-Fatal Elements vs. Zero Tolerance-


1:37 a.m.
The room was cold but she didn’t seem to mind as she stared on at the ceiling counting the little black specks that filled it; but 'counting' in Julies mind wasn’t as simple as: one, two, three. It was a little more complicated than that - it was a series of mumbles and grunts but in her mind, she was counting. Her IV bag dripped into the tube that led to her hand and it was only a matter of time before someone would come and change it, ...she hoped. She reached out with her mind trying to find her King - but he wasn’t close and that disappointed her, ..she needed him, she wanted out of this place and nothing more than to return to her home so she could look on out the window and get rid of this horrible thing that was wrapped between her legs and around her waist. She liked the feces on the floor - not attached to her ass. Dr. Hirsh had ordered that nutrients be fed into her IV and the nurse had fed her everyday ever though she refused, but she was looking more healthy as her skin tone went from a pasty, pale white to a more natural tone. Her eyes seemed brighter and more alert and most noticeably she had put on a couple pounds to her frail frame. She didn’t like the extra weight either and earlier in the evening refused to eat anything - and its not like it tasted good cause it wasn’t straight vinegar or vinegar chips, and that's all she ate day in and day out. ..She had decided that it was time to leave and to find her King, her King that would protect her from this awful place that the Man in the Suit had put her in. ..and tonight? Tonight would be the night - and she waited until Shelly the nurse would come back in and check on her; and she did so with a slight grin on her face - the first grin in a long, long time.

1:51 a.m.
She hated working the nightshift as she had never been a night person but she also realized that being here on the second floor at night was alot less busy than it was in the day time, ..and alot more quiet too. Shelly made her rounds checking on the patients as she poked her head in the door and made she they were sleeping; something she wished that she was doing. Shelly didn’t bother going into the rooms cause they were all asleep - and alive, so what if some of them had shit themselves cause Dr. Hirsh wasn’t here and they were asleep anyway! She closed door Two-Fifty and headed and opened Fifty-One and as she looked in she did a double take; the frail woman was laying on the floor and Shelly became a little alarmed. She rolled the woman over and checked her vitals - she was fine and alive, just out of bed. Shelly let out a grunt as she looked down and saw that the woman’s hospital gown had been pulled up during her fall and that she had landed soo hard on the tile floor it had caused her shit to smash against her skin and spill from the side of the huge diaper. This was a mess that Shelly refused to clean up, Robin didn’t mind doing this, she thought - and would call her in here as soon as she placed the frail woman back on the bed. She was incredibly light as she picked the woman up and laid her back on the bed, careful not to take the slack out of her IV tube as she readjusted her blankets at the end of the bed so Robin could come in here and change the woman’s garments.

Shelly checked over the woman named Julie once more to make sure everything was fine - and it was, she nodded with satisfaction and turned back towards the door and left the room.... Well, she tried to leave the room. She pulled up on the large flat handle and found the door to be locked, "That’s not right" she thought, Robin must have been playing with her cause only Robin was on duty tonight and the door could only be locked from the outside. "what the hell!?" she muttered to herself as she pulled up on the big handle once more that wouldn’t open. She became frustrated and turned around placing her back on the door as her eyes became wide with fear - that lady was standing, standing two feet away from her. Julie stood there as her IV bag filled with blood, it swirled into the bag in waves taking over the fluid inside. Shelly pressed her hands against the door as Julie ripped the needle from her arm and stabbed Shelly in the cheek with it. Screams filled the room as Julie clomped down on the nurses arm like a rabid dog that wouldn’t let go as Shelly tried to shake her loose and realized that the frail woman was a little stronger than she had believed. Shelly began to cry as she heard Robin beating on the door from the outside, screaming something about "how did you lock the damn door!? are you ok!??" But Shelly couldn’t do anything but scream and as Robin tried to open the door from the other side - the screams stopped.

"Sh-sh-shelly?" Robins face was pale white as Julies when she had come to the hospital. She called for her friend once more but got no response and decided to run down the hall to the nurses station and call for security and Dr. Hirsh. Tears streamed down her face as she called security and it took several attempts for the shaken Robin to explain the situation before she hung up. She wiped the tears from her frightened eyes and ran back down to room Two-Fifty-One and beat on the locked door again screaming for Shelly to answer, but she didn’t. Robin looked down to the elevators and saw security hadn’t made it up yet - and it was then that the flat handle on the door began to push down and Robin took a terrified step back as the door slowly opened - and out walked Shelly as Robin placed her hands over her mouth and screamed. A woman stepped from the room wearing the Hospital green scrubs and pink Croc's; but the woman wasn’t Shelly, it was Julie. She had patches of Shelly’s jet black hair placed on her head trying to cover her light brown hair in a pathetic failed attempt as droplet’s of blood fell from the thin pieces of skin that kept the chunks of hair intact on top of Julies head. She slowly opened her mouth and said two words that were scratchy and hard to understand

"I'mm ....Sheellly." she said in the quiet hall as if Robin was suppose to believe it. She put on a smile and showed her decaying teeth as Robin took a step back and happened to glance into room Two-Fifty-One and saw Shelly laying unconcious in the hospital bed with patches of blood on her scalp where Julie had taken the hair from. She could see that Julie herself had inserted the I.V tube into Shelly and covered her back with a sheet. She backed away as Julie turned to walk down the hall - and just then the elevator doors opened up and Dr. Hirsh ran out with two security guards. His eyes were wide as he saw the sight of Julie who had tried to take on the looks of his most lazy nurse Shelly. The three men advanced on her and she again put on her fake smile that stretched across her face and began to say something as Dr. Hirsh told the two security guards to hold her down, and they did. She didnt fight nor did she resist as Robin ran over to Dr. Hirsh and gave him a syringe with a sedative that he injected into Julie and a moment later the two security guards stood up and looked on at the girl.

Hirsh looked over at Robin, "Contact her father - and her husband. This isnt the right hospital for her, I'll go check on Shelly, now go!!!"


1:51 a.m. (same time)
There were no clouds in the night sky and only the brightest stars of the night could be seen as the lights of Memphis drown out all the others. There were few cars on the city streets and most cars that were out were on the highway – but even those were far and in-between. Roaring laughter came from the rooftop of the Zero Tolerance Real Estate building and filled the night with their echo’s. It had been a long time since the members of Zero Tolerance had been assembled as a group with Rex being in California, Crazy J and Jaymz touring the world with the GWA, and with Tristan and Erik taking care of business back at home in Memphis. But now, for at least a week everyone was together and Zero Tolerance was at the strongest they had been in several years, even without Drache. Drache was in the city though, he had made his appearance in the Hospital with Julie – Jaymz had told him all of his encounter and the ZT bosses made sure security was thick around their building as they didn't know exactly what the man was up to. But at this late hour there wasn't a care in the world for the men as Tristan, Erik, Rex, Missy, J and Jaymz sat on the rooftop drinking the night away in what could be called a late celebration of their leave from Drache and the city of Detroit. They had brought up chairs from the offices, those ones that roll around on wheels, and even one of the desks where case after case of beer had been set and only a few remained unopened. Even Jaymz who didn't drink much put back quite a few beers and turned him into someone who was more quiet than usual. Erik on the other hand was off his rocker, as was Crazy J (but wasn't he always? ) who was spinning around in the chair all across the top of the building

“Were gonna be another employee short if you fall the fuck off this building J” Tristan said, as he was the only man who wasn't drinking.
Erik piped in and shoved his hand in Tristan’s face, “Shuuda fuckup Tristan!! Lighten up and hava-beer!!” Erik’s speech was slurred as he was tore down. Tristan shook his head in disapproval at the other bossman of Zero Tolerance and ignored the comment. Crazy J planted his foot and the spinning chair came to a stop, he had a pissed off look on his face as his eyes looked over the building, “hey!! Where the fuck is Dick!???”

Erik looked over at Tristan and pointed at him again, “The Dick is right here!”
The comment brought laughter that filled the night again, Tristan was getting irritated by all of this
“No, no, no” J shook his head “not him!! Dick! The guy that's suppose to be watching me! – where the fuck did he go?”
Rex shrugged his shoulders as he had one arm wrapped around Missy who was sitting on his lap, “I don't think he came here J – not that Ive seen anyway.”

J slumped back down in the chair, “well son-of-a-bitch, whos gonna get my beer now!? HEY!!! JAYMZ!!!!
Alexi seemed to be off in his own little world as he looked up, “huh?”
“You aint doin a damn thing, get me a beer!!” J pointed towards the mountain of beer cases but Jaymz never got up to get him one, instead he chunked the full can of beer he had in his hand as hard as he could – and J caught it, looked at it, then tossed it over the side of the building, “It was hot, I don't want that one!”

Jaymz never said a word but went on looking back over the city, ..beer made him think. Missy whispered something into Rex’s ear and he let out a little laugh. Crazy J heard this and asked what they were talkin about, telling them that there were no secrets to be held ontop of the Zero Tolerance building
Rex laughed again, “Crazy J, ..I don't think you really wanna know”
“yeah!!! Ya fuckin ass-monkey!!” Erik yelled, “Mind your own damn business!!”

Crazy J spun around in the chair one time and came to a stop with a smile on his face, “who?”
Tristan rolled his eyes, “oh God – here we go again”
J got up from the chair, walked over towards Missy and stuck out his hand, “may I have this dance?”
Rex found this humorous , while Missy found it kinda odd – but Rex gave her a little shove in the back to get up. Missy took J’s hand, “Crazy J - what are you doing?”
He looked around, “who is this Crazy J you speak of? I am Jay Wonderful. And you madam – you should feel honored to be in the presence of me!”

Rex laughed as Missy stood up and took the hand of Crazy J who led her to the center of the rooftop and left her there as he went to go get a beer. Tristan walked over to Jaymz and told him he was going to take Erik home, that he had had too much to drink and he needed to leave. Jaymz never responded as he looked on at the Memphis skyline, but only nodded as Tristan walked off and somehow managed to get the drunk Erik Black down the stairwell after several minutes of refusing to leave, Erik didn't seem to care about the meeting in the morning as much as Tristan did – and chances are, he wouldn’t be feeling too well in the morning either. Rex got up and bye to the men and walked over to Jaymz who still stood there smoking a cigar in silence as Rex stood there next to the man looking over the skyline. It was a quiet night and even the breeze was light up here
“Your quiet tonight” Rex looked over at Jaymz

“ah, just got a lot on my mind, ..this whole Drache and Julie thing – somethin just don't feel right.”
Rex nodded, “No it doesn’t but as long as Julie’s in that hospital he cant do anything to her – if something did go wrong they would know he was in the room with her, he would be a suspect.”
“Yeah, ..your right – but I don't like him here, theres not a damn thing good that can come from it, ..not for us anyway…And its pissin me off”
“Well, if your getting pissed Alexi, just save it up for our tag match!”

“Shit, no problem there… We’ll get it done, there isnt a doubt in my mind.. but for now this beer has my mind fixed on Julie – I'm thinkin I should go down to the hospital and see her.”
Rex gave Jaymz an odd look, “visiting hours are over – its late man.”

“oh yeah” ..Alexi seemed to think about it for a moment, and it was then that both men turned around as Missy laughed. Crazy J had taken the cases of beer off the table and stacked the beer cans into a huge pyramid, he raised both of his hands in the air as he spoke,
“I have done it!!! I have built the great pyramid casino thing, ya know – the one over there!!!” He pointed towards the huge casino several blocks away. Missy laughed at the man again as Rex and Jaymz walked over
“I thought Jay Wonderful was gonna teach my beautiful girl here how to dance?”

J looked up with a pissed look on his face, “Jay Wonderful??? Oh, so now he can fuckin dance to!!?? Well, I’ll tell you somethin, fuck Jay Wonderful!! Fuck the fuckin, fucking fucker!!” J then slammed his arms into the cans and Missy seemed a little confused as she took a step back towards Rex. Jaymz walked up to Crazy J, “ah – that Jay Wonderful aint got shit on you, ..you’d beat his ass”
“Ya damn right I would!!” J yelled.

It was then that Jaymz cell phone began to ring, he took the call and listened to what the person on the other end had to say, it was Nurse Robin – and she had bad news. Rex looked at Jaymz, “Everything alright?”
“its Julie…somethings happened, ..I gotta go.”
Rex spoke up, “I’ll go with ya – if its Drache we’ll make sure he never makes it back to Memphis.”
“Naw, you got Missy – and theres no tellin whats goin on up there. Yall just go on, J will come with me.
J looked up from the mess of beercans, “huh? Where we goin!?”

“Its Julie, ..we got a little problem to fix.”

Crazy J only nodded and the three men, and Missy, left the top of the building.


Someone please kill me. Do me a fuckin favor and spare me from having to watch another James Weck promo, he sure is a creative guy in a way that he can repeat the same thing over and over again by just using a different word here and there, I find that especially talented that he can bore the world with the same old talk one minute after the other. At one point I assumed that Weck was a smart man but it appears this week, even with high gas prices, he still has enough coin to go fill up a gas can and take a few huffs. Now I don't understand how Weck can say he doesn’t understand me, that he cant tell what I'm saying – yet he basically repeat’s what Ive said and retaliates to it while hes all fired up. So, much like his friend Pain hes either a liar – or wants to make me look stupid by pretending he didn't understand what I said. But, while were on the subject of stupid we might as well explain why the term fits to Weck so appropriately. For him to come out here and tell me that the Battle Royal basically wasn't a singles match is one of the most retarded things that I’ve ever heard. So tell me Weck, did you fight with a team? Was the match “take out the stable with your stable mate” match? Was it a Tag Match where we were paired off in groups? ..or was it each one for himself? ..Every person on their own and having to fight their stablemates if it came down to it? ..yeah – that's what it was and the type of match was a “Battle Royal” and you fought it to win for YOURSELF.

Hell, you even said “I beat nine of the best the GWA has to offer.” But wait, wasn't that a tag match or some shit? ..Or did you fight nine men by yourself? You tell me Weck, ..and uh, the last time I checked the wins and losses from that match with into our “singles record.” Now, is all of this ringing a bell Weck? ..and you call
me stupid?? That there takes a lot of fuckin nerve to claim you didn't win that match on your own single effort. But wait!!! It gets even better! I told you that match doesn’t have any bearing on this match, yet you argue that it does! You tried to tell me that I was stupid for thinking that. So lets get some things straight, I was stupid for saying it was a singles match with ten men,, ..but then I'm stupid for saying it has no bearing on a Tag match? ..What the fuck is in that rotted mind of your Weck? I mean, come on, you gotta pick one or the other, but then again there is no answer for stupidity. Oh, and Weck - you might wanna brush up on your listening skills cause I never told you the Global Title would help you in this match, I told you that the Global Title “wouldn’t” help you in this match – because how would it help? And what sense would it make for me to say somethin like that? Ya see Weck, ya aint the smartest man in the match, and me? Well, I aint the brightest sumbitch in the ring but your makin me look like a fuckin genius while you run your mouth. ..and ya know the best part of it all Weck?

You claim that my wins over Pain mean nothing at all, not a damn thing when it comes to this match. Ooohhhh, but aren’t you the one saying the Battle Royal win makes a difference? What the hell are you talking Weck??? You wanna say one thing but then you go on to be a hypocrite all in the same ten minutes on TV; and again… you wanna tell me that I'm stupid? Your problem is, is that you talk too much and you cant even remember a damn thing you’ve said – and your only making yourself look like a fool in front of the whole world. Sure, you can count all your losses on one hand, but the same thing cant be said if were counting up the times you make yourself look like an ass when you put your mug on tv. Yes Weck – Goth is my whipping boy, and the ZT whipping boy? ..well that's Pain, and you think that he can take us out on his own? Are we talking about the same guy who lost to yours truly and Crazy J all within a matter of three weeks? ..this is the man that you claim doesn’t need a partner when it comes to standing against Zero Tolerance.. Again Weck, I’ll ask you – do you know what the fuck your talking about. I mean, you sure are quick to correct Rex on the past but you seem to have a selective memory when it comes to your friend Pain. Hell, even me admits that he fucked up last week, ..and two weeks ago. But you? You seem to ignore the very words that your partner speaks; and yet I'm to believe that this is the team that's gonna take out Zero Tolerance?

You two, who cant even get your facts straight are gonna be able to come to the ring and work as a team!? You gotta be shittin me. I sit back here and laugh at the things that Weck says, cause how can you take a man seriously that cant even agree what his partner talks about? Am I suppose to get mad or pissed with the things that he says? Are his words suppose to bother me? Naw, its not that – cause I love correcting people and then telling them how bad their gonna get their asses kicked cause there aint nothing in this world better than winning an argument, ..and then kickin their ass just to finish it all off. Sure, Weck likes the lights and all the attention sitting on top of him and he even wants to claim what everyone else does, that “hes the fastest rising star in the GWA” – Yeah, you along with the twelve other people who say the same thing; but that's fine cause I can damn sure make you the fastest rising star in the GWA when I wrap my big left hand around yer neck and hoist you up in the sky before slamming you back down with the Silence. I’ll take ya to those heights Weck, I’ll let the whole world see you taller than anyone in the GWA for only a brief few moments before that star burns out, ..and comes crashing down. Your world will fall, Fatal Elements will take a hit and the reputation of this….Global Champion….will be tarnished and the world will see that not everyone is cut out to be a Tag Team Wrestler.

Me though? Well, I can do it all – but there’s people like Chaos who wanna try soo hard to convince the world their Singles material – but they fail and go back to what they do best. Pain has shown that he can dominate on this level, but can he do it without John Harper? Can he do it with a man who hasn’t won a Tag Belt here in the GWA? ..A man who isnt as experienced in this type of match as Rex and myself? Sure, Weck will say it wont matter – but if he feels a certain singles match in the past was of any importance then he would say “that match matters.” No, I don't know how that makes sense but in the mind of James Weck – anything goes, ..even if it don't jive. What Weck and Pain have failed to realize is that it don't fuckin matter how big we are and how lethal our words are – none of that matters when it come to the ring and especially in a Tag Match. If size meant something then I would be undefeated, but shit don't happen that way – and we don't dominate because of our height. We dominate because of who we are the talents that we possess. Yeah, everyone knows that I aint gonna come to the ring and strap down some submission holds or fight a technically sound match; and Pain knows for a fact the beating that I can bring to the ring and torture that comes with facing a monster such as myself. So tell me how determined you are Weck, tell me how you cant lose because your “two of the greatest.” But what are you gonna say when the match ends?

That “were two of the greatest…besides Rex and Jaymz.” yeah, that sounds about right – I know you two wont like to hear that but I tell people a lot of things they don't like to hear. But there is one problem, ..and I'm fucked – there’s just no way of getting around the facts that Weck spewed at me cause someone has let the cat outta the bag. I don't train and I don't prepare. Damn, ya know – I just wish people would leave me alone and quit lookin in on me. …please – that's the biggest pile of shit that Ive ever heard, “I train harder than you Jaymz” – boy your really stretchin there aren’t ya James? So tell me, since you're never around – and since I never air promos with me training how is it possible for you to know that you train harder than I do? So we don't take the necessary steps to prepare for a match yet Pain does, huh? So your telling me that I don't have to train to beat Pain – but if I did I would be the most dominate force in the wrestling industry? If I'm lazy and I don't like to prepare then how do I manage to get the job done week in and week out for the most part? Tell me James, cause I would sure like to hear this shit! I would love nothing more than to hear you make up some more random shit that don't even make sense. I shake my head and laugh at ya James cause your cocky attitude is gonna change once you hit the ring and you see that Zero Tolerance towers of you and surrounds ya in the ring.

Ya might cry, ya might run and hide behind that beaten partner that you call Pain and hope that he does all of the work. Spare me from your repetitive rambles James cause you runnin your mouth all week long making this up and changing your mind from one minute to the next isnt gonna make a damn difference when we get into the ring Monday night. I look forward to taking out you two in the first ever Fatal Elements versus Zero Tolerance tag match – and I would say that it could be a battle to be remembered for a long time – but by judging from you men who’ve teamed up to create this second rate group it wont be a classic battle cause chances are The Fatal Elements wont be around long enough… Just like the rest of these pathetic stables who think they can compare to the destruction that we cause, you will fail; Storm, Ramone, Pain, and Weck. Two of you will be sitting in the back watching from a monitor grunting and groaning as you watch your friends take fall after fall, watch their blood spill to the mat, ..and eventually – watch as they walk back up the ramp with their heads held low, in shame…disappointed. Pain’s losing streak to Zero Tolerance will continue and Wecks run of good luck is about to come to an end. I think its funny that Weck tries to educate Rex on the past, yet the man comes out here and says “You wanna claim like everyone else who has never held this belt, that its only a matter of time.”

..thats Weck and his take on the Global Title – a Title that he claims that I have never held, uuhh..well, then maybe he should go take a look at the record books and if that feeble little mind of is able to spell J-A-Y-M-Z – not only will he see the name of a former Global Champion, but its also the name of a ZT member whos gonna be colleting a win this week at Anarchy. They can tell us that :”were gonna be hunted” oohhhh – I'm soo fuckin scared, maybe I should fuckin hide in the corner or some shit, naw fuck that! I know what its like to be hunted and so does Rex, cause when you’re the best in the business you ARE the hunted, when your group reigns over the top of the others, you ARE the hunted. But we don't sit back and get shot, naw – that aint the game we play.. We attack, we beat, we kill….we win. So bring what ya want, bring all the artillery that ya got – but when your hunting this beast, the ZT beast that lurks in the darkness – the one that attacks when your back is turned, ..then you better take your best shot cause your only gonna get one, ..and uh – if ya miss? …Its your ass that's mine. We wear the targets on our chests and since the day we arrived Zero Tolerance has been the ones to beat – and for the most part you pathetic people have failed. Were the hunted, were the ones you wanna hide from – and when you're at home and ya hear your dogs barkin in the middle of the night you’ll know it’s the Hunted that’re the ones doing the hunting… Were the reason you double check your locks on the doors before you go to bed, were the reason you buy the high-tech security alarms and set ‘em as you look over your shoulder in the shadows of the dark – but none of that is gonna save ya’ll in the ring, ..cause if were the hunted then your stepping to the lions cage unarmed, ..and well – we all know how that turns out. ….dont we?