-John Irons vs. A.P. Feight vs. Jaymz-

Old Friends

People wanna tell me that Im cocky, ..tell me that the Title has gotten to my head. But that’s far from the truth cause I’ve been tellin everyone since we got here that I was comin, and that this belt was gonna be mine.. People doubted me, said that I couldn’t get the job done.. an ol' washed up convict straight out of the pen wasn’t gonna have success in the GWA and wasn’t capable of taking the Global Title. ..Ya'll couldn’t have been more wrong. ..I’ve traveled the world with Zero Tolerance going from promotion to promotion seeking out the top prizes; but the competition's been weak as we tore those places down before Drache finally reached a deal with the GWA while we were locked up. This Belt, ..my Belt...The belt that belongs to Zero Tolerance has a rich history, ..a history that’s been soiled upon recently by the likes of Pain, ..and John "the leader" Harper, and other people in the past who have failed to bring this Title to the point that it deserves... History tells me that not many people have been able to hold onto this title for little more than a month and that can be because of two things, ..one - The talent level is heavy and defending this title week in and week out is a difficult task. Two, ..its because of the lack of talent holding the belt; men who have gotten lucky on the main stage but only to fail a week or two later ..proving to the world they weren’t capable of holding the honor of being called The Global Champion. But then you have people like Tadashii and Victor Donovan, guys who have held the Title longer than most..

Men who defended it with everything they had and knocking off the best every week... I’ve seen the matches, I’ve seen the tapes of the old Champions and I saw that Tadashii's end came as the title was vacated after its longest hold. and you wanna know my goal? ..That is my goal. ..To hold this belt as long as I possibly can, ..everyone knows the power that I possess, that every man who has ever stepped into the ring with me has fallen at my hands - and why should I allow that to change? ..Why should I concede this Title and stop short of achieving the greatness that I know I am. Why should I take a blow and piss away this Title when Im the best there fuckin is in the GWA? ...I didn’t need the Title to tell me that I was best, cause I already knew it - and so did the world... But they didn’t want to acknowledge it. The world wants to be blind to the facts and ignore who was the best simply because I didn’t hold the belt. But now? Now it cant be ignored, and now I stand on top of the GWA and claim my territory and everything that is now owned by Zero Tolerance, the greatest group of wrestlers that ever surfaced. This is my Title and its my time; and I refuse to let this Title slip as I will be known as one of the greatest to ever step inside of the ring. People will forget the long Title holds of Victor Donovan, A.P. Feight and Tadashii and in the end they will remember the one name, the most dominate name wrestling has ever seen; Jaymz.

He watched the big man from sitting on the front porch as he smoked a cigar; a car came around the corner with its brights on and pulled into the driveway across the street as an older man stepped out and slowly made his way into his house - turning the outside lights off behind him. This man, the one watching, sat on the roof of a house leaned back against the chimney as the moon shined off the silver in his hand.. He set the gun down slowly making sure that it didn’t slide down the slope of the roof and let it rest there. But this man, ..he didn’t need a gun - this man could use his hands and his skill to virtually take down any person at any given time. This man was a master with his hands and was the cause of death for many men, he blended into the night and stay secluded from the world as he always had. ..Tonight, he was to watch - to survey what was going on before he made his strike, ..for the second time. He watched Jaymz' every move and waited for the perfect time - and he would wait hours if he had to as he had been waiting for this day to come for years... And now, he knew that tonight was going to be the time - that tonight was the end of it all and he would accomplish one of his tasks as Jaymz wasn’t the only man on the schedule - Vadim was the first....

Jaymz listened to the crickets in the distance and the tapping sounds of the bugs as they slammed into the porch light - the sounds of the night. He stubbed the cigar out in the ashtray and let his eyes wander the streets... Something was wrong and he could feel it, ..he felt like he was being watched but he didn’t want to make it obvious; so he sat there on the porch and took in the sounds and quiet of the dark as he did every night. His eyes shifted from side to side scanning the shadows but not seeing what he was looking for... He knew Vadims killer was close, and that they would be back... Sin had said it was Darkness and the feel of the night made it feel that way, but until he was to see a face he would refuse to put a name on Vadim's killer. A scream came from inside the house, it was Katie, her and her 'mother' Julie were doing a little bonding.. He accepted this girl as his daughter, but ever since the loss of Vadim something inside his mind had changed, ..something had snapped. Jaymz' mental stability had always been teetering on edge and the wrestling kept it hanging in there while the parasite that consumed his soul tried to push his mind over the brink, ..but that’s what Vadim was for - to help control that, ...but now the old man was gone and he had to cope with these things by himself...

He thought of the old man often and he hadn’t slept much in the last few days and he had called Katie a different name two days ago, ..he had called her Samantha, ..the name of his dead daughter. ..He was losing it but the thought never crossed his mind.. Sin had tried to contact him with his mind but he had never shown himself or come by, ..but Jaymz knew that Sin wouldn’t approve of what Julie had done, even though Drache had tied all the loose ends. But that wouldn’t be Sin's concern, Sins concern would be with what The Father thought of him suddenly "adopting" this child. But Julie had wanted a family and he insisted on giving Julie whatever she pleased, ..even a child. Alexi took a deep breath and let it out, he knew whoever was watching him was still hanging around and their intentions weren’t good - and he decided that he would stay out here all damn night if he had to, ..he didn’t want this person in the house around Julie even though he knew Julie could crush this man with her mind, ...if she saw him first cause if this person was Darkness, as Sin said it was, Julie would never stand a chance if he snuck in, ..the man was silent sneaky bastard... But he still wasn’t sure if it was Darkness and he hoped that it wasn’t, ..anyone else but him...

Because Jaymz wasn’t concerned with a face to face fight with the man as he knew he could melt the fucker in the middle of the street, or take him to the Black Garden and watch the creatures rip his flesh into pieces.. but Darkness was a slippery man and moved as silently as a shadow. A noise came from the side of the house and Jaymz quickly turned that way – a cat, ..nothing more. He again took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a second and exhaled. ..He saw headlights come down the street and slowed as they came closer; the car then pulled to the curb and the passenger door opened up as the driver leaned over the seat

“get in” The man said. His face was unclear at this distance in the dark but Jaymz seemed to know who it was as he got up from the chair and walked down the steps of the porch
“Fuck you tellin me what to do. ..whatcha want anyway?

“We need to talk. Its business.”
Jaymz took a few steps closer and down to the sidewalk where he bent down to talk to the man – it was Erik Black, the one time Zero Tolerance member. “I told you a few weeks ago in the hospital Erik, ..we don't have any business. You left ZT and decided you didn't want our help, ..or our money.”

Erik sighed and looked around for a moment, “Its about Drache…”
Jaymz seemed to think this over as he to scanned the area again, “what about ‘em?”
“Hes been doing business with some people, ..people I don't like. Look, lets go have a beer and talk this over.”
Jaymz shook his head, “I don't drink…you know that.”
“Fine” Erik groaned, “lets go have some fuckin coffee then, ..you haven't changed one bit have ya?”

Again Jaymz scanned the area, “..were being watched.”
Concern filled Erik’s face, “by who!?”
“I'm not sure, ..but you might have an idea since you’ve been runnin your mouth to Sin”
“Darkness..” Erik said under this breath.
“yeah, and if its him I cant leave Julie and Samantha here, ..you know what he can do.”

“Alexi, this really cant wait”
Jaymz seemed to think this over, he closed his eyes and reached out to Julie.. There was concern in his thoughts and anger came back to him from the insane woman.. He lied in his thoughts and told her that someone was trying to take her child.. He could hear all the doors lock from the street and a feel of static took over the air… He knew she wouldn’t let anything happen to Katie, or Samantha as he called her, ..and everything would be fine. He saw through Julies eyes as she took the girl down to the basement and stayed with his two beasts that he called dogs, ..they would be safe. Alexi opened his eyes and got into the black BMW closing the door behind him as they drove off..

The man grabbed his gun and stood up on the roof as he watched the car speed down the street. He ran and jumped from the house onto another, a silhouette in the night as he leapt from one roof to another until he got to the ground, landing silently. There was a car parked down the end of the street, the man got inside and followed their lead.

She had bags under her eyes and a slight mustache that both Jaymz and Erik noticed. Her name tag read “Misty” and other than the hairy lip she was an attractive lady. Erik Black was a cocky man and always well dressed as he wore nothing but the finest suites and this one blood red. His hair was jet black and Jaymz noticed that his hair line had started to recede a little, ..not much – but it had been a while since he had really seen Erik. They sat in a booth across from each other that was connected to the wall, across from them sat a younger couple in a booth next to the front window that seemed very much in love as they giggled and laughed finishing off the desert they shared. Misty gave Erik a beer, not his taste in alcohol but it was all the dump had to offer as she sat the cup of black coffee down in front of Jaymz. She gave them a smile that wasn't really a smile but the “I'm smiling because it’s a part of my job” look and went on her way. The two sat for a minute in silence before Jaymz spoke,
“so lets get down to business then...”

Erik nodded as he swallowed the beer, “Well…You know that I don't have the best relationship with Drache but you also know that I wouldn’t lie to ya either. I'm worri---“
Jaymz cut him off, “I'm not worried about that. What did you tell Sin, …about Darkness.”
“that hes back in town, and he killed Vadim? I didn't really talk all that much to him, ..I found that man odd.”

Jaymz nodded, “Most people do. ..Whats his business here?”
“I don't know Jaymz, but I'm trying to find that out.. I mean, fuck, hes been gone for so long I figured he would never come back. ..I was lucky though, I went and watched some underground fighting a few weeks back and I saw a man just kickin’ the shit out of this one ass-monkey… and I noticed this mans eyes, there was just something I remembered about them.. But when I saw the man fighting I knew it was Darkness… I knew something bad was gonna happen and when Tristan told me that Vadim was been killed, ..in his own house – at night…I knew who it was.”

“Then why in the fuck didn't you tell ME!!?” Jaymz yelled and Erik looked around.. The younger couple was looking at them and Misty had heard to. Jaymz lowered his voice as the younger man left some money on the table and took his sexy young girlfriend and they left. “…Why did you go through Sin and not me?”

“Because you have a hard time accepting things” Erik shook his head, “No, no..dont get all pissed off – your know I'm right. Listen to you, you still don't want to accept that it was Darkness..why?”
“..cause we killed him…”
Erik shook his head again, “No, ..we didn't. Obviously we were wrong.. I saw him Jaymz, ..I saw his fuckin eyes.”

“You’ve been liein’ to me Erik… You knew he was never dead to begin with.”
Erik was quiet for a second, “..yeah..your right.. I knew he was never dead. But I'm trying to help you Jaymz, ..you, Sin, Rex, ..Tristan. Darkness is a different story, ..its Drache I'm worried about.”
Erik got quiet again and Jaymz motioned for him, “..go on…”

“Don't you think its kinda odd that he hasn’t given your any work? …that he hasn’t been around lately? I know all this Jaymz cause Tristan tells me.. Tristan and I talk all the time, and sometimes, ..well, Tristan talks too much. Hes a good man and wants to one day take over Zero Tolerance when Drache eventually steps down, or dies…which ever comes first. Hes been talking to Dr. Tabon, ..and for one he wants to put you away, ..for a long time.”

Jaymz rolled his eyes, “ppff.. I know that. I put an end to that situation”
“No you didn't.” Erik was serious now and Jaymz could see it in the mans eyes, “He wants to send Sin overseas to fight in some weird organization, ..something that isnt GWA. And he wants to send Rex with him to be his manager.. Now, Ive never even heard of the place he wants to send Sin to, ..and well.. since you guys work for Drache I don't really see where Sin and Rex have much of a choice.”

“Erik this is bullshit” Jaymz was about to stand up but Erik grabbed him by the arm.. Fury erupted in Jaymz face, but he could see that Erik was serious, ..but this was hard to believe, even though he wanted to believe the man in the red suite.
“I don't know why hes doing this Jaymz… He loses a lot of money if you guys are gone from the GWA, ..and hes not even worried about Crazy J since hes not ZT anymore.”

“yes he is!! Fuck what Skull Master thinks, Crazy J is Zero Tolerance until you hear it from the mans mouth!”
Black nodded, “ok., Im with ya on that. ..Drache’s been stressed out and what I'm thinkin is that hes trying to get rid of you all, get all of you away from him for a while. …but there has to be somthin more to it Jaymz.. Hes been doin business with people, people that we never did business with before, ..people that you don't like…
“Dotson…” Jaymz muttered under his breath. Dotson was a man that was a one time friend of Drache only to turn enemy. “..but why?”

“that's the thing Jaymz, ..I don't know and neither does Tristan. I haven't seen him and neither has Tristan, ..but hes been meeting someone – and who else could it be?”
Jaymz shook his head, “..Im gonna kill him if hes messin around with Dotson.”
“No. Don't say anything, ..not yet. Lets wait and see what he does.” Erik finished off his beer..
“it feels wrong Erik, ..Draches a friend of mine..”

Erik didn't meet the eyes of Jaymz but only nodded, “I know… and I didn't believe it at first either.. Yeah, Tristan and I could be wrong but its very doubtful…. Call Drache tomorr---“

Black was cut off as the glass to the front window shattered. Both men knew what was happening and went down to the floor. The bullet hit the wall nearly missing Erik. He pulled his gun from his pocket as the small Diner filled with screams as the two waitresses went into the kitchen to escape guns shots from outside. Erik fired back, not really knowing where the man was shooting from, ..but Jaymz did. His eyes turned black as he lay on the floor, fury erupted and he slammed his fist down on the tile floor shattering one of the squares. Erik began to sweat as the room instantly got hot, he scooted away from the big man as he saw his eyes and knew the parasite was taking over.. It was the one thing in the man that he feared, but the one thing he knew – in a situation like this – could work for the best. The diner became hotter and waves of heat rolled out the shattered window making the building across the streets shimmer like a mirage as it erupted and blue flames shot from every window..

There was a scream from inside as a figure came flying out from the third level window. The person hit the concrete hard and rolled around killing the flames that consumed his body as Erik stood up and fired more shots that missed and chewed up pieces of the brick building. Jaymz stepped from the diner and stood there as the other man stood on the other side of the street. A grin crossed the mans face, ..the face of Darkness. Another explosion of blue flames erupted from the buildings windows knocking the smile off Darkness’s face and sent him sprawling into the street. Jaymz lurched after the man, but he was fast and rolled away from the bigger man as Erik fired his last shot. Another scream came as blood ran down the backside of Darkness’s leg. Jaymz went after the man again but even on one leg he was too quick and disappeared around the side of the diner and into the alley. Black gave chase but Jaymz grabbed the back of his suit as his eyes faded back to normal brown. Sirens came in the distance but neither of the men moved, Jaymz only looked over at Erik

“..I guess we gotta take this one, ..I don't think Drache is gonna clean up my messes anymore.”
Black nodded but stared into the distance, “..yeah, I guess your right.. they’ll listen to me, ..everyone loves Erik Black..right?”
Jaymz rolled his eyes, “You’re a cocky asshole.”
“Yeah, maybe… We gotta watch ourselves though, you know Darkness, he loves revenge. ..and you? You gotta worry about Drache, ..just don't let him screw ya over

“oh he wont, ..he wont… It Darkness I'm after.” A sick grin came over Jaymz’ face as the first police cars pulled onto the scene.”


I’ve listened to Irons this week and I think the man is half delusional as he runs around calling my Global Belt, ..his. Hey John, why don’t you start by winning a belt first... Really, when was the last time that you even held a piece of Gold? When was the last time that you were ever a threat to ANY Title? Oh yeah, that’s right - you held the Extreme Title at one time.. for a week!? Of all these years in the ring that you’ve had - you’ve only managed to hold one Title for ...a week? ..Now correct me if Im wrong but I do think that’s the only Title you’ve ever held, and that was over two years ago. But you want me to take you seriously? You want me to believe that you, John Henry Irons, is going to be a real threat at taking my Title from me when you cant win any of the lower ranked Titles against lower ranked opponents??? Youre delusional John. I know that you want to believe in miracles when you tell me "sometimes things happen that you don’t expect'... Well that’s great John but "sometimes" also means "lucky" and I don’t see you being lucky.. So you can "sometimes" all you want ...but "Sometimes" your wrong and "Sometimes" chicks have dongs. Do you believe in Tinkerbell too? with all this "unsinkable ships sink" and all the other bullshit your jawin about Im thinkin that maybe "sometimes" you believe in Peter Pan - and do you tell him to get down and give you twenty?

John you think that just because your taller than anyone gives you a right to win every match, but evidently youve got the shortest memory of anyone in the GWA.. Cause lets face it John, as long as you’ve been around the GWA you’ve been the biggest flop. You’ve been the biggest Non-contender for any belt. Do you know why your in this match John? I think its because Grinder and Al felt sorry for you, since it appears you haven’t achieved anything worthwhile in over two years and have failed to claim any kind of Gold - Im assuming they wanted you to feel a little better about yourself just so you can think that your someone, ..so you can think that your really a threat to the GWA. Sit the fuck down John cause you take a backseat to everyone. Do you realize all you talk about is "sometimes" and "If's" ...and you know why that is John? Because you haven’t done shit! Because you, yourself, even know that your a nobody in this business. But wait, this is the John Irons that "makes everyone tremble in their sleep!" Bwaa-hahahahaha... Damn Irons I haven’t laughed that hard since Pocahontas said something like that to me last week. You really believe that people fear you and that we tremble in our sleep? Oh Irons, if I was you I would be ashamed to even say those kinds of thing because it simply isnt true. ..I mean, why would someone fear you? Because you beat Ashe, Fang and Havok? Who the fuck cares?

I’ve beaten all of those losers and you talk about beating "fourteen championships" and that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard since it wasn’t for a title and someone’s history wasn’t given to you... But you act as if you won a Title for that effort, yet when I watched the match it didn’t really look like Ashe or Havok gave two shits about the match - and I should know since I’ve faced them several times before. Cause I know those two have their eyes set on bigger things and bigger opponents, ..they didn’t give a fuck about you or that loser Striker, so lets back you down into reality John. I know you don’t like the things that Im telling you but everything that I have said is the truth. Now whether you want to accept it is a different story but I don’t think your gonna have much of a choice at Anarchy when you realize that you weren’t cut out for this Title and the only Title your worthy of hauling around is "the GWA's Biggest Non-Threat" and I bet I could get a belt made up for ya that says that just so you could know what it feels like to carry a Title Belt around with you. And Irons, please spare me all the Rocky and Eye of the Tiger bullshit because that’s played out just like opponents telling me "its a David versus Goliath match"... and I know youve heard that to being as big as you are, ..and doesn’t it just make you laugh when you see they all say the same thing? ...So spare me the Eye of the Tiger crap, cause this aint fuckin Rocky

- this aint no goddamn movie where you gonna get your ass kicked and some how manage to beat Feight and myself on an adrenaline rush as your battered and bruised and you someone claim the win and the Global Belt. It don’t happen that way Irons, this is real life so don’t go runnin any steps singin to yourself thinkin that’s gonna help you either... But Irons, do you wanna know what can help you in this match? get the medics to bring out an extra long stretcher before the match, go ahead and give them your insurance card - even though they may not need it cause all their gonna need is that little tag, ..you know, the one that goes on the toe. Cause I don’t want there to be any confusion as your covered in your own blood laying ringside as Feight begins to wear down and he joins ya out there as well. Oh Irons, to be a "dominate Superstar" don’t you have to accomplish something, don’t you have to beat some big names and do something of importance to claim yourself as "dominate?" oh yeah, Im sure you gonna slobber and mutter "I will this week. I will this week.." And that’s just another one of your "if's." You live in a fantasy world Irons and maybe there you are the "dominate Superstar" that none of us see here - and I hope that’s the case cause as long as Im here you wont ever be dominate, ..understand? No, "understand" isnt in your vocabulary since you seem to think that if Feight wins this match he'll be fighting himself.

What the fuck are you thinking John? Did you not pay attention? Don’t you understand that Goth gets the Title shot at Unleashed and so does Feight when he loses this week? ...Now, I spoke of this just a few days ago telling you that should Feight lose that its going to be a three man match for this belt and that would be - pay attention John -... Goth, ...Feight....and myself...... I said that slowly so maybe you would understand that a little better this time around so you don’t end up making a fool of yourself again thinking that Feight was gonna be fighting himself. And I don’t understand how your my biggest threat. Please explain that to me cause if I had to pick "who is Jaymz' biggest threat" well ya know Irons I would have to go with Feight.. Why you ask? Because hes an accomplished man, he is a man who has defeated me before, ..hes a man who has held MY Title longer than most people.... Those are all things that you have NEVER done, and you wanna say that your my biggest threat? Your not even on my fuckin radar John, so get over yourself. But I’ll tell ya what, just so you feel a little better about yourself and just so you’ll think that you're actually someone I’ll put you on my radar this week.. I’ll let you step into the ring with the Champion just so you can have the privilege of saying that you were defeated by the best, ..again. Now Feight cant seem to understand why the promoters have put him in this match,

well I think its pretty fuckin obvious that they don't want to see me in the ring at Unleashed, .that they don't want this monster beating around Goth and Feight all in the same night.. So they try and do their best to get me out of the ring, to try and get me to lose the Global Title, ..but I don't have any intentions on losing this belt and I’ve made that damn clear in the last few days. Feight there could also be another reason as to why your getting two shots at my Title two weeks in a row.. It could be that they know your going to fail this week and want to go ahead and give you a second chance to see if you can get the job done. You know Feight, I like your idea of coming to the ring in an Elvis costume.. It’ll get the crowd all fired up, it’ll put the attention on you, ..and that's something we all know that you like. You’ll eat it up and enjoy every clap and yell that the crowd throws your way, but hey, you might as well get ‘em early right? Enjoy your time comin to the ring and take it all in cause I don't think your gonna be one happy sumbitch when you walk back with your head down knowing that you better pick it up next week if you want My Title. …But it wont get any easier Feight cause I'm gonna be ready to tear the fuckin head off of Goth as well cause theres nothin better than beating that little asshole all over the ring, ..but the two of you? Oh yeah, that's even better. But that's a week away and now I have you and Irons, ..a little tune up before Unleashed.

Its been a while since we met in the ring Feight, ..we both failed to get what we wanted in the Psycho Circus and in singles competition were at a split… But out last match? Yeah, it was that Tag Match with Sin and Ramone and I don't think it turned out to well for ya did it? No, and I know how much you hate losing to Zero Tolerance so I can only imagine how hard that loss was for you. ..But that's different cause Sin nor Ramone will be there in the ring, ..there wont be one of us waiting on the outside to get in.. I know this is what you want Feight, I know that you love every aspect of this sport, ..well, ..all except for Zero Tolerance that is.. But lets think about it Feight, the last time we met in singles competition it was for this very belt, ..the Belt that was yours at the time – and I came up on the short end of the stick.. There was no shame in that and I didn't walk away with my head down cause I was just a number, ..I was just another one of the wrestlers that you put away in your long Title defense… Oh but the Tables have turned my friend, and this time around its me holdin the Title and you comin to the ring empty handed.. yeah, I still have to fight the uphill battle as both you and Irons want what I have – but I’ll be damned if I give either one of you this Title, ..no, not the week before Unleashed. Feight you speak of the destruction that you have given me as if you have the upperhand, ..but lets tally it up Feight – outside of the Circus we've been in the ring three times, ..and how many have you won?

One? That's right, so don't come out here and try to speak of dominance over me or Zero Tolerance cause I hold the upperhand so far when we've been in the ring, ..and that's somethin that ya cant argue with… oh you can try but the results of our matches speak for themselves and I'm gonna put one more win over you this week, and I’ll enjoy the fact that I know I’ll be seein’ you again next week except when we’ll replace Irons with Goth. Ya know Feight, I gotta disagree with ya on one thing.. Your trying to tell the world that brute strength don't run wrestling anymore, that they days of the big and powerful are over, ..but ya know, ..the last time I checked theres a brawler that's over seven foot tall and damn near four hundred pounds that holds the Global Title.. So you really cant feed me that crap Feight, ..Im the one sittin here on top of the world lookin down at the rest of you and I don't pride myself on my wrestling skills.. I pride myself on my strength, endurance and ring knowledge not on submission holds or all that technical bullshit so you couldn't be more wrong about brute strength being the days of the past, ..cause your lookin at it Feight. I know that my size isnt going to win this match and I know that you're a better all-around athlete than I am Feight, but most people are who step into the ring with and that's never helped the majority of the people who’ve stood in my way and left nothing but a trail of better athletes bloodied and beaten..

I hope that your ready for whats coming Feight and you may think this Title is yours just as John Irons thinks so but the last time I checked this Belt says “Jaymz” and I know damn well you don't want to be me.. You don't want to be me because the fans hate me, cause my face is a little cut up, ..cause I'm a lot older than you.. Naw, you’ll never want to be me – but in the end you’ll envy me.. You’ll envy me because I’ll still be holding this Title as you come to the realization that I'm not some transitional Champion, ..Im not one to be the revolving door like Pain and Harper were. You love the spotlight Feight and you love nothing more than to be in the main event, but what good is that gonna do ya when you fail? How is the world going to react when they see their loved A.P. Feight fall at the hands of the Global Champion? There will be moaning, ..there will be booing – and after all that; that fuckin arena is going to be dead silent because theres nothing that the world wants more than for me to lose this Title to you. You may be Main event and you will be next week no matter the outcome of this match – but I know one fuckin thing Feight, and I know that I’ll be in the ring at the same time with you and Goth.. So you can have your main event matches but you aint gonna look so hot when you start racking up loss after loss to the Global Champion. Did you enjoy your run in the Tag division Feight? Did you like the feel of losing those Tag Belts last week?

No, you said that you were disgusted and disappointed, ..and those were the Tag belts… So hows it gonna feel when you put everything you have into this match only to come out and fail? What are you gonna have for next week when you step back into the ring with me one more time? I'm waitin for this match Feight and Ive been waitin ever since you got the better of me when you were the Champion… The Psycho Circus didn't fulfill my desire to slaughter you and neither did our tag match, ..but this week? Oh yes, ..this is the week that I take you and the other giant fucker out of the ring. This is it Feight, ..this is your chance to prove to the world that you still have what it takes to compete at the top of the GWA, ..that you have the endurance and the will power to knock me off and claim the Global Title as yours… But don't get your hopes too high and don't think for a second that your gonna take this Title with you, ..cause your not. Its mine, and it’ll stay mine for a long…long time.