-Weck and Pain vs. Rex and Jaymz (Team Team Belts-


Novemeber 7th, 1974
It didn’t take James Yaroslav long to figure out what was wrong with him as he had heard things over the years from his uncle and Vadim about his families past; but the things that he could do had surprised him and though he had never told anyone he knew that Vadim was aware of the parasite that buried itself in his soul. He never saw the man who tried to molest again, and wasn’t sure if the man was alive or dead - and didn’t really care to find out. He never went back to his fishing hole after that day and never told a soul about it; he feared that man and if he was still alive he never wanted to see him again... James had dreams about him, dreams about the event and what had happened - and on those cool November nights he would wake up in a cold sweat on the verge of screaming and after what seemed like hours the dancing shadows of the trees on the walls would put him back to sleep. He tried to forget the terrible day in October but that day and his newly found powers consumed his mind; but when those thoughts didn’t it was something else that controlled him, ..it was the beauty of a girl at school. James had just turned eleven and with his massive size he looked more like he was sixteen which resulted in a lack of friends and heavy on the 'freaks' comments he got around the lunchroom.

But those kind of things didn’t bother him because he knew they were all afraid of him even though they never had any reason to be; he had never once been in a fight and it was rare he retorted to the insults that he got over his size. He was polite to his teachers but his grades were poor even though he paid attention in the classroom and he never once gave anyone any grief; but, everyone looked a different way and didn’t see the need to start shit with him. James liked this though and laughed to himself at the power he held over them; the power of intimidation. And the little grief that he did catch didn’t come from the kids his age, it came from the kids who really were sixteen - the ones who felt compelled to talk shit but never to fight, because after all - he was only eleven and beating up a 'big little kid' still didn’t earn ya many points. So life wasn’t difficult for the tall kid as his aunt and uncle were pillars of the town and gave him everything that he needed and wanted. He didn’t mind that he didn’t have many friends because he was a loner and he enjoyed the company of Vadim and the hounds that his uncle owned; but things had begun change when he saw the girl at school - the girl that he believed to be the most beautiful girl in the entire school. The thoughts of that horrible October day at the river seemed to take a backseat in his mind as he thought about his girl all day.

Her name was Lacy and she was twelve years old, and though most would have disagreed that she was the most beautiful girl in the school that was how James saw her. She wasn’t in his class and he rarely saw her in the hallways but when he did his eyes were focused on her and nothing else. Today, he hadn’t seen her - he had even tried to go look in the small window of the door but couldn’t find her inside as the teacher noticed a peeping eye. James bolted from the door with his history and math book, getting a good birds eye view of the hallway and the tops of the kids head's as he went. He shot into the boys restroom and ran up to the sink, setting his books down and looked into the mirror. He looked into his own eyes, not seeing himself but the girl he loved in the room just down the hallway. He was baby faced but still had the square jaw and older looking features; his brown eyes that stared off into space reflected back into the mirror but his mind saw nothing but the face of Lacy. The bell rang signaling that the fifth, and final period of the day was about to begin - but James didn’t seem to care as that stupid little smile stayed on his face and he never took his eyes away from the mirror.

The hallways went quiet moments after the bell rang and he wasn’t quite sure how long he was standing there until one of the teachers came into the restroom - it was his Health teacher from the year prior. He told James to get back to class but he didn’t seem to hear the man as the teacher yelled at him this time; James was startled and came out of the trance - he looked at the teacher and nodded his head as the older man left the restroom.. James clinched his teeth and muttered a few cuss words under his breath as he looked back up into the mirror that was now eaten away with cracks that moved across the glass until it shot out into the sink and all over the floor. He left with a look of satisfaction on his face and knew that anger caused it, ...anger controlled the things that he could do


He walked home the same way as he always did because it wasn’t like Noble, Oklahoma was thriving metropolis; his house was on the other side of town where most of the kids didn’t live since his uncle was a doctor and one of the most respected men in town. He lived in the rich neighborhood, as his friends called it, but to him it was better than living with the "poor white trash" on the other side of the town. He didn’t dare say that around his uncle who would slap him a new one on his head if he ever heard James utter such a thing (Because most of them were his clients) but his uncle also didn’t have a sour bone in his body. James walked up the street with Steven who bailed on him several blocks before James house, he said good bye to his friend and continued on his way with Lacy on his mind.. He stopped, looked back and saw Steven walking down his street about to enter his house when a thought came to his mind, ...Didn’t Lacy live on the same street as Steven? Yes, she sure did... A smile crossed his face as he continued walking back to his house; the smile never left - and the far out look in his eyes were back even when he entered the house and his aunt said hello. She put on her best fake smile, not wanting the kid to know that Vadim had told her about the things he was capable of, the power that he possessed and the parasite that tore away his soul. James went up the stairs with that smile on his face, ..he would see Lacy tonight. He would go by her house and see her. The smile widened, and had anyone seen - chills would have gone down their spine.


The moon was high in the sky and the wind blew in a steady pace that night, ..as it always did in Oklahoma – and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky as James walked down the street; his shadow stretched down infront of him. Noble wasn’t the kind of place that stayed up long, it was a small town that saw very little action on the weekends and absolutely none on the week days. The cops were thick and the hippies were scarce as the last few had gone on to California – and good for them, James hated hippies. James had changed his clothes since we had last seen him as his school clothes consisted of a Pink Floyd t-shirt and a pair of torn up jeans; for the evening his attire had changed as he had on a blue long sleeved shirt tucked into his khaki pants. His long hair was slicked back showing off his massive jaw line but the skin that was as soft as a babies ass. He carried flowers in his hand, some still bearing the roots and dirt of the flower garden in which he had pulled them from as he headed back south into town; he went several blocks from his house and took a left down Stevens street, …Lacy lived down here – four houses down from Steven to be exact. He came to a stop in front of Steven’s house and out of nowhere he was consumed with blind fury, he squeezed the stems of the flowers in his hand and began to walk up the drive to Steven’s house – there were a few lights on inside as he came to the door and set the flowers down and rang the bell; moments later a shorter fat man opened the door
“Hi.” James spoke in a flat tone, “Is Steven here”

“Well yeah, ..” The man peered back in the door, “Its late though James and—“
“I was, ..I was having some problems with our math and I knew Steven was smart, ..I just wanted to ask him a few questions”
The man took the boy as sincere because James had never given him any problems before, “Sure – go on up, but don’t stay long, ok? ..its getting late”

James nodded, “yes sir.” He smiled and walked in the house as Stevens father closed the door behind him. James jogged up the stairs and opened the door to Stevens room where he was listening to Bad Company
“James?” Steven jumped up from the bed and turned the radio down, “hey man! Whats goin on!?”

James didn’t say a word as he approached his friend and Steven found his friends clothes amusing, “Hey whats with the clothes man!? ..look like you got a hot date or something!”
The boy stared down at Steven before jumping on the bed and placing a knee in the boys gut and getting down to his face, “you stay away from her – understand me?” He spoke in a quiet, demanding tone.
“James! Aahh man, that hurts! Hey man!!!
“SSSHHHHH!!!!” James put a hand over his mouth, “I saw the way you were lookin at ‘er, shes fuckin mine Steven – so back the fuck off.”

James jumped from the bed as did Steven, he looked on at his friend – confused, “what the hell man!? …What are you talkin about!??
“Lacy, ..and you stay away form her!”
“Lacy?” Steven had a look of disgust on his face but it was quickly wiped off as James jumped back to the boy putting a hand on his mouth and taking him down to the floor. Steven tried to scream but his friend was so much bigger than him and there wasn’t anything he could do. James looked around quickly and found something that was adequate for the job he had in mind. He reached for the phone and jerked the cord from the wall and hit Steven upside the head with it. The boy tried to scream again but it was quickly cut off by another blow as blood began to trickle down the side of his face onto the orange carpet. James stood up as his friend was out cold, he adjusted his shirt making sure he had no blood and walked out of the room

“Steven help ya out?” His father spoke as James came down stairs
“sure did! Ya know, I thought I had it wrong – but it was Steven who did, but I straightened him out!”
His father looked confused, Steven was the smartest kid in his grade but he played along, “Good deal James, we’ll see ya around – take it easy now!”
“Yes sir, that I will” James said as he left the house and went back out into the dark.

He picked up the flowers that he had dropped down and continued up the street passing the four houses that separated Steven from Lacy. He cleared his throat and went up her driveway, her house wasn’t as big as Stevens and the cars in the drive weren’t as nice either; but he didn’t care. He loved this girl and even though he was only eleven he KNEW this girl was for him. She was perfect and there was no way around it. He knocked on the door and heard footsteps coming as the door swung open fast. There was a lady standing there, tall and thin – just like Lacy.

“Can I help you?” She spoke with a tone that signified ‘go away you fuckin asshole’
“I was wanting to see Lacy.” He held out the flowers to the girls mother but she didn’t seem to care
“What do you want with Lacy?” Again, she spoke in the unfriendly tone.
“Well uh, “ James seemed kind of ashamed, “I was wanting to know if she would be my girlfriend” He still held the flowers out.

“your girlfriend?” She was disgusted “Is this your idea of a joke? …You’ve never even spoken to my daughter, all you and your friends can do is laugh at her.”
“I’ve never laughed at her.” There was anger in the childs voice now.
“Well you listen here you little shit – you get the hell off my lawn and head back home and by the time you get there I’ll have called yer aunt and told her of the prank yer tryin to play – which one of your friends put you up to this!!??”

“None…of them” He was as mad as he had ever been and neither of them seemed to notice that the flowers he was holding died in his hands at that very moment.
“go on, get outta here – these kinda jokes aint funny.”
She was about to slam the door in his face when he did it for her, she door slapped her upside the head and caught her foot between the door and the frame of the house. He shocked himself, he wasn’t aware that he had even done it – and it almost scared him a little. He poured these thoughts over in his mind for a while and didn’t seem to hear the screaming that filled the night for a few seconds until he looked back down and saw the blood running from the bottom of the door as she was unable to pry it open; her toes were severed and hanging on by threads but he seemed not to mind as he turned away from the house and walked through the yard. It was dark on the west side of the house as he opened the gate to the backyard and let himself inside. It wasn’t a two-story house like Steven’s and he had been around here long enough to know which room that Lacy was in. her room was in the back and she was usually in there for most of the day. He walked under the light of the back porch, knowing that nobody would be here – Lacy didn’t have a father and her mother was having a helluva time trying to open the door her toes were stuck in when he came to the window and that little sick smile worked over his face one more time. There was Lacy, the girl that he loved. She sat in her wheel chair infront of the TV with a small grin on her face. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail, her head was hung down over her right shoulder and bib that she wore was covered in slobber.

Lacy was handicapped, she was in a different class than most kids at their school, and no, Steven didn’t like this girl. He had made fun of her, just like all the other ‘freaks’ in the room. But James didn’t like that word, and he didn’t like them calling Lacy a freak or retarded. He dropped the dead flowers and the window to the room opened by itself, ..with a little help from his mind, and he climbed inside. Lacy could talk but her eyes followed him across the room as he pulled up a chair and sat down next to her. He took her frail, young hand and placed it into his. She was a year older than him, he was gigantic – and she was small for her size and the two looked exceptionally odd sitting next to each other, but James didn’t mind. He held her hand, and whether she liked it or not – she didn’t have a choice in the matter as a grin came over his face


September 4th, 2007
Ah yes, so I took a little time off and rested for a bit – got a few things straight in my head, a few business deals for ZT signed and sealed, ..but mostly – I just took it easy. At my age its good to take a little time off but the only thing that I don’t like about it is that I miss the action of gettin in the ring and kickin the fuckin shit outta people. The last match I had two weeks ago was pathetic, Steven Striker wasn’t even a worthy opponent for a man such as myself and I think I proved that to the world. Seriously, that was the most pathetic, worthless, waste of time that I have ever spent in the ring. Fuck, I didn’t even break a sweat when it came to placing one of my big boots on the fucker to get the win, ..and that pissed me off cause I was lookin forward to a little fight and the failed to even give me that, so he paid the price and caught another Silence after the match was over.. Yeah, he had to have the EMT’s come out and take a look at ‘em but hes a pansy and his body couldn’t live up to the beating that he suffered that week… But that was two weeks ago and things have been changing since then; Erik and Tristan still insist that bringin in Cash was the right thing, ..but I still don’t know about that, ..yeah – he made life easier for me two weeks ago but I still don’t trust the man with my life like I do with Crazy J and Rex – and that’s something he has to earn if he’s gonna be a part of Zero Tolerance.

But this week, things are gonna get a little better and when I was told what the match was gonna be and WHERE it was gonna be – hell it got me all fired up and I don’t know if Pain and Weck wanna get a fired up, well rested Jaymz in the ring with Rex who just happens to be on a Goddamn role right now. Hell, he took out Mason Storm this last week and once again it comes down to the fact that Zero Tolerance owns the Fatal Elements and we always have. Mason continued his very unimpressive win loss record against us just as Pain will do this week, ..and Weck as well. Yeah, Weck got the best of me the last time we were in the ring but this aint no damn singles match and the last time I checked Rex and I handled these two assholes and won the match. Sure, they’ll come out here and cry about how I Silenced them both through the announcers table and Rex climbed back into the ring for the win, ..they call that cheap – but I call it a “team” at its best… cause after all, it was a tag team match wasn’t it? Part of the rules were is that you had to be back in the ring by the ten count, ..and well – they couldn’t do it – but yet Weck will cry anyway. I was told that this match was going to be in Oklahoma City, ..that’s fuckin great cause its gonna be the first time that I get to go home in quite some time… yeah, I’ll make me a little visit over to Noble and see some old faces that I haven’t seen in a while and maybe even correct a few things that need a fixin’ while I’m there.

I think its damn funny that I get to go to the only two places in the world that I’ll be cheered, ..one would be St. Petersburg, Russia – and my home in Oklahoma. That aint never happened before and its rare that I get to make an appearance in front of the home crowd no matter what promotion Ive been in during my career. So to think that Rex and I will put on a show that’s less than dominating would be complete bullshit. …Rex and I got us some Tag Titles that we don’t plan on letting go of for quite some time and I know that Pain and Weck are gonna think otherwise, that their gonna believe they can take the Titles from the best current team in the GWA – and as far as Im concerned, one of the best tag teams to ever come into the GWA period. ..But we still got a lot to prove if were gonna live up to the words that I speak, but this is another week – just like any other where we step into the ring and show the world why were the best; why were the Champions. I look at our opponents and all I can do is shake my head and wonder what in the fuck these two men have been doing…I mean, hell, look at Pain – the mother fucker is bald! ..and I thought the sumbitch was ugly to begin with so this isn’t any big improvement for the man… But what has Pain done since he and Weck lost the match to Rex and myself those weeks ago? …Not a damn thing, that’s what he’s done. Sure, he’s ‘come close’ to winning titles as he claims but ‘coming close’ only counts when yer playin horse shoes.

Then there’s Weck, the man who was on top of the GWA for quite sometime; he even had people placing him as the next greatest thing to A.P and Victor Donovan! But his reign was cut short and I cant say that I didn’t laugh when I saw that Staniak became the new Global Champion because it was nothing but hilarious, ..well, at the time anyway. But the more that I reflected on the match and our new Global Champion I couldn’t help but be disgusted that he lost to Good ‘ol Stan. Holy shit, I lost to a man who lost to STANIAK!?? A man that cant hold a candle to me and has proven that every time he stood across from me in the GWA ring. Shit, that makes me feel awful – I kinda feel like the first team to lose to the Michigan Wolverines, ..cause then it turns into it “you got beat by a team that lost to a division two-A team” …yeah, that’s how I feel about Staniak and the current Global Champion and Weck should be ashamed that he lost to such a pathetic talent in the ring, ..hell I’m ashamed for him.. Then he goes off and loses to Harper, loses his chance to get a shot at any title that he desires, …but has he lost his Desire? Here was a man who claimed that he was best, that nobody could beat, that he was never going to be beaten – and yet he has been twice in what? Two weeks? Three weeks? ..and now he has to come back and face Rex and myself for the tag Belts? Shiiitt, these two assholes couldn’t get the job done the first time but Im sure with their unimpressive showings in the ring as of late they’ll magically have some spectacular performance against the best Tag Team in the GWA..

Of course they will because that’s what they’ll claim, ..because losing to Zero Tolerance again has been eating away at their minds and with Rex’s victory last week they now know that yes, Zero Tolerance does own you. I guess Mason really fucked up when he organized this little rally after Damage Inc parted ways thinking that the Fatal Elements were gonna rule the GWA only to come out and fall to us just like every other mother fucker has. But hey, if they wanna go at it again to try and redeem they losses they’ve received by us, ..and everyone else as of late, then send these sorry fucks to the ring so Rex and I can obliterate them in typical Zero Tolerance fashion. Rex has gotten into the mind of Pain and though Pain may not believe that he has to worry about me in this match – then that’s fine, cause the asshole knows that his only chance of pinning someone in this match is me… I aint ashamed to say it, cause facts are facts – and the facts are is that Pain cant beat by boy Rex in the ring when were in a tag match; and Id be more than happy to sit back and watch Rex kick the shit outta Pain one more time as Weck stands helpless in the corner only wishing that he could get in the ring and do something about the situation. ..But, there isn’t gonna be anything they can do about the situation because losing to Zero Tolerance is as sure as taxes, well unless yer Willie Nelson, ..and death.. Getting around us isn’t possible and taking the Tag Belts from us isn’t an option, ..so these two need to sit back and accept the fact that were Zero Tolerance and their not, ..and that alone makes us better than them, ..and aint a damn thing bout to change.