-Sic and Satanic vs. Zero Tolerance (Tag Team Titles)-


’whap, whap, whap’ came the sounds of hands hitting a punching bag as the view came in...Its a not a very big room, run down a bit as its seen better days. There was a ring in the middle, the ropes were makeshift..but hey, they worked. There were two men, boxers, going toe to toe giving everything that they had. One looked to be Hispanic and the other was white...The punches were weak, and the skills to box and fight ranged to: none. Farther off in the back of the room was another man putting everything he had into this punching bag...He was a big, huge man, but there was very little fat on him as he was full of muscle, and apparently he knew how to fight...He was on his toes, he had the moves, and he had the power. His name was Alexi Yaroslav, and this is where he came to escape the world. There is where he used to train, until he was told that fighting would kill him. His body, mostly his brain, couldn't take the physical damage of the sport – or so the doctors had told him. To the doctors, he made the wrong choice to for the good of his health.... But Alexi was different, he looked younger, there weren’t as many scars on his face and the grey hairs were gone, and his hair line hadn’t yet receded. This was the young Alexi Yaroslav, the one that lived in Oklahoma City. His shift at the gas station ended at ten and he would come over here for an hour a day and then goes home. Its the same thing everyday, none of the other people here really know him because he heads straight for the bag and goes to work on it...

They watch him, they wonder why he gives it all he has, moving as fast as he can for almost an hour straight. Hes never caused any trouble so over the years the regulars barely see him come and go....And for tonight was no different for the big man He stopped terrorizing the punching bag from its daily hour form hell and bent over, put his hands on his knees and took a few deep breaths. He raised up and went over to his bag, pulled out a towel and wiped the sweat off his face...He picked up his bag, walked past the few people in here and left. Again, its the same as every other night...But he liked it. He liked the people not talking to him, he was a loner and chose to be that way. He walked out of the gym and went south..He headed down the sidewalk to his apartment that was only two blocks away from here. The night was cool, but the sky was clear...Alexi came to the intersection, saw no cars in the dead night and just kept on walking to the last block. He reached into his bag and pulled out his keys, put the key ring on his index finger and spun the key around...like he did every night...But for Alexi, ..for the first time...the night was about to get different. He was almost to the intersection, where he would take a right and go up the steps to his apartment. Someone came from around the corner, but still too far away to see the person. Alexi could tell that the person was big, really big – bigger than him, ..and that wasn't good..

He wasn't concerned, he passed people every day and never got hassled because of his size but it was odd to see someone bigger than him. The space between them closed, the features of the person becoming easier to see...A tall person who was bald, wearing a white shirt that hung almost down to the ground. Its strides were quick and suddenly Alexi did become concerned a little. He stopped spinning the key, clinched it in his hand as his heart beat picked up. He now saw that the person was huge, but he was confident there was going to be no problem. They were no more than ten feet away, Alexi glanced at his face for only a moment as they started to cross..He was startled, he could see it was a lady, but bald?..But they passed and Alexi felt relived, but a little freaked out..He sighed, knowing that everything was going to be ok. Something cold touched his right shoulder, sending chills through his body..He turned around and saw the person, and saw his own face in those hollow eyes. He droped his bag, he was stunned and he couldn't do anything. The person grabbed him by the neck and threw him into the side of a building...As soon as he hit the ground the person was there...grabbed him again by the neck and picked him up and looked him in the face..He felt dizzy, the persons grip was tight and he couldn't breathe..So Alexi fought back, he swung at the person, tried to fight his hand off his neck but the grip was soo fuckin tight and he was starting to loose consciousness.

He fell to the ground as he person released him..He coughed and scrambled back to the side of the building, he mind was in mass confusion and he didn't know what to do..There seemed to be things moving on his skin around his neck and his wrists, he was terrified and didn't know what to do. Alexi got up as the person started to walk over to him, he ran to his left and went up the steps to the building hoping that it would be unlocked, and unfortunately for him it wasn't. He slammed into the door, his shoulder screamed in pain but he could hear wood break. He leaned back to hit it again but never made it. The person came from behind and threw him back to the sidewalk..he got up and started to make his way up the street, he knew he was fast so he looked back to see how much advantage he had, and when he did he was horrified to see that the person was right behind him..He stumbled and fell, then instant pain on his chest. She had placed a foot and all his wait down, his whole torso was in pain he could barely talk; and it was then that the persons face came into view. Her head was bald and seemed to be scarred as if the hair had been ripped out of their head. The wind blew and the shirt tightened around the chest of the person who had breasts – he was right, it wasn't a man but a woman. The woman lowered her face toward the young Alexi and he could see that her mouth was stitched up, that she had a mixed smell of urine and vinegar.

The weight on his chest tightened and he screamed as he could feel several of his ribs pop when lady seemed to struggle; she clinched her fists and her head began to shake. It was then an awful tearing sound came and blood began to pour from her lips as the skin tore around the stitches; the blood ran down her shirt and on to Alexi. Another rib snapped and he tried to scream but the pressure was too great as the huge, massive woman leaned down and got close to his face. The smell of vinegar was strong and almost over powering; blood from her lips ran down on his face as she spoke seven words
“My King…All for you, My King..”


Jaymz jerked up from the cot and looked around the room, ..yup, still in jail. He rubbed his eyes as he sat on the edge of the bed thinking about the dream he had just had… It was odd because all his dreams with Julie in them were ones that she had sent, ..but how could she? ..She was locked away in the Lakeside Behavioral Institute – so she wasn't close enough to send him dreams or thoughts…. Or, ..had she gotten out. His eyes grew wide at the thought…


The fuckin days are stretchin on in here and I’m startin to get a little worried cause I aint seen anyone since Tristan came to see me the other day; but I know hes workin on it – and tomorrow they’ll set my bail and he better come and fuckin get me outta this fucker cause I'm tired of bein in this little room – and I got a helluva match this Sunday to get down to. Cause its people like Havok who need a beating, an asskickin so brutal that he don't even know what in the fuck just happened to him cause when I listen to Havok talk I see a man who hasn’t paid any attention to the things that we've said – but that's not the important thing; the important thing is, is that Havok seems to have forgotten the past… He seems to have forgotten the last time that he stepped into the ring with me and the last time that he stepped foot into the ring with Rex when a Title was on the line, ..but hey – if he wants to walk into his match blind to the truths and the things that’ve happened, ..well, ..then I guess he gets to learn everything the hard way, ….again. I laugh at the thought of these two guys thinkin that Rex and I are going to give these titles away the week after we won them, or hell – even giving these Titles away anytime in the neat future cause Rex and I got things we wanna accomplish and being the best Tag Team that the GWA has ever seen is the one and only goal that we have.

That means winning, that means slaughtering people and leaving them second guessing their careers and even why they made the foolish decision of getting into the ring with us. Storm-part-two seems to be more concerned with Striker and his match with that white trash Jason Cash than his own match, but I could care less about Cash or Striker and Storm should feel the same way cause when Rex and I are done with ‘em he may not even remember who the fuck Striker is after he wakes up from the coma that we’ll put him in. I know Tidus doesn’t like it that I call him Storm-part-two but I could give a fuck less what he likes and I could also give a fuck less about him all together cause so far in his career in the GWA ring he hasn’t shown me a damn thing that I should be impressed with, ..yeah – hes tryin to come out and talk a big game and he does seem to have a little more sense than his own partner does at this point, but we gotta remember its Havok were talkin about so being smarter than that man isnt much of a challenge. Tidus talks about beating us and leaving another notch in the belt of Sic and Satanic but wouldn’t it be the first notch? I mean, what has this group done that's even worth bragging about? They beat the hell outta James Weck, ….after the match had ended – oh gee, theres somethin to brag about.. You guys still fuckin lost yet you act like it was a win that you guys collected.

So what notches do you have? Hell, you guys are hard pressed to win more than you lose and your high point is Striker holding a Title; so when Steven fuckin Striker is your selling point then you don't get a whole lotta credit in my book cause I sure as hell don't see anything worth bragging about unless you like being a second tier group when it comes to Zero Tolerance, ..but why, whadda expect? We've run this damn place for the last year and we've established ourselves at the top so yall got a ways to go before you can knock us off; and even IF you did manage to live your fantasy and become the Tag Team champions that wouldn’t make Sic and Satanic ontop of the wrestling world cause people would only say that you managed to get lucky, that any blind tree-rat can find the acorn at some point and time.. But lets face it, that isnt gonna happen because its like I already told you – Rex and I are gonna hold these Titles for a long, long time and we’ll make everyone forget about the teams of the past and the things they accomplished.. Hell, it may even come to a point were the guys up front may strip us of the belts claiming that its unfair that we've dominated for so long, that were making people look foolish and maybe we should give others a chance, ..but is that gonna happen? Hell no! Rex and I aint gonna lose to no second rate tag team, two guys who don't even have a history of being in the ring together.

Now Tidus, I'm glad to see that you think you’ve come up with something original by saying after this match “you’ll be called Zero Talent” wow, did you come up with that all by yourself? Well, congratu-fuckin-lations I'm glad that you’ve heard damn near every other person the GWA say that at some point in time… But that's ok, because all I can do is sit back and laugh at your stupidity cause you can tell us we have no talent but looking at the names that we've beat, the titles that we've won and the fact that we've lasted in the GWA longer than any group that you see now tells us that we have a little more than “zero talent.” But while were on the subject of Zero – that's how many wins your gonna have against us, that's how many belts your gonna take from us this week at Screaming for Vengeance. Zero is also the number of people that will be cheering for us, and Zero ISNT the number of people of people who are gonna go home happy that Rex and I have the belts, ..but its not that I give a shit because I hate Texas – I hate Texas with a fuckin passion and its damn shame that it doesn’t fall off into the ocean, ..or better yet – just give it back to Mexico since we said “bitch – were takin this land whether you like it or not!” Fuck, might as well – they’ve damn near taken it back over anyway.

Guys, its not that I'm underestimating you two – I'm just telling the truth, I'm only telling it like is. You two just don't wanna hear that standing in the ring with us and coming away with a win isnt an option, ..and for you two – it isnt possible. That's not underestimating, ..its a fact. I'm not sorry, and its not my damn fault that you two weren’t givin the ability to compete with Rex and myself so don't go around cry and bitchin sayin that were underestimating you cause what would you want me to say? You want me to step away from who I am and say “Oh, Tidus and Havok are such great competitors and I don't know if were capable of getting the job done, Rex and I are sure gonna have our hands full with these two and were in for the fight of our lives.” Pppffttt, please – give me a fuckin break, I’d fuckin shoot myself before I’d say somethin like that. Yeah, you want me to hear those things but if yall were better in the ring then I would give you two a little more credit, ..but yall gotta see that it isnt gonna happen that way; cause I don't take to kindly to people who believe they can come in and take the Tag Belts from Zero Tolerance, ..now you two may think that you're the exception – that your gonna be all smiles as the show goes off the air but I don't want you two getting your hopes that high cause your only wasting your time thinkin that, ..and your only wasting years of your life by standing against the best Tag Team the GWA has ever seen, …and that's something were gonna prove starting this week.