-Bill Barnhart vs. Jaymz-

Say what?

Memphis, Tennessee - One of the most crime ridden towns in the United States and the new home to the members of Zero Tolerance. Drache had made his push and they had fled as he knocked off his biggest piece of income from his company, but for Drache there was no rest - and until he found out exactly where his past business partners were located he would keep on the path of his former friends and the man he hated the most, Erik Black. It had been Erik's idea to go to Memphis as he had roots in the area and knew quite a few people and being the biggest city in Tennessee he knew they wouldn’t stand out in the crowd like a sore thumb; but money was an issue for Tristan Bale and himself as they no longer had jobs at this point in the new city and new contacts would have to be made; but Erik was already on top of things. He had tried to contact some of his former friends and he wasn’t surprised to hear that some of them were dead, strung out on drugs or in prison; so he knew that life was going to be rough for a while until they got settled in and found a better, more secluded, place to stay. But at this point, Erik’s biggest problem was with the people who lived with him - Julie and Katie. He wasn’t aware that he would be keeping an eye on the girls and was furious with Jaymz had he simply dropped them off at his hotel before he had headed off to Russia.

The girls were driving him crazy and had caused one business deal to go south (which later turned out to be a better thing) as Erik was trying to find them a place to stay when Julie had taken a shit, which was nothing but brown water, all over the shoes of the Michael Davidson. Davidson had been an old friend of Erik's who found that selling drugs was better than working a real job - and at that point Erik was desperate to find free shelter so he took up Davidson’s offer to live in a small house (which Erik assumed was an old crack house) just north outside of downtown Memphis close to the river, and the place was a real shithole. They made the agreement that old friends stayed free and that was when Julie had pulled her stunt - and Erik wanted to pull his hair out. Davidson had smacked the woman across the face and Erik had hoped that the swelling was gonna go down by the time Jaymz got back or Memphis would fall to the ground in a ball of fire. ..Erik knew that he would never see Davidson again as he watched the news the next morning as Davidson had been murdered and his limbs scattered from one side of an abandoned building to the other. He knew what had happened, and he knew what Julie was doing; and he knew that there was no stopping her when she decided to leave in the middle of the night from his cheap hotel. He didn’t know where she was going, or what she was doing - and frankly, he didn’t want to know either.

All he knew is that Katie slept the nights away and Julie came back smelling of vinegar and piss, ...not a good combination. So he laid awake at night, listening to Julies feet thump across the floor for hours before the door squeaked and closed silently - and she would always return, ..even though she didn’t have a room key. The days were different, Katie would sit in front of the TV with drool running down her chin and a far out look in her eye, ..you could hit her in the back of the head with a brick and she would never notice; all while Julie slept the days away from her nightly adventures. But Erik was glad to be back in Memphis and even happier when he saw a name he knew on a Real Estate Developing sign; Arthur Lofton. Arthur had been an old friend, and unlike Davidson, Arthur made his money in a little more legal fashion. He had agreed to meet Arthur at Murphy’s, which was a bar that Erik didn’t like very much as it was full of college kids and live music and that’s not what Erik was here for. Erik was here for business and he didn’t like leaving Julie and Katie alone for very long in fear that they might suddenly decide to leave in the daytime and reek havoc in Memphis - and then they would all be in deep shit, cause the cops in Memphis weren’t on the payroll like the were in Detroit.

So Erik had finally been able to tear Arthur away from the music and the fine lookin girls from Memphis U. and settle him down to business. Erik had explained the situation to Arthur as he told him that both he and Tristan were in the Real Estate and land developing business and that maybe Arthur could help them out, cause after all, ..He had helped out Arthur before when he needed. Arthur was hesitant as he didn’t know this Tristan guy and told Erik he would see about getting them some work - but could give them a place to stay for a while until they got settled. He had just finished building a huge house over on Mud Island that faced the river and Arthur had planned on moving in there but told Tristan to take it for awhile, and so they had moved. Erik had gone out and bought some mattresses, a couch and a TV where they watched Aftermath and the disappointing performances of the Zero Tolerance members. ..Erik had assumed things were going to get better - but the situation with Julie and Katie only got more strange. ..They no longer sat in front of the TV during the day as they now stood in front of windows, staring out at Memphis across the Mississippi river.... and they stayed there, for days they stayed and never moved - but little did Erik know, they were planning on making this home as theirs.

aahhh...I liked the sun, but I don’t like it in my fuckin eyes when I wake up in the mornin'. That set me in a bad mood right there as I rolled over on this un-fuckin-comfortable mattress and pulled the sheets back over my head and tried to doze off. ...ah fuck! what’s the use!? ...Im awake now anyway and these yellow ass walls look like a room illuminated in piss!

Erik rolled to his side and sat on the end of the mattress with his knees almost in his face; he stood up and yawned - stretched as he did and scratched his unmentionables as guys do in the morning. He reached over to the floor and pulled his pants from the strung out clothes on the floor that he wore from yesterday; it was the typical Erik Black attire - an expensive blood red suit. He pulled the pants up over his boxers and let the belt dangle as he headed for the bedroom door.

I don’t know how much longer I can stand sleepin on this damned 'ol mattress; Arthur needs to get me some fuckin work - I was lookin for a free place to stay but instead the assmonkey's been chargin me to stay here... I eat expensive, I dress expensive and I only drive the best cause Im Erik fuckin Black! ...and by God, I need a bigger house - ...all to myself that is. Money's fallin outta my pockets like diarrhea out of an asshole and here I am watchin over Alexi's girls while hes out workin and gettin paid...He better not be comin back here tryin to stay, he can stay at a hotel along with J and Rex! ..And Sin, well - he can stay wherever the fuck it is that he stays! ...

Erik shook his head at the thought and opened the bedroom door as he headed into the hall

..Piss?...Of course it is! You cant mistake that for nothin - and Im gonna kick her ass if she’s done pissed on Arthur’s white carpet!! ...Their rooms quiet, I cant hear a damn thing in there....They'll never know if I have a little look into this room... AH FUCK!!! Look at the floor! ..its fuckin yeller ..with PISS!!! Son-of-a-bitch! ...I gotta call someone and get this piss out, ..but how the hell do I explain this mess, their gonna think my momma never taught me how to piss in the toilet....shiiitttt.... wait, ...where the fuck are them girls!?

Erik whipped his head around the room with his nose still crinkled up at the rancid smell of urine, he shook his head in wonder and ran his hands through his hair as he leaned back against the wall - and it was then that he noticed he was standing in the urine-soaked carpet. He jumped back into the hallway and rubbed his feet on the dry carpet with disgust, ..and anger. Erik slammed his fist into the wall cracking it a little underneath the wallpaper and flew down the stairs with speed he didn’t know that he still had. He looked around the empty main room and saw nothing but an empty vinegar bottle - Julies drink of choice - laying on the floor. Erik then went around the corner and into the living room where the TV and couch were; the TV lay on its screen and he could see bits of glass on the floor and knew it was shattered, ..but how had he not heard it!? ..The couch was moved halfway across the room and the cushions were scattered from one end to the other. If anyone else had seen this room they would have thought this was the sign of a struggle - but the half-drinkin vinegar bottles on the floor told a different story as the other half’s had spilt in the carpet; and he wasn’t sure what was worse - the smell of piss in the bed room, or the smell of vinegar that stunk up the whole living room. But the vinegar told him there was no struggle but that Julie and Katie had done this. The house was a mess, and his first thought was that Arthur was gonna flip out – but then he glanced around the room and didn't see either of them..

He took off through the empty house peering into each room and as he ran through the hallway something caught his attention. He grabbed onto a doorframe to stop his momentum and looked out the back window that faced the Mississippi river looking toward Memphis – and there they were, ..but something was wrong.. Katie was down on all fours in the backyard and seemed to be shaking and Julie stood chest deep in the river with her arms in the air, …Erik then looked harder and noticed things all around Julie in the water; unsure of what they were, he took off for the back door and sprinted out into the humid, hot morning. ..And suddenly he lost his train of thought and one thing ran through his mind, “damn – its hot, this isnt like Detroit.” The yard was huge as were all the yards that backed into the river; keeping a safe distance from the houses incase it rose of floods. He ran to Katie and slid down to his knees leaving grass stains on his red pants. Katie was wearing a Powerpuff Girls nightgown and her hair hung down in her face, ..and she was vomiting. Erik fell back and his stomach lurched at the foul smell that arose from her mouth and the disgusting puddle of vomit that lay in front of her.. Her body shook continuously and he noticed something laying beside her, ..it was a fish and half of it had been eatin. “she must have eatin it” he thought as he sat up and lifted the girl up, whos face had gone too pale.. and then he stopped as the ground shook and heard a shriek from the river.

Julie had turned around, her eyes black and bulging from her head, skin tore at the corners. He let go of the girl and stood up and noticed all the things around her in the river were dead fish, fish by the hundreds. He was in shock but wanted to help the girl, he picked her up under the arms and the ground shook again as Julie stepped from the river and began to head his way with a fast pace he had never seen from her before. ..Erik then realized that she didn't approve of him touching this child, ..her child that she protected – but he only wanted to help. He let Katie go and took a step back as the Thing from the river walked up the grass in her oversized t-shirt. She was trouble and Erik knew that his smart-ass jokes weren’t gonna d him any good at this point. He backed to the house and looked around, ..neighbors were watching from the windows and THAT was a huge problem. This wasn't the way that life in Memphis was suppose to start, it had gotten off on the wrong foot and he felt fear of the woman with the black eyes as he went back into the house. ..he had to call someone – someone that could help, ..and he knew just the person.


Jaymz sat against a wall with a cigar in hand as he stared off into nothing with a mystified look on his face

Ya know, usually I don't let people see me when I talk. I sit in the dark and don't let my opponents see me before the match as I speak my words. I don't get mad or upset at the things that my opponents say to me cause theres nothing to be pissed about, ..well unless your someone like Irons or Chaos – those guys get pissed. But Ive never been so bewildered by the things that someone has said to me.. And that's why I let you see me this week, so you can see the look of shock and disbelief on my face, ..and why you ask? ..Its because of the words that Bulldog Bill has spoken to me… Nothing makes sense and Ive never in my life seen a person who is more stupid than this man. Ive never seen a man, in my entire life, make up things like Bill does, ..and the sad part is – is that he actually believes the shit that he spews. I wanted to laugh as I typically do but the things that he has said left me confused and wondering what goes on inside of the mans head. Heres a man who talked about our Tag match, a match that I never spoke a word about this week – and then he comes out talking about he mentioned our match as if I had forgotten that I had a victory over him. ..No, I didn't forget but then he goes on, and on, and on about how I never pinned him and that I shouldn’t brag about it…. What? ..when was I bragging, and when did I even bring up the match? ..I never did, and this is the first of many things that I don't understand.

Cause Bill is the one that's hung up on our past match, hes still a little pissed off that he wasn't able to get over on Zero Tolerance and now he just cant let it go. He was screaming and yelling about how he never got pinned… Does it bother you that much Bill? Yeah, it must because you seem to have some kind of obsession with that one bout that we had. But see, Bill has a one track mind and he STILL goes on and on and on and on and on about all this “cheating” that we supposedly do. Its just one of Bills two subjects that he cant get over; and do we all know the reason for that? Its because he knows that hes gonna lose, its because he knows that hes been a failure against Sin and he has to have somethin to cover his ass when he goes down one more time this week. Cause Bill sees that he cant beat me one on one in the ring so its better for him to keep going on and on and on about all this “cheating.” ..So I asked Bill to tell me how many times cheating has gotten me a win, ..and what does he say? “all of your wins.”

Jaymz looked confused and only shook his head in wonder again and began to snicker…

…All of them? Really? Well that's new to me – but then again theres been a lot of things that Bill has claimed about me that seem to be new. But he told me: All of them. ..And do we know why? Because he knew that he was wrong, he knows that all this “cheating” bullshit is just something that he made up in his own mind. He couldn't even give me an example of when I cheated but pulled the dumbass answer of “all of them.” Bill, I might just make your day – I might just come down to the ring and beat the shit outta ya with a chair and stomp on yer nuts a few times just so you know that I'm not gonna “beat you legally” but that I'm gonna show you what “cheating” is all about. But, there was one thing that stood out beyond all others – and it’s THE most ignorant statement that I have EVER heard. ..Are ya ready for this one – cause this one is the best of them all.. here we go… Hang on, I gotta try not to laugh when I say this…… But Bill says, “I deny stating that I was a great wrestler and that I tell the world how great of a ‘wrestler’ that I am!”

Jaymz grabbed his gut as he laughed hysterically for a moment before he was able to talk again

Oh Bill! …You’re a fuckin idiot! Here, since you have a hard time comprehending things let me clear the air for ya. I work for the GWA so my profession is “A Wrestler.” I get into the ring as “a wrestler” but tell me Bill when have I EVER come out here and brag about my “wrestling skills?” Please, tell me – since you claim that I came out here and bragged in the past of what a great “wrestler” that I am – then maybe this should clarify things a little. Ask anyone, even your boy Harper if Ive ever bragged about my “wrestling” and the skills that I have.. Fuck no! I'm an asskicker and I come to the ring to fight. If you need more proof then you can go look at the GWA website and click on my ugly mug and you’ll see that they have me listed as a “Brawler” which fits the description of me pretty fuckin well. And Bill out of all the bullshit that you spew – you actually did say ONE thing that was right, ..No – I couldn't wrestle my way out of a paper bag, but I could damn sure fight my fuckin way out of it! And you say that “I'm not the same Jaymz that you’ve been watching” then tell me who the fuck have you been watching that's been claiming to be me and bragging about the great skills of being a wrestler!? Bill you have to be the biggest idiot in the GWA, and you told me that I'm brain dead? That I don't have any brain cells? ..Hell, I aint the smartest man but you cant even come to a conclusion by watching me kick ass…

Now how are you gonna win this match when you think I'm gonna come in and put in all these submission holds and shit? ..You don't pay attention and you don't know a damn thing about your opponent – and that Bill, ..thats gonna get ya hurt. Your so consumed on this cheating shit that you cant even see what my ‘wrestling’ style in the ring is; so your comin blind and you don't have the damndest idea of what I'm gonna do to ya.. And I like that Bill cause its only gonna give you something more to cry about when you see that you don't end up as the number one contender for the US belt. ..And Bill, you don't need to remind me that were wrestling in Germany ya fuckin moron, ..cause I'm here; I'm in Germany and if ya didn't see me ridin on the train to get here then it just shows me again that you have paid no attention to me whatsoever… and like I said, that's fine with me but that's the point where you, once again, have said something extremely stupid. I know you love the fans cheering for you and chanting your name but weren’t you at Aftermath last week? Yeah, you were – and didn't you just claim that the fans have NEVER once cheered for me? Yeah, you did. So you didn't see all the fans rise with acceptance last week when I had a match in my home country? You didn't hear the fuckin roof come off that place when I came to the ring? ..Yeah, that's the only time Ive ever been cheered, and since it was last week I figured your old rotted mind could remember something that happened less than seven days ago.

So you can talk about the fans all you want and how great they are – but I don't give a shit about them Bill and I never have, ..but don't come out here and tell me that the fans have never once in my career cheered for me – cause you look like a fuckin fool. I do know what it feels like to have the fans boo for me Bill and I fuckin love it, I think its funnier than shit when they boo cause they all wanna see me lose, ..and the majority of the time they go home disappointed that Jaymz is the winner of the match and I think I'm gonna send them home disappointed again…And if you’ve ever paid any attention to me like you claim to have had then you would know I like the boo’s and the hatred that's spewed towards me – but you wouldn’t know that cause your too damn worried about whether I'm gonna kick ya in the nuts or not, or if I'm gonna put you in some submission hold that Ive never executed in my entire life. But I’ll tell ya the move that I like the most, ..and that's the Silence – and I’ll even lift your fatass up in the Silence and slam you back down to the mat, ..then kick ya in the ballbag a few times just so you can say that “Jaymz cheated” as the fans boo me and walk away disappointed that Weiner Dog Bill once again failed to complete the job.