-Jessie Woods vs. Jaymz-

The Shits

It rained that night, which wasn’t a surprise because it seemed to rain everyday in Oklahoma as of late, but that didn’t bother Jaymz because he didn’t live here anymore. He stayed backstage for a while as the fans and all the other wrestlers cleared the arena before he packed up his shit and headed out of the Zero Tolerance locker room. His face was a little swollen from the match earlier in the evening, but nothing that would last more than a few days. He was wearing his "ZT owns you" shirt that was sprayed over the Fatal Elements logo; it was full of wrinkles and looked as if it hadn’t been washed in several weeks. It was a successful night for Zero Tolerance as they won all their matches and kept the Tag Titles where they belonged. Crazy J and Rex had bailed earlier in the evening; Rex wanting to get back to Tennessee and Crazy J - ...well, ..who knows where Crazy J went. He had told Jaymz that he was leaving as he had some business to take care of - and Jaymz didn’t ask any questions. He threw his bag over his shoulder and put his hand on the door of the locker room as it came open without his having to open it. He jumped back and there ws Jason Cash standing outside with two beers in his hand. He nodded and walked past Jaymz into the room and plopped down into the chair
"Where ya goin?"
Jaymz looked back, "I’m leaving. I’m going back to the hotel, ..what are you still doin here?"

"Well" Cash shrugged, "I figured that tonight was a success and that a drink was in order to celebrate that."
"There’s nothing to celebrate" Jaymz spoke in a low tone as he stood there, "..it was just another night thats all."
"Hell no it wasn’t! ...We kicked the shit outta Fang and Goth - did that shit as a team!" He held the can of beer out for Jaymz
"I dont want it" He shook his head, "..dont drink much"
"Ya know, you'd prolly be in a better mood every now and then if you did" Cash stood up and took the beer over to Jaymz who didn’t resist this time

"Sit down, sit down!" Cash motioned as he plopped back down in the chair and finished off the beer and reached for another he has shoved in his side pocket. Jaymz looked down at the beer that was already open and Cash saw the look on his face, "what??? You dont like Budweiser either??"
"tastes like piss." Jaymz mumbled
"Ahh hell, you aint even drank it yet - and I made damn sure it was cold, ...nothin worse than hot beer!" Cash kicked his feet up on the table and took a swig from the beer as Jaymz sat across from him. The big man also took a drink from his beer as they sat there in silence for a moment before Cash spoke up.

“Glad to see we fight as a team now, eh?”
Jaymz took another drink of the beer, “yeah I guess..” He said in a sarcastic tone, “If that’s what ya wanna call it.”
“Well ya’ll didn’t hook me up with no he-she’s tonight so that’s a good start.”
Jaymz half-laughed, “What? You didn’t have a good time?”
“that was fucked up, ..really fucked up.” Cash shook his head as the thought of the night came back to memory, “I bet yall get dances from that thing too..”

“Yeah right, I wouldn’t touch that shit if ya paid me. ..Pissed ya off though, ..we got a good laugh from it.” Jaymz finished off the beer, smashed the can and tossed it to the corner of the room, “alright – I’m out of here. ..Imma catch up on some sleep.”
Cash finished off his beer then stood up, “sounds good, ..seems you can tolerate me now – first real conversation we’ve ever had.”

Jaymz stopped short of the door and turned back around, “No… I’m tired, I don’t feel like bein an ass to ya right now. Tolerate ya? Yeah, well, ..if that’s what ya wanna call it.” Jaymz stepped from the locker room and closed the door behind him. The halls were quiet as his footsteps echoed throughout the hallway as he opened the door from the back and came into the main room of the Ford Center. Everyone had gone except for the janitors who were sweeping the floors and closing up all the concessions for the night. He walked over to the glass doors and stood there for a moment as he watched the rain beat down on the streets of Bricktown as it had driven the night crowd of drinkers inside and off the river walk.
“Damn, its really comin down aint it?”

Jaymz rolled his eyes at the sound of the voice, he turned around and faced Cash and spoke with an irritated tone, “what do you want now??”
“nothing! I didn’t say I wanted a damn thing!! Jesus Christ man, the fuck is yer problem.”
Jaymz turned away and looked back at the rain and mumbled “you” under his breath, “..dont you got some where to be?”
“Uh no – just back to the hotel” He motioned across the street to the Renaissance – the same place that Jaymz was staying.
With that comment Jaymz bolted from the door and into the ran, he ran across the street and into the front doors of the hotel.


He liked cold rooms and to Jaymz there was nothing better than being showered, tired and laying on top of the bed flipping through the channels lookin for something good to watch only to fall asleep ten minutes later. The bathroom door inside the hotel room opened up and Jaymz walked out with a tooth brush in his mouth; he wore a wife-beater and a pair of long shorts that he called boxers – he went over to the AC unit and turned it down as far as it would go, ..it was already cold but not cold enough for him. He then went back into the bathroom and finished brushing his teeth; he put his toothbrush back in his bag, pulled out a cigar, and flicked the light off as he went out and headed towards the balcony. Lightening flashed in the sky as the rain beat down on the building, he was on the east side – blocking the wind coming from the west and keeping him dry. He then pulled his cellphone from his pocket and dialed a number with a Memphis area code.
“Dr Greenwood? ..This is James, …Yaroslav – how is she?”

He hadn’t seen Julie in several weeks and he missed her, they had put her back in the hospital because of her deteriorating condition and because she refused to eat. He wanted her, ..and he needed her. She was far from sane, hygienic or even intellectual – but he needed her none the less because she kept him sane. He nodded as something that Greenwood told him, as if Greenwood could actually hear the nod, and without saying good bye he hung up the phone and put it back into his pocket. The doctor hadn’t told Jaymz anything that he wanted hear, her condition was a little better but they wanted to keep her for a few more weeks, …at the least. He puffed on the cigar, watching the wind swirl the smoke around before taking it out into the night; and he stayed there for a few minutes before stubbing out the cigar on the brick wall and heading back inside to the freezer of a hotel room. And as he always did, he plopped down on the bed and began to flip through some channels finding nothing that was the least bit entertaining until he came across Sportscenter and decided that it would have to do.


He awoke sometime during the night and grunted as he rolled over and glanced at the clock, 2:47 it read. He put his hand on his stomach and grunted again; something didn’t feel right and he thought maybe he was a little bloated. The big man then turned to his side to let the blast of gas from his ass but as he did his eyes became wide and he tried to clinch the ‘ol butthole back shut - …there was a little more there than just gas. He shot up from the bed with a quickness a big man shouldn’t have and headed right for the bathroom closing the door behind him. There came a long, loud grunt from the bathroom followed by what sounded like a cup of water being poured in the toilet; ..then the sigh of relief. Moments passed by as the sound of water hit the toilet again with a sound trailing it, “uuggghhhh.” Again, a few more moments went by before the toilet flushed and Jaymz appeared from the bathroom and quickly closed the door behind him; the thought of calling CSI rolled through his mind cause it smelled like something had died in there – but there was a word for that it was called; SOD – Shit Of Death. He sat back down on the edge of the bed and put a hand on his gut that rolled inside

“what the hell did I eat?” He mumbled to himself as he sat there …..and then something came to him, no – it wasn’t another round of the shits – but something that happened earlier in the evening. That beer, the one that he had had with Cash. Cash seemed so insistent that he drink it, ..and when had he ever been handed a beer in a can that had already been opened?
“That sumbitch” He muttered again as he shot up from the bed and threw on a pair of jeans and bolted from the room and headed down the hall. He got to the elevator and pushed the down button; he knew that Cash was two levels down in from Five-Oh-Nine. The ‘ding’ sound came and the door opened and he stepped inside as the doors closed. The elevator went down with a jerk that made him hold onto his gut again as the thought of farting crossed his mind, ..but he knew better – he didn’t need another case of the ‘ol splatter master, especially here on the elevator where a toilet or a change of clothes wasn’t on hand. He hit the side of the elevator as it came to a stop with another jerk that made his stomach do another twist. He got out from the elevator and looked left, then right and headed down the hall till he got to room Five-Oh-Nine. He beat on the door several times with no response so he beat on it harder and this time didn’t stop until he heard Cash from inside the room
“yeah, yeah – Im comin, ..settle down.”

Jaymz saw the peephole go black, “You better open the fuckin door.”
“Well, ..you don’t look to happy, …you alright?”
“open…the fuckin…door…NOW!!!!” Jaymz beat on the door and did his best not to let the flood gates open
“Sounds like yer bein a little shitty, ..if ya know what Imean! Haha”
Jaymz kicked the door but nothing happened, only Cash laughing from the other side, “Hey big man – you thought it was pretty funny shit that I was getting a lap dance from a transvestite, ..well how funny is it now!?

“Im gonna beat the fuck outta you” he growled, “So step the fuck out this door.”
“Naw, naw”…Cash paused and yawned from inside the room, “Not tonight – Im feelin kinda tired. Take it easy big man, ..and try not to fart.”
Jaymz kicked the door again, “fuck you! Get yer ass out here!”
Cash never responded and Jaymz stood there for a moment, fuming in anger before his gut twisted again and he hauled ass back down the hallway and back to the elevator…


Business is business; and when your Zero Tolerance your expected to take care of that business, your expected to win – your expected to do yer fuckin job, ..and that’s exactly what we did this last week. Crazy J made quick work of Ramone, ..that fuckin asshole Jason Cash took care of Fang, …then Rex and myself took care of the Fatal Elements - …again. But what was to be expected? Weck and Pain actually thought they could win the match, they actually thought they could get over on the Tag Team Champions and take our belts from us?? ..What the fuck were these two thinkin? …All they did was whine, bitch and cry about the last match that we had and how the match was won, ..but what are they gonna say now? I pinned that bald headed fucker known as Pain and there wasn’t no count out this time, ..there wasn’t no cheap win cause it was all done in the ring this time around. Ya know, Weck and Pain may be great singles wrestlers but those two as a team cant hold a candle to what Rex and I do in the ring cause they don’t have the experience in these kind of matches together like we do. Rex and I still stand at the top and out winning streak still remains intact and as I look around the GWA I don’t see a team that’s capable of taking us down; we’ve steamrolled past everyone who’s been put in our way since we’ve been the Champs and even before then, ..and now? Well, there isn’t much left for us to take in the Tag’s division…

Well, there is always Goth and Fang – those two little assholes who have quite the history with us but after the asskickin that we gave them at Anarchy Im not sure they wanna come in and stand across from Rex and myself. J and I have defeated them in the tags division once a long time ago, ..and Fang was once a member of Zero Tolerance that held the belts with Rex, …but well – we all know the story of Rex and Fang and how they came to Zero Tolerance, ..someone had to be the pawn and it just happened to be that pansy Fang who thought he could get over on us… And Goth? Well, he sure as hell don’t EVER wanna see me in the ring again – cause I got his number and he cant stand it. …We dominated Anarchy and nothing less is tolerated and we expect the same results this next coming week as we all step back into the ring and show the world why we rule the GWA. ..For me, it wont be another Tag match this week cause there isn’t a team that can hang with Rex and myself so the management decided to give me some poor soul who goes by the name of Jessie Woods… Now Im sure that Jessie wants to jump all over the place and proclaim how great that he is, how hes off to a great start here in the GWA, but well – that happens when you face off against Doug Whoever and Steven Striker, ..cause it don’t take much to beat the shit outta them two, ..but this is a different week for ya Jessie – and if you’ll remember this wont be the first time that you’ve had a little run in with Zero Tolerance just two weeks ago..

Ya see, J and I didn’t want ya to think that you were someone just because you managed to beat Doug, so we came out and I put the Silence on ya, ..how did it feel? – Not so good huh? Prolly hurt like a sumbitch didn’t it? But Jessie if ya think that was bad enough then yer in for a whole world of shit when you come to the ring and stand in with the best the GWA has to offer. ..Yer days of fighting Striker and nobodies are over this week cause now you get to stand in with the best and show everyone what ya got – and I don’t expect you to make this much of a match as I beat the fuck outta ya from one corner to the other and as much as I would like to knock you out, ..well – it isn’t gonna happen this week cause you gotta be conscious enough to say “I quit.” …and I don’t think its gonna take you very long to say that Jessie… Ya know, its been a while since Ive been involved in an “I quit” match because typically in the past most of my opponents would come to the ring and say “I quit” right then and there… Hell, the last time I was in one of these matches it was in another promotion and the World Champ came to the ring shaking in fear and dropped the Title at my feet telling me he quit right after the bell sounded. …I think you could learn from that Jessie because doing something like that might actually save a few years on the end of your life. This is the week that you get to see what the GWA is all about and the talent that stands at the top, …but most importantly you get to suffer your very first loss to Zero Tolerance, ..but that’s nothin to be ashamed about Jessie cause it happens to everyone; cause at some point in time in your life it was time for the clock to hit Zer0.