-Sic and Satanic vs. Zero Tolerance (Tag Team Titles)-

Goin to see Julie

Screaming for Vengeance, it was a show that I remember well from a year ago - it was the day that Zero Tolerance made our impact, and the day we engraved our names in the GWA forever. We came from the cellblock to the ring as Crazy J and myself faced off against Goth and Fang for the Tag Team Belts and took them home, claiming them as ZT's first titles won in the GWA. ...That was a year ago and the face of the GWA has changed time and again since that victory at Screaming for Vengeance; but there’s one thing that’s been the same - one thing that hasn’t changed, ..and that’s us. We planted our feet and we’ve blown through the competition, lasted thought the wrestlers who come ago at their own will and the wrestlers who have their careers ended in the ring. ...We’ve lasted though the quickly changing, two-faced, backstabbin pieces of shit known as the GWA wrestlers who feel the need to start a group only to watch it fall, ...turn against each other and create new factions with new names but with the same old faces. ..And why is that? Why the need to scatter yourselves and regroup? ...Because the presence of Zero Tolerance is felt, because beating us alone isnt an option cause when there’s no one to watch your back who’s gonna help ya around them dark corners where we lurk?

Who’s gonna come to the ring and assist ya when we feel the need to overpower someone with our numbers? Revolution, the GWA's longest running stable fell - the only one that could stand the fight and hold its own with Zero Tolerance, they lost more battles than they won but they fought and Harper kept them strong; but like everything else it was touched by the cancer that doesn’t go away - the cancer that eats at John Harper, ...the cancer that eats at Goth, ..Pain, ..Chaos, ..Fang, ...all these men, and more, who’ve been touched by it over the past year, the men who cant stand it and want to see it fall, ...but there’s no cure, nothing that can be done.... Zero Tolerance is the name of your cancer, its the name of the disease that infects the GWA, ..and we aint goin anywhere cause were not the Lynch Mob, Damage Inc, Vindication, Revolution, Angels of Domination and soon to come: The Fatal Elements, Sic and Satanic, ..and Disasterpiece. ..Were not the common cold that comes and goes and the latter three - just like all the others will fade away and be eaten by the cancer just as they all have before... Sure, they'll reform again with the same faces and a different name; but we'll be here as we always have been. Some of our faces may change but our core stays the same; and the name will always be there - and you know what it is. Its Zero Fuckin' Tolerance, ...and we fuckin...own...you

The sun came through the windows of the house on Mud Island as the clock read 7:38 with its big green digital numbers; Jaymz grunted as he laid there, "Damn, ..overslept again." To Jaymz, anything past seven o' clock was late and the day was fuckin ruined. He sat up in the bed, placed his elbows on his knees with his hands on his face as thoughts ran through his mind. This house was too quiet, and usually that was a good thing - but he missed Julie, he missed the presence of her in the house; the smell of her filth and urine had faded away during the last few weeks and it was like a part of him was missing.

..I dreamed about 'er last night, ..she was screamin, ...screamin in pain like I never heard before wailing with tears, ..and Julie, ..well she don’t cry - never has and never will. ..But she was, and they had 'er in that white room with doctors all starin at her from the other side wonderin why she is the way that she is... She was screamin for me, she wanted me to come and get 'er from that damn place - and I did, ..in the dream. I tore through them fuckers like they was Kohut and Barnhart, blood rained through the halls and splashed the floor like crimson paint; bones snapped and flesh tore and I got my fuckin Julie back outta that place... Cause I been there before, I know what its like to be stuck in one of them damn places, her arms was all swollen from them damn machines they stuck in 'er tryin to see what makes 'er tick - but I wasn’t havin any of that, ..not my Julie

He had made up his mind, he wasn’t gonna sit around all day just to piss and whine over the dream - he was gonna go see his Julie and he didn’t give a damn what they had to think about it; they were either gonna let him see her - or he was gonna go in there himself. She was at the Lakeside Behavioral Institute on the eastern side of Memphis where she had been since she terrorized the nurse back at the hospital taking chunks of the woman’s hair and wearing her scrubs two weeks ago. That, needless to say, didn’t go over very well as the doctors saw she had a few more issues than being a little skinny and pale. Drache had thrown his weight around that night claiming to be the girls father and the primary care taker, ..and he even had the fuckin papers to prove it; but Jaymz wasn’t surprised cause Drache could do anything that he pleased since Julie was born and raised in Detroit. He was furious and hadn’t seen Drache since that night, cause after all, he had accomplished what he intended to do and that was to take Julie away. Jaymz stormed from the house with the dream still fresh on his mind and did U-turn back into the house as he realized the soles of his shoes felt more like hot pavement. He slapped himself upside the head and went back in the house to grab his shoes - socks were the farthest thing from his mind at this point as he reached down by the front door and slid on the black boots one at a time not bothering to tie the laces or even pull his jeans back down over the boots. It was hotter than hell when he got into the Tahoe; but he liked it cause it took his mind away from the dream for a while. He backed out of the driveway and headed down the street towards the bridge that would take him over the Mississippi river and into Memphis.


Ashley Brooks didn't like her job, in fact she hated sitting at the front desk of the Lakeside Behavioral Center but for now it was a solid good paying job, ..and it was quiet – well, until one of the crazies got out of line and they had to cart the freaks down the hall in front of her. To her, they should all be killed as her belief was that if you couldn't promote anything positive to society then you should be put out your misery. This coming from a girl who fucked damn near every senior in her graduating class and never lifted a finger to help anyone other than the zipper on a mans pants. Ashley wore the typical green scrubs that she was required to wear and she looked quite sexy with her jet black hair, ..that was until you got up close enough to see the mustache that she was sporting.

“Hey, Sam – what are we gonna have for lunch today?” Ashley asked as one of the orderlies walked by, a big built man who was a little older than she was. She gave him a seductive look telling him that desert was her, …again.
“I dunno Ash, its only like ten o’clock it’s a little early to be thinkin about lunch huh” He gave her a smile as he passed on by – someone who actually worked.

Ashley sighed but a small smile worked over her face as she watched Sam’s butt while he went down the hallway. She went back down to her paperwork when something caught her eye – there was a beast of a man outside; she looked back up after her first glance and she was about to push the security button because she wasn't sure if this man was a patient or a visitor. Someone should have told him to lace up his boots, ..if he was capable of such coordination. Scars covered his face and he didn't seem the brightest of folks and she gave him her patented “I'm better than you” sneer as he walked into the lobby, looked around for a bit then made his way over to Ashley.

“Can I help you?” she asked rudely.
Jaymz stared her down, ..he didn't like her tone. “Yeah, I'm here to see my wife” his eyes were fixed on her mustache and was appalled that she had never bothered to NAIR it off or whatever it is that girls do. Then the random thought of ‘I wonder if she has nipple hair too???’ crossed his mind as he shook it off
“name?” she said as he continued to look down

“Yaroslav, ..Alexi”
“Kind of a stupid name for a girl.”
He leaned over the counter and spoke in a low voice, “That's my name… My wives name is Julie Yaroslav, ..asshole.”
She looked up in shock, “what did you call me!?”
“Oh, I'm sorry – kind of a stupid name for a girl isnt, maybe ‘bitch’ is more suiting for you.”
Ashley was in shock, she had never been talked to that way before by a man, “I will call security up here if you talk to me like that again.”

Jaymz rolled his eyes and gave her a half-laugh, “yeah – that's great. You do that. Now, ..tell me where my wife is”
She quickly looked back down at her papers and shuffled through them, “uuumm, ..I don't see you on the list, ..so th---“ Jaymz snatched the papers from her hands and a pen from the counter and proceeded to write his name real big in the center of the paper.
“Hey!!! You cant do that!! That's it I'm—“
He cut her off again, “I'm on the fuckin list” Jaymz then motioned to his left, “now open that goddamn door”
Ashley didn't do as she was told by the giant man but instead pushed the security button and moment later two security guards and two huge orderlies appeared from the otherside of the door. Ashley stood up like a woman in distress, “Hes been threatening me!!! Make this man leave, hes cursing and demanding that I open those doors!!”

One of the security guards stepped in front of the other, “Sir, whats your name?”
“Alexi Yaroslav, and I'm here to see my wife.” The muscles on his forearms stood out as his fists were closed tightly trying to suppress his rage.
“I told him that he wasn't on the list!!!” Ashley piped in, “But he didn't listen, he kept on threatening me!!”
Jaymz glanced her way, “Bitch shut up.”
“HEY!!” The security guard shouted, “Talk to one of our employees like that again and I’ll remove you from this building. Now, she says that your not on the list and if theres a problem with that then we need to talk to her doctor, ..do you know his name?”

Jaymz shook his head no, “yeah, Dr. Presslar. ..that nerdy Star Trekky lookin guy.”
The security guard said something to one of the orderlies and the big man shot off down the hall, “Hes gonna go get Dr. Presslar but in the mean time I need you to take seat and quit badgering this girl.”

Jaymz looked over at Ashley who had a “haha I win” smirk… He only shook his head and went to the far end of the room where he plopped down into one of the chairs that looked more like a child’s chair with his massive frame squeezed into it; he noticed the orderly was staring him down as were the two security guards but he glanced away and paid them no attention as moments later the huge double doors opened and a bald man who pointy ears “the nerdy Star Trekky guy” as Jaymz had called him wore a fake smile on his face as he approached Jaymz. He had a mustache that was peppered in grey and wore a nice looking sweater and the only thing Jaymz could think of was ‘why the fuck is he wearing a sweater in August!?’

“Hello, Mr. Yaroslav” Presslar stuck out his hand, “how are you doing today”
Jaymz only sat there in the chair not extending his hand and Presslar clued in, “I wanna see my Julie, ..so take me to her.”
“Alexi I…” Presslar sat down next to Jaymz, “I cant allow that – her father in Detroit is the only one on the list, and he hasn’t been here to see her. He’s also listed as her primary caretaker so he makes all the decisions.”
Jaymz sat fuming in the chair, Drache had fucked everything up and now he couldn't see Julie, “I'm her husband and I demand to see her.”

“I'm sorry Mr. Yaroslav I just cant allow that, and honestly, I'm not sure shes ready – and I'm not sure that your ready to see her after what shes done to herself.’
“WHAT??” He jumped from the chair and looked down at Presslar as the guards became tense, “What has she done to herself!??”
“I cant, ..I cant give that information to you Mr. Y—“
Jaymz picked him up by his sweater and tossed him across the room, the orderlies and the security guard stared on in shock as they suddenly realized that they weren’t going to have a prayer against this man. Ashley screamed as Dr. Presslar landed on her desk and fell to the floor. Jaymz followed him over the desk as Ashley screamed
“Shut up bitch or Imma slap that fuckin hair right offa yer lip!!”

Ashley was in shock and placed both her hands over her mouth and now became embarrassed as she ran off. Jaymz paid her no more attention as he picked up Presslar and held him in the air with one hand, “WHERE IS SHE!!???” he screamed with everything he had and sounded like the roar of a beast. Presslar looked over to the guards and motioned for them to open the doors; they did Presslar led Jaymz through a series of left and rights though the corridors until he came to a room as Jaymz still held him like a doll,
Presslar shook in fear as he spoke“I..I..I cant let you go in there. B-but we can go in here” He pointed to a door “It’s the o-otherside of the room, with the glass wall. Y-you can see her here”

Jaymz slammed his head into the wall knocking him unconscious as he pulled the door open and walked into the dark room and looked through the glass. He fell to his knees at the sight of his Julie; it wasn't as he expected and it worse than Presslar had said. His mouth hung slack with his hands on the glass as Julie paced the room in circles in her straightjacket . Her head was covered in scars where she had torn every piece of her hair out and parts of her scalp; her face was purple and black from slamming her head into the wall of her former room – this room was now padded, and he could also see that most of her teeth were missing. Thoughts swam though his mind and it looked to him as if she played chicken with a train and refused to lose. He dropped his head and closed his eyes – she was out of her mind, she was doped up and didn't even know that he was here… she should have been able to as their minds were connected – but this wasn't the Julie that he knew, not the Julie that he loved. He stood up, disappointed, and walked from the room where a nurse was tending to Dr. Presslar – she caught sight of the man and took off down the hall screaming but he didn't seem to notice. He walked back through the corridors and came to the huge double doors and pushed the oversized blue button. The doors opened up
“Put your hands on your head and get down on the ground”

Cops, ..cops everywhere with their guns drawn. He fucked up this time and he knew it – and he also knew that he didn't have many other options; he went to his knees and placed his hands on his head as they closed in


Ya know, it was only a matter of time before the Tag Team Titles came back to Zero Tolerance and it wasn't any surprise that it was two former Tag Champions that combined to take out …the ‘champs.’ That weak, pathetic duo who called themselves the Kings of the City, two men who weren’t able to hold onto the Titles but can ya blame ‘em? Hell, they were facing the best Tag Team the GWA has seen since J and I ran around with these belts some time ago – and it was at this very show a year ago that J and I took these belts from Goth and Fang, ..but that was then and things have changed. Its Rex who stands in my corner now and its Rex who holds the other belt that we won the other night. ..Theres somethin about these belts that goes unappreciated, something about them that makes people brush this division to the side and become unconcerned with it and its because the belt doesn’t say “US” on it, and it doesn’t say “Global” on it. But that's fine, because when you have people like Kohut and Barnhart who hold these belts the interest in them declines a little as well. Not since J and I, ..and Harper and Pain have there been Tag Teams in the GWA that were worth a shit, ..no Chaos and Krusher weren’t – they were washed up and past their prime. No, Rex and Fang weren’t because Rex had to carry that sorry pile of shit on his back and a damn good Tag Team doesn’t have to carry someone.

Rex can hold his own in the ring and hes proven that, as have I and people like Pain and Harper then you get the teams who think their going places, teams who believe they can knock off anyone placed before them… Teams who don't seem to have much chemistry, ..like Mason and Havok – who think their the next great thing but only to fall apart and disband or find out that tag matches weren’t something they could handle because they don't know their own damn partners too well. Those people take, like the fans, take these Titles for granted and blowing them off as a second rate piece of Gold – but these belts, the ones that Rex and I hold as property of Zero Tolerance; ..they say “World” on them because its not just a Global Title that makes you the best in the world – these titles do that as well, ..and with our size and strength its gonna be damn hard for a team to knock us off; and with knowing each other as well as we do and our knowledge of how to use the ring to our advantage its not gonna be damn hard to knock us off, …its gonna be damn near impossible. Two of the biggest men in the sport, one that's been to the top in myself, and the other with unlimited potential; a man who could possibly become one of the greatest to ever set foot in the GWA in Rex Butler…. That's what makes us unbeatable and being part of Zero Tolerance makes us the best, ..and the most hated. …We took these belts from men who didn't deserve to wear them and now this week we’ll be fighting men who don't deserve to wear them either; Nathanial Havok and Mason Sto--- er uh, ..Tidus Storm.

…Hhmm, this is almost familiar of another tag match that I had not too long ago with Sin as we took on Havok and the real Storm, ..Mason. It seems to me that Tidus is nothing more than a cheap imitation, a wannabe of the man who holds the US Title. I remember the match well and I give Mason a little credit, ..not very much, but he gave us a helluva fight while Havok sat back and got his ass kicked from one side of the ring to the other. ..And well, let me be honest because this is no knock on my friend Sin, but he wasn't the greatest Tag Team wrestler – he was a helluva wrestler and had his opportunities to become the Global Champion but the qualifications of being the Global Champ and Tag Champs take a few different traits; Rex is a better tag wrestler so my side is upgraded. And for Havok, Mason isnt there to save his ass this time and now he has, …Tidus? Now we all know that Havok is gonna come out here and babble on about “the Devil this” and “the devil that” but lets not be fooled, and for Havok – lets not make a fool of ourselves again, ok? Cause maybe you’ll recall that you’re the O-mighty great Olexa-whatever, the intelligent masterful man of words – the man who claims to be Satan’s son or some crap like that, ..but if Havok was the son of Satan or something wouldn’t he know the in’s and out’s of “Satan” and everything associated with Evil? I would, cause I wouldn’t wanna make a fool of myself by going home to my computer, getting on the internet and searching Wickipedia for the definition of “Satan.”

Wasn't that the search word, Havok? I believe it was, so Havok – being a mighty man of wisdom – came on TV and read the definition from Wickipedia word for fuckin word, ..and didn't even give them the slightest hint of credit for the masterful promo that he put together. So whats next this week Havok? Britannica? USAToday? National Enquirer? ..maybe, because people all love to read about things that aren’t real – and I believe that it was Sin and myself who exposed you for the copying piece of shit that you are. I mean, if you were the son of Satan, you would have that knowledge but we exposed you for a fake, a fraud – nothing more than a male Mrs. Cleo. Ya know there was a time when you ruled the singles division, when you went on a twenty something win streak – or something like that, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the “great Havok” …but when I finally got that chance I wasn't impressed, actually I was disappointed cause all I ever heard was how great that you were and how you were on top of the world. I found to you to be a below average wrestler who didn't seem to be in shape, of course you could have been ashamed that Sin and I exposed you for the fake that you are because you like people to be intimidated of you as you come to the ring, you use your act as part of your skill to strike fear in your opponents but Sin and I weren’t falling for that shit and as Mason fought his ass off you were the one that didn't carry your weight and we pinned your sorry ass.

..And now you team up with Tidus Storm, as if hes suppose to be some amazing upgrade over Mason, ..but tell me guys – how long have you known each other? How many matches have you two teamed up together in? …That's a big part of this match cause Rex and I know what each of us is gonna do in the ring – and when were gonna do it; and that’s because we've been in this situation time and time again now.. I’ve trained with Rex while he was active and while he was retired, ..I know what this man’s about, I know when hes gonna win the match and I know when he needs help, as he knows the same things about me… but you two? Naw, it looks to me like yall threw yourselves together just to try and get an easy victory and become the Tag Team Champion’s,…but hey – Kohut and Bill aint the Champions anymore so the time of easy wins are over – and that's for us included cause Rex and I got a lot to prove and were gonna hold these belts for a long, long time and you two get to be the ones that set the pace for the destruction that were gonna cause in this division; you two pathetic losers get to set the tone for the GWA and be the examples of what Zero Tolerance is gonna be about this time around…