-Nick Adams vs. John Harper vs. Jaymz (US Championship)-


Ya know how when ya dream and yer so pissed off, or somethin happens to make ya scream? ÖAnd ya find out that ya cant, all that happens is your mouth opens Ė and your body shakes, ..your fists are tight as balls and if it were the real world yer fingernails would cut the palms of yer hands, ..you know that type of dream. ..Or thereís that one, when your tryin to kick someoneís ass and ya swing at Ďem; and sometimes you connect but ya feel like ya aint got no power Ė like ya got a swing goin in slow motion, ..and it aint got no authority. Öyeah, ..ya know that dream to. ..And sometimes ya get that one dream where somethin gets ya curious; maybe itís a door Ė a box, something that hides a mystery behind it that pulls on your mind and ya aint got no choice but to find out what it is. ..Now, sometimes in these dreams ya know thereís something bad waitin behind that door and ya don't wanna go there, ..but your pushed anyway, cause itís a dream and that's the way it is Ė but, ya go closer to that door and put yer hand out and turn the knob as you tell yourself not to.. Yeah, ..youíve had those dreams to. Dreams where you don't wanna do somethin but ya do it anyway; them ones are the damn worst. ..I never had many dreams in my life Ė none that I remembered anyway; but when I sleep next Julie at night Ive found I dream, ..and I dream a lot. I never have them good ones; them one where ya fuckin some beautiful girl or some shit like that, ..naw Ė cause these aint dreams that come outta my mind; cant be Ė cause why now? Why after all these years? ÖI had a dream last night; it wasn't almost like a dream cause it was one-aí them that ya thinks real. It happened at Eriks house that first day I had come back and its stayed in my mind like it really happened.

I dreamed that I had gotten outta bed, I rolled over and looked at the clock; them green block numbers said Six-Fifty Seven, ..I had overslept. I looked around the room cause I didn't know where I was as first since I had never stayed in Erik house before Ė and the room was bright, ..somethin else I didn't like Ė and the curtains were pulled back and I could see the tops of the buildings from Memphis across the river. I looked to the other side of the bed for Julie but she was already gone; her side of the bed was grimy cause there aint no tellin when the last time she showered was Ė and I scanned the room not seein her so I got up, - and it wasn't one of them dreams where I was naked neither, ..sorry to disappoint ya - ..but I got up, and cracked every damn bone in my back and slammed my head into the wall just hard enough so it wouldnít break the thin sheetrock, ..just a mornin ritual. ..But that was the point when I knew it was a dream cause there wasnít no effort when I slammed my head into the wall and it seemed to go in slow motion. ..But I went along with it cause my mind pushed me.. I got out into the hall and it was too damn bright for a place that didn't have any windows, and I walked my ass down the stairs and sittin on the couch was Crazy J. ..But he didn't say nothing, he was sittin there reading a book, somethin about eye surgery Ė I remember that part well Ė and I tried to say somethin about his book but nothin came out; and Crazy J never moved, ..never blinked.

..So I turned away from him cause I needed to find Julie and went into the kitchen; but there was nothing in there but a pile of nasty dishes and some type of bugs I had never seen before. ..And then it was like I knew where she was, it was as if I knew she was gonna be on the front porch sitting on the bench swing looking down at the house across the street. So in my dream, I went to the door Ė and it was the door that ya never wanna open; something in my mind to me to get the fuck back Ė don't go to that fuckin door; don't you fuckin stick your hand out there and open it!! But ya know how it is in a dream, of course I opened the fuckin door and the sunlight was blinding and when I closed the door behind me I could see her; in all her stinkiní glory, she was sittin on that damn bench swing just like I knew she was. So I sat down next to her and she was kinda like Crazy J was in the house; she never moved or said a word Ė she only just sat there lookin on at the houses across the street. ..Her stitches in her mouth were gone, but the holes were there and it looked like big black holes all up and down her lips. And it was then that she finally moved, she got up from the swing and I laid down on it. I didn't wanna lay down on it and I was trying to scream but nothin came out; and all I could do was lay there while she pulled a tray from underneath the swing and held it in her right hand. It was like one of those trays a doctor would use and there was a scalpel on it; and some other tools that I wasn't familiar with.

Julie set the tray down on a small wooden table that seemed to come from nowhere; and my body protested telling me to get the fuck up cause somethin bad was about to happen. She pulled that scalpel from the tray with her left hand and came toward me; she took her right hand and pulled my eyelid away from my eye Ė all the while my mind screamed and tried to move my body. ..And I could feel the searing pain, I could see the sun gleam off the blade as she cut my eye lid away and I could feel the warm blood run into my eye and blur my vision. All I could see was the top of the porch with my left eye that still had its cover and my other eye went black as she placed something on it and pressed down on my eye ball. Then she grabbed my left eye lid and I could feel the same searing pain in that eye as the blood ran into it; and again she placed something other it and pressed down. I wasn't sure it was a dream anymore, cause it hurt like hell and I couldnít wake up but a few seconds later the things she had put over my eyes were moved and the pain was even worse. She had stopped the bleeding is what she had done and all I could see was the sun Ė light everywhere and my eyes were burninÖ I tried to squeeze my eye shut but nothin came down over the top and the pain was unreal.. I saw spots and blurs, I thrashed my head as I needed to stop the light from coming into my eyes Ė and finally, I woke up.

..It was Six-Fifty Seven when I woke Ė just like in the dream. Julie was there though, she wasn't outside Ė and the sun wasn't even out today, ..it was cloudy. And there was my Julie, standing by the window like she always did. I rolled out of bed and went to the window and she turned to face me. It was a face that I had never seen from Julie since I had known her; there was a sadness in her eyes and that's what bothered me the most. Nevermind the fact that her lips were swollen and looked like sausages from the thick black stitches that were inside of ĎemÖ and I knew they hurt, cause she sent me those images of pain Ė she wanted me to know how she feltÖ But theres nothin that I can do for Ďer; I tried to get them damn stitches out Ė they were black like ropes and damn they were thick.. I went and got some scissors last night to cut the damn things off but it wouldnít happen. Then I got the sharpest knife I could find in the house and they wouldnít even make a slit. Whatever The Father had used to stitch her mouth shut wasn't from this place and nothin here was gonna cut Ďem. So they had to stay there until I found the sumbitch in the Underworld and make the fucker remove the stitches from her mouth. ..What did he expect her to do? ..They took the child that was ďherísĒ, ..and she was protecting it Ė Hell, I cant blame her for that. ..And she aint been the same since then, ..well I'm gonna fix that fuckin problemÖ


..Are my opponents ready for this match? ..It somethin that makes me wonder, but Iíve seen John Harper on TV this week and isnít he all just tickled that he gets a title shot; this guys got a grin from ear to ear and he cant even contain how happy he is... He needs somethin, somethin to bring him down and when I hit 'em with the Silence its gonna be his valium. There aint gonna be no more smiles, or anymore of this excited John Harper shit... Harper wants to do a lot of bragging and al lI heard was "Iím two and oh here, Iím three and oh in this match, ..undefeated in this certain kind of match" and all that bullshit; but what good is that gonna do him when he comes and faces me in the ring? Is his two and oh record in a specific match gonna help his out this time around? Fuck no, cause Im in the match this time around and ya aint got a ring full of Kohuts this time around Harper. Ya see, you can brag all ya want about them wins and and the Titles that ya've held over the past year but what kind of a champion have you been Harper? ..Its not about "how many titles youíve held" cause I could give a fuck less how many youíve held Harper, its about how long youíve held those belts; what kind of a Champion were you. Sure, you and Pain held those Tag Belts for some time and made them worth fighting for - so I'll give ya credit for that, ..but as for the rest? Naw, you didnít do those Titles justice like ya should have...

...But donít think that match with Kohut was a change of things for good cause he aint in the match this week; but Iím glad he got your confidence back up cause thereís nothin better than beating a cocky John "The Former Leader" Harper. So you donít think that I can hang with ya huh? Oh, thatís right - I forgot about that impressive record that you have against me - ..and what is it again? I'll let you tell since your the one that goes on and on about being "two and oh." But tell me John, what happened the last time we met that wasnít in a tag match; a match where we actually squared off for a while... Hm, wouldnít that be the Psycho Circus? ..Yeah, that was a while back but I think I was the one responsible for takin your sorry ass out. ..But yet again, we donít get to meet in a one on one match where I could show the world what I do with small waste's of time like yourself - so what ya need to do is take a step back cause ya aint even in my league; cause its gonna be like Michelle Wei goin against Tiger Woods and well, we all know how that would turn out. ..but maybe you donít since your from ..Canada.. and yet you wanna go after MY US Title?? A foreigner goin for a Title thatís bein held by a man that was born in the States? Hell, you donít even deserve to be fightin for the belt, Michelle. You can "plan" all ya want but that doesnít mean that your gonna win the title; hell,. sometimes I "plan" to go take shit but my asshole tells me otherwise once I get there and only fuckin fart a few times.

I "planned" to take the stitches outta Julies mouth - but that shit aint happenin either. I donít give a fuck if you "plan" to hold this Title longer than you did the last time around; but you might wanna start with winnin it first before you "plan" on doing anything else. I like how you tell me "Ya think Iím gonna let you get away with beatin me up" when it came to last Anarchy - but weíve been doin it for weeks Harper! How many fuckin times did we kick the fuckin shit outta ya when Sin was part of Revolution!? Damn near every week! ..and what did you do about it!? NOTHING!! You didnít do a damn thing! We kicked your ass week after week and you sat back and took it like the bitch you are! So suddenly your "your not gonna let us get away with it!" Please, kiss my ass - you aint gonna do a damn thing John, youíve sat back and being our whippin post and the laughing stock of the whole GWA cause you were too damn scared to get back at us when Sin was Revolution - and thats a damn fact John, cause we roamed and stalked yall backstage week after week laying down the beatings - and ya took 'em, ...and didnít do a damn thing. So shut yer mouth John, cause its foolish for you to say things you arenít gonna do. You took the match with Sin and let him become a follower of the "Great Leader" but you werenít ready for the shit that we were gonna bring; and if you thought that shit was bad enough then you need to wait for Anarchy to roll around when you see what I can really do up close.

Youíre no different than Pain, Harper - you brag on and on about how many tag matches you won over ZT but the last time I checked this aint no fuckin tag match. Yeah, you won - congratulations, so maybe I should brag about how many times a year I get my hair cut; why not? Its no more relevant than the tag matches that your bringin up over and over again. You can skip around and be happy all you like; but your lookin at the past and things that donít matter and your also lookin into a dream world where youíre holdin up the US Title talkin about how "you plan" on defending it; well if I was you I would plan on winning it first. But ya know what the best thing is that you said to me, you told me that Iím "slow and sluggish" yet in the same promo you told me "slow and steady is gonna win the race" so, ..what youíre telling me is that Iím slow and Iím gonna win? Well fuck Harper - thatís the same damn thing Iíve been tellin ya!! You moron, you donít even know what your talkin about anymore.. Am I gettin to ya already? Do I bother ya so bad that yer losin track of what the fuck yer talkin about? Yeah Harper, you wrestle to win - but that hasnít been happening so much has it lately? ..And you think that you can come into the ring and put some crappy submisson on me!? Go ahead and try, hell, I'll even lay in the middle of the ring for ya to try it - just so you can see that I can drag your sorry little ass over to the ropes and get John to break the hold.

John, you and Adams have to come to terms with the facts, ..and the fact is that Iím the Champion and not a damn thing is gonna take that away from me; ...not some Canadian and not some clown painted idiot who looks like a badly painted version of Goth. But youíre both the same to me, ..just two nobodies who wanna take something that doesnít belong to them - but Iím glad you two are gonna stand in the ring with me, cause thereís nothin better than watching people who honestly think they have a chance fall to the ground and see the desperation in their eyes... Watch all the determination drain out and leave nothing left but defeated men who still get to their feet just to go back down. ..See, you both will be feeling the Silence; and if your lucky you'll both get to feel it at the same time, ..then I'll get the pleasure of watching the both of you squirm like maggots as your body screams at you from the amount of pain that Im gonna place on you both. I'll get the pins, ..and I'll be the winner but its all gonna determine on how John Irons wants to call this match... Is he gonna call it in favor of his former stablemate Adams, ..or his former friend Harper? ...Cause he sure as hell aint gonna call it in my favor - the sumbitch hates me with a passion, but I donít hate him as much as he hates me, ..and thereís a reason for that, ..cause ya hate what ya cant beat.

...and every time he stood across from me in the ring he failed, because for Irons - beating me wasnít an option, ..it was never considered. So here the comes, the only man in the GWA to stand taller than me but only this time he wont be the one doing the fighting, and if he manages to screw me over then for the first time - and the only time - Irons will be able to say he beat me. ..But as long as I take care of my business in the ring and destroy the two men who cant possibly take my Title from me; then thereís not a damn thing that I gotta worry about. ..This is the week that Mr. Juffalo - yeah, I said Juffalo - sees that he donít belong in the ring with people such as myself and Harper, ..hell he couldnít beat Pain so what makes him think that he can come in the ring and even take down one of us? But let the man think what he wants, let him walk his sorry ass to the ring and see what'll happen when he stands against the best the GWA has to offer, ...Me.