-Jessie Woods vs. Jaymz-


"Right here, ..this is where I want it." Jaymz held his hands out over the huge open lot of grass that sat out in the middle of nowhere. It was a cool morning as Jaymz and Tristan stood out here, ..just outside of Memphis looking over the lot of land that seemed to have been cleared some time ago it was surrounded by trees, all except for the gravel road that led to it.
Tristan nodded, "How big do you want it?"
Jaymz reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded up piece of paper and handed it to Tristan whoís eyes grew wide as he looked at the house, "Alexi this is fuckin huge! ...I dont even have a house this big!"
Alexi shrugged his shoulders, "Well - a big house for a big man, ..right?"

Tristan continued to look at the paper that Jaymz had handed him and shook his head in disbelief. The house was enormous and had room after room, a house that only the extremely wealthy could afford, "I told ya I could make you a deal, but for something like this its gonna cost you a lot."
"This house is huge Alexi!! And you wont hardly ever be here, why have a house this big!?"
Jaymz shrugged his shoulders again, "because I want it, ...thatís why. ..and it shouldnít cost me shit cause after all it is 'Zero Tolerance Real Estate' and I am Zero Tolerance."
"But Alexi, do you have any idea how much this is gonna cost!? ..Thereís a lot of fuckin material that goes into this house, if were gonna do this then you gotta fork over some dough"
"Thatís bullshit Tristan! ..My house in Detroit was big and you didnít make my pay for shit then, ..so why now!?"

"Cause this house is like TWICE the size of the other one - thatís why!!" Tristan sighed and the two men stood there for a moment, neither saying a word. "I'll tell you what - pay a third of the cost and its a deal."
Jaymz looked appalled, "a third?? oh come on - thatís still to much"
"FINE!!! pay a quarter of the cost, if you dont - then the deal is off." Tristan folded up the paper and stuck it in his pocket, "But I gotta go - Ive got a lot of stuff to do today, ..unlike some people."

Tristan turned from Jaymz and walked back to his BMW that was parked next to Jaymzí Tahoe. ďWell, ..someones in a pissy mood todayĒ he mumbled to himself as Tristan pulled down the gravel road leaving a trail of dust in his path. Jaymz got back in the Tahoe and looked at his watch, ..he needed to find Crazy J, ..but it wasnít time yet. ..But he liked this place, ..it was close to the cemetery, ..and his creatures could roam.

Night had come and the time for finding Crazy J was in its prime. The lights of the Tahoe shown bright through the heavily wooded area where he was told J would be; he drives farther down the road as the trees begin to break up as he then parks the Tahoe over on the side of the road...He steps out and walks slowly up the road....The cameraman who was following suddenly stops as Jaymz continues to walk up the road.....He pans around in the darkness, seeing beady eyes, red eyes...The eyes flash in and out of the darkness of the trees on both sides of the road. The cameraman continues to follow Jaymz again as the crunching and cracking of leaves and twigs under feet move along throughout the darkness on either side of the road. The corner of an iron gate appears to the right of the road...Jaymz walks next to it and follows the iron fence to an opening in the gate. A sign sits posted of the gate, we see that the sign says the name of a cemetery but itís too dark to make out the name. Jaymz walks inside of the iron gate and makes his way to the back of the cemetery.....Headlights come into view the farther back as he goes....The creatures of the night still follow in the shadowy depths of the forest....Theres a white truck parked in the back of the cemetery, where the headlights are coming from....Theres enough light coming off of the moon that we see a magnetic sticker on the door of the truck, but again Ė its too dark to read the sign and pick up the name of the cemetery. The headlights shine directly to a grave plot that was recently filled in....A man walks over to the plot, folding up chairs that line up in a row from a service that was held here this afternoon....He throws them into the back of the pickup truck then goes back to the plot and begins to take down the green canopy...Jaymz stands and watches this man as he does his job..A few moments later, just as he was most of the canopy down, he suddenly stops and looks around.....He squints his eyes in the direction of Jaymz..

ĒOh man, you scared me!! Im sorry, but its too late for you to be here. You can come back and visit tomorrow...uumm, mister, you ok?? .......Hey, I-Im talkin to you!! Hey....you need to leave before I call the authorities.

Jaymz looks in both directions in the cemetery...the creatures of the night are still out there.....Their beady red eyes shine out from the trees just beyond the iron gate. The ones that he knows are following but unsure if they are his, ..or Crazy Jís, ..maybe the keepers of this place Crazy J spent so much time at? He slowly raises his arm and points at the man...Snarls and growling come from deep in the forest....The creatures leap out from the dark and over the iron fence from both sides of the cemetery. Wolves, six on them shoot out from each side, racing out of the darkness of the night. The man gasps, stops taking down the canopy...The canopy falls to the ground and collapses as he runs for his truck...He takes about three steps before one of them hits him from behind....The next one comes and leaps on top of him clamping down on his arm....

His screams can be heard throughout the night as the wolves pull him out into the darkness; he struggled to get free Ė but he was out muscled, and out numbered. He then looked away from the spot where the beasts had drug the man off to and saw a huge marble cross stands at the back of the cemetery....Next to it; a freshly dug grave.....There is no tombstone, only an open hole....Enough light from the headlights of the pickup shine back to the cross and the open hole in the ground....Jaymz is wearing a short sleeve shirt, that seemed to be covered in dirt and jeans that looked like they hadnít been washed in weeks, ..and his eyes Ė those horrible black eyes; those solid black eyes glance into the camera for only a moment then look over to where the wolves were back in the trees.....They look up at Jaymz from the distance and whimper, then shoot off into the night leaving the man there behind, ..if he was still alive. .... Jaymz then looked around the place, unimpressed. He paced around looking about the cemetery, held his hands out and shrugged as there was no sign of Crazy J, ..but he would wait, ..sit here and waitÖ


Is it just me, or does Jessie Woods look like an out of work porn star? ..which, being a paid whore isnít anything to brag about - I just hope that heís washed his hands good before he steps into the ring with me.... I know that Jesse doesnít know a lot about me and I can understand that since he hasnít been around here before, but thatís no excuse for being just plain fuckin stupid. Jesse seems to think that heís the underdog in his match because of his lack of size when going against a man whoís as big as I am, ..but uh - what Jesse doesnít realize is that it has nothing to do with his size, it doesnít have anything to do with how tall each of us are - because if that was true then the only losses I would have would be to John Irons, ..but well, ..John was never able to get the job doneÖ. But Jesse here on the other hand seems to think that heís Joe Willie, that heís gonna come out here and basically guarantee a victory over me, ..ya know, Ive heard that before and it didnít turn out for the poor asshole that tried to guarantee that victory. So you ďalways get the job doneĒ do ya? Well thatís wonderful Jesse, and Iím glad to see that you beat up on people like Steven Striker and Doug Nobody; and now Iím sure that youíll run out here and give us a breakdown of all your past matches in other promotions that youíve had in the past, ..but that isnít gonna make a shit Jesse because that wasnít here in the GWA, that wasnít here against the best athletes in the world.

ÖYeah, now I may not be no athlete and I may not be the brightest fuck around these parts but Iím the best damn asskicker this promotion has ever seen. There isnít anyone thatís capable of coming to the ring and showing off the pure strength and dominance that I show week in and week out, ..and you think that you can come in here and put an end to all that? You think you can come to the GWA and shock the world by taking me out? Shhiiitt, sit back and take some lessons ya fuckin rook cause this aint yer game, and this aint yer time. You may THINK that yer better than me, and you may THINK that you can come into the ring and put my big ass on the mat and have me screaming those two words that will send you to victory Ė but thatís what youíll get for thinkin, cause when you get in the ring with me and I slam these mitts of mine in yer melon a few times there wont be much thinkin goin on in that head of yerís much longer. Iíll tell ya what, after I beat ya around a little bit and laugh Iíll give you a chance to take back them words, these ones where you basically guaranteed a win and Iíll keep on laughing as the whole arena, and the audience worldwide hears you scream those words; ..screaming those words out of anguish and sheer pain. ÖCause you aint never been in the ring with someone like myself before Jesse, you can argue all you want but it isnít possible cause there isnít a big man like me in this business.

And yeah Jesse, I do believe what comes out of my mouth because if I didnít, then I wouldnít say it you stupid fuck! What? You think I go around and lie to myself all fuckin day? That I go around tellin stories to all my friends that are nothing but bullshit? You think I donít believe myself when I tell you that Im the best fuckin big man the GWA has ever seen!? Your foolin yerself Jesse and Iím gonna make you ashamed that you ever said somethin like that cause I donít come out here and lie to the world or myself Ė I tell it like it is, ..and if ya donít like it, ..well then come down to the ring and fight me on it, ..but thatís a losing battle for ya Jesse and its one that you wont be able to handle. I donít think you realize the mess that youíve gotten yerself into this week and I also think that since youíve fought two nobodies here so far in the GWA that it has yer ego a little pumped up more than it should be, but I guess when I lay you down in the Silence itíll flatten that ego of yers a little and then weíll see where you are, Öand itíll be a place that you wont like cause I can already see that you donít like losing JesseÖ But when you stand across from me you better get used to losing because I donít accept anything less and ďI QuitĒ will NEVER come from my mouth because those two words are for losers, those are words for men who have nothing left to give, for men who have taking the beating worse than what a pinfall can do to ya,

Öand I wont utter those words Jesse, cause it just aint me Ė its not in me to say those kinds of things. Jesse, do you really think that God put you here just to piss people off? ..Well if thatís yer purpose then you have failed because you havenít managed to piss me off and I donít think that yer gonna be able to cause people have tried every week, and every week those people have failedÖ But Jesse, your purpose here isnít to piss people off Ė your purpose here in the GWA is for you to fall to the people better than you, your purpose of being in the GWA is so people like me can get that rush of kickin someones ass inside those ropes. Your purpose is to lose, to lose to the best and beat the weak ones like Steven Striker.. I know you wont agree with that, but I didnít ask you what the fuck you thought and if yer gonna change my mind then you got one helluva task in front of ya, ..and thatís beating me. I laugh at you Jesse, I know you wanted to try and get over on me, ..tried to piss me off by telling me that the Silence that I delivered on you a few weeks ago made you smile, and Im sure that it did Ė once you got back to the locker room and saw that you didnít have concussion Ė or even better, ..that you were still alive. Put a smile on your face huh? Thatís funny shit right there Jesse, and you actually expected me to believe that? The move that has finished off the best in his business, yet it makes some nobody smile??

Thatís the best fuckin joke Ive heard all day, ..so keep talkin Jesse cause I need more laughs. Kinda like when you told me that the underdog always comes out on top, ..what kinda fuckin drugs are you on Jesse? Are you delirious? Are you aware that this is the GWA and not some corny little child movie? ÖDo you think that yer Rocky and Im that big Russian dude? ÖWell, Im close to that big Russian dude, ..Im a little better lookin I must say, and I do have a little more skill than he had Ė but you cant even be compared to Rocky, ..thats a disgrace to the movie to have some out of work porn star compared to an on-screen legend. You may think its funny to mock us and make fun of what we look like, and you may think that might hurt my feelings enough to cause me to lose focus, ..but you donít know anything about Zero Tolerance Ė the only thing that you do know is that we kicked the fuckin shit outta ya just two weeks ago and that the same thing is gonna happen again, ..but youíll learn Jesse, youíll learn this week and youíll learn the longer you stick around here. Youíll come to see that Zero Tolerance runs this bitch, that we have defeated every single man whos ever walked though the doors of the GWA, that weve won every goddamn belt that weve been up for, and that weve outlasted every group whos tried to plant their feet and remove us, Öbut that donít happen Jesse, Öcause were Zero Tolerance, ..and weÖfuckinÖown you.