-Fatal Elements vs. Zero Tolerance-

Takin a Shit

They say she’s crazy and I don't know when, or if, I'm gonna see her again. ..She really fucked up this time though cause there aint a damn thing that I can do to her ‘er out. This was one of the problems with leaving Detroit and parting ways with Drache – the man could do fuckin anything, but I knew he wanted to take Julie from me, ..but now? Well, he don't have to cause she did it to herself. All she wanted was to be out of that damn place and that's why she did what she did. J went with me and they wouldn’t let him in but they let me go and see her for a few minutes before they took her to the asylum. They had ‘er strapped down to the bed and she was sleeping; and now that I think about it I don't think Ive actually seen her sleep before, ..and it was prolly the last time that I ever would. Things is changin’ …and I aint sure if its for the better. Vadim is dead, Sin is gone and Katie is too… Now? So is my Julie. The face of Zero Tolerance is changin and were on a new path – I like where were headed business-wise, but my personal life has fallen apart and its not like it’s the first time either, ..or the second time for that matter. But there aint a damn thing that I can do about it except press on and hope that Julie gets out sometime soon – if ever. But until then I got some thinkin to do..

Clouds had come in sometime during the night with Jaymz and J were at the hospital and a little rain had fallen from the sky making the air smell more fresh, and cooling off the night for awhile – until the sun came back up that is. The streets of Memphis were deserted at this time of morning and nothing but a few stray cats ran from one side of the quiet streets to the other playing their little game of grab-ass. A man walked around the corner of the street causing the cats ears to fly up and their bodies to freeze – they saw the giant coming their way and they darted off into the nearest alley. Though it was a warm night that didn't stop the man from wearing his long leather jacket, and to him, the rain was an excuse to wear it. It grazed the top of the concrete as his heavy feet fell to the pavement one after the other. The cherry on the cigar lit up as he inhaled showing the face that had been weathered by time and age; the shadows still hung in the scars that covered his face as if they were deep caverns that never ended. His face came into full view as he walked under one of the streetlamps that seemed to brighten up as he walked under it; as he passed the light would flicker and slowly die out. His massive shadow rose and fell as he walked under the lights one by one; he didn't seem to notice they were dieing out as he passed underneath.

He took the end of the cigar and tossed it into the street and it burnt out with a sizzling sound as it hit the wet pavement. Headlights came around the same corner that he had come from, he knew someone was coming but wasn't going to give them the time of day by turning around. He saw his shadow rise once more as the headlights came closer and the vehicle slowed down behind him; but he kept his pace and didn't let it bother him. The vehicle pulled up next to him, it was an SUV but it was too dark to make out the color from the corner of his eye as he heard someone say his name. He stopped, as did the SUV, and turned to look at the man who had called his name – it was Rex, and Jaymz noticed that he didn't have Missy with him. he stood there for a moment wondering why in the hell Rex would be out here at this time of night.
“I knew I’d find ya here.” Rex leaned over the passenger seat

Jaymz gave him a blank look, “oh yeah, how is that?”
Rex motioned for Jaymz to look behind him, and he did. He saw that his side of the street was completely dark while the other was full of light from the streetlamps above. “oh:”
“yeah, …so you weren’t real hard to find.”
“I wasn't hard to find? ..I didn't know I was missin..”

Rex opened the passenger door and motioned for Jaymz to get inside. The big man took off his jacket and sat down in the SUV, hitting his knees hard on the dash, “gaw-damn! Lemme put this seat back a little.”
“That's as far as it goes man.”
“Take this damn thing back to the dealer an have ‘em put longer tracks on these seats, ..I did.”
Rex let out a half-laugh, “Well I'm not as big as you are, ..and Missy sits there so its no problem for us.”

Jaymz closed the door and Rex took off through the streets, running a few red lights as there wasn't a car – nor a single person – in sight. Alexi looked uncomfortable in the smaller seat and tried to adjust as he grunted, “So what tha hell you lookin for me for?”
“Well… Missy and I had just gotten home and I was about to get into bed with Tristan called me – he told me you would prolly be up wanderin the streets since you had been drinkin—“
Jaymz shook his head, “fucker knows me too well..”
“but anyway” Rex continued, “he told me if I found ya that we need to go Gunther’s Bar and Grill – said something about there being some business we need to take care of. …He only told me that we need to say that were Erik Black, and that Gunther is an old friend of Erik’s – and that you would know what to do?” Rex looked questionably at Jaymz.

A slight grin came over Jaymz face as he stared out the windshield, “Yeah… I know what to do…” Jaymz reached into his folded up leather jacket and pulled out a cigar that Rex didn't see until the flame of the Zippo lit up the inside of the SUV
“Hey!!! No, No!! Not in here!! Still got new car smell!!”
“Fuck yer new car smell” Jaymz slurred as he rolled down the passenger window a little. Rex then rolled down his own window, plucked the cigar from Jaymz’ mouth and tossed it out “Fuck ya do that for!? Damn things are expensive!!”
“Cause its my ride!! And I told ya not to smoke in here!!”

Jaymz folded his arms like a pissed off little kid and didn't say a word for a while until Rex asked if Jaymz knew the exact location of Gunther’s Bar and Grill was. He wasn't real sure either but they found one of the cross streets and knew if they drove down far enough they would find the address. They talked of Julie as Rex didn't quite know that much about her, and his first face to face encounter with the woman was in the hospital, though Rex and Jaymz saw each other every week at the GWA events – Julie didn't travel, and Rex had a lot of catching up to do on the mental state of the woman and what exactly happened to her. Rex didn't have much too say when Jaymz spoke of The Father taking her soul and leaving her as a burden to him – and that he ended up loving the woman anyway for what she was. They spoke of Drache and Detroit and how Memphis was gonna be a better place than Detroit as they both agreed they could deal with the heat a little better than the frigid cold, and all that damn snow, of Detroit in December. They could see Gunther’s up ahead as the neon sign posted on the building was one of the few left on at this time of night. It was a Twenty-four hour place and they quit serving drinks at two a.m. so most of the crowd died out by then. Rex pulled into the parking lot and both men looked around as there was only four cars left, one of them a white BMW that was pulled up next to the building, evidently it was Gunther’s.

Rex stepped from the SUV and looked around as he breathed in the night air, “so what exactly are we doing here?”
Jaymz fired up a cigar now that they were outta the car, “Well, ..we gotta have some income don't we?”
“So were – “ Rex cut himself off and looked at Jaymz who laughed

“Naw, we aint gonna rob it – whadda think we are, ..lowlifes?” He exhaled the smoke from his nose and motioned for Rex to follow him. Gunther’s was a two story building, like all the others on this street – and lucky for Gunther he had a corner lot where cars could park in the back. They came to the side of the building and watched in the windows as they crossed to the front of the building. There was a small ding as they entered the door that reminded Rex of that elevator “ding” that he hated so much; there was an older couple sitting at the bar laughing hysterically at something that had amused them as they shared a massive plate of chili-fries. Gunther’s walls were covered with Titans memorabilia along with signed pictures of the Vols coach Fullmer – which caused Jaymz to fume a little. He hated the fuckin cheater, they could pay their fuckin players and get away with it. He took his mind off the Tennessee Volunteers and saw Memphis U flags hanging around – and it was obvious that Gunther had worked it hard with the locals and tried to get them to come back. They took a seat at one of the round tables in the middle of the restaurant and watched the old replay of Sportscenter from earlier in the evening as a younger heavyset man who carried bags under his eyes walked over to the table with his pad in hand.
“Hey guys, how ya’ll doin tonight?”

Neither of them said a word but only nodded at the man, “Can I get yall somethin to drink?”
“water” Rex spoke up
“I’ll have the same” Jaymz said
The waiter then looked down at Jaymz and tried to peer over the far side of the table as he saw smoke rolling up, “is that a cigar!?? Sir, you cant smoke in here! You’ll have to put that out!!”

“What!?? It’s a BAR!! Since when cant I smoke in a bar!??” Jaymz was furious
“I'm sorry sir, but we don't allow smoking in here, ..sorry.” He folded his arms and stuck up his chin, ..and Jaymz wanted to hit him.
‘FINE!! Fuckin have it your way, two goddamn cigars gone to waste since you came and got me, ..ya see that?” He looked over at Rex who threw his hands up in the air
“Hey! Not my fault! ..I didn't drive us here on my own freewill. This is Tristan’s deal!.”

The waiter left to go get their waters as the two men sat there in silence for a moment looking over the bar as another couple came in hand in hand – their eyes were red and their walking was a little unbalanced. They sat three tables down from Rex and Jaymz and waited for the solo waiter on duty to bring them their menu’s. Jaymz and Rex didn't bother to look at their as they knew what they had come for – and they had found it. The stairs were up to the left that led to a party room that could be rented out; it was all done in glass walls with blinds that fell to the floor – and at the top of the stairs they cut off to the right were Gunther’s office was. The tired waiter came over and brought them their waters
“Did you guys decide on what your gonna have this morning?”
Jaymz looked up, “Yeah – we need to see Gunther.”
The waiter smirked, “Heh, ..Gunther isnt seeing anyone right now; are you ready to order?”

“Give us another minute” Rex waved him off and he went to the other table where the latest customers had come in, “Lets just go up there and get him – Hell, theres only him and the cook down here, we’ll just wait till hes in the kitchen.”
Jaymz nodded in agreement and they waited as the waiter laughed with the couple, obviously trying to work a good tip, and eventually he went back into the kitchen. The two men stood up and walked to the far end of the restaurant and started up the stairs; they made it no further than five steps when the waiter yelled at them
“HEY!! HEY!!! You guys can’t go up there, get back down here!!”

They both turned around and came down the steps and met the waiter face to face. Jaymz was becoming irritated, “Tell ‘em Erik Black is here to see him.”
“And would that be you, or him?” He pointed towards Rex.
“Me.” Jaymz replied
“Well – I'm sorry but Gunther is busy right now, he doesn’t want to see anyone right now.”

Jaymz looked away and nodded his head, cleared his throat, and with speed a big man shouldn’t have picked up the waiter and slammed his head against the wall. The lady sitting at the bar let out a shriek as Jaymz plastered the mans head against the tile, and spoke in a low voice, “Now… You go up there and you tell Gunther that Erik Black is here to see him, understand?” His eyes began to turn black and fear ran through the waiters body. Jaymz let him go and the man fell to the floor – a knot already showing on the side of his head. He stood up and ran up the stairs as Rex and Jaymz followed; they didn't bother waiting for Gunther or the waiter – Rex opened the door and went in first

“Hey!! Your not Erik!”
“No, I sure as hell aint – Erik’s got a little more hair than I do” Rex ran his hand over his head.
Gunthers office was nothing like the grill down below. There was trash scattered all over the small room and the waiter had backed against the wall in terror of the men. Gunther, who was a slim man, well built with blonde hair didn't get up from his desk. His eye shifted around the room as if he wanted to stand up, but then he looked down as if looking at his feet – and moments later a ladies head popped up from his lap and her face turned bright red as she saw everyone was looking at her. She stood up, collected her bag and hurried out the room. Jaymz looked her down and noticed she had the smell of a stripper as she fled the room with the waiter following her. Gunther stood up and asked who they were; Rex introduced them as Erik’s friends – members of Zero Tolerance. He stuck out his hand for a shake as he finally stood up but Jaymz and Rex only stood there looking on

“I aint shakin your hand, ..you been shakin other things with it” Rex said as he took a seat and Jaymz followed his lead, as did Gunther as he took a seat back behind his own desk
“So what can I do for you boys?”
Jaymz lit up a cigar and Gunther told him to stop but Jaymz cut him off, “I’ll tell ya what you can do for us. Erik’s gonna buy you out, we just got down here to Memphis and were a little strapped on income and since you’ve been friends with Erik years the least you can do is help a friend out”

Gunther started to look a little scared, “I-uh, I really cant do that.”
Rex spoke up, “Your gonna do what Erik wants.”
“but – but, ..really, I cant! Tell Erik I'm sorry, but your catching me at a bad time, I just got divorced and—“
“and nothin’” Jaymz cut him off and stood up, he went over to Gunther’s desk and sat on the edge facing the man, “So whats it gonna be? Yes.. or no?”

“I-I'm sorry I just ca—“ He was cut off with a shriek as Jaymz grabbed his face, pulled him out of the chair and tossed him from the window. There was a smash from down below as Rex jumped up from the chair and almost seemed surprised. They looked out the window and saw that Gunther had landed ontop of his own BMW and was moaning in pain.
“I didn't think you were gonna do that” Rex said
“Well, you asked me on the way here if I knew what to do! Come on…”

The two men left the office and went back downstairs, the waiter was bringing out some food and they noticed his hands got a little shaky as they made their appearance. They left the grill and went around to the back parking lot where Gunther had rolled off the car and managed to open the driverdoor, he saw them coming and tried to hide something in his hand – Rex saw it first and placed a foot on his arm
“Whatcha got there” Rex had a grin on his face
Jaymz leaned down and took a puff off the cigar, “So I take it that your gonna go see Erik in the morning?”
“y-y-yeess. I will…promise..” His face was swollen and it appeared that his arm was broken
Jaymz smiled at the man, “Good. Erik’ll be happy.” He took one final puff off the cigar before taking it from his mouth and putting it out on Gunther’s cheek. He screamed in agony as Rex laughed and removed his foot from the mans arm. They laughed as they walked off and got to the SUV


Yaawwwn… Can I say anymore about Weck? Is there another word that describes the man? Boring, old, repetitive… Yeah, those all describe the man. Oh!! Also include, whiny, bitchy and angry cause he cant stand the things that we have to say to the man. But first, before I tell Weck why hes worthless and why they wont win this match lets go over one thing that Weck is trying to pull the wool over our eyes with. Weck told me that I never held the Global Title before – so I corrected him on that issue and he came back out here and said something to the effect of, “you knew I was talking to Rex – your just trying to change it up” waa, waaaa, waaa. Look at the man, he knows what he said and now he tries to cover it up. I watched his promo and I saw he was all pissed off, how whiny he was when he spoke into the camera… And while were on the subject of “speaking” Weck continues to whine about how “this match isnt gonna be won by words, and yall are too focused on words” – well that's funny coming from a man who talks more than anyone in this match whos aired a promo this week. Funny coming from a man whos eat up with the words that we speak and feels the need to try and cover his ass with his own words. Does that make sense? No, it don't – but again its coming from Weck who constantly repeats himself, ..but uh, “this match isnt gonna be won by words”

…well if that's true, then I guess that Weck needs to shut up and save us all twenty more minutes of our lives by not having to watch another one of his babbling lectures. But those lectures of Weck aren’t gonna cause him and Pain to win this match, in fact – he may be wasting all his energy by running his mouth all week long. He got so worked up about my comments about he battle royal that he cant even see straight, that its clogged his mind from whats gonna happen when we step in the ring at Anarchy. Weck has tried so hard to defend his words against mine that he made a hypocrite of himself; only it only shows that I'm under the mans skin – that he doesn’t like being made a fool of; and it wont be the first time that hes going to be made a fool of – the second time will come when he looks up at the bright lights swirling around above his head wondering what in the fuck just happened, how in the hell could he have possibly lost this match. He can brag about the win over ZT he got several months ago, but the fact was is that he wasn't the one making the pin – he wasn't the one in the ring when the bell rang. Sin wont be here, nor will Havok or Goth but he wants to come out here and compare this match with that one? Six men to four; where most of those men aren’t even on his side any longer? There are no correlations between this match and the last one; there isnt a damn thing that's the same, but Weck wants to believe that there is.

And if that gets his hopes up for the chance of winning this match; then Rex and I will damn sure be glad to bring him back down to reality. Pain will also be sent back to reality cause this man has done nothing more than make me laugh. He seems to think that I have a nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me “I'm not so sure that I can beat Pain this time.” ..Well, how would he know something like that? Was he hanging out with Mrs. Cleo this week; maybe he was – and maybe his career will come to a sudden end like hers did and he’ll be exposed for a moron just like she was. If I had self-doubt then there would be no point in either Rex or myself stepping into the ring and takin on these two men – cause what would be the point? If you doubt yourself going into the ring then you’ve already lost – so what good is that gonna do me? If there ever came a match where I had self doubt then that would be the day that I retire and call it quits from this sport, and unfortunately for Pain I don't see that happening any time soon. Oohhh – I'm shaking in fear of the Big Bad Adjective who says that I couldn't win the Psycho Circus because he was in the match! Haha! Don't make me laugh you idiot cause basically you were saying “I lost my Title in that match, and you were one of the last three men standing – but I wasn't” Well, holy fuckin shit – that sure sounds like something to brag about doesn’t it Pain!? Are you glad that I almost won?

Are you tickled to see that you were the one that came into the match as the Champion but left as the BIGGEST loser!! You had everything to lose that night Pain and nothing to gain, ..me? I had nothing to lose – and you just cant leave the subject alone can ya? You sure like talking about the matches that you’ve lost, but losing seems to be a reoccurring theme for you here lately as you’ve failed to take down Zero Tolerance week after week; so what makes this week any different Pain? What makes this the week that you suddenly got better and can beat Zero Tolerance? Hell, if its anyone who has that “Nagging voice” it has to be you. I kicked your fuckin ass and you knew it was comin, you overlooked Crazy J and he kicked your ass also. So what’s next? “I'm not gonna over look this match!” - is that what your gonna tell me? Cause you sure as hell didn't over look me a few weeks ago when I took the US Title from you. Ya know, you can call ZT a revolving door but were the staple of the GWA and the only thing that's been a revolving door is the asskicking’s you’ve received from each one of us lately. It was me, then J, now Rex and myself again – your sendin’ ya right around Pain and theres no tellin when your gonna come back around to get your ass handed to you once again.. Pain, I think those beatings have gotten to your head cause what do you mean by “You’ve never beaten the likes of Marshall White in your entire career” Uh..what?

I'm not even understanding that comment there Pain cause Ive pinned your shoulders to the mat – so, what the fuck is wrong with your mellon? So I guess in your mind those matches that I beat you never happened – that they were all a dream and nothing more? ..Well, I guess its fun to play pretend sometimes but this is the GWA and it aint no fuckin sandbox that little kids run around in. But that's where your mind is Pain, if you wanna ignore how superior I am to you – then go right ahead, but what are you gonna do when I get ya in the ring and beat the livin hell right outta ya? You gonna ignore that too? ..Or how about if I pin you….again…then you still gonna run around saying that “Ive never beat the likes of Marshall White?” See, you can call these lies – but we all know that in your mind this is the truth. That your finally admitting your actually thoughts for all the world to hear! Are you tired of me Pain? Are tired of me calling you out for the things that you say? Yeah, you are – but maybe – just maybe, you should stay on one track instead of jumping from one place to another so I wouldn’t have to make a fool of you. Cause you’ve admitted it, Ive called you out for the things you’ve said, ..and now? Now theres nothin left for you to say cause you cant even remember what you said yesterday so you damn sure don't wanna say something else cause you live in fear that I’ll have to once again correct you.

You can act stupid all you want, but everyone knows that Pain’s biggest fear is losing to Zero Tolerance and the only thing that you have to hold over your head right now is your tag record versus us, but that's all about to change Pain. We've exposed you for what you are as a singles wrestler and Rex and I are gonna show the world why you two aren’t quite the tag team that Rex and I are. Yeah, were a little bigger – a little balder and maybe a little uglier. ..And we might be a little slower but that isnt gonna mean a damn thing cause all that matters is, ..is that were a little better. Now, I know Weck will wanna whine and scream – blow smoke outta his ears over that comment, but when hes getting slapped around for the bitch that he is there isnt gonna be a damn thing that he can say about it. Hell, as much talkin as he does I’ll make damn sure that his mouth wont be runnin much next week cause I’ll close that fucker up, then wheres he gonna be? What are we gonna do without Weck telling us over and over that “hes the fastest rising star in the GWA?” Oh, that's right – we’ll just get to hear that from the fifteen other wrestlers who claim the same thing, ..but cant there be only one? And what confuses me is that if Weck is an established wrestler – like he claims – and hes also the Global Champion; then hasn’t he already risen to the top? Cause I always thought the guys who claimed “I'm the fastest rising star” were the losers and lowlifes who were the newbs or shitty wrestlers who hardly win a match.

Those are the ones who claim their rising to the top, but I guess that Weck isnt there yet – I guess theres some unseen Title that none of us are capable of winning that he sees? Maybe its invisible, maybe its hiding in the secret box that's inside an invisible cube? I dunno, but Weck doesn’t seem to know either. He seems to think that were not here to “write speeches” and that I know; but who ever said we were gonna write speeches to win this match? Here a man who tells me that I don't know what I'm talking about and hes rambling on about writing speeches? I don't write anything Weck, I'm just talkin as I go – now you on the other hand seem to be sooo consumed by “A match is won be backing up every fuckin word.” Ok well, if that's the case then you win. Its over, if its settled by the words that we've spoken – then you take the cake cause you ramble on longer than anyone I have ever seen. But your wrong Weck, we don't write speeches and these matches aren’t settled by words, their settled by Rex and myself. Their settled by the two better men in the ring who have better skills in the worlds of fighting and wrestling – but I guess that you don't seem to understand that very well, but that ok – go ahead and write me a speech! Or, you could be like Pain and claim that Drache is injecting something into Julie’s IV – which never happened. He’s also worried about what Rex does, and what Missy does – and he knows all of this because hes watched it all week long, but then asks the question, “who watches this shit!?” Well, Pain – you do, …obviously.

But do we know why Pain worries about what we air? Because, like his second promo, he has nothing to say. Theres not a damn thing that he can say to me – he gave up and came out saying a bunch of lies that he admitted were lies.. Pain has nothing to say about this match, he wants to whine about what we air – and then he whines when I tell him that hes wrong and shows him the reasons. I don't come out here and whine, “Your promos are nothing but a blank screen and a voice-over for ten minutes, because I don't care. I don't give a fuck what you do and what you show the world because all that matters in the end is I wanna hear something of interest, something that you can tell me is a fact – which you haven't this week Pain. Cause as I’ve stated, you’ve given up Pain. You’ve run out of words Pain, unlike your friend Weck. ..Ya know, you guys really amuse me – could the two of you please whine a little more about how you don't see us work out? Come on, who wants to see guys lifting weights and running laps – don't ya think that gets a little boring? Nobody wants to turn on the TV and watch me lifting weights, grunting at the end of my workouts with sweat rollin down my face. So you guys assume because you don't see that TV that we don't train? Fuck, if I don't train then I was born as one bad mother fucker to be running around the GWA and beating the shit outta everyone – It’s a wonder how Rex and I stay in shape and stronger than most since we don't train. The problem with you guys is, is that you “assume” too much. We manage to juggle ZT corporate business, our personal lives and wrestling all at the same time – its not our fault that you two are so pathetic that you cant, that you cant do a damn thing other than train on TV all the time. Just because you never “see” us train means we don't do it? Well, here – I’ll give ya a first..

the silhouette of Jaymz stands up from the dark corner of the house on Mud Island as we see him walk to the far side of the room and turn the light on. He then goes to the opposite side of the room and opens a door to the bathroom; the cameraman turns to an angle as we hear pants unzip – the cameraman then turns back and we see Jaymz sitting on the shitter with his pants around his ankles. There came a wet sounding fart and plop into the toilet water.

Hows that? Just incase you guys were wondering something along the lines of, “does Jaymz ever shit – because I never ‘see’ him doing it?” Well the answer is yes, and if you were here you could smell the wonderful odor of my asshole as well, cause yes – my shit stinks. And no, I don't spray potpourri because that only makes it smell like someone shit in a flower basket and that smell aint the greatest – infact its worse.

There came another ‘plop’ as the second round hit the toilet water

woah! Theres another – two pieces of shit just like what Rex and I are facing this week at Anarchy; and hopefully you two smell a little better than what I'm letting out here. Fatal Elements? Come here and take a whiff ‘a what I got – cause I got yer Fatal Elements right here – and if I sit here long enough then maybe I can come out with a Ramone and Mason Storm too. Monday cant roll around fast enough, and the look on your faces when you see that Rex and I are a little better – actually, a lot better than you two think is gonna be priceless. When the winners are announced as “Zero Tolerance” there will be nothing left for you two – but there’s nothing to be ashamed of, cause losing to the best in the business is what happens when you stand across from us. I'm sure Weck will come down to the ring runnin that mouth of his, but I’ll plug that fucker right up and make ‘em wish that he had never opened it in the first place. ..And Pain? Well, he knows whats comin… Its all too familiar for him except this time it isnt gonna be the one on one ZT versus Pain matches as hes gonna get twice the ass kickin this week. I hope you two take your time comin to the ring, enjoy the sights of the fans and the lights all around you – take it all in because when its over, ..you two will be haulin ass backstage with your tails tucked between you legs.

Jaymz reaches for the toilet paper as the scene fades out…….