-Weck and Pain vs. Rex and Jaymz (Team Team Belts)-


Noble, Oklahoma wasn’t the place that Jaymz remembered. He hadn’t been here since he left for the military when he was twenty years old and he never had the desire to come back; he had been back to Oklahoma city and Tulsa and Norman, but never back to Noble. In fact, he was in Norman last weekend to watch his beloved Sooners kick the shit out of the North Texas Mean Green, and to him, the GWA couldn’t have picked a better time to come to Oklahoma as the Sooners took on Miami this coming Saturday in Norman, ...it saved him a trip. Noble wasn’t a place that he was welcome and after his event with Lacy it wasn’t a place where he was looked highly upon either. He drove into Noble with the rented car he had gotten from the Will Rogers World Airport back in Oklahoma City, he pulled off the street and into the Wal-mart parking lot facing the town. He looked around trying to figure out what things use to look like when the trees were smaller, when the buildings were freshly painted and before the fuckin Wal-Mart ran out all the small businesses in town. Noble wasn’t what it used to be - but he supposed he was getting old and liked things the old fashion way. Kids drove up and down the streets in their Mustangs and little rice-cars that had exhausts on them the size of stove-pipes. He hated those fuckin cars and couldn’t understand why anyone would want a car that sounded like a herd of mosquitoes was coming your way.

They were slow and stupid looking and he hated him almost as much as he hated Jason Cash's spit cup that he had spilled in his Tahoe the other night. McDonalds and Taco Bell's lined the street with other name brand fast food joints that took over the old diners and barbershops that had been here when he was a kid. Insurance agent buildings, car lots and feed stores seemed to be everywhere and it disgusted him - and now he knew why he had never been back after all these years, well, ..besides the trouble he had caused. When you grow up all you have left of your childhood neighborhood is the mental images, the way things used to be - and sometimes its better to never come back, especially when you hate change like Jaymz did. He lit up a cigar and the smoke filled the SUV that he had rented, he put it back into gear and pulled from the Wal-Mart parking lot back into the streets of Noble. Traffic lights and four lane roads paved the way for what once use to be single lane roads with stop signs, ..something else that made him shake his head in disgust; but he got over it and headed through the intersection going to the west side of Noble which the neighborhoods thinned out as he passed the "Shady lawn" Trailer park which had never been here when he was a kid. There were too many new things that he didn’t like but he was relieved to see that some things never changed and that was the Fellowview Cemetery that was four more miles down the road from the Shadylawn; weeds had grown up around the small iron fence and it didn’t appear that the cemetery was being up kept like it should have been.

He pulled the Tahoe up outside the gate and shut off the engine, got out and stepped over the small iron fence. Most of the headstones were worn down with time and it didn’t appear that anyone had been buried here in quite some time as he passed through the cemetery and came to a stop. There were two headstones placed next to each other, one looking older than the one placed next to it. The first one read "Paul Yaroslav" underneath it read March 2, 1922 - November 9, 1974. It was his uncle and the headstone next to it was his aunt Sarah Yaroslav which read June 19, 1927 - May 23, 2001. He hadn’t come back for his aunts funeral that day in 2001 and he wasn’t sorry that he didn’t. The people would have looked at him odd, none of them would have spoken to him or acknowledged that he even existed; because they would all have been older people – all the people he went to school with, their parents, his teachers, and everyone in town knew his aunt and the hell that she went through. She had come to visit him in Detroit a few times though in the late 1990’s before she passed away as she held no ill feelings towards to him because she understood what he was and the powers that he had. When she had passed he took care of everything, there wasn’t a funeral expense that went unpaid and he had made sure that he outdid everyone at the funeral as he had ordered the most extravagant flower arrangements that money could buy, ..and the people of Noble hated it – they hated knowing that he took care of all the costs and had bested anything they could do for her. He looked down at the headstone of his aunt and then over at his uncle and wished that his life hadn’t ended as abruptly as it had, ..but then again – it was his fault and it all because of his incident with Lacy….

November 9th, 1974
Paul Yaroslav sat in his office as he kicked back in his leather chair and let out a sigh, ..it had been a rough week with several deaths in the community and the strange events that had happened at the Turrents house the other night with James. He had scolded the boy for entering a house that he wasn’t invited into; and though James had denied any involvement in what had happened with Lacy’s mothers foot in the front door – Paul knew what had happened, he was aware of what James could do and he feared it. But the authorities didn’t know that and they would never know what really happened that night other than the door wouldn’t open and Lacy’s mother, Vicky, lost three of her toes on her right foot. Paul pulled a hand rolled cigarette from the top drawer of his desk and lit it up before his next appointment took the room next door; he knew nobody was in there yet because the walls in this building were thin and he could hear the nurse asking the basic intake questions – and none of that was happening yet. His mind wasn’t with his work this week because it was on James and the stunt that he had pulled the other night – and his mind had been there for the last three days since it happened. Lacy’s mother had called the next morning after the event and threatened his life, but Paul had taken it with a grain of salt because word around town was that she wasn’t in her right mind to begin with ever since her husband had left her for a seventeen year old girl, ..he was forty-two.
"Hello, ..Vicky ..How are you today?" He tried to stay casual but he knew she was still mad about James
"Im, ok.." She muttered.
She had her jacket wadded up next to her, "Would you like me to take your jacket? I'll hang it up." He reached for the jacket but she shook her head 'no'
"ok, ...So what’s the problem today Vicky?" Paul sat down on his little swivel chair
Vicky only shrugged her shoulders and didn’t say a word
"How’s the foot?" he asked, and again she didn’t say a word.

There was an awkward silence in the room for a moment as he glanced over her chart that the nurse had gotten and saw that all her signs were fine, ...other than her foot of course. "I suppose there’s nothing wrong with you, is there Vicky - but that your still mad about James the other night."
She only glared at him when he spoke the comment and he knew that he was right and had hit a nerve. "Listen Vicky, I dont know how many times I have to apologize - I’ve done all I can do. I’ve punished James and I'll make sure that he never comes over again, ok?"
Vicky didn’t say a word, her glazed over eyes only looked on at Paul. "Now, if I can help you in any way please tell me because I’m terribly busy this morning and I’ve got a waiting room full of sick people."

He waited for a response from her and he was becoming irritated, she never said a word but only stood up from the table and reached for her jacket. Paul’s eyes grew wide and his mouth hung slack - he froze and couldn’t move as she pulled the shiny piece of metal from her wadded up jacket

The nurse sat at the front desk drawing on a piece of paper waiting to intake the next patient when Dr. Yaroslav sent the crazy 'ol woman back out here. She drew hearts and peace signs and drifted off into her own little world as a shot rang out in back. The people in the waiting room screamed as her heart jumped into her throat; and it was then that a second shot came and she began to shake. "dr. Yaroslav" she said under he breath as the people kept screaming and several of them bolted out the front door. She sat there at the desk with her pen in hand, shaking like a leaf on a tree, for a few moments before she worked up the courage to get up and go into the back hallway. She peered around the corner and didn’t see a sign of Dr. Yaroslav or the lady patient, she stepped out and into the hallway slowly working up the nerve to place her hand on the doorknob and slowly turn the cold handle. The door creaked open just a little as she peeked in; and she was horrified at the sight; she screamed and couldn’t move - her one eye fixed on the carnage that lay in the room. She saw the patient laying face down in a pool of her own blood, but her shrieks came from the sight of the back of the Doctors head splattered against the south wall of the room like red paint, and she screamed. she screamed.


Jaymz stood there looking down at the headstone; that’s why everyone in Noble had hated him - they had blamed the death of his uncle on him all because of his little stunt he pulled with the handicapped girl. But fuck em, it wasn’t his fault that the girls mother was as crazy as the daughter herself. He shook his head and pulled a half broke cigar from his pocket and stuck it in his mouth as he turned away and headed back to the SUV, ..it was time to get back to Oklahoma City.

Ya know, people like Weck never cease to amaze me, ..he comes out here on GWA TV and talks all his trash but does he realize that it’s the same thing he said before? That even when the ‘facts’ as he claims them to be are refuted he continues on and on about them making himself look like a fool. Such as blabbing on about Rex riding peoples coat tails – well, I think that subject was addressed by myself and even Rex proved himself last week against a friend of Weck’s.. Yet, he keeps on saying that Rex ‘rides our coat tails’ ignoring the facts that were laid out infront of him. But do we know why Weck does these things? Well for one, its because he doesn’t pay attention.. and two, well – he wont come out here and admit that he was wrong even when he was told from the horses mouth. I find Weck funny, he thinks that Im pissed off at the things that he says but I guess he didn’t get the clue the first time I laughed at him – but then again, he wouldn’t know because he doesn’t pay attention to the things that we tell him cause he only wants to pay attention to the things that HE says. I imagine that when his promos are aired he sits infront of the TV with a bag of popcorn and a smile on his face reciting everything that he said because his ego is as big as my dick – and that’s pretty damn big. He wants to look over the truths and he’ll still spout off about things that he made up and we corrected, ..because well, like I said – he doesn’t have anything else to say. But ya know what else is funny?

Weck tells me that I waste a bunch of TV time, ..well uh – isn’t that like the pot talkin to the kettle? I mean, he talks more than anyone in the GWA does, but again, he’ll ignore that fact and pretend that his promos are the length of a short commercial. Yeah, we all know their not but he told me I was taking up too much TV time so he couldn’t come out here and say that he’s doing the same thing cause that would make him look like an ass, ..and though we all know he does that on a weekly basis he wont want to admit it. And while were on the subject of things that’re funny I cant help but laugh at Weck while he continues to whine and bitch about the last match that we all had together. ‘a cheap win’ and we ‘were lucky’ but like I’ve said before, that was tag team work at its finest and Weck still doesn’t seem to understand the concept of a Tag Team match; but then that’s why Rex and I are the Champions and he and Pain are the ones going for the Titles only to fall like everyone else has in our short time so far. As much as I would like to see Rex or myself pin one of these two whiny assbags it would almost be that much better if we got another count out win, or if we decide to distract the ref and use some brass knuckles, …not that uh, ..you know – we would ever do that kind of thing….riiight…but winning like that, that would make it even better just so I would get the joy and pleasure of watching Weck scream and pout like a small child even more than he has this week.

He can complain that we didn’t deserve the win, that were not premiere athletes and all the other horse shit that he continues to say over and over again – and the world will only get tired of hearing it; I mean – people get tired of hearing the same thing repeated over and over again, ..hell I’m even getting tired of it even though I’m having a helluva time laughing my ass off at all his crying. And out of all his repetitive whining and crying he has been right on one thing – and that is that Rex and I aren’t in the same league that he and Pain are… Its true, I cant hide from that fact and neither can Rex… Now, the league that their in isn’t a league that I wanna be in – cause being on the loser side of a tag team match isn’t the place where Rex and I belong – we don’t hold these Tag team belts for no fuckin reason, Rex and myself stand over the rest of the GWA when it comes to tag matches… And that’s the league that were in, a league all by ourselves where were at the top and everyone else cant hold a candle to us – that’s where Weck and Pain fall into.. yeah, their great singles wrestlers but I think that Weck is forgetting that this is a tag team match with all his pouting and bragging about the things that he’s done in the ring by himself, ..but after losing to Good ‘ol Stan a lot of his credibility goes out the window. Weck cries that I make fun of the way he talk and the things that he says, …..and? …so what?

He would rather me talk about his abilities cause he cant stand it that I make a fool of him and the words that he speaks. Weck wants to worry about ability when the last time we fought he couldn’t even get me in the Wecking Ball – and the time before that I kicked out of the Wecking Ball. So his ‘ability’ of putting me in his best move just doesn’t seem to happen.. Sure, he’s an athlete and blah, blah, blah but who gives a fuck!? Does he think that I’m gonna come out here and praise him for his outstanding athletic abilities? Shit, give me a fuckin break, I guess he hasn’t learned yet that I’m gonna get out praise to hardly anyone unless your associated with Zero Tolerance. …But another thing that Weck doesn’t seem to understand is that by me talking about his athletic abilities isn’t going to make a shit in this match, yet he wants to pretend that if I talk about it that its gonna magically change the outcome of this match. Well that’s fine but I didn’t know that I signed up for the GWA debate team – cause the last time I checked I signed up to kick some fuckin ass, and if you don’t like it that I trash you on TV and make fun of you, ..well, then I guess you just gonna fuckin get over it cause aint a damn thing gonna change with me, and aint a damn thing gonna change when it comes to these Tag Belts either. Weck you still got a lot to learn, ..yeah – you wanna tell the world that you have actual concrete reasons on why you two are gonna win this match, ..but yet – you never really named any…

All you did was babble on about who my friends on and about Zero Tolerance, so maybe next time when you wanna tell the world exactly why your gonna win, ..maybe you should actually state the reasons. All you’ve done this week, outside of bitch and cry about our last tag match is ramble on about your singles accomplishments as if its gonna make a damn in this match.. And do you guys know why you two wont win this match? ..Its because you two don’t know how to fight as a team, I know that Pain does because Ive been in the ring with him before in the Tag match and he knows his way around the ropes, ..but Weck? Hell, the man cant even get over himself for five minutes and even acknowledge that he even has a partner this week, ..well – what do you expect from a guy who puts himself ahead of the team? ..A guy who basically said that Pain couldn’t get the job done against be the last two times because ‘he wasn’t in the match.’ ..That there shows me he doesn’t have a fuckin clue about Tag Matches; that he doesn’t have the mindset to get through a Tag match.. Cause I know whats gonna happen the first time Pain gets in the ring and starts to get dominated; Weck will get mad and pissed, ..but at Pain – because he’ll have the thoughts that his partner is losing the match for him, ..No, Weck wont admit it to us, but listening to this man talk all week long and ignore he has a partner tells me that it’ll happen.

These two cant work as a team and as much as I hate Pain, I almost feel sorry for the sumbitch since his partner don’t seem to have what it takes to win this kind of match… Ya gotta know your partner moves, the things he can and cant do - and those are the things that Weck doesn’t seem to understand. Rex and I do though, but that’s why were Zero Tolerance and that’s why weve always been successful when it comes to Tag Matches.. Me and J, Rex and Fang, Sin and myself– for the short time that Fang was around – we all got the job done and having success against us in tag matches has been slim for the GWA and there isn’t a damn thing that’s gonna change now. They wanna tell me that The Fatal Elements are gonna rise from the ashes and take the top spot in the GWA, ..but uh – well, that’s gonna be hard to do when you lose four out of every five of your matches to the best damn stable in this business. Weck and Pain want these Titles but these are Titles that they cant win because they don’t have the chemistry between the two of them to take on the best in the GWA and bring us down. Its clear that Weck just isn’t cut out for this division, that maybe he better stick to Singles matches where he can pick up the wins, ..well – where he USED to pick up the wins.. He claims that hes confident and that he hasn’t lost his desire, and maybe hes right, …in fact, I hope hes right because if he hasn’t lost the desire yet then Rex and I will beat it out of ‘em this week… and we’ll leave them laying in the ring wondering if their primes have passed them by, if their careers are on the downslide and if their able to pick it up again. This loss for them will be demoralizing, it will be one of those matches where they try so hard to win because they know they NEED the win, they NEED to get back on winning path but when Zero Tolerance is standin in yer fuckin way the chances of winning take a nosedive. They’ll be desperate and they’ll make the crucial mistakes out of that desperation that will cost them the match as Rex and I stand over them, take out Titles and laugh as the carry them over our shoulders and continue to show our dominance, …and show the world why they hate Zero Tolerance