-Steven Striker vs. Jaymz-

Step One to Getting My Title Back


Sin has his ways of getting around, ya know? ..Sometimes he can pass ya by and ya dont even fuckin know it. ...Thatís why I wasnít surprised to see the man when he arrived, ..when he came and got me from the mental facility, ..I knew it was only a matter of time. Cause Sin can move in the darkness and he can let you see only what he wants you to... ..But Im back, ..and thereís business to be tended to. ..Its time that we left, ..time for us to get out of Detroit - ..or well, that would be the wise fuckin decision but this is my home, ..this is our home - and Crazy J grew up in these streets and knows this fuckin place like the back of his hand, ...but so does Drache, ..and thatís a fuckin problem if ya ask me. When somethin' goes right, ..somethin else goes wrong; but thatís just the way things are suppose to work aint it? ...With Crazy J back, a staple of Zero Tolerance, things are lookin up, ..things are goin in our favor cause we aint goin far without the man, ..and for him to be back on our side - and to be talkin'? ..Fuck, ..shits gettin good. ..But hiding isnt who we are, and a person cant hide forever - and I fuckin refuse to. I wont hide in the back alleys of Detroit because we own this fucker... Drache can go to hell, and the sumbitch is gonna have to run us outta here - or kill us, ..whichever. ..He thought he could get over me the other week in front of the world and try to convince them that I was crazy, that I was insane and needed to be locked up, ...but here I am - free as ever. ..But the times is still changin and we cant let Drache keep the upper hand, its not optional - and thereís nothin to question, ..we gotta finish the job. We gotta keep out peace in Detroit, ..but if Drache has to go, ..then fuck 'em - he'll have to go...

Jaymz knew he had to find a new ride as the white van he was driving around wasnít going to cut it; things would have been better if it hadnít said the name of the mental facility on the side of it - posted in big red letters for everyone to see. His mind stayed on Julie and Katie as he knew they werenít well-off in the Black Garden but with Darkness roaming around Detroit with orders from Drache, Alexi knew that since Darkness had taken Vadim - that he would take his girls to, ..and whatever else they had to take to get rid of the members of Zero Tolerance. His girls were gone and he was sure that Tristanís and Erik's wives were too as well. Alexi looked down and noticed the van hadnít been refilled, ..of course luck had it that he took the van with hardly any gas and he rolled his eyes at this thought as he pulled off the highway hoping that there was a gas station near.. But he stopped thinking and shook his head, ..he didnít need fuckin gas - he needed to ditch this thing all together before someone noticed it since he was about the only vehicle on the road at this early morning hour and---- "Ah fuck" went through his head as he looked up in the rearview mirror and saw the glowing lights of a police cruiser behind him.

He let out a deep breathe and rolled his eyes as he pulled into an empty parking lot... His mind raced, and to him - death became the only option for this Officer of the Law - because they were all on Dracheís payroll and the last thing that he needed was every cop in town on his ass right now. He watched out the side mirror as the Officer stepped from the car, adjusted his belt and walked toward the van. Alexi's breathing picked up and his eyes began to lose their brown color and took on a hue of black. ...The temperature in the van seemed to rise as he rolled the window down and the officer stepped up to it. There was only one thing stopping him from tearing the flesh from the mans face, and he would do this without using his hands, ..do it before the Officer even had time to speak a word or get a view of Jaymz' face; but when he heard the voice of the man he controlled the evil inside of him and spared the man his life for an instant, ..he knew this officer, Officer Braxton. He was a huge black man, both tall and wide - and one of the nicer men that you would have ever met, and one of the only cops that Alexi ever truly liked. He settled himself a little but still tried to keep his guard up, ..this was still one of Dracheís men.

"Excuse me, ..do you know why I pulled you ov--..Alexi???" Braxton looked into the van and a small smile crossed his face, but Alexi could also see in his eyes that confusion ran through them as well, "Hey man - I see they let you out?" ..Braxton spoke in the tone of 'I know your suppose to be locked away, but why are you out here - in one of their own vans?"

Jaymz only shook his head "no" that they didnít let him out, and Braxton nodded to show that he understood. There was an awkward moment of silence as they both knew what Braxton "should do" as an employee of Drache and the Police Force but also knew that Alexi was a friend.
Braxton sighed and lowered his head when he spoke, "Im sorry Alexi, ..but you know what I have to do."
Again, Jaymz only nodded but this time "yes." Braxton turned his head to the side to call the big man in when his radio shattered on his shoulder,"Ah Fuck!!!" Braxton jumped back and looked at Jaymz.

"I cant let you call me in Michael. Not tonight." Alexi's voice was low and there seemed to be a growl to it. "...Give me your cell phone."
"I--I--I donít think thatís a good idea."
Alexi's eyes turned black and Braxton became frightened, "..Give me. The phone. Now."
Braxton reached with a shaky hand into his pocket and pulled out the phone and handed it to Jaymz, it looked small in the big mans hand as his fingers closed around it before he dropped it into the passenger seat.

"Michael" Jaymz spoke quietly in a tone of seriousness that he didnít use often "I'll make you a deal. You donít tell Chief Patterson, ..and I'll spare your life. ...The last thing I need is fifty of your friends following me around tonight"
"Bu-but, ..what am I gonna do?"
Jaymz reached into the van and saw two quarters in the ashtray and pulled them out and handed them to Braxton, "Here take these. And you can call Drache. And tell him what happened."
Braxton took the quarters but didnít understand, he wasnít quite sure what Jaymz was talkin about.
"Your gonna call Drache on a pay phone, ..in, oohhhh - fifteen minutes, you'll give me. ..And you can tell him that I told you to call him, and that he can be responsible for your hospital bills, ..I'll take care of the rest."

Braxton didnít seem to like this plan as he heard the words 'Hospital Bills', "What??? ..I donít understand, ..I-I think its better if I go."
Jaymz shook his head, "You know I cant do that... I like you Michael, so I'll spare you. And we both know that if I left go you, you will go and tell Patterson."
"n-no, ..Alexi - really. I wont.."

Jaymz only shrugged his shoulders and shook his head 'no.' Braxton stepped back from the van with a look of fear on his face.. He dropped the quarters that Jaymz had given him from his right hand and held his arm with his left hand.. "aaahh...oh fuck!! whatís happening!!!??" His right arm screamed in pain as his uniform sleeve started to show spots of blood as they began to bleed through. Blood trickled from his fingers as a piece of flesh fell off and hit the concrete with a sick "fwap" sound. Braxton fell to his knees and continued to scream as his right sleeve soaked with blood and chucks of flesh fell to the ground in a disgusting heap. His black face had gone pale as he looked up at Jaymz
"..When they ask, ..you say that you were tortured... by some teens, ..tell 'em, ..hhmm.. they poured some chemical on you. ...As for Drache, ..you can tell him what happened." Jaymz only looked at the man as he started the van back up and put it in gear and started to go, but suddenly stopped and looked back to Braxton, "oh, and donít forget your quarters."


The sun had begun to come up over the horizon as he worked on a cigarette that he just lit as he sat against the wall of an old building, ..waiting... Waiting to see if Darkness would show. He had assumed that he would ever since he had called Drache from Braxtonís cell phone, ..needless to say - the conversation didnít end on happy terms. A rat scampered by but wasnít fast enough as Alexi slammed his boot down on the vermin, the empty building causing the footfall to echo.. Cracking and snapping came from under his foot, and he kept it there - as he smoked the cigarette away. Drache hadnít been happy when he heard Jaymz' voice on the other end of the phone, and had become more pissed off when he learned what Jaymz had done to one of his employees. Drache had screamed and yelled, made threats to Alexi and every member of Zero Tolerance.. and speaking of the group, "zero tolerance" was something else that had pissed off Drache as Jaymz told him that Tristan Bale owned the name of 'zero tolerance' when it was signed on the GWA papers. He had reminded the man that when "Zaslaw died" and Drache "suddenly appeared" he had never switched the name on the papers back to his own; and they would remain "Zero Tolerance" as long as they were in the GWA and that Drache could do all the business he wanted, ..by the name of Zero Tolerance, Inc. As Zero Tolerance, Inc. was no longer involved in the GWA or the wrestling world. Drache had gone into a fury and told Jaymz that he wouldnít make it through the night, ...and so we waited, ..waited for Darkness to come and finish the job.


Ya know, sometimes a week off is good - especially for an older guy like myself... It wasnít exactly the ideal week for me, bein hooked up to all those damn machines and pumpin God-knows-what into me, ..but my body got a rest and thatís all that matters... Iíve always prided myself on my body and the amount of punishment that it can it, and the endurance that I have; so even one week out of the ring can do alot for the little aches and pains that I get every now and then.. Even at my old age Im still better than most people in the business and my body can handle more than most younger guys can and its something that most donít want to believe until its too late and Iíve beaten them to no more than a heap of shit in the middle of the ring. But I guess that Tabon and Drache couldnít have gotten a hold of me at a better time, ..my body rested and when I come back - I get to be in the Global Title Tourney, ..good fuckin deal. ..But I see alot has happened since the last show I was at and the time I was gone for the week; cause now we have this new thing called Disasterpiece? What the fuck is a Disasterpiece?? ..Sounds to me thatís its all those worthless, pitiful wrestlers combined into one. Look at those guys, you got all different kinds of egos and personalities that donít seem to jive real well together and to me, ..well that a Disasterpiece just waiting to happen...But the ultimate downfall of that group?

Goth is in it. ..Now whatís wrong with that you ask? ...Well, every group that Goth has been a part of, since weíve been here anyway, has turned out to be nothing more than a fly-by-night organization that ends up falling apart, ..or kicking his ass out of it, ..one or the other. Then you got Fang, who thought he was so fuckin smart and could fuck over ZT - but we got to him first... And you got Kristal Clear, ..a girl.... Hhmm, .yeah - thatís real impressive to go along with Faust and Irons who doesnít know his ass from a hole in the ground... Ya know, when I look at this group I think they need a name change, ...something along the lines of "Were Jaymz' bitches" cause this is nothing but a group of failures, ..and who put this thing together? Goth? ...well, whoever did was really scraping the bottom of the barrel to put something together - cause even though they may have more man power they cant hold a fuckin candle to Zero Tolerance and what we bring to the ring, cause for about the last year WEVE been the consistent ones, ..weíve been the ones that have proven the best the GWA as its us, ..and Revolution as the only groups to stick around. ...So what should be any different for this Disaster of a group? ..hmm, .nothing, because they'll fall as quickly as the Lynch Mob, Despair Faction, and Vindication all did.

..Im not sure whatís up with this recent surge of people joining up and creating new stables; we have people like Ramone and Pain all going to Damage Inc, ..and good for them cause those two guys couldnít hold shit of their own if they donít have someone to back them up.. So good for them, let them have their friends and live in fear of Zero Tolerance... But, it only gets worse - just when I thought that Disasterpiece was a bottom of the barrel group along comes this shit called "Natural Born Killers." ...Well, thatís really original... ..Natural Born Killers? ppfftt, ...thatís the biggest joke Iíve seen in wrestling in a long time - and trust me, Iíve been around for a while. Really, is this a joke or what? ...cause Im sure as hell not impressed with this group of morons who think they can wrestle, and this is where my opponent comes from this week? Good, ..a worthless piece of shit that I can slap around a little bit. So anyway, as I was saying; whatís the point in all this sudden grouping? Well, ya got the unoriginal "Natural Born Killers" at the bottom, cause their hardly worth talking about, ..then ya got a Disasterpiece in the making with all the different personalities all those guys have - and thatís it, ..before you have to move up a level and all you have left is Damage Inc, ..and well, Zero Tolerance. ...Cause were at the top and thatís where weíve been for a long time and the only group that can give us shit is Damage Inc...

Yeah, we may not have the man power to compare name for name with these other wanna-be's but when did we ever need five or eight people in Zero Tolerance to get the job done, ..and why should that change now? ..It wont, cause the GWA is still ours and this is the week that I get to show one of these ďNatural Born KillersĒ how to get the job done in the ring Ė and for a chance to get my Title back. ÖPeople wanna tell Feight how great he is and all that bullshit, ..and yeah Ė he was a helluva wrestler but the man fuckin quit. Now, you can call it Ďretiredí or whatever but in the end: he quit. The man who took the Title from me bailed one week after he won, ..right after his first title defenseÖ But I guess Feight got what he wanted, ..he had to get back and Goth and myself. Goth beat him in the Psycho Circus, then Sin and myself defeated Ramone and Feight, ..and he couldn't stand losing to me.. It bothered him so much that he got what he wanted from me, ..then against Goth Ė and he left. Good for him, ..hes a fuckin quitter. So what does that do? ..Well, it gets me my fuckin Title back and the first step this week is to show Striker that this is a mans game and he needs to step the fuck back cause right now I'm focused on the prize up ahead. Sure, Striker is gonna tell us that he can come out here and beat me, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Fuckin do it Striker, show the world that you have what most others in the GWA don't.

Come show everyone that you magically possess the skill that only the best in the GWA have that can take me to the mat. Can ya do that Striker? ..Actually, save your breath and let me answer that one for ya. No, you cant. But believe that you can and fight like this is your last match so I cant laugh at you, mock you Ė and make a fool of you in front of the world. ..Who the fuck are you to be in the Global Title tourney anyway? What exactly is it that youíve accomplished that makes you worth a shit in this division? Is it because you managed to beat someone last week? Someone who isnt going to amount to anything in the GWA? ÖYour steppin in with one of the best in the business this week Striker and I don't come to fuck around when MY Global Title is on the lineÖ yeah, I'm cocky Ė cause that's who I am and having the attitude of a failure isnt gonna get me very fuckin far, is it Striker? Ive gone through the GWA roster like its nobodyís business leaving a Zero Tolerance stamp on everyones head in my path Ė and there inst one mother fucker on the entire roster that Iíve faced whoís come out with zero losses against meÖ I can be cocky, I cant rant and rave all I fuckin want to and tell you how I'm, and my boys, are the best in the fuckin business because we show it in the ring week in and week out. ..So whatcha got for me Striker? ..Same as everyone else? ..Yeah, that's right. Your gonna come to the ring and accept your loss like everyone else has, ..and you Ė like them Ė will feel the Silence and the Global Title will only be a dream for you