-Damage Inc vs. Zero Tolerance-

You Really Fucked Up..

"what the fuck?" He mumbled to himself as he walked closer to the window... There was a look of shock on his face as he got closer to the window and regaining his balance as he slipped in a puddle of urine that Julie has left earlier in the night. He watched in awe as the tiny people filled the sidewalks, moving past one another shoulder to shoulder as if they were ants. He could hear the horns on the cars as they moved and became stuck in traffic... He looked around at the window seal seeing that the poster no long existed but that the small city was real.. He shook his head in disbelief and stuck out his hand, hesitated, and reached out towards the city..His hand slid through and disappeared, not enjoying the sight of his hand being gone he pulled it back quickly... It was wet and smelled like rain.. It had begun to sprinkle outside as Patterson left but he didn’t understand why his hand slid through the city and disappeared - but appeared outside. He wiped his hand off as the searing pain came back to his mind.. It was Julie, and she was screaming at him out of anger... Evidently she didn’t like him messing with the city, she wanted him away from it - and again, he didn’t understand. He had alot to learn. He stepped back from the window and left Julies room, went down the stairs and grabbed a flashlight before he went outside in the backyard.

The light rain became nothing more than a drizzle as he stepped into the wet grass and flicked the light on.. He could hear his beasts dogs tearing the basement apart and he knew they couldn’t stay down there forever; he ran the light up to the side of the house to Julies window. The light reflected off the glass but he could see the backside of the poster; his mind swirled with thoughts as the cool drizzle fell on his skin.. He lowered the light below the window and ran it down the house as something caught his attention, the window as open no more than an inch and there was a smear that appeared to be blood - he knew it was blood - that ran down the siding of the house.. The beam of light trailed farther down the side of the house until it got to the ground.. His beasts had torn the yard apart and left it nothing more than dirt that was now mud and he saw all that he needed to see, ..impact. Something had hit the ground here and he knew damn well what it was.

what the hell? ....Shes been leavin, but someone been with her and I got a pretty good idea who it is.. The Father is messin with 'er and Im gonna put an end to this shit.. I knew It, ..He..was in that damn city and she wants me away from it, ...but why? I can smell 'er, ..and she aint too far off...

His eyes roamed the yard for a moment before he flicked the light off and went back into the house. His footsteps were loud in the silent house as he went back up to his room and threw on a white shirt, jeans and laced up his black boots. He checked in on Vadim once more, who was asleep and still snoring as he had been for about eighteen hours now. He left the room, locking it behind him, and headed back down the stairs.. He stopped at the closet and pulled out his leather jacket, ..he adjusted the collar and pulled a cigar from his pocket; clinched it between his teeth and fired up the Zippo... he was all set.

..I like to walk at night; nothing better than a little stroll when things are quiet...when you can resign into the shadows and watch the things that try and hide in the night... but I aint out for a little walk in the park tonight, ...Naw, ..Julies around here somewhere and her scent roams the air... Shes been hiding things from me. She used to be mine, she used to obey my every command - but what happened? ...Everything went to shit ever since she came back from the Black Garden.... She used to have no thoughts of her own, no mind, ...no emotions - she only loved me and that was her purpose in life... but things have changed....

The smoke of the cigar swirled in the air behind him as he walked. His eyes shifted across the street to Paul’s house that was no silent. All the officers had gone home but all the lights remained on inside. The big man walked to the side of the house and pulled on the gate, ..it was locked... He tilted his head to the side, a feel of static came into the air and his eyes turned pitch black.. There came a 'clink' and the gate unlatched from the other side. He put out the cigar in the palm of his hand, letting the embers fall to the wet grass below and then put the half smoked cigar back between his teeth.. He walked with an air of confidence as he always did, he came to the side of the house and peered into the window.. He saw Paul sitting on the couch, the floor still streaked in blood as the man sat there and cried with his head held in his hands

...Yeah, she was here alright...I knew she was but I needed to see it for myself - and she knew I was here... She was pushing me away but I aint listening to her anymore, ...the pain in my head is sharp, but I cant let her roam the streets. The old fool, look at 'em - sittin there crying over them damn dogs... He didn’t care about them kids cause he only kept 'em when his daughter needed 'em to... Hell, he told me himself. ...Ah fuck!! Shes pushin hard, ..she’s tryin to get me to back - back to the house... I dunno why, but I gotta find her first - and I know she aint at the damn house. ...but she’s near, she got dog blood on her breath and piss on her clothes ...I can smell it.

He stood there for a moment and watched the old man cry, cry for his dogs, cry for his deceased wife and cry for the family that Paul Truss once had. Jaymz shook his head and walked back to the front of the house and headed back down the sidewalk, sweeping the streets with his eyes - only once looking back at Vadim's house as he walked slowly under the lit streets of the neighborhood.

...Someone’s a creepin'....and it aint my Julie....But she’s around, and she’s tellin me to go home...My mind races, I know someone’s watchin me... It aint one of these old people, their all asleep.... Someone with vengeance on their mind... But who? ..The days of havin' enemies are over... Drache settled all business with Clawz and Shang and we’ve lived quietly ever since.... I feel the eyes boring into the back of my head, and I keep waiting, ...waitin for the bullet to split my skull into fragments and splatter my brain like paint... that, or maybe.. I wait for the shank, to feel the piercing burn come runnin up my spine.... But whoever it is aint gonna do it, ..not tonight. ...but they want to, cause I can feel it, ..and Julie knows it too... Theres blood in the air, and its fresh - Julie got herself another meal, another animal…

Jaymz stopped and pulled the lighter from his jacket pocket, the drizzle had collected on his jacket by this time creating drops that rolled down the leather, trembled for a bit before falling to the ground. He fired up the half end of the cigar, dropped the lighter to the ground and spun around – ready to fight…. His eyes scanned the dark neighborhood seeing nothing behind him or creeping in the darkness… He shook his head and continued on his walk to find Julie, though it was dark he would know when he found her – afterall, they were one and she was doing her best to keep him away, ..to get him back to the house and far away while she fed… Alexi suddenly stopped in his tracks as he heard a noise, ..and it came again. The hairs stood up on the back of his neck as the “caw” came again. He looked to his left and saw the black bird bounce from the tree and out onto a limb.. it seemed to be smiling at him and Alexi hated it.. He took one last puff off the cigar as he held it between his thumb and middle finger for a moment before he quickly flicked it at the bird who didn't have time to move as red and orange embers exploded across the bird causing it to take flight behind Alexi
“Still don't like Sabbath?”

Alexi turned around to face the voice that was behind him. It was Sin, and Sabbath had perched on the mans shoulder. Jaymz let out a half laugh, “Took ya long enough, eh?”

Sin seemed to hesitate, “There was, ….a person of interest…. that I was following – but you seemed to fuck that all up when you called several hours ago.”
“Who?” Jaymz demanded to know
“I…I don't know….” Sin lifted his chin and took in the cool night air. His eyes shot open moments later almost with excitement as he whispered, “…Their here. Right now. I can smell them”

Jaymz looked around again, still not seeing the person – but Julies thoughts screamed in his mind to go home, go to Vadims house NOW!! He put his hands on either side of his head and grunted.. Sin looked at the big man oddly, “whats wrong?”
Jaymz head shot up, eyes pitch black, “What the fuck did you do to her when she was in the Garden!?
“Julie? Nothing. Why? Is she different?” It was a question, but a question that Sin seemed to know the answer to. “Changes are to be expected Alexi.”

“No…I want her the way that she was. You should have never taken her to that place.” He got in Sin’s face but the shorter man didn't more nor flinch as the Alexi pulled his fist back. The leaves on the trees they stood next to instantly wilted and died and fell, sticking to the wet ground.
“You know better Alexi, …lets not bring Hell to this place, ..not tonight.”
Alexi glared at Sin, “…Hell is already here, and the longer shes on the streets – the more shes gonna fuck up!”
“sshh…I feel something…?” Sin silenced the big man, “Theres going to be a soul for me to take tonight, ..on this street.” Sin lifted his arm and pointed back down the street towards Vadim’s house. “His smell is faint, ..the man…”

Jaymz looked around, “Someones been watching me, I could feel it… its not as strong anymore.”
A look of wonder came across Sins face, “what is Julie saying to you? ..Shes screaming, ..I can almost hear it..”
Before Jaymz could even respond he started to walk back down the street, his pace accelerated..” To go home, ..to go to Vadims.”
Sin took the cool night air into his nose one more time, “…I smell fear…”
Jaymz looked at Sin, “From this person that's watching?”
“No…” Sin said quietly, “…from you…its the old man isnt it?…”


Vadims house came into view as the two men advanced up the street at a quick pace, “He’s in the house” Sin said quietly as they approached. Jaymz curled his lips back and clinched his teeth, the tendons stood out on his neck as he shrugged his shoulders once and shook his jacket off in the street letting it fall to the ground.. His eyes grew pitch black and the bright glow of the street lights seemed to dim and the pavement left dry prints in the street where his shoes once touched the ground.. He began to sprint but Sin grabbed him by arm.. Jaymz jerked away and growled at the man but Sin didn't let him go, “No! Wait! …You don't know who it is, ..or what it is. ..I was following them ealier, just wait”

“It don't really fuckin matter…” He pulled free from the man and walked across the street and up the front yard, the grass dieing as his feet touched it.. He stared into the dark windows and saw movement from inside, a person… The person stopped, Jaymz could see the persons eyes… Eyes that he knew, eyes that he hadn’t seen in many years – eyes that he couldn’t put a name with. “where have I seen them?” he thought.. Anger rose in his body as the man inside shot into the shadows of the house.. Jaymz clinched his fists and let out a yell.. The front door and every window in the house exploded.. Jaymz heard a grunt from inside, he ran in followed by Sin and turned the lights on with his mind.. The person bailed out the backdoor and Sin went that direction as Jaymz went upstairs.. Sin cleared the mantle in the kitchen with one leap and out the backdoor that had also exploded into thousands of pieces of wood. He landed outside on the deck silently and stayed there, like an animal about to pounce.. His hair in his face but his eyes focused on the person that jumped the fence.. Sin knew there was no point in chasing him; he stood up and looked back towards the house and noticed blood on the doorframe… He ran his finger over it, smelt it – and then licked it off his finger.. A small grin came over his face.


Sin walked down the hallway and into the bedroom that was Vadim’s.. he saw Jaymz hunched down over the floor, saw a trail of blood leading from the bed down to the floor where Jaymz had the old man. Jaymz turned and saw Sin standing in the doorway,
“..Come here, ..I need you to help me.” There was no fear in Jaymz’ voice, but only a sense of urgency. “He got ‘em…He’s still alive though… Come hold this..”

Sin stood there in the doorway and watched as Jaymz body blocked the view of the old man, “…I cant Alexi, I cant help… Its my job to take souls, ..you better hurry.”


Ya know, Havok wants us to believe one thing.. He wants us to believe that hes the "The Son of Satan", "The Olex-whatever" and all the other names that he so chooses to call himself.. I told this fool, this man who is filled with fantasies and hallucinations that I wasn't going to argue with him on this whole thing of Satanism, ...but well - Hes managed to make a fool of himself in several different ways. I told him it was petty to argue over it and I still see that it is... but, if Nathanial Havok is "The son of Satan" shouldn’t he be filled with some kind of wisdom on Satanism? Shouldn’t he know about it from the Father himself? ...Now I knew that Havok wasn’t a very smart man, so when he aired his second promo and came out here with a vocabulary that wasn’t quite the same as usual - some red flags came up. Havok has run out of things to say, he knows nothing about The Father, he knows nothing about Satanism and he doesn’t know anything about the fool LaVey - and how do I know this? Well, if he really was the "Son of Satan" then I guess Nathanial Havok wouldn’t need to go to get on his computer and go to Wickipedia and straight up read the defining terms of "Satanism" for us ..word...for fuckin...word.... Did ya think that we were that fuckin stupid Havok?? I mean, you babbled on and on and on and on with all these words in contexts that you never speak in and you actually expected us to believe that YOU came up with all of that??

I sit here Havok, and I have the official transcript of your promo and I see how you, nothing more than a nerd, not the Son of Satan, went and copied "Satanism" from Wickipedia, and then tried to form it as your own words by adding things to the end with my name in it. its FAKE, your a FAKE so leave me out of your FAKE bullshit.. You expect me to believe that your the Son of Satan when you cant even put things in your own words??... It would have been one thing for you to come out here and say "I read that Satanism is: blah, blah, blah" or "I found in Wickipedia that Satanism is: blah, blah, blah" ...and as I look at this transcript of your promo, which is now in print, and was created by you and I don’t see where you gave the original author, Wickipedia, any credit whatsoever for the fact that you stole their material... So now that this is in text form, isnt this plagiarism? Ah yes, it is. I mean, wouldn’t Wickipedia like to see that you used their words and tried to play them off as your own without even changing it up? Wont Al and Grinder be thrilled to see that their responsible for your sorry ass since your an employee of their company? Havok this only goes to show that you fear us, that you aren’t the Son of Satan. You have no proof that you are, but you wanna come out here and look really smart by using someone else work and try to pull it off as your own.. I mean, you even went so far as to put your own thoughts at the end of it just to try and make it look legit.

So when Al asked you where you found the Pizza Place and you told him on the internet - I guess that wasn’t the only thing that you found, was it? Your a pathetic piece of shit Havok, ...so how many times in how many promos have you plagiarized someone else work and tried to pull it off as your own? How many times have you tried to look smarter than your opponents by using the words that someone else created? Cause see, you don’t know a fuckin thing about The Father or Hell and you showed that to the world Havok, because were callin you out on it. I don’t need to go look up "Satanism" on the internet Havok, I don’t need to go find information on such things because I live that life... I know of these things because I live them, every...fuckin...day. You on the other hand have to hide and appear to be something that your not, ..you want people to be afraid of you when they come to the ring, ..you hope that the "amazing vocabulary" that you speak will scare them away and frighten them in the ring... Oh no Havok, it don’t work like that this time around... Sin and I have now exposed you for the fake that you once, and well... when we get into the ring - were going to expose you again, ..Son of Plagiarism. Now, out of all the things that you’ve said, ...and copied... only one thing has been right; and that’s the fact that Damage Inc and Zero Tolerance cant compare to each other... We’ve been the staple of this organization for almost the last year, we’ve the ones with the Global Title, were the ones that saw the destruction and downfall of the Lynch Mob,

..which is basically Damage Inc and it'll only be a matter of time before we sit back and laugh as we watch Damage Inc crumble to the ground at the fault of Zero Tolerance. Maybe you should go look that up on the Internet Havok, maybe you should go see the demise that we’ve put the GWA through in the last year - report your finding, ...but lets hear them in your own words for once. So Damage Inc, as a whole is unstoppable huh? Is that so, Havok? Well, putting that Forklift in front of the door to yall's room seemed to stop all of ya at the same time and made you all look like fool as my boys came to the ring and did a little number on your goy Goth when I won the Global Championship. What you don’t seem to realize is that your a nobody, your a fraud, your a fake and your wrestling skills seemed to have diminished ever since you came back to the GWA yet you think that you can step into the ring with Sin and myself? You fool, the only thing that you have going for you, Son of Plagiarism, ...is the fact that Mason is going to prolong this match and make it worth watching for the millions of people around the world. Are you going to hide behind him? Are you going to let him do all the work? Are you gonna be too ashamed to even come to the ring in light of these new developments? You gonna bring your laptop to the ring and try to find something intelligent to steal? Try to impress me and have me shaking in fear as you walk down to the ring?

I wont be surprised to see that you like Dr. Seuss do all the work in this match.. Yes Storm , I called your Dr. Seuss… I didn't know if I was watching a performed story or a promo, ..whats next? You gonna tell me ”left foot, left foot, ..right foot, right.?” Oh, and just so Havok doesn’t get that mistaken – credit goes to Seuss for that one. But anyway Storm, that mind of yours really keeps on tickin.. it just keeps on rollin while you try and rhyme anything that you can… But do you really think that your getting under my skin? Out of all the people, you – Mason Storm claimed to have gotten under my skin? Please, I haven't even raised my voice to you and haven't had many derogatory, degrading statements to make towards you as I have most my other opponents. Why? Because you’re the quiet guy, you’re the one that's gonna bring your talkin to the ring …while Havok brings the Wickipedia…. But your gonna do your work between the ropes and I like that Storm… I like it how you feel that you can bring us down, that you can quietly come to the ring and complete the task of taking out Zero Tolerance… And we’ll find out how well you can handle adversity, we’ll see how Mason Storm survives after he takes his first loss in the GWA. Will you still be so quiet? Will you change the way that you think? …This business changes people Mason; when things don't go as expected some people have a change of mind, …something inside their head fuses out and their never the same…

It happens a lot with athletes and coaches who are put on the spot, ..who have the pressure to succeed – but only to fail. You tell me that your under my skin? I dunno Storm, you look a little fired up when you tell me not to mess with you or question you. But you know what Storm, do you know what you seem to be forgetting? That this is a tag match, that this match also involves Havok, ..you know him? ..the Son of Plagiarism? Storm your too caught up in the fact that you’ve got this “undefeated” streak in the GWA, but uh – how many Tag Matches have those wins come in? Tell me – with you and Havok? Oh that's right, you haven't established yourself as a dominate Tag Team wrestler and that's one thing that you need to prove to the world before you keep babbling on and on about how great you are.. Cause your stepping into the ring with a former Tag Champion in myself when I was tagged with Crazy J.. Yes, Sin and I failed to take the Tag Team Title once – but we earned our shot at them, we climbed through the ranks and have only lost one tag match here in the GWA.. We've proved our worth as a team and that's something that you haven't done with Havok yet.. So settle down Storm, take it easy for a while… yeah, your pretty much dominated your competition so far Storm, ..but this a new element for you, ..this isnt no three on three where too many people take too many breaks.. It’s a real tag match this time Storm, and whether you want to believe it or not, ..you and Havok don't quite have the skill as a team that we do…. I know that something that you don't want to hear – but you wont be hearing a lot when the match comes to an end as you, …or your partner… gets hit with the Silenced Atonement