her chest; she had gotten made fun of in High school for the 'mosquito bites' she had, ..but well - not anymore, not when her paycheck from Zero Tolerance. Jaymz walked up to the desk and placed both hand on it and leaned down a little. His breath was rotten and she recoiled a little at the smell of it but tried to keep her fake smile on.
"How are you today Mr. Yaroslav?"

He shrugged, "...fine I guess, ..so what’s been goin on?"
She kept the fake smile on even though she despised the man, and wished that he would leave so she didn’t have to smell his stinkin' breath any longer. She thought he was disgusting and was no more attractive than a naked mole rat. "Oh not much, just tryin to stay busy. ..You know you dont need to check in Mr. Yaroslav, ..go on in."
"I will, ..I will.." He stood there for a moment looking at the lady with an odd smile on his face. He winked at her and went down the hall. She shuddered as he walked off, then reached under her desk and pulled out a Clorox wipe and scrubbed the spots where his greasy hands had been.


The door to the office opened quietly, so quietly that Erik never even lifted his head and looked straight ahead across from Tristan. Jaymz walked into the room and saw Tristan’s back was facing him and Erik was lookin down
“Hey!!! – The hell yall doin!?”

His booming voice roared throughout the office as Tristan jumped from the chair and Erik damn near jumped from his as well, “Cant you fuckin knock!?” Tristan yelled
Jaymz only shrugged before speaking as he walked into the room, “yeah – I suppose that I can but I don’t like knockin, …its too formal or some shit.”

Jaymz walked over to Tristan, who was still standing, and slapped him on the back as he pulled a lighter from his pocket and fired up the cigar in his mouth as Tristan groaned, “Damnit… I told you not to smoke in here.”
Alexi gave Tristan a little nudge and removed him from the way of the chair as he plopped down in it and set his feet up on Eriks desk, “I like to smoke in here, ..ya keep it cold - ..I don’t like smoking standin in the sun..”
Erik pushed his feet from the desk but Jaymz sat them right back up there, “So whats the deal bosses?”

Erik seemed hesitant, “Jaymz there’s things that we have to do, ..and well – I know you don’t like it, ..but – ya know its business.”
“I aint leavin state, ..I got a match this week and I aint got time for business this week, ..yall take care of it.” Jaymz puffed on the cigar as he shook his head ‘no.’
“you’ll be paid well” Tristan broke in, “you always are, ..and its worth it.”
“No, ..Im not doin it, ..my plates full right now… Send that asshole Jason C ash or someone.”

Erik placed his hands on his face, “Alexi, I really, really need you on this right now. Just tell me that you’ll fuckin do it.”
“Well…” Jaymz seemed to think it over, “Tell me the details and I’ll think about it.”
Erik seemed pleased, “Alright… I think Drache is in town, in fact, I know he’s here somewhere. Hes been messin around with Julie, and I know you don’t like that, ..but hes gonna use that to get closer to you – hell, we all know he’s wanted you dead since the day we left Detroit.
“I’ll kill the sumbitch” Jaymz growled with the cigar between his teeth

‘And that’s exactly what we DON’T need Alexi” Erik stressed as he leaned over his desk pleading with the man, “I need you out of here, ..thats the business, ..its my business to make sure that you don’t get killed.”
“He cant kill me” Jaymz gave a half-evil grin that Erik didn’t like
“but still, ..Alexi, ..its better that you leave; its better that we get you out of here, Tristan and I both agree on this one.”
He was pissed now, “..for how long?”

Nobody wanted to say anything for a moment before Tristan spoke up, “This week, ..we’ll get ya to the show this weekend, ..and after that you still may not be able to come home for the next week. ..We wont send ya far; up north a little bit so it wont be as hot – and we’ll get ya a nice hotel.”
Jaymz seemed to think about it for a moment before he stood up, took one last puff of the cigar and slammed it down on the desk; red embers flew across the desk – and looked to be coming from Erik’s ears as pissed as he was. He turned to leave the room, “Fine – I’ll fuckin do it.”

“Alright, ..and try to be on time.” Tristan rolled his eyes
‘’yeah, yeah., yeah….” He mumbled as he walked out of the office and headed for the elevator.


He hocked up some yellow shit from his throat as his footsteps echoed in the parking garage of the ZT building, the fuckin smoking was startin to catch up with him, ..he needed to cut back. Alexi pulled his keys form his pocket and pushed the little unlock button and the lights on the Tahoe flashed. ..And this it went black, everything. He struggled in the darkness, struggling against something ….then pain, …lots of pain….. then it was gone, and the suffering was over. But the darkness never left, and for what seemed like hours it stayed that way. …until the darkness left


“aawwww fuuuuck….” Jaymz rolled on the sand grabbing at his head – a needle stuck in his arm.. He moaned and graoned and began to sit up and saw the needle hanging from his arm, “….What the fuck?” …He looked at the needle closely for a moment before realizing that the needle wasn’t the important thing. The important thing was that there was an ocean, ..there was sand – and all kinds of fucked up trees he had never seen before. He struggled to get to his feet and looked around with a confused, ..and pissed, ..look on his face
“what in the fuckin hell?...”


3:41 a.m.. …Somewhere in the darkness….

Another Anarchy come and gone; another night for Zero Tolerance to shine in the lights and show what were about. Jesse Woods was the latest person to come into the GWA and know what its like to stand in the ring with some of the best… I warned the boy, ..I had told him that beating Striker and Crashin wasn’t any big shit, …but the fool fuckin refused to listen, ..and well - that idiot had to learn the hard way. No, it wasn’t the most successful night for Zero Tolerance as a whole but we over come those kinds of things because we don’t accept failure and we expect to come out the next week and win… This week it will be at Sinister Urge, and whats been relayed to me tells me that it could be a big night.. The Tag Team Belts are back on the line this week, ..and I know that Rex doesn’t have any plans to lose the belts so I know damn well that were gonna win this match against Demitrius Randall, ..and tagged along with him is this girl Stacy Kissinger. I know that Stacy has been around here for a while, ..but who in the hell is this Demitrius Randall?? Oh I know, hes another Jesse Woods who thinks that he can compete with Zero Tolerance, ..right on the heels of losing to Daruis O’Hara, Im sure. We’ll hear how great he is, and how he just needs to get in his game and get things settled down… Well that’s great, ..its fuckin wonderful but this really isn’t the match that ya wanna try and get things settled down in..

Cause Randall, when ya come and play with Rex and myself, your talkin about beating two of the best in the business – the best fuckin tag team in the world. ..Not only did you go out and totally fuckin blow it against O’Hara in a singles match, they stick you in a match with Zero Tolerance the next week?? Damn, I bet it sure fuckin sucks to be Randall and his little girl partner. Randall, people don’t come into the GWA and start snatching Titles away from people so don’t get yer head full ‘a shit thinkin that taking the Tag Belts home with you is a realistic goal, …cause it fuckin aint. Rex and I are the best fuckin tag team to come around in a long time, I know what the man does in the ring and what he cant do so well, ..and he knows the same about me. So you and this little girl think that yall can just stroll down to the ring and take the belts from us? ..Never being in a match before yet good enough to come and take the World Tag belts? ..Shiiiit, ..yall gotta be kiddin yourselves if that’s the case – cause people don’t seem to realize it takes more than just getting in the ring and beatin the shit outta someone, ..and that’s the fuckin reason that Rex and I are on top… yeah, people form tag teams all the time but ya gotta see ‘em in the ring and how they go about the match, …and only the good ones – the only ones worth mentioning are the ones that know their partners inside and out…

And well, I don’t think yall are there yet and that’s the fuckin reason that you two are gonna lose this match, ..its the reason why you’ll be another casualty in the path that weve left behind us. Were not gonna lose these belts, and I’ll be damned if we lose them to a nobody who just walked in the GWA’s doors and some little girl whos managed to beat a few people here and there. Hell, she aint done nothing to impress me, ..if she wants to she can get in the kitchen and cook me a real breakfast that I aint had in years, ..now THAT, that would impress me! .. Beating the now-disappeared Jack Faust sure as hell didn’t impress me, and there isn’t a damn thing that Ive seen her do in the ring that’s caught my attention. I don’t think that she understands that Im gonna snap her little ass like a twig and show the world that she doesn’t even belong in the same league as Rex and I do. They call themselves a tag team but I call them nothing more than a pair who got stuck together just because the people upstairs knew the belts had to be defended but there isn’t a team that’s worth a damn that’s eligible to take ‘em from us. …So they send us these two, ..now are they just the appetizer for the night? ..Are Rex and I gonna get a little something more to chew on and spit out later? ..Hell, ..I hope so cause were pickin through scraps right now.