-Nick Adams vs. John Harper vs. Jaymz (US Championship)-

No Sleep

July 18, 2007
Things hadn’t been right ever since I had that dream; it was the last night of sleep that I’ve had since then cause Julie was in pain – and since she was in pain she decided that I didn't deserve to sleep…fuckin bitch; I got a big match this week and shes gonna pull this shit, …AGAIN!?? ..I had to get away, shit had gotten bad this morning – and it’s a damn good thing that Crazy J was around or I don't know if I’d be on the plane to Brazil right now. …Julie, fuckin Julie – I love ‘er but this shit just cant keep going on like this; she had done this to me before several months ago when she had gotten back from the Black Garden and she was covered in burns. I was awake for days and the next thing I knew I was in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Detroit – a place I damn sure didn't wanna be in and I found myself doin the same shit again.. She makes me wander, pushes at my mind and makes me leave the house in a condition that I shouldn’t be out in, ..but there aint a damn thing that I can do about with no sleep. I had to get them fuckin stitches outta her mouth so this shit would end, and I know she blames me for these problems but I'm not the one who decided to make that little girl try and munch down on some house dog – she fuckin did it herself and infected the girl the parasite, yet I catch all the blame for it?

…Ive slept for a few hours on the plane cause she cant push me with her mind when were this far apart; and when I get to Brazil – I'm gonna kick back and catch up on the sleep that I’ve been missin… Erik’s gonna be pissed though, I had just left those girls with him while the GWA was touring the other side of the world and now I gotta leave Julie with him again.. I gotta come up with a better plan when I figure out how to get them stitches outta Julies mouth – she cant fly on a plane, she’d get us both kicked off… But once I get my sleep back on track all hell is gonna break loose when I get in the ring, I got a Title to defend and two asses to kick; a wannabe Insane Clown Posse Member and a Canadian – and I think that Canadian is gonna be a little outta place down here in Brazil. This Iron Man match is gonna be one helluva fight – no I'm lieing – I need more sleep, it isnt gonna be a helluva a fight, its gonna be one helluva an ass kickin for these two fools who wanna think they can derail the terror I'm about to put the GWA through in my second reign as the US Champion; my first Title defense starts this week and there are the first two of many, many more to people to fall at my feet and the US Title will become nothing more than a dream for the men who choose to stand across from me, Winning the Title was only the beginning…but this week…it all starts this week


It was almost like a dream, the way that the colors moved, the way the world seemed to shift and turn…Jaymz wasn't sure where he was or if this was real, ..or a dream. With every turn of his head the world was like a moving liquid, shifting from side to side, up and down. The colors left tracers and seemed to fade on fro minutes, a rainbow of colors moving in every which direction…His head felt like it was ten times bigger than his body, like he could barely hold it up…and it was snowing…No, wait..it wasn't snowing. What the hell was the thinking?? The sun was out, or at least he thought it was… He knew this was going to happen, everything was distorted and he was seeing things that weren’t really there. If only his mind would slow down and rest, then maybe, ..just maybe he could get some sleep – but no, ..thanks to Julie. Jaymz walked down the candy isle of the gas station he had stopped at. He looked like a zombie, the Chinese man who owned the store had seen worse so he wasn't too concerned with this large man. The man looked away from Jaymz and went back to rolling the joint he was working on under the counter. Jaymz stared on at the cooler with the bright assortment of colors. …Energy drink, that's what he wanted…he needed one.

Everything was like a blur, he knew the Monster drink came in a black and green can, but my God the tracers were horrible and he couldn't tell a can of Coke from a Bug Juice. He saw blurs of black, he knew it was the energy drink.. He reached out to get it outta the cooler but something had stopped his hand.. There was something in front of it, something he couldn't see. What the hell?? Why couldn't he get the damn drinks!? ..It was like some kind of invisible shield was in his way. He turned around fast, almost falling down in the bright world of swirling colors.. He couldn't ever remember the world being this bright, had it always been this way? He regained his balance and looked to his left and realized that the stand on the end of the isle was full of chips, he pulled on the stand knocking it over spilling the chips to the floor. He heard the man at the front screaming something but he was unconcerned with what it was.. He then took the stand and flung it at the cooler but the invisible shield in front of the cooler stopped it, the stand falling to the floor. He again heard screaming from the front, but it was unclear, it was right behind him now. Jaymz picked up the stand again, pulled it back behind his head to swing it again, but this time it connected with something behind him, he heard a scream that was cut off by something falling back into the isle knocking everything over.

He stopped and turned around, his world was spinning and he fell to the ground.. He got back up and saw he hit the Chinese man, who was now out cold. He took the chip stand again for a third time and threw it as hard as the could at the invisible thing blocking him from getting something to drink.. He heard glass shatter when it connected this time, cans fell all over the floor in a clattering noise.. Then he thought “oh yeah, …it was just the glass door.” But it didn't matter to Jaymz, he had all the drinks he wanted now. He turned around, already forgotten about the Chinese man and went up to the front counter. He waited….and waited…and waited…How come nobody was working in this place??? How can you run a business like this?? Jaymz fished around in his pocket for something, got a hold of some wadded up money and threw it on the counter. He didn't care how much it was, surely it was enough to cover the two drinks he had gotten. Stumbling out of the store he went over to the Tahoe and got inside.. He popped open one of the cans and drank the whole thing, or, well, ..drank what actually made it in his mouth and not on his clothes.. A loud burp came out as he started up the Tahoe…His mind was still a haze in a world full of colors, he needed sleep. Jaymz drove like a drunk man down the street, his cell phone started ringing, he looked away from the road and over to the passenger seat but he couldn't find the damn phone.

Next thing he knew he felt a jolt from the Tahoe as it jumped a curb into a bank parking lot..He slammed the brakes on, ..luckily there was nobody parked over here. He knew this had to stop, it was getting out of control…His phone started ringing again, he crawled over to the passenger seat looking for it but couldn't find it because it was between the seat and the door..It stopped ringing just as he got to it, he let his vision focus for a moment, he saw that Erik had called him..He would call him back later, it probably wasn't that important anyway…But maybe it was, he did call twice. Maybe he should call Crayz J, maybe he could help…Yes!! Call Crazy J! J would help, and J wouldn’t tell anyone what in the hell was going on, Erik and Tristan would.. They would try to hold him back and say that he wasn't in any condition to fight this week, but he was and he knew it. He searched thought the Tahoe some more but where the fuck was the Goddamn cell phone!?? Ah yes, ..there it is.


July 20, 2007
The US Title, ..the second singles Title that I’ve won here in the GWA - a Title thas been held by many men, some of which who never had any business wearing it around their waist in the first place - and I face one of those men this week. The other, well, it looks to me like he was just thrown in this match for shits and giggles. I know these men come out here planning to be the US Champion, but Im pretty damn good at changing things and altering their ideas once the wheels get rollin'. Now Harper thinks that Im whining and getting pissed off because he keeps bringing up his "two and oh record" but that just shows me how little hes been paying attention. pissed off? ...No, Im not pissed off so I don’t know where he gets that from - but its the point of that; yes John we heard you the first time, ..the second time, ..the third time and so on and so on. Ya see, nobody likes to sit and watch a man repeat himself and that’s about all you’ve done this week John, ..promo after promo Ive felt like I was watching the same one. Great, you work out - I saw that the first time. Your "two and oh" ..great - we heard that ten times. You fight for the love of the sport and for the fans - great, we’ve heard that ten times as well. So yes, maybe Im whining a little - but Im only tellin ya what the rest of the world is prolly thinkin and should you air another promo we'll all be able to say it along with ya, ..cause ya never say anything different.

But that’s fine, if you wanna tell us the same thing over and over again then you just go right ahead and do that.. Yeah John, I know your cocky - hell I am too but there’s a difference between being and being repetitive. You can sit here and tell me how your gonna win, why your gonna win - why your better than everyone else and so on and so on - like I tell you. Your confusing your "cockiness" with the same thing you’ve been saying all week, and that doesn’t make you cocky - it makes you kinda boring, actually. Im not gonna come out here and spew a bunch of shit about who I beat from a past less talented, lower rated federation like you have - and I didn’t expect that from you John cause that’s something that "newbs" talk about during their first matches cause they want all of us to know where they’ve been before here, but don’t you have enough history here? Don’t you have something else besides who you’ve beat in other places - cause I could give a fuck less about those places John, and the rest of the world doesn’t care either. But if your wrestling ability is anything like your speaking; then I'll have you figured out in the first two minutes of the match because it'll be quite obvious that you'll never do anything different. So you beat Rob Hollywood - greeaaattt, who didn’t?

Harper, Im not the one that’s making you look dumb cause your doin a damn fine job of that yourself since you ramble on about all these past matches that nobody remembers, ..or cares about for that matter. But what I don’t understand - and Im sure no one else does either - is how "you don’t makeup bullshit to get an edge on a Zero Tolerance member." ..and edge? So, by speaking words - that gives you an edge in the match? ..You get the upperhand by flappin your jaw about shit that nobody cares about anymore? ..Well the last time I checked we aint gonna be doin a whole lot of talkin when we get into the ring.. Now John you bring up a good point as you claim the only thing that I have on you is the Psycho Circus and "you knew I would bring it up" ..oh, well - so its ok for you to babble about the matches that you’ve beaten me in the tag division? Its ok for you to ramble on about all your fantastic "two and oh record" - but its not ok for me, or not acceptable, to bring up the Psycho Circus match? ..Well how does that work John? So its a law or somethin that you can talk about your victories, ..but I cant? ..Must be somethin in that Canadian water yer drinkin, I just hope it isnt as bad as Mexico cause I don’t need you gettin the runny shits all down my arm when I hoist you in the air for the Silence. That, or maybe your trying too hard to impress us with all your pushups and riding on bikes and shit - maybe your workin yourself a little too hard or somethin?

Naw, its gotta be that water since you seem to think that you have the spotlight of the GWA shining down on your head.. But the last time I checked the two biggest Titles where held by men who have the name of "Jaymz" - one just being spelled a little different than the other. There aint no "John" in the current Title holders book and there aint no spotlight on ya either; hell even your group has fallen apart and left you with nothing, ..and you think that people come to see you!? You think that your the reason that people fill the seats!? Ha, give me a break Harper - hell if I was you I'd be ashamed to say somethin like that! Yep John, Im glad to see that you’ve paid some attention this week - cause your right, I never have submitted to anyone in the GWA and you think that you’ve gonna make me submit!? Shit, my legs are longer than your whole body – that’s like wrappin yourself around a tree trunk talkin about "you got the upperhand." Don’t make sense does it? Hell no it don’t! John I find you nothing but funny - and boring, ..but I’ve been over that part; but ya know what’s funny about ya John? That you come out here and claim that you don’t care that I make fun of Canadians, that it doesn’t bother you the slightest - but for someone not to be bothered by it, ..you sure went on about for a while and about how you were gonna make sure a Canadian beat me, ..I mean if you didn’t care - then why bring up the point that you hate Russians!? ..It sure bothered you enough to bring up that point, didn’t it? Yeah, you try and mask it but inside it burns ya to death that I make fun of Canadians, that I laugh at your pathetic country...

And you can laugh at Russians all ya like, if you paid any attention what-so-ever to me before when I was in Russia - those people from my hometown, not St. Petersburg, hated my guts because to them, "Im American." Cause I was born in the States Harper, I was born the country that has its name stamped on the Title that were fighting for. So laugh at the Russians - cause I do the same with them, ...and you pathetic Canadians. You know the only good that came out of Canada? Well, it was the--- the, .....the, ....uh - well it sure wasn’t Bryan Adams. Hell, I aint much of a drinker but I cant tell the difference between a cup of piss and a cup of Canadian beer! But I guess that you cant tell the difference between eight and nine either! You wanted to do a little research on me so ya went and pulled up my inaccurate GWA singles record which says on Nineteen and Nine, but it should say Twenty and Eight - and since your so proud of your record then maybe you should see that its a little below mine, ..that you’ve taken a few more lumps than I have. But the "records" are a moot point - what isnt a moot point is that I’ve performed better in the ring than you have and I'll continue to show that when we step in the ring at Critical Mass. ...You make excuses John, you claim that you don’t retaliate against us because "you wanna wait till its built up inside of you." Oh fuck - spare me the shit Harper!

You weren’t gonna do anything because you knew you were out numbers, you know you’ve had your ass kicked and there isnt a damn thing that you can do about!! We’ve been beatin the fuck outta you since Sin had to join up with Revolution, and not only did we kick the shit outta you - we kicked the shit outta Chaos and Bill as well and you ALL sat back and took it! There wasn’t a damn thing yall were gonna do, ..and why is that Harper? No, it wasn’t because "you were letting it build up inside." Its because you knew that Zero Tolerance was your superior and getting over on us wasn’t an option. That you and your friends were second rate when it came to ZT and you guys sat back in envy of us; only wishing that you could take the GWA to a level that we take it to. It wasn’t Revolution that was steady in the GWA, and its not Adams Disasterpiece that keeps the GWA afloat - its Zero Tolerance, and it has been for a year now. Cause this is the week that makes it a year guys, a year that Zero Tolerance has come into the GWA and taken it over, ..a year since J and I won our first tag match, ..and just think - this is only the beginning. The first year of Zero Tolerance was a success as we captured the Global Title, four US Titles, four Extreme Titles and every other title that the GWA has to offer, all more than once with the exception of the TV Title.

...So the Canadian Destroyer and the face-painter think that they can derail what we’ve done and how far we’ve come? Shit, ..give me a break - Im on a fuckin roll right now and there isnt a damn person in this federation that can take this Title from me right now, ..and you two get to try, work your asses off and fight like ya never have before, ...but all for a losing effort and there’s nothing better than looking at your opponents who’ve given it all and see they have nothing left and that they have failed. John says he has a plan, a plan that will succeed win taking the US Title from me - but this, .."plan" has changed from promo to promo, day to day - so Im not sure hes even aware of what his plan is.. He wants to tell me you gotta have one to win a match, ..well that’s good - but ya might pick one and stay with it instead of coming up with new ones every time you show your face on TV. But at least you have an Idea of what a plan is – Nick Adams on the hand doesn’t seem to have a fuckin clue as to what hes talkin about. He thinks the whole world is out to get ‘em; he thinks that I suck up to the bosses? …where in the fuck does he get this shit? I mean, that doesn’t even make sense and he tells me that “I'm a mindless goon that does what I'm told.” Uh, ..who tells me what to do? Who are these people that Nick Adams talks about? I’ll tell ya what Nick is; hes a man who lives in fear of John and myself – why he fears John? I’ll never know, but hey – that's his issue, not mine.

Nick seems to be very unhappy with the way that things are run here in the GWA, he spouts off about Al and Grinder like they have it out for him – hell I don't like the guys either, but they have enough business sense not to run the employees off. But Nick doesn’t seem to understand that in his thirty second commercials, er – uh, …promos. He wants us all to believe that hes a man not to be messed with, that hes gonna change the face of the wrestling world as soon as he gets away from “Al and Grind’s evil grip.” ..Your a joke Nick, and you’re a disgrace to the GWA and you’re a joke to even be in this match. Yep, that means that Harper was right – I was willing to give you a chance, but I can see that you aren’t gonna take advantage of it and the only chance that you have at winning this match is to have big John Irons call it in your favor and you’ll hope that he slaps his hand down for the three count really fast; but Nick I don't think that your gonna be able to take me down cause you seem to be running from this match, running from two men who want the US Title more than you do… Ah, you just don't have what it takes Nick, so how about you don't even show up – don't even bother wasting mine or John’s time when we face off for the US Title, cause its only gonna do your career damage, and it may be something that you never recover from.. ..You don't deserve this Title Nick – and for you? Well, its hit Zero, ….and once it hits Zero, ..its too late.