-Jaymz vs. James Weck (Global Championship)-

New York to Memphis

"I don’t know what Im gonna do about him, ...hes never acted this way before and its all because of that trash he watches on TV" Melissa Littlejohn sighed and looked back at Jan who was watching the passengers board the plane.
Jan scolded as she kept her smile on her face as flight attendants were suppose to do, "Well, his father is to thank for some of that - I told you about gettin with that man, hes far to old for you and I still don’t think hes capable of taking care of Gavin, ...after all, had he been awake this never would of happened"
Melissa looked down, "I should still be home - and when we get back Im going to talk to someone about the filth that’s being aired on TV."
"Nothin you can do about it, ..you pay for that channel" Jan waved as an older gentlemen smiled at her, and she knew what he was looking at - it was her breasts, ..all men looked at them because their huge, but she didn’t mind if the men were her age - and this one wasn’t.

Melissa gave Jan a little nudge, "Hhmm..He sure was checkin you out!"
"ppfftt..Hes ancient so hes more your type" Jan fired back
"shut it! - Jeremiah isnt that old!"
"Melissa, if I was you I'd tell Jeremiah he needs to give up smoking those cigars. You can blame what he watches on TV all you want but he sees his dad smoke all day long so Im sure he thinks its cool"

"uh-huh, right. and when has Jeremiah told me that I was a piece of shit, or called me a 'sumbitch' before?" Melissa said as she walked away from Jan and helped a shorter lady place her carry-on baggage in the compartment above her seat as the rest of the passengers boarded the plane. People began to take their seats and before long everyone was settled in and ready to go as the third flight attendant began her lecture on the seatbelts, the oxygen masks and the flotation devices (as if those were gonna help if they crashed into the countryside below). She put a smile on for everyone as she went through her routine as she did everyday before the captain came over the intercom and introduced himself, telling them about the flight and when they would be landing in Memphis on thier non-stop flight over the clear blue skies. The flight attendants took their own seats as the plane went down the runway and took off; it was a quiet flight as the plane ascended and finally leveled off at the pilots desired height. The flight attendants, Melissa and the one who gave the seatbelt routine - worked coach while Jan worked first class. Melissa hated coach, and she hated working with the fat bitch (as she referred to her as) who had an attitude like she was someone. Melissa put on her smile for show and began taking orders for drinks as she worked her way up and down the aisles. And it was then that Jan came running through the curtains from first class with a surprised look on her face.....

Its bout damn time we got up in the air and we were even more lucky to get these seats in first class as a couple decided they didn’t wanna fly to Memphis today, ..well - actually J and I told them they weren’t flying to Memphis today, ..they could fly stand-by. I didn’t mind J, hell he was my best friend, ..but he's always in a world of his own and does his own thing - actually hes funnier than shit and keeps me entertained and the fucker would do anything I asked of 'em, ..but its that fuckhead Jay Wonderful that I cant stand; he thinks hes a great businessman with intelligence beyond anything we’ve ever seen but he just gets on my fuckin nerves and I know as soon as J wakes up he'll prolly go take a piss and Jay Wonderful will come back out.

Jaymz sighed as he sat there in the seat, he tried to go to sleep but he couldnt - he had actually slept well the last few days, better than he had in weeks actually. Julie was gone and locked away in the Asylum and she wasnt allowed to have any visitors until they saw changes in her violent, aggressive attitude. He missed her, sort of, ..but he was damn sure glad to be back on his normal sleeping hours. He pulled a traveling magazine from the small table that separated J and himself and flipped through a few of the pages as he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and looked at the attractive lady who was standing there - and she didnt seem too happy

"What? that other lady forget what I ordered?"
"no" Melissa glared at him, "I have something that I want to tell you."
She placed her hands on her hips as she spoke, "The other day my son called me a 'piece of shit' and a 'sumbitch', ..now, do you happen to know where he got that from?"
Jaymz sighed, he didn’t have time for this shit, "Let me guess. Marilyn Manson? ICP? Grand Theft Auto? ..and Im assuming your just another bitchy mom who blames all the worlds problems on music."
"uh, no" she said boldy

"Then what? ...cause lady, your botherin me - and I don’t like to be bothered."
"He heard it from YOU!" Her tone caused a couple people to take notice of the conversation that was going on.
"and?" Jaymz laughed, "maybe you are a piece of shit - who am I to say? ..Im sure your son knows better than I do. ..now tell that other bitch to bring me my drink and piss off lady."
"You better watch your tone with me - im not afraid of you, I'll have the pilot make an emergency landing and then what will everyone think of your image!?"
Jaymz gave her an odd look, "my image? ...what the hell are you talkin about? ...Aint a damn person who likes me - so take a number if ya wanna complain."

That was it, I had had it. I got up from the seat and I don’t think she was ready for it, and I don’t think she realized how tall that I really am. I took that dumb bitch and squeezed her head with both my big mitts before I took my thumbs and jammed 'em in 'er eyes... The screams were wonderful and the blood that ran down her cheeks like tears stretched a smile across my face. I pushed so damn hard I heard a 'pop' and my thumbs went right in 'er head - fuckin bitch, ..that’s what she gets.

Jaymz looked on as the thought when through his head, ..that’s what he wanted to do to her cause she was nothing more than a whiny parent who had nothin better to do than blame the worlds problems on him.
"Well I wanted to let you know that your the reason that company just lost money on the ticket I would have bought for my son the next time the GWA comes to town. Her eyes were serious, ..but he didn’t take her seriously.
"oohhh...Not one person! I don’t give a fuck anyway, someone else will just buy that ticket. ...Now why don’t you go bother someone like James Weck who cusses as much as I do."
She yelled this time and now everyone was looking, "Cause your his hero you fuckin asshole! ...He copies everything that you do!!"

Jaymz only shook his head, "not my fuckin problem lady, ..if that’s the case wait till I get on TV and tell 'em to go play chicken with a train - still think he'll do it?"
"Fuck you!!" She slapped his face
Jaymz was calm and he spoke in a low voice, "lady...if I was you, Id back away" He clinched his fists together and tried to control the rage hidden in his body.
Melissa continued to scream as J slept through the whole thing, "You should be ashamed of yourself with the trash you put on TV! Kids watch those - and don’t you know what your teaching them!?? I wish people like A.P. Feight, Harper or Irons would accidentally kill you in the ring! ..it would do the world a favor, we don’t need trash like you runnin around!!"

"Fuck off lady, ..I fuckin mean it" He shook his head and crumpled the magazine in his hand
It was then that Jan came by, "Melissa!!! Oh my, your gonna get fired, ..please, please go back to coach - I didn’t mean for you to make a scene"
Melissa was in a rage by this time, "Its his fuckin fault Jan!! His fuckin fault that Gavin cusses and tried to smoke that cigar!"

Jaymz piped back in with a surprised tone, "smoked a cigar!? ..and called ya a piece of shit?? Hell, sounds like a good kid to me."
She had enough of his big mouth and slapped him again, this time he was ready for it as he squeezed down on her hand and stood up - a giant on the airplane. People began to yell and let out a few screams as he let her go. Jan wrapped her arms around her and pulled her away, crying. He stood there and watched as the other woman pulled her away for a moment before he sat back down and sighed once more. Crazy J then woke up
"The hell all that screamin about? ...fuckin terrorist on this plane!?" His eyes were still half closed as he sat up in the chair, looking around, not sure where he was for a second.
"ah, its nothing - I'll tell ya later"
"mmm" J muttered as his head hit the back of the chair again and went to sleep.


So I see that Weck has decided to show his ugly face on TV this week – and I cant say that I'm surprised because the man loves nothing more than to talk. But what good does talkin do this man? I watched what he had to say and some of the things that came out of his mouth appalled me while everything else was nothing more than a repeat of last week. Sure, we get on TV and we run our mouths so some things will get repeated; and I can already tell you what Weck is gonna say “Well you repeat yourself too Jaymz!!” ..Well, if that's the case then he needs to go back and get the transcripts of my promos from the GWA head offices and the man will see that no, ..I don't come out here and air repeats of the previous week such as this man does; a few phrases maybe – but this is a new match, a new week and plenty of different things to be said, ..well, from me anyway. ..But since watching the long lecture that Weck gave us Ive been wondering if something happened to the mans head during the week that caused him to forget things, or just plain make shit up – cause its obvious that's what hes done. Weck tells me that I, myself, claimed to be the leader of Zero Tolerance… ..huh?..... for one, Ive told the entire GWA roster over and over again that NO, I am NOT the leader of Zero Tolerance, and its obvious that Weck has never paid any attention to me prior to last week – and its even more obvious that hes watching something other than my promos because I never, not once in my life, ever claimed to be the ‘leader of Zero Tolerance.”

First off, we don't have a leader – Zero Tolerance is a business that branches off into many parts of society – such as the GWA, ..now we do have ‘owners’ and they would be Erik Black and Tristan Bale – and Weck you would know that if you ever paid any attention, ..like you claim you do. But whats goin on inside that fucked up head of yours? Did the Silence rattle somethin loose up there and now its got ya seein things a little cross-eyed? ..Or is that just fear talkin? Cause ya know, when ya fear somethin it tends to get in yer head and causes you to say and do things that you wouldn’t, …is it the fear of me Weck, is if the fear of knowing that your about to lose the Global Championship to someone better than you are? I know you’ll claim that the Silence didn't knock anything loose – but then whats your excuse? Cause I want you to prove me wrong, I want you to tell me EXACTLY when I claimed I was the leader of Zero Tolerance; go get the transcripts, watch the re-runs or whatever you gotta do – but find it, and show me that I said it. Or, you can stop wasting your time – and mine – and tell the world that you lied, tell them that you made it up and it was nothing more than bullshit on your part. Can ya do that? NO!! Hell no you cant, cause that would injure your pride and what ego you have left that Rex and I didn't destroy at Anarchy a few days ago. Your on a fuckin roll Weck as you made a fool of yourself last week with your ramblings, and now you’ve already done it again – and it’ll happen one more time when the bell rings to start our match when you face off against ‘the leader of Zero Tolerance.’

Weck, didn't you tell me I made a fool of myself? That I don't know what I'm talking about? Huh, well, it appears that I do know what I'm talkin about, and you're the one makin shit up! ..oh but wait, this sport isnt about words is it? Again, that's what you claim but yet you come out here and keep running your mouth; but I'm tired of that subject Weck because we went over and again and again last week as you kept on brining it up, but I guess that you don't have anything else to say – do you? And whoever said we tried to make this sport a war of words; and where do you keep coming up with this? I like to talk and I like to argue but these words that I'm sayin aren’t gonna do either of us a damn bit of good when we square off – or do you not know that yet? …cause it appears that you don't, even though I told you this ten times last week; but I'm worn-out of repeating myself with your same ‘ol tiring comments …anyway, I'm glad that you could give me a play by play of your match with good ‘ol Stan – but please do me a favor and spare me the details cause I watched it Weck and you damn sure didn't impress me by beating someone who’s never managed to defeat me before; and yet you act like Staniak is the man to beat – as if hes the man ontop of the GWA, ..but he isnt – cause that man is me, ..and in a few days I’ll have the belt to prove it. But I'm glad that you owned the Extreme Division Weck, I'm glad that you had lights busted in your face – but if you take a look at mine you can see that ya aint got a damn thing on me;

hell, I got more scars on my face then you got wrinkles on your brain cause its quite obvious that ya aint the brightest person around when that mouth of yours is a’ runnin. …How many nicknames you got now Weck? Silenced Incarnate, ‘fastest rising star,’ king of chaos and whatever else you try to call yourself – but since your in the taking names business right now I'm sure I can come up with a few more. So the next time you stomp around getting your face all red and blowin smoke outta yer ears use these little nicknames I came up with; how about “former Champ?” yeah, that's a good one - but you’ll have to wait until next week to use that name. Or, how about the nickname “loser?” That's pretty plain and simple and I don't think it needs much of an explanation after what took place at last weeks Anarchy. Or how about this, “ZT’s Bitch?” Oohh, I know that one will get the champ bangin his head on a wall and spittin like the Tasmanian Devil – but that name’s currently taken by none other than your very own Pain – so again, that’ll be a name that you’ll have to use next week when you're slobberin and spittin all over the TV cameras. Look at Weck all fired up because I don't show his sport the respect he thinks it deserves, ..aaawww – well, lets all have a pity party and go fuckin cry over it, maybe that’ll make him fuckin feel better. Did you need a tissue Weck, ..or how about a hug to make you feel better?

No, you don't like what I have to say but I tell you whats true Weck, and I have no respect for anyone outside of my Zero Tolerance brothers – not even for the fuckin sport cause I aint a true ‘wrestler’ Weck, ..Im gonna go into the ring and obliterate people with my strength and my ring knowledge, but you of all people should already know that by now Weck since you saw it up close last week. You talk a lot about respect, but who are you trying to get respect from? Random people like the fans? …Your peers in the GWA? Weck, what you don't understand is that nobody is ever going to respect you, ..that nobody will give a fuck if you fall of the face of this planet and never seen again. Your fuckin pathetic, “I need respect! Pleeaseee respect me!!” You sound like a whiny little bitch and your our Global Champion!? You think that you don't have enough respect by holding that title that everyone wants!? ..You know what that tells me Weck; it tells me that you need the approval of everyone else just to make you fell better – just so you can go smile at yourself in the mirror and say “everyone loves me” as you try and fuckin hug yourself. Respect, huh? You want all these people to look up to you, the same people that you beat up on every week and tell them that their fuckin losers and you’re the “fastest rising star in the GWA.” Who wants to respect that? Who wants to respect a man who thinks that hes better than all the others?

…The difference between us Weck, is that I don't give a fuck who – if anybody – respects me. All that matters is that I go into the ring and come out with my opponents wishing they had never made the mistakes that they did, that they see that I'm just that much better than they are – and that I'm the best in this company. Hey Weck, didn't you learn last week that your word isnt as “solid as gold” like you claimed it was last week, ..and again this week? Didn't you learn that the first time around? Didn't you learn what happened the first time around you claimed that “Jaymz cant back up anything he says” OOHH!!! But wait, this sport isnt about a war of words – remember??? Remember that Weck?? You should, cause you’ve said it a thousand times last week and started it again. It doesn’t matter if Bob or BillyJoe ‘backs up his words’ because it isnt about that, ..right Weck? Well, maybe you should stay on one side of the fence when it comes to the topics that you bring up – cause right now your jumpin both sides of the fence, and well – if ya aint careful the top of that wooden fence is pretty damn sharp and your bout to end up with yer asshole planted right down on it. Ya see Weck, ..agian.. its all just the same things that you spouted off last week and aint a damn thing changed so far. Weck, you really shouldn’t worry about what I show you on TV or the bits and pieces of my life that I let you in on – I mean, if ya don't like it, ..then don't watch it.

I watch yours though, so don't bitch about what I air when you show us nothing but your workouts – hell, at least I lead an entertaining life. But didn't I settle the issue on me working out last week Weck? Didn't I settle it when I took a shit on TV? Well, I guess you didn't see me address my ‘workout habits’ that you seem to be so concerned with …AGAIN. I guess you didn't learn when I told you I don't show the world my workouts, and I guess you still didn't learn last week when Rex and I kicked the shit outta ya. ..Will ya learn it this time around Weck, is it gonna take you losing the Global Championship to see that I don't succeed in this business by my charming good looks? …yeah well, I guess that's the decision that you’ve made for the second week in a row and since you feel that way you can expect the same results as last week when I put you up in the Silence again. Speaking of the Silence, where do you do come up with this “Silencer” shit? Who calls me move “the Silencer.” …You said this last week and I didn't bother to correct you because I figured once you heard me say it nine thousand times you could clue in, …but you didn't – and I'm not surprised. Weck, where have you heard this? When have you ever heard me, my opponents or Duff and Tex call it the “Silencer”? Did you realize how much it hurt and you went “The Silence!! …eeerrr – that hurt” and managed to get it all confused?

Cause the last time I checked a Silencer was a thing ya put on the end of a gun – not the move that I have. But I figured you would know this since your so wise and intelligent – yet I'm some dumb ‘ol ogre who doesn’t know a damn thing. Weck there will be no excuses when this match is over cause there isnt gonna be a damn thing you can say other than I completely dominated you. ..and it all goes back to the “respect” thing that you love to talk about so much, cause whos gonna respect a man who blames his loss to Goth on Tony Jackson? I mean, I could say that this trash Hillbilly guy decided to pick a fight with me before our match last week had we lost – but what good would that have done? We came out and won the match even though someone tried to take me down before I came to the ring; so what does that say about ya Weck? You took a beating from someone who was already in a fight, so if I was you – I’d hope the entire GWA roster attacked me before our match this week just so you have the slightest, slimmest hope of coming with the Global Title. Yes Weck, I know how many matches Ive lost but I'm not the one coming out here saying “I back up every single word I say – Ive won every match that Ive ever been in” …cause that would be pretty fuckin dumb wouldn’t it? I anticipate winning every match because what if I didn't? ..Then that would make me a failure and what would be the point in competing?

See, your mistake is guaranteeing that your going to win every match, but hey – it all comes back toy our point you love so much “this isnt a sport of words” – but yet, you sure are concerned with the words that I speak. Ya see Weck, everything you say contradicts your “I hate people who make this a war of words” because that's exactly what yer doin and you don't even seem to realize it. Weck I'm comin to get that Title back and if you think it was ‘guts’ that made me get up from the Wecking Ball then you still don't know me very well. You know what made me get up? You know what made me keep on going? …My hate for you and my hate for anyone who doesn’t stand on my side; cause my side is the right side – the only way to go and if you don't stand with Zero Tolerance then your in our fuckin way of getting what I want. …You wanna know what keeps me goin Weck? It’s the pain, no – not ZT’s resident bitch, but the actual adjective ‘pain.’ I love it, I crave it and I cant get enough of it… When I get a week off I like to take that break; but I'm like a crackhead on those breaks and I yearn for the pain.. I like it when people hit me first cause the joy that it sends down my body feeds that need that I have. And when I see a little blood, especially mine, it gets me goin to a whole other level, and if you’ve paid attention to my matches you would have seen that.. its that hate for everything not ZT, Weck – that's what why I kicked out from the Wecking Ball, …but ya wanna know the other reason to, Weck?

Again, it seems to be something that you don't see – and Ive even fuckin told you about it yet you still seem not to pay attention. I love hearing bones break, I love hearing the screams of my opponents and I love seeing them lay in the ring in pure agony. Demoralizing people and decimating them to nothing but helpless bags of bones is what keeps me going; that's my joy – and that's my pleasure and every fuckin week here in the GWA is like Christmas when those pathetic people, like yourself, fall to my feet and I see pleading in their eyes; pleading for me not to mangle them any more. You understand now, Weck? You see what drives a man like me; A man who doesn’t use crappy little submission holds? I choose to come in the ring and slaughter people the way I know how, and the best possible way that I can. It aint about wrestling Weck, cause you already know that's not what I do in the ring – as does the whole world, and I didn't need to tell you that cause my statements are made between the ropes week after week as blood spills to the canvas and so do my opponents dreams, their hopes – and everything they ever wanted to achieve in this business. I ruin them all Weck, I ruin everything they want this sport to be about and every week people tell me that I don't have the skills to ‘wrestle’ and that I should leave and go someplace else that suites me better… Well, Ive been to those places, cleaned house and made sure there was nothing left.

Spare me your shit about your love for this sport Weck, cause the only thing your gonna love after the match is over is the good chunk of the hospital bills that our insurance pays. You tell me that you don't care if I don't respect this sport, but if that was true you would have let it pass, you would have overlooked it and not let it get to ya… But ya just couldn't do that could ya? Ya just couldn’t stay away from it – and ya know why that is? Because you hate me, you hate everything that I stand for and you most of all, you CANT STAND knowing that I was the one that laid you out, that Rex and I are the ones that defeated The Fatal Elements and that Zero Tolerance is on top of the GWA. Weck your gonna be lucky if I don't pop your head like a tick this week, lucky if your able to stand up after the match and not be carted off on a stretcher. Theres nothing that I need to learn Weck cause Ive faced every style of fighting and wrestling inside the ropes over the course of my long career and there isnt a damn thing that you can show me that's gonna be any different than before. ..And Weck, you’re a fool to believe that I have to love this sport just to “survive the onslaught” that your gonna bring to me, and if you wanna believe that then you go right ahead and keep those foolish ideas locked in your head.

It’ll be great when I wear the Global Title, when I have it wrapped around my waist and you fume and steam off in a corner that you, Silenced Incarnate, lost it to a man who cant wrestle – lost it to a man who pounds his opponents into the canvas.. Lost it to a man who you claimed doesn’t even deserve to wear it… Maybe I don't “deserve” it Weck, but this isnt a match about what we “deserve.” Its about whos gonna be laying on their back as the bell rings and whos gonna be holding their hands up in the air as the new Global Champion. But you can try your best, and I wouldn’t expect anything less outta ya, but you're gonna be one sad defeated man when you see that for a second week in a row Zero Tolerance remains on top. So get mad, get all pissed off at the thought of losing the Global Title to a man who doesn’t ‘wrestle’ but a man who slaughters everyone in his path with monster strength… This aint no fuckin movie Weck so it isnt gonna end with a happy scene, ..this is real life – this is where the bad guys win, ..every…fucking…time… you may not be ‘the good guy’ but standing across from me, ..with the reputation that I have, you’ll damn sure look like the good guy, ..and well, ..good guys finish last and the sinners get what they want, …cause like Ive said before Weck – Every sinner has a future, and the future is ME.