Staniak vs. Jaymz-

Return To The Black Garden

(Continued from Sins Second Promo)


Jaymz rubbed his eyes as the sweat stung him, he looked back at Julie who was struggling along to carry the small child and saw that her knees were weak and her frail arms were shaking. He motioned to take the girl but she only pulled away and hissed at him. He knew that he wasnít to touch the girl, she wanted the child for herself to take care of. He looked away from her and focused back on Sin who walked smoothly and calm and not a bead of sweat crossed his head in this extreme heat even with his jacket on. Jaymz then looked down at his own feet and noticed the individual grains of sand move away from his feet with every step that he took; and this happened for Sin as well - but not for Julie. She was panting hard and her hair was soaked, her face bright red - and it was then that she went down. He was faster in this world as he whirled around and caught the child before she hit the ground. Julie landed with a thud and he pulled her up as well; sand was stuck to her face but only for a few seconds as it seemed to move away and jump from her skin like ants. The big man tossed her over his shoulder and held the small child in his arms as they came to the massive trees. The leaves were thick and almost looked fake with a wax-like coat over them; but they had to survive somehow in this heated world. The leaves were a dark shade of red that was black on the tips, but they provided the shade needed for mortals and other creatures of this world.

Jaymz could tell the temperature plummeted in the shade of these trees and it felt good on his mortal skin. Sabbath flew by again but he was unable to even swat at the pest as his hands were full holding the females that were his life. His eyes scanned the territory as the rustling from the brush and fallen leaves seemed to follow them. He noticed that Sin glanced back every once and a while making sure that the big man was still in tow with the girls - never offering a hand in help. They came around a bend in the small path and there was a clearing in the trees up ahead where the heat could be seen rising from the ground in the opening. Julie began to move and come back as she awoke - but still too weak to move and he could see that her skin began to blister from being under the black sun; he looked under the blanket that covered Katie and saw her soft skin was fine, - but not blistered. The path came to an end at the clearing, and the clearing itself was a huge circle - but in the middle of that huge circle was the biggest tree in the Black Garden; and Julie rose her head to look around as Jaymz came to a stop before leaving the shade of the forest before walking into the clearing to the massive tree. Julie screamed and began to claw her away off of Jaymz, he held on as best he could with one hand to the spazing woman - he called to Sin who never turned around but only turned his head and peered out the corner of his eye to see the woman trying to escape.

It didnít bother him as he continued his pace and walked under the shade of the huge tree. Jaymz managed to grab a hold of Julie who screamed even more as he walked into the heat and then into the shade of the huge tree. Julie knew this tree and she hated the damn thing as she had spent weeks under it, being tortured by the creatures that came in the freezing nights - but the tree had protected her from those creatures, not that she cared at this point. Her time here had been brutal and it was the last place she ever wanted to see again. The tree itself sat on a small incline that both men went up and as they got to the base of the tree Jaymz looked around.. The tree sat in a perfect circle of the clearing; separating itself from the rest of the forest as the biggest and most dominate. He dropped Julie to the ground who screamed and clawed at his feet, begging with her mind to take her back home. He only shook his head 'no' as it wasnít going to happen. The child began to stir in his arms and he handed her back to her 'mother' as Julie took her and balled herself up with the child in the dirt. Sin made a noise and spoke in some language that wasnít English and a few moments later the brush began to stir and a creature appeared carrying a stone bowl filled with water.. Its skin was thick and grey and looked to be burnt in some places; its kept its head low and never made eye contact with Jaymz as it knew better than to look at the next King in-line.

It placed the bowl down next to Julie who gave it an evil stare as the creature nodded its head down to Jaymz; then turned and left back into the brush from where it came.. Julie looked around, like a cat making sure nothing was looking, and she pulled the bowl closer to her. She lifted it up with her one free hand and took a drink and then poured most of it on the blanket that covered the small child. She squirmed from under the blanket but quickly went back to sleep. Sabbath flew by again and this time Jaymz was quick enough to snatch him in his left hand and squeeze the bird tight; he threw the bird to the ground and gave it one good stomp, followed by another, ..and another. He twisted his foot around on the ground smashing the bird into the dirt as Sin watched and heard the crunching of bones. When Alexi was done mashing the bird he took a step back and spit on it.. It was a mangled mess of black feathers and he looked back at Sin and gave them man a smile, ..but Sin only responded with a mocking laugh as Jaymz heard a 'caw' and saw the bird, perfectly fine, fly up from the ground and into the huge tree that Julie sat under, clutching her child.
"You didnít really think that you could harm my friend, did you?" Sin said with a slight grin on his face
Jaymz only glared at the man, "I'll kill 'em, just wait and see."
"Well, at the rate your going with Darkness wanting to kill you, ..and Drache wanting you put away - it wont be long my friend. ..Then you can rule this place and kill Sabbath if you like, ..until then... Your unable to do so."

Jaymz turned away from Sin and started back towards the forest, "...I have to get back now."
Sin smirked, "Oh well good - go walk back through those trees and Detroit is right on the other side!" he said sarcastically.
"I know asshole... i got myself here, ..and I can get myself back."
Sabbath came and landed on Sins shoulder, "No...thatís not how things work. I talked to the Father before I came and got you in your drunken belligerent state, ..and yeah - you got yourself here but you gotta remember something Alexi. ...Right now your not the boss, ..your still second in charge, and the Boss is gonna let you leave until He sees fit."
Jaymz tried to contain his anger, "why!??"
"Alexi... weíve already been over this. ..your drunk. And your in no shape to return to that realm"

Julie started to scream in fear as Jaymz started to walk off, he turned back to her and told her with his mind that he would be back. That it wouldnít be like the first time because he knew how to come back to this place - and he would take her back, ..and the child too. He knew that it was safe for her here as the tree would protect her from the creatures of the night, if she was even going to be here that long. He saw the sun was still high in the sky here, ..which meant that it was still dark back in the Earth realm, and that Tabon was prolly still in his house looking for him, ..that is if his Hell Hounds hadnít torn them to pieces yet. He turned away from Julie and began to walk off as Sin approached him from behind. Jaymz closed his eyes and let his anger rise - knowing that it was the only way for him to go back to the Earth realm.


Jaymz opened his eyes and looked around, "what the fuck!???" He was still in the Black Garden and turned to face Sin, "Why am I still here!???" He yelled
Sin responded calmly, "..cause 'He' wants you here, ..I told you that you were in no shape to return to that world, ..and he agreed with me - so, ..since 'He' rules this world, ..your powerless right now."
Jaymz stood there knowing that everything Sin had said was true but he didnít want to admit it, "just because I was drunk the other world?"
"Thatís part of it, yes. You were willing to let them kill you, ..and you know its not your time so 'He' stopped you. ...and, ...thereís things we need to talk about."
Jaymz walked back up to the tree that Julie held the child under and plopped down next to her, the sight of a very dysfunctional family, "like what?"

Sins white eyes roamed the Black Garden, he stood in the searing sun but never broke a sweat, "We need to get out of Detroit. Tristan, Erik Black, Rex, ..and J, ..if thatís possible. I talked to Drache, I could smell the fear on him... He'll kill Erik and Tristan the first chance he gets... Tristan is hiding and Rex is with him."
"So where do you suggest we go, ..Oh-great-wise-one?" There was sarcasm in his voice.
"Im not sure. I can stay here, its not really my problem. But when you sober up, you need to get back to Detroit and we need rally them up. We'll leave Zero Tolerance, ..we'll leave Detroit and we'll be on our own."

Jaymz shook his head, "Then we cant be Zero Tolerance."
Sin smiled, "really? ...Then I think you need to talk to Erik, ...he has something that may surprise you."
"Like what?" Jaymz demanded
Sin shrugged, "I wont tell you, ..I'll let Erik and Tristan. ..Also, ..he found out something about Darkness, the man who just hasnt been watching you - ..but all of us."
"Lets go then." Jaymz stood up and waited for Sin

But Sin only shook his head, " still too much alcohol in your system - didnt I just tell you that? ...Lets wait till it passes, and when your fine we'll return to Detroit and we'll turn that mother fucker upside down."
Jaymz wasnt ready for that comment, and he wasnt ready for the evil grin that Sin gave - the grin that wanted to give Drache hell...


Ya know, ..I like good 'ol Stan...Cause Stan wants us to believe that my words donít get inside his head, in fact he wants to prove that my words donít get into his head. Well, ..since he wants to "prove that" then it tells me that Iíve succeeded in getting my point across; succeeded in pissing him off enough that he wants to come and "prove me wrong" ...but, if the words that I speak didnít mean a damn thing, then why does he have to come out here and "prove me wrong?" ...Am I in his head? Yes, ...Hes admitted it by skirting around the fact of just coming out and saying it... but thatís all the better for me, cause it only means that Stan is gonna come out and give me a fight.. Good.. I hope he hurts me a little bit just so I can say that I got somethin out of it - since Im not even gonna break a sweat tossing him from one side of the ring to the other. Ya know Stan, you really pick a wrong week for this to be your "make or break" match - now you may think that you have two options when it comes to "make or break" but I sure as hell donít see it that way cause your chances of beating me are slimmer than you ever winning the Global Title again... ..and thatís pretty fuckin slim. I know you donít plan on going down the easy way Stan, I know that you wont come out to the ring and stand there like a fuckin retard and let me beat the livin-fuck outta ya, ..that would be the easy way...

Naw, you wanna have me wear you out - you wanna try your fuckin hardest in a losing battle just to try and prove something to the world, ..prove something that you cant. You wanna show the world that you still belong, that your still one of the best in the business but "still" is a lot different that saying "you were one of the best in the business"... Cause your time has come and passed Stan, and you aint the good 'ol wrestler that you once were... And you wanna tell me that I wasnít worthy of getting a Title shot? Your the mother fucker that cant even win the Extreme Title, ..your the person that I laughed at when you won the Global Title, your the person that we ALL laughed at when you won the Global Title... We were itchin to face you when you were the Champ cause everyone knew that you were the easy target? ...and you wanna tell me that I wasnít worthy? ..That I didnít deserve it? ...whatís it tell ya when people say "oh yeah, I wanna get a match with him for The Belt!" That means your an easy target, a person that everyone knows they could beat - cause ya got lucky Stan, ..and people laughed. But hey, your the one that told me I shouldnít of had the Title shot.. so before you come out here telling the world that I didnít deserve it maybe you should have looked and seen what everyone else thought about you when you were the Champ, ..a laughing stock.

Stan for someone who doesnít give a shit about what people think or say about you, ..well, it sure does look like you care. Hell, even your boy Kurten knows that your the laughing stock of the GWA, that people donít give a shit about you and your abilities in the ring. and speaking of this Kurten, ..he really thinks that you have the best record possible "of all the people still in the GWA." First off, that comment doesnít even make sense - which I can expect from someone who hangs about you cause its not like your friends, ..or your brother or whoever.. is the most intelligent person in the world.. but "of all the people still in the GWA" I can name about three-quarters of the roster who have a better record than you... Now, if your moron brother was referring to people who have been here for a long then you still donít have anything to brag about... I sure as hell wouldnít be bragging if I had lost more than I won cause what kind of stupid shit is that? "Hey, ..I lose all the fuckin time - but I have a damn good record, Im the best even though the outcome of my matches donít prove it!!" ...Now, does that make sense Stan? Put them Good 'ol ears to use and listen to the things that you two are saying because it donít jive very well. Kurten is trying to pump your head so full shit that its startin to come out your ears, ..but Im getting a little confused Stan...

Cause one minute your telling me that your gonna win and you basically guarantee it - but then you go off and tell Kurten that you suck so bad you donít know if its possible that you can win anymore... what the fuck, Stan? See, this is a problem for people like you and John Irons who say one thing but a minute later you lead off to something way out in left field.. So, at this point I donít know what you expect Stan cause one minute your like Joe Willie guaranteeing a win - which isnt a very smart move - but then you whine and cry like Goth does and talking about how bad you suck... But hey, leave the talkin about how bad you suck to me cause I like tellin ya how worthless you are and obviously its gotten to your head so far this week. And you know what the best part of anything youíve ever said is? In your first promo that I watched on TV this week "you ARE going to beat me" ...but when I sat down and watched the second promo that you aired you said that you couldnít guarantee a victory? ..Again, ..youíre the laughing stock. Youre a fool. Youre an afterthought to everyone on the roster, face the facts Stan, ..see that nobody respects you here and that nobody takes you seriously, ...maybe they did at one point, ..but not now. not in the Zero Tolerance era of the GWA. Stan Im not underestimating you, ..Im just estimating you for all that your worth.

Now you may see it that your value is a little higher, but its like Iíve told you: nobody here sees you as a threat - your an afterthought, understand? Theres nothing to underestimate Stan, your not a force in the GWA - all you are is just a number.. a number that I get to claim as a victory and another payday. ,,,again, is that too hard for you to understand? You just get to become one more of the countless victims that Iíve pinned in the GWA - only this time you get to lose on the GWA's biggest stage at Unleashed - and I hope your prepared for that Stan. Hey, why donít you go whine and cry for me a little more? Go out and stomp around and get all pissed off because of my words and go--- oh, ..wait? My words donít bother you do they? ..Thatís what you said, but you sure got pissed off when I talked a bunch of shit that was true, huh? ..oh yeah, my words bothered you then and you fuckin hated, now your a liar - cause my words did bother you. You wanna cry and whine "why bring up things in the past" well isnt my match with Feight now in the past? arenít all you "past" matches a part of history? Yeah, ..they sure are - and arenít you and your brother the ones that keep bringing it all up? Yup, ...Im right again.. but then you get all pissed off and cry like a bitch when I bring up your history and you tell me "who cares?? who cares about my history?"

...well Stan, if nobody cares then why talk about Feight? why talk about your past matches? ..cause after all - "nobody cares" ...Oh but Stan, I found one person that cares about your history - and its the only fuckin person that matters.. YOU!! You care! Cause you keep on whining and getting pissed off, but then again "You words donít bother me, Jaymz" Hahahaha, ..your so full of shit! Of course they bother you, and you know why I piss people off Stan? Do you know why I like giving people a hard time? Because it effects their performance, because there comes a point where they fuck up out of anger and cause themselves the match. ...Its called experience, Stan... Cause Im an old vet of the ring and I know how to work people.. I know thereís better athletes than me, who are faster and more agile... But I play the game better than damn near anyone, ..cause it all starts right here,.. right inside your head - and so far Stan, your losing this battle and it shows in your words as you cant even remember the things that youíve said from minute to minute. You, like all the rest will come to the ring and fight out of anger thatís been building all week while I sit back and take life easy; and that'll just make the loss harder for you to accept when the time comes and you see that you have once again accomplished what youíve been doing so well lately, ..losing.