-Nick Adams vs. John Harper vs. Jaymz (US Championship)-

My US Title

A week off is always good; as time takes its toll on my body theres nothin better than a little rest – but rest don't come often and the week flew by; and here we are again – ready to go defend the US Title belt at Critical Mass that I won two weeks ago from Pain. ..But things have been changin lately, and like a little rest – change is good. Sin left us that night at Anarchy, his last goal was to take a Tag Team Championship when he retired but he and J didn't reach that glory, ..and that's fine cause J has other things goin for ‘em. ..I didn't want Sin to leave as he guided me in certain aspects of my life and when Vadim passed away I lost a lot of that guidance, ..and now – Sin is gone to. ..Or so I thought. ..That night at Anarchy we assumed we would never see the man again; and while the others didn't – I did. He showed his face to me once more and I knew from that time on, ..it would for certain be the last time the man did show his face. …The week off brought me back home where I needed to be; I hadn’t spent much time in Memphis since we made the move down there and I hated leaving Julie and Katie with Erik but I didn't have many choices and it wouldn’t have been possible to get those girls on an airplane – well, ..it would have been possible – but there would have been no way in hell they would have lasted thirty minutes before we would’ve had to make an emergency landing and kick our asses off that airplane..

And I couldn't have that, I was fighting for Titles in those awful countries the GWA has been sending us to. Erik didn't take too well to my girls and they’ve been causing a lot of trouble out there on Mud Island in Memphis; but that's been the only trouble that's been taking place out there as Drache has been quiet. ..and I don't like that, cause Drache isnt a quiet man and I know hes up to something… He knows that we've gone on to Memphis and that Detroit has been a quieter place since we left, ..but he wanted us dead and failed in his attempts. We lost money when we separated from Drache, but we kept the Zero Tolerance name as he never signed the papers back over from when he “died.” ..And I know that bothers him the most cause hes the man that started the company and with help from us took it to the top of the corporate, ..and underground…world. He’s pulled Darkness back, and that I know, cause I haven't been stalked in the last few weeks and aint no one tried to kill me lately, ..and I guess that's a good thing. …I wanted this week off to be quiet, for not only to rest my body but to rest my mind – and that damn sure didn't happen with the shit that Julie and Katie had caused so I had to go back to Memphis and fix all that, ..and it was there that I saw Sin for the last time..


Tuesday, July 9, 2007

It was a clear day, humid and hot like it always was in Memphis; heat shimmered off the pavement of the quiet streets of the neighborhood as the black Tahoe turned the corner and drove on, pulling into the driveway that was the temporary home to Erik Black. Jaymz was surprised at the size of the house considering that funds were tight right now until they got settled on their feet with other income outside the GWA. He killed the Tahoe and opened the door, stepping out into the climate that he loved – the one opposite of Detroit in which he had spent the last couple years in. He wore a black sleeveless “ZT” shirt and pair of torn up jeans with his typical black laced up boots. He looked around at the immaculate yard and the flowerbeds that someone had put a lot of time and effort into – and noticed that Julie hadn’t been out here; “if she had there would have been piles of her shit, …cause she liked shitting in flowers for some reason.” A small grin came over his face at the thought as he locked the Tahoe behind him and started up the driveway; and before he could ever reach the front door it was Erik who appeared. His hair was a mess and that was odd for the man who believed that appearance was everything; his shirt was untucked and had several stains on the front and there were black circles under his eyes. He stood there in the doorway with a stressed out, pissed off look in his eyes as he took a step out of the door and slammed it behind him. He pulled out a softpack of Marlboro’s from his pants pocket and lit one up.
“I thought you quit smoking years ago?”
Erik lifted his eyes as he lit the cigarette, he took quick drag and exhaled through his nose. He pulled the cigarette from his mouth and leaned against the wall next to the door, “I did. And thanks to the mess you left me with Ive started again.”

Jaymz knew he was a wreck and the girls had caused lots of problems for him, “Ah, they weren’t that bad were they?”
There was a shocked look on Erik’s face, “They weren’t THAT bad!??? ..Are you fuckin serious!??”
There was a moment of silence as the two men looked on at each other. Erik took another drag from the smoke, shook his head and walked out into the yard rubbing his eyes a few times as they adjusted to the light. “You cant leave them here with me anymore Jaymz, ..in fact – I'm getting the fuck outta this house today cause of the shit they’ve started over here!”

Jaymz only nodded his head, he wasn't gonna argue with Erik cause there wasn't any point but he didn't know what he was gonna do with these girls when his next match was assigned , “Well I couldn't take them with me – the fuck else was I suppose to do!?”
“I don't know” Erik threw his hands in the air “but I aint babysitting anymore!!”
“What are they doing now?” Jaymz peered in the window but couldn't see anything.
“Fuck if I know! ..Last time I checked, Julie was posted up against the window facin over the river where shes been for days.”

Jaymz nodded his head and looked around the neighborhood and something caught his attention; beyond the tall trees that separated Erik’s house from the neighbors was a house – or what was left of it – as it appeared a fire had worked its way through it.
He motioned with his head, “What the hell happened over there?”
Erik gave a half laugh, “There? ..Well, I would tell you to go and ask the old man who lives there – the one that Katie bit the finger off of – but hes DEAD! ..and so is his wife, and his son.”

Jaymz looked back at Erik, “They wouldn’t kill ‘em if that's what yer tryin to tell me.”
“Oh your right, they didn't! ..But all hell was gonna break loose when that happened and it didn't take any time for Sin to show up and—“
“Sin!??” Jaymz had cut him off
“Yeah, he went over there and I don't know what the fuck happened other than the place burnt to the ground and cops say the old man went mad, ..but I dunno – and if you wanna find out then I suggest you go and talk with him.”

Jaymz looked at the burnt down house, ‘Sin is gone Erik.”
He gave Jaymz and odd look, “Huh? ..Hes here, hes in the house.”

The big man didn't wait for a response as he turned away from Erik and ran into the house.. His nose curled up and wanted to rot off as the smells of the house filled his head… It wasn't the smell of Julie that he loved; that smell of grime and urine. This was an awful smell; rotted food scattered about the living room, feces smeared on the walls with childish letters from the alphabet writtin in them. Flies covered the room as he scanned it with his eyes seeing that nobody was down here, he went to the stairs taking them four at a time in a pace that almost seemed effortless as he came to the top of the stairwell he saw a squirrel, or something that used to be a squirrel, but was now nothing more than a hunk of fur maggots. He shook his head in disgust and went down the hall; he didn't have to open the doors one by one to see where they were – Julie was here, and he could feel her as his mind pushed him toward her. He opened the door to the master bedroom and the smell that filled the house seemed to be worse as he walked into the room. There were more dead squirrels on the floor and what seemed to be millions of flies; but what bothered him the most was Sin – standing there hand in hand with the little girl, Katie. She was filthy and there was dried food around her mouth which he assumed was dead tree-rat. Julie stood there looking on out the window at Memphis across the Mississippi river from Mud Island. He stared at Sin who looked back at him with a smile on his face

“I thought you were gone?” Jaymz said in a tone that wasn't quite friendly
“Well, that's what you get for thinking Alexi. I'm still here, but only at the request from The Father - his last request, ..and then I’ll be gone. Does that suite you, ..since I smell hostility.”

Jaymz looked at the hand that held the little girls hand and spoke in a low voice, “let’er go..”
Sin only shook his head no, “I cant do that.”
“You better, ..before Julie takes a moments break from lookin’ out that winda’… She aint gonna take to kindly to ya holdin onto Katie.”
Sin laughed, “I don't worry about her Alexi, ..Julie and I ….well, …we talked, and from her? She has no complaints, none that I can hear from her anymore.

Jaymz balled his fists and anger rose in his eyes, “anymore? …whadda mean by that?”
“Yes, she protested but I didn't get the last word in Alexi. The Father did, he put an end to her protesting.” Sin took a step closer to Alexi and the little girl moved at the same time as if they were one. “She has to go with me Alexi, ..she cant stay here. Shes young, and Julie has infested her with the Evil - ..and she has to go, she cant live in this world. She cant control the parasite in her Alexi and shes caused nothing but a mess here. She has to go before more damage it caused.

“..she aint goin anywhere” He walked over to Sin and Katie went behind the man as if he was her protector.
“Its not optional, just as The Father told Julie. ..Katie knows that shes suppose to come with me. ..Nothing can be done Alexi, ..take it for what it is. Its time for me to go, I don't like this planet Alexi and I never have ..so I wont miss it. My place is below here and its where I belong. But I’ll see you again Alexi, and together we will rule the Underworld with your soul being the Head of the Throne.”

Jaymz didn't know what to say as he knew that everything Sin was telling him was true, he looked back at Julie who stood there in the oversized T-shirt staring out the window, then looked back at Sin, “…Whats left for me?”

Sin seemed to think this over, “Ive showed you how to cross Alexi, you refused to learn – but you eventually did, and other than that you’ve ignored everything I tried to teach and show you. You claimed that you needed guidance, but I haven't seen it and neither has The Father. ..So my time is done here; you’ll stay here with your soul-less, mindless woman who you love until the day your mortal body dies. ..But Alexi, you better find your son. I'm taking Katie before I have to take her soul because shes too young.. I don't wanna come back Alexi, I don't want to take another Yaroslav like I took your daughter - ..but you better find your son, because when I come back I wont be taking him like I am Katie, I’ll be taking your only living offspring in the same way I took your daughter… I don't want to do that, and I know you don't want me to either. ..Find him, ..cause hes lookin for you. “

There was a long silence in the room as the two men looked on at each other for moments that seemed like hours before there was a sudden chill in the room and Jaymz saw Sin’s eyes swirl the milky white color and he knew what was happening. Sin took the small girl by her hand once again and led her to the doorway going to the hallway; and as Jaymz looked at it he saw sand had come into the room from under the small crack in the door and as Sin opened it he could see the Underworld and felt its searing heat; and off in the background he could see the Black Garden where he knew Katie would spend the rest of her demented life. The two walked into the Underworld and Sin never looked back, never any “good bye’s” because they both knew there would be a day when the two saw each other again and they would spend a life in eternity. The door slammed closed and the natural light of the house appeared back under the small space under the door. Jaymz turned and looked at Julie who he had missed; he walked toward her and placed his hand on her shoulder of the silent room. In his mind he could feel the relief from her, knowing that he was back – and he was everything that she needed. She looked away from the window and turned to face him and it was then that he could see why she didn't protest Katie leaving, ..she couldn't. Her mouth had been stitched shut.


July 16, 2007
Nothin like gettin a little break before a big time show, eh? ..Well it works good for me but I don't imagine that Harper and Nick Adams are gonna like it too much; but then I don't really give a fuck what they like.. I'm sure they like a lot of things – like the US Title being one them, but then again I like that too and trying to take it from me is gonna be one helluva hard time for these two. ..ya know, for a while there things weren’t going the way I wanted them to. I had lost the Global Title then we went through the tournament to get it back and I made it to the big match where there was about eighty men in the ring or something and blew it all right there to James Weck as it was just me and him left standin. ..So I fucked it all up and didn't get the Title that I wanted, ..and that was fine cause I put in for the US Title the very next week with Pain and a few others, …and just like the previous week – I failed to get the job done. So I sat back and reflected on what had gone wrong and the things that I could have done differently, ..and my problem was going home to the States during the week – it was hell on my body, ..so I stayed in those shitholes and avoided all the long plane trips back and forth and it proved to work.. Bulldog Bull fell victim to the Silence, and he had to in order for me to get the US Title shot with Pain, ..one on one. Pain took me lightly, he didn't think that I could destroy him without a little help; well he did all the damage on my knee that he could but in the end it wasn't enough as he, like Bill, took a ride on the Silence.

..And here we are now, with me holding the United States Title in my grasp and unwilling to let it go. I took this Title for a ride before and took down all who decided to step into the ring me; and for weeks people saw me take the US Title back with me until that damn Indian got the better of me, ..and that was my own damn fault. Ya see, I'm getting old and my time in the ring is coming to the end of its run, oh I got several more good, long years left in his body a mine so don't think that I'm just fallin apart because were far from that happenin – as much as you all would like to see that happen. And I’ll be here in the GWA until someone has to kill me in the ring so I wont be able to continue the beatings that I'm laying every one of you. …Killin me wont be this week, my second reign as the United States Champion and I'm gonna take it to a level that I didn't do the first time. People will look back in years to come and see that I was the most dominate and the most difficult to bring down, they will see that I ruled the United States division like no one else – but here, at Critical Mass it all starts this week. ..Ya don't get many breaks here in the GWA, but when I have I’ve come back with my best and I’ve been flawless; there hasn’t been a man who’s knocked me off when I’ve been fresh and I don't expect that to change this week either. I aint gonna be held back by some new guy and a man who doesn’t even deserve to be in this match cause hes from Canada.

..Cause this is my time and I'm startin fresh with my first of many defenses with the US Title. Now they tried to hold us back last week without any matches but we showed that ya cant stop us and we always make our presence felt every week, ..and now that Kevin King is back – we've only gotten that much better. Now, I can already see what my two opponents are gonna do this week, ..their gonna BITCH! Their gonna whine and cry about what happened to them at this past Anarchy; well that's just too fuckin bad for them cause they just happened to be in the wrong places in their careers on that night as they both got their asses kicked by the most dominate force in wrestling. ..So tell me, John “The former Leader” Harper, did you enjoy being made the laughing stock of the evening, did you enjoy being made a bitch in front of the world? All this last year Ive heard you say “revolution will never die, Revolution is the greatest.” ..Well, where the fuck are they now John? ..You disbanded your “great” stable that was going to be the staple of the GWA and you left Zero Tolerance standing at the top.. Vindication is gone, Lynch Mob is gone, Despair Faction, Angels of Domination ..and finally, Revolution. One of the two groups that managed to survive through it all and you finally had to break down and see the end of somethin that you loved. Ya know I always hated Revolution, John – but I liked seeing that it could stand week though week through the rest of the bullshit and as a group you were the only ones for us to battle it out with.

…These other guys? …Give it two months and these new “groups” wont be here anymore because it’s the same old people going here and there with fresh new names, ..but in the end? Fuck, its all the same – they’ll fall apart and die and it leaves nothing but Zero Tolerance running at the top of the GWA, ..as we did anyway when Revolution was around. …But your fun is over John and ya don't have anyone to do your dirty work anymore, so now you float around the GWA on your own and at the mercy of Zero Tolerance. ..So how fired up are ya gonna be John? ..You still gonna be pissed off that we kicked the fuckin shit outta ya the other night? You gonna be ready to come in here and take the US Title from me? ..yeah, Id sure as fuck like to see you try it cause I don't think ya got what it takes inside your mind right now. …Its not like we have some amazing past inside the ring, John, and infact – I don't think we've ever gone one on one in the ring and I guess this is gonna be about as close as it gets. Yeah, we've had some Tag matches in the past but I never really got my chance to beat the livin shit outta ya yet and I cant wait… We did square off at the Psycho Circus and I think it was there that I got the pin on ya in what was one of our only battles but you didn't mean a damn thing in that match and I had my eyes set on somethin better. So whadda gonna do John? …You gonna show your face this week or was the beatin we put on ya at Anarchy a good excuse for ya not to show this week? ..You gonna run off and hide? …I hope ya don't cause I want to show ya why no damn Canadian is gonna come into the ring and take this Title from me.

Now I see that big John Irons is going to be the ref for this match and I assume that he still “claims” Disasterpiece which is also where this moron Mr. Juggalo Nick Adams comes from. ..So I think its safe to assume that John’s gonna be a little bias in his three counts and how long its gonna take him to slap the canvas when I tag this ICP wannabe. Now, I do like to listen to ICP and a little Twiztid here and there but this guy makes it embarrassing to listen to. Hes no more than one of these stupid ass little kids that jump around screamin “family!! Family!! I'm juggalo Mother fucker!!” to a bunch of on women at the mall’s. Lets face it, most “juggalos” are embarrassing and make fools of themselves in public and this little waste of my time is gonna be no exception. Now how seriously does he take this Dark Carnival stuff? Does he really believe that some magic wagon is gonna pop from the sky and take him to “Shangri-la?” Please, ..spare me the bullshit – but he might be screamin for Shangri-La when out match is over and he mistakes the ambulance for the wagon when their loadin him up inside. Adams, your only hope in this match is Irons saving your ass from the beating that I'm gonna put on ya; and if Irons thinks that he wants to get in the mix and get a little taste of what I can do - then hes more than welcome to.. But see, Irons is a smart man – he knows that hes never outlasted me, or beat me in match and he just might steer clear of the asskickin he would get

– but theres no doubt that he wants to see me lose this match like everyone else – but who cares what Irons thinks? His career is so washed up hes no more than a ref these days, …how fuckin sad is that? No more sad than Adams thinkin he can win the US Title. ..but Hey Adams, hows that bump on yer head? That was the highlight of my night as Rex and I laughed when we stood there watchin all your little friends try to come out the door and save your sorry ass; but don't worry King and Crazy J wont be there this week and there wont be any trashcans or fire extinguishers; cause this aint no Extreme match this week – you get to move on up to the big boys and Pain was only a preview of what people like myself and Harper – well, mostly myself – can do when the bell rings and the action begins. But this week were gonna see what ya got, were gonna see exactly how much fire ‘ol Juggalo has when hes dropped the ball on winning one Title and going for another a week later. I'm ready for this match, and even though I liked havin the week away - I missed getting in the ring and having the crowd boo as I raise my hands in the air as the winner… And that's what’ll happen this week when you both lay there unable to get up; one of you will know that you weren’t cut out for this business – and the other will know that his career, and his stable, have passed him by…