-Songaa vs. Jaymz-

Sweet Little Katie

Mrs. Stevenson was a revoltingly huge woman; she had flabs of fat that hung down the backside of her arms covering her elbows and the poor woman had no wrists.. She waddled as she walked and her long brown hair swung side to side with every shuffle that her feet made.. She huffed and wheezed, unable to walk no more than twenty yards without having to stop momentarily to catch her breath. Her husband, Brian, said something to her and she sharply turned her head at the man which made her second, and third, chin ripple like waves in an ocean. She grabbed the collar of his shirt with fingers that looked like sausages and bared her smoke stained teeth and scowled at the man… It was evident who wore the pants in the family as the tall skinny man, who was balding on top, recoiled at her words.. He didn't raise his hands as he only kept them at his sides, grabbing and pinching the side of his pants as he always did when he got nervous. Brian towered over her as her eyes only came level with his pocket protector that he wore in his white button-up shirt. Her meaty hands let go of her husband as they continued down the wide white hallway as doctors came and passed them but paying them no attention. Mrs. Stevenson continued down the hallway as Brian stood there for a moment before following her… There was something in Mrs. Stevenson’s eyes – and it wasn't hunger..

There was fear in her eyes and dark circles under them, something was terribly wrong and it had caused her to lose sleep for the last night as they had flown back to Detroit as soon as they heard what happened. Brian had been there to cater her and tend to her every need. He loved his wife and would give the world to her if he could and he was always down on his hands and knees doing anything that he could to please her. He had rubbed her sweaty feet on the airplane just to soothe her, gave up his package of almonds which she swallowed in two handful’s. She was having a hard time dealing with this – and she didn't even know all the details that had been told to him by the doctor, he figured that it was better the doctor explain what had happened to his beautiful wife. Her wheezing picked up again as they walked down the long wing of the hospital; Brian told her to sit down on one of the benches in the hallway and as she sat the plastic let out a loud creak under her massive weight. He asked her if there was anything that she needed, knowing they just passed the vending machines only moments ago. She replied that she needed something drink, a coke, she said. Brian nodded and walked back the direction in which they had just come; he found the vending machine and deposited the only two quarters that he had in his pocket and pushed the “Coke” button without noticing the red light was on..

He muttered and cursed under his breath as he looked over his options knowing that Dr. Pepper would be her second choice; he pushed the button and second later the can fell from the bottom. He went back to his wife, who stood out like a sore thumb as she was hunched over on the bench looking at a picture of a lighthouse hung on the opposite wall. She had gotten her breath back by the time Brian arrived and gave him a shitty look as she saw that he didn't have her desired drink

“Brian” she sighed, “I wanted a coke. Don't you listen?”
He knew that she was being short with him because of the current situation and he tried his best to keep her attitude, “yes dear, but they were out – so I went with the next best thing.”
He handed the can to her and she had a problem getting her meaty finger under the tab as she had the bad habit of chewing her fingernails. After a few attempts she was able to open the can and made terrible slurping sounds as she drank.. A young doctor walked by and caused Brian’s face to turn red with embarrassment as he knew the man was staring at his wife.

“Are you ready?”
“I suppose” she said as she raised her other hand to Brian who assisted her up with a grunt as she shifted her massive weight from the bench. They continued to walk down the hallway until the came to the door that Brian was told to enter. Mrs. Stevenson turned slightly to enter the room and looked at the lady sitting at the desk. She was slim, blonde and very attractive.. She looked at her husband to make sure that he wasn't looking at the young woman’s perky breasts.

“Hello, you must be Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson. The doctor has been waiting for you – I’ll page him.” she said with a smile. The woman pushed a button on a phone and called to the doctor and seconds later a familiar man appeared from the doorway across from the desk, ..it was none other than Dr. Tabon. He shook hands with the couple and instructed them to follow him from the direction that he had come. The doorway led to a smaller hallway that had windows on either side, and inside these windows were small rooms that consisted of a bed, a sink and a toilet. Tabon led the way and spoke to them as they followed.

“Shes been very quiet since she’s been here, but her behavior is very odd and its something that I’ve never seen before.. Just, ..just the way she talks and acts, ..well its quite odd.” He led them to the end of the hallway and looked to his left at one of the windows. “She cant see us, ..but here she is.”

The room was small like all the others except this one had a view to the outside that was covered by thick glass. There were several toys on the floor, dolls actually. Not the plastic Barbie’s with the blonde hair and perfect body that every mother wished they had, but stuffed dolls.. But some of these dolls had lost their stuffing and were scattered across the room. Mrs. Stevenson broke down in tears as she saw the sight in the room. There was a small child, a girl, who was wearing a hospital gown, there were several patches on her head where her hair was gone. She stared on at the window looking on at the outside world with back facing them. Brian tried to comfort his wife but it failed as Dr. Tabon spoke again,

“Do either of you know exactly what happened? Ive talked to the police and Mrs. Stevenson? We cant get a hold of your father, Paul, and we would love to talk to him since Katie was there when the event took place.”
Brian was the one to respond, “I'm sorry Doctor, but we cant get a hold of him either… What he told me was very vauge, ..something about his dogs – and they were dead?

Dr. Tabon nodded, “Yes, that's what the police had told me… They said she was covered in the blood of the dogs and that she had piece of it on a plate – as if she was going to eat it and---“
The Misses cut him off as tears streamed down her face, “WHAT!???? Brian, what is he talking about!!???” She flew into his arms and again she tried to comfort her.
“Honey, that's what your dad told me – and the police told Dr. Tabon the same thing.

Dr. Tabon wrote some things down, “Has there been any traumatizing events in her life?”
“uh, n-no..” Brian was on the verge of tears but he held it together
“mm-hhmm, ..I see. Apparently there was someone else in the house with your father came back, ..they had left but Katie had called her Grandma, ..and I know this must be hard for you Mrs. Stevenson – but didn't your mother pass away seven months ago?”

They both nodded their heads as Dr. Tabon continued, “I'm guessing that whoever was in the house has had a traumatizing effect on her.. I’ve dealt with cases like this were children see things they shouldn’t, and have been put in places and situations that children should never be in… But, …with Katie, Ive never seen anything like it.
“wh-what is she like? Is-is it that bad?” Brian had tears in his eyes.
“Mr. Stevenson, this is a complicated case as Ive never dealt with anything like this… Ive talked to some of my colleagues and even their miffed as to what has happened. Her body temperature is low, right around eighty-nine degrees.. At first we thought she was cold and we warmed up her room but she her body never reacted.

“What is all that white stuff on the floor?” Mrs. Stevenson was pointing to the stuffing that was all over the floor in Katie’s room. Dr. Tabon took a deep breath before he responded, “Well, those were the stuffed animals that we put in there. We tried to get a reaction out of her because she was so calm. She never screamed, not even when we took her blood – and all children scream when you stick them with a needle. But we put a—“ he silenced himself, “here, I’ll show you.”

Tabon opened a smaller door that led to a closet and pulled out two stuffed animals, one was a doll and the other was a brown dog. Tabon slid his key through the slot in the door; the green light beeped and the lock slid inside. He opened the door and closed it behind him. He held the toys behind his back as he walked over to Katie and took her gently by the shoulder and turned her around. He seemed to be talking to her but from the hallway nothing could be heard. Mrs. Stevenson began to cry as she saw the face of her daughter, ..her eyes were glossy white and seemed to be staring off into space, her face was pale and she held no emption what-so-ever. He glanced back at the couple as he pulled the doll from behind his back and showed it to Katie. Her arms never raised from her sides and she seemed not to care about the doll. Tabon tried to put it in her hand but it fell to the ground. Tabon took a step back and held out the stuffed dog and all in the same instant Katie’s mouth fell open and her eyes grew wide. She snatched the dog from Tabon with both hands and sunk her teeth into its neck. Mrs. Stevenson let out a scream and began to bawl as her daughter shook the stuffed dog around tearing its head off as stuffing flew across the room.

Tabon studied this as he stayed inside the room until Katie had had her fun and tossed the two pieces of the toy to the floor. Her head tilted down again and the blank stare came across her face again. The three adults watched as a liquid spilt down to the floor, as it rolled down Katie’s legs. She urinated on herself as Mrs. Stevenson looked away.. Tabon continued to study for a moment before he turned his back to leave the room… Brian’s eyes became wide in fear as he saw his daughter lift her head, ..and her eyes seemed to turn black.. Her mouth opened wide and with one single leap that wasn't quite human she landed on Dr. Tabon’s back wrapping her arms around his neck.. he bared her teeth and with a quick action brought her head down to the side of Tabon’s and tore off his left ear… Blood came down the side of his shirt as he fell to the ground. Her parents screamed and beat on the glass as they cried, ..Tabon struggled inside and finally got the small child off of him.. His face went pale with fear as he looked back at the girl and noticed the familiar color of her eyes.. His hands shook as he slid his card in the door and quickly left the room; tearing off his shirt and placing it to the side of his head.. They tried to help but he pushed them away,

Tabon’s voice was shaky but he yelled, “Where does your father live Mrs. Stevenson!???”
“O-Outside Detroit, ..on Lowery street.”
Tabon’s eyes became wide in fear, “My God” he muttered, ..”Go back.. Go back into my office!! Tell Kelly to get Dr. Mantis in here – I'm bleeding a lot!”

The two left the room fast as Tabon stood up and turned to look in the window.. He let out a yell as the small child had her hands placed on it and her nose smashed against it, ..but he knew that she couldn't see through it – could she? …And it looked as if she was saying something, ..he looked on and followed her lips until he figured it out..” My Queen, …All for you my Queen” Tabon shook in fear, knowing that his most mental patient, Alexi Yaroslav also lived on that street.


Julie stood in her room facing the poster in the window that was no longer a poster… It had become the city again and the sounds of life from the city filled the room.. She watched the cars and the people move as she muttered, “…My princess…My princess…”


So the smurf has shown his face; and like mine - its not one worth lookin at either.. But this man is the GWA's second biggest hypocrite - yes, he takes a backseat to Goth in this category as he babbles on and on about things that he does himself. Here’s a man who thinks that he can take belt from me, a man who believes that just because he's beatin me in the past can defeat me with ease; no fuckin problem at all. He talks of these recent victories as if those were the only two matches that we’ve ever had, ...but then he finally acknowledged the loss that he took he took in January, ..it was as if the Psycho Circus had slipped his little mind, the match where I kicked the shit out of him and pinned him myself. ...Now he would like for everyone to pretend that it didn’t happen, and that he owns a two and oh record over me, ..but that just isnt the case. Ya see Songaa, Im the Global Champion and there’s a reason for that - just as there’s a reason that every time you’ve beaten be; someone has been in the ring and been a distraction to me, ..true? Yes, you cant argue wit that. But do you know what life is like when you face the Global Champion one on one? No, you really don’t and your ass has been saved enough - but this time? Oh Songaa, you really got it comin this time around and I don’t really think that your prepared for this match.. Your head is big as its filled with dreams and hopes of capturing the Title that I hold.

Your ego is huge and your flying above the clouds because you’ve gotten over on me a few times, but I like that Songaa. I like it because your gonna come to the ring and give me everything that you have, your gonna fight your heart out - but Songaa your gonna come to the ring and fight with your ego, ..not with your head. You'll be filled with thoughts and emotions of winning this match, visions of the last two bouts we’ve had and you'll get your hopes up... But Songaa, like I’ve told ya - you’re the luckiest man in the GWA, ..and well, ...your lucks about to run out. You can gloat and brag all you like, but Songaa, ..you didn’t face me for this belt - you didn’t face me for the biggest prize in the GWA and if you think that you can hold me back and keep me from being the Champ, the thing that I desire, the thing that I had my eyes set on - then your gonna fuckin pay the price for thinkin you can take out the GWA's biggest sumbitch, ..the most feared mother fucker on this roster... You think you can come and take this belt from me? You think you can remove the belt from my waist? Of course you do, of course those delirious thoughts fill your little mind based on our past matches... But the belt wasn’t on the line was it? My most prized possession wasn’t being fought over was it? No Songaa, it wasn’t. And this time it is and your gonna get a beating like you’ve never had, a beating worse than the one that I gave you in the Psycho Circus.

Im glad that you get this shot Songaa, Im glad you get a chance to think that your one of the best, you’ve beaten me and now you get your chance again on the biggest stage - and all eyes will be on you. The whole world will be cheering for Indian to take down the big man, and I thrive on that Songaa... I love it when all the attention is on me and my opponent and when the opponent is the crowd favorite... Theres nothing better than hearing the crowd cheer against you and 'boo' when you win... Youre gonna be one sad man when this match is over Songaa and then maybe you'll realize that you aren’t Global Material, ..maybe at one point you were, or maybe if you had to face someone else who didn’t give a flyin fuck about keeping this belt you would have a chance at winning it, . but you don’t. Now Songaa, you come out here and tell me that Im all pissed off, that Im all out of my skillet and gettin all mad.. really? And how do you figure that? Aren’t you the one that’s doing all the screaming and yelling? Aren’t you the one that’s ranting on and on telling people that I don’t give you enough respect? ...now tell me again, who’s pissed off? You think that Im pissed off because you beat me in the past? You think that those two matches are gonna get me all wired up and blow a fuse or two? ...why would they? Because what good is getting pissed off going to do me? How is blinding myself with anger going to win me the match? It isnt, and I don’t get pissed off at past matches because there’s no reason to...

People don’t like me, they don’t respect me and they'll be cheering for me to lose this Title, but should I be pissed off? Naw, but you are... Because you cant stand it that I don’t give you any respect, you cant stand it that I talk down to you - it fuckin bothers you Songaa, it bothers you because you’ve collected victories over me and I still refuse to accept your as a great wrestler, ..now obviously you seem to think that your someone special, ..well tell me Songaa, who do I 'respect?' Who do I give credit to? Feight, and that’s about it... Sure, hes a good wrestler but I still think hes a piece of shit and I'll degrade him just as I do everyone else so don’t think that your an exception to the rule; don’t think that your someone fuckin special - because ya aint. ..but on the other hand, there is a few things I would like to know. first being the fact that you seem to think I need to talk about you the entire time I speak in my promos; does it bother you that I don’t? Does it bother you that I talked about Crazy J and Sin? Does it annoy you that I talk about the dominance that Zero Tolerance has displayed in the GWA since the day we arrived? Yeah, it does.. but - that also makes you a hypocrite doesn’t it? Ah yes, it does... If Im suppose to come out here and "quit pussy footing around" and not talk about anyone else, then you should prolly do the same thing huh? Now, ..let me pull a Songaa in my best Indian voice, "Jaymz...you monster....you should focus on me.

Tristan bale was once a ZT member, Fang was once a ZT member, ..I beat Artic, John -the leader- Harper hates me" ..ok, yeah that’s getting old - but you see where Im going with this don’t ya? You come out here and tell me to focus on you yet you talk about beating Artic? Talk about Tristan Bale and the Vadim dieing?? What in the fuck does that have to do with our match, shouldn’t you 'be a little more focused?' ...you fuckin hypocrite, your the same as Goth. But I don’t wanna come out here and talk about you the whole damn time Songaa and it seemed bother you that I talked about Sin and Crazy J, and our match last week... But Songaa I always do, I always address the events of the previous show because people want to know what I think - if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be watching this, ..but they do. You got all mad and fired up that I didn’t go right into our match, ..that I held off on it just long enough to talk about how Anarchy went down....Sin and I took out Damage Inc, ...uh-oh, I said Damage Inc, you gonna get a little pissed off Songaa cause I talked about someone else other than you, yet you do the same thing and I don’t give a fuck. But you know what the difference is Songaa? I know what Im talkin about, you, on the other hand don’t have a fuckin clue. Your out here telling me that we hired up Fang and Rex because Crazy J left.. really? so while Crazy J was still around here fighting in the ring while Rex and Fang were on the same card - he was somehow gone?

See Songaa, you done even know what your fuckin talkin about... we didn’t hire Fang and Rex because Crazy J was gone. Crazy J had a say in the whole situation, Crazy J talked with Drache and Bale about these two and bringing them in, ..and again - you look like a fool for you telling us why we brought them in... Do you even know why we did that? Obviously you don’t ...but you sure pretend like you do, so I'll tell ya since you didn’t bother to listen the first time. Fang was a pawn because Rex was the real talent, we knew that in order to get Rex we had to bring Fang along as well, ..and Rex knew this - and he played along with our little game. But now? Now neither of them fight in the ring for Zero Tolerance, ..we got rid of the trash in Fang and Rex decided that the passion wasn’t there, and that was too bad for a man who had all-world talent... But Rex is still around and Rex is still, and always will be, a big part of Zero Tolerance... sure, you may not see him in the ring - but hes watchin and he orchestrates alot of what happens inside our organization. ..you gettin mad yet, Songaa? You dont like it that Im talkin about Rex do ya? You dont like it that Im not "squarely focused" on the little Chief huh? Hell, you cant even make up your mind... One minute your telling me that I basically blow you off and don’t give you respect but then next minute your telling me that Im worried about your like John Harper is.'

So which is it gonna be, cause ya kinda got me confused and I don’t know which direction to follow ya to... Am I focused or am I not? I know the answer to that question but obviously your talk outta your ass because you wanna tell me two totally different things all in the period of a few minutes. Hell your so fuckin confused on what’s going on around here you may get your ass confused from a hole in the ground - or even which Zero Tolerance member your facing this week. You know Songaa, you can tell me that I don’t look or act like the Global Champion; and that’s fine, ..cause your wrong.. and don’t bother arguing with me cause Im always right.. Ya see, Im the biggest sumbitch here and there isnt one fuckin single name on this roster that I’ve been in a match with and haven’t defeated, understand that? Everyone who has ever stood against me as fallen at least once - and that includes yourself.... I walk around here with the attitude that I cant be beat, telling everyone how worthless they are and how they all know their going to lose to me.. That’s a Champion Songaa, cause I know that Im the best in the business. Now you may have a different idea on how a Champion talks, you may want to give credit to "all the little people" but th-- oh, they don’t get much smaller than yourself do they? Anyway, you may want to give it up to everyone else, tell them that their all good people and great wrestlers, ..but fuck all that..

I don’t give a fuck about honor, pride and whatever you want to believe... I believe in Zero Tolerance and I believe that Im the one holding the Global Title while you sit back and drool over it. You see how this Global Champion acts? You tell me that I don’t sound like one? Huh, well, telling everyone else they cant hold a candle to me is all that I need to say, ..telling you that Im the best is all that needs to be said, and I back it up yet you tell me I should be used to "the bitterness of losing." What in the fuck are you talking about Songaa... Since you’ve been here, ..or been back, however you wanna look at it - you cant even win two matches in a row, you’ve only got one more win than you do loss I think, ...but I should be use to the bitterness of losing? Has your mind gone soft? Did I give you one too many Silences and caused a little damage in that mind of yours, cause you sure as hell don’t seem know what your talkin about this week Songaa... You act as if your someone, act as if you can hold this belt longer than I could or defend it better than I could... How is this going to happen when I had almost double the time as the US Champion as you did? How are you going to defend this Title against the best every week when you couldn’t even hold the other belt as long as I did? ...See Songaa, your mind as gone soft...

and don’t give me that shit about "its a different belt, a different time" because you didn’t have to face it against the best, and neither did I - and I ended up losing to some below-average wrestler who was failing to get the job done... Sure, I won the Global Title with a little assistance from my Zero Tolerance brothers, ..but Songaa, the difference is that I was winning that match. I didn’t need their help, I didn’t need them to put the extra beating on Goth - it was just there for good measure and a little payback for the shit they have screwed us out of in the past; so they got what they deserved... Songaa what you need to do is pick a number, actually take the number Three cause that’s what you are. Storm and Havok had their chances, they had the opportunity last week to take the Global belt from me and they failed... Sin and I showed why were the best two singles wrestlers in the GWA, ..and more importantly, I showed why Im the Global Champion. And Songaa, I'm gonna show it to you and remind you why you failed to defeat me the first time we battled for the Title, ..the match I beat you in – and the match I ultimately failed in, The Psycho Circus.. But the point is Songaa, when the Titles on the line there isnt a chance in Hell that you can beat me.. Believe all you want, fantasize about holding the Gold, ..dream about it.. Cause one day you may have it, but you cant take it from this beast, ..the best in the GWA, ..your Global Champion.