-Damage Inc vs. Zero Tolerance-

..So They Show

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.. The hammer thudded on his big toe smashing it to a bloodied pulp... Alexi looked down at the mess that was once his big left toe as it came again. bang, bang, bang, bang, bang bang, bang. His second toe went into a bloodied mess just as his first one had... Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang - He jerked awake and moved his toes, glad to see that they were still all there. He threw the sheets back off the bed and went to open the front door as the banging came again from the front door. He hated those dreams where you were half awake and half asleep, weird shit always seemed to happen and you were always glad to wake up and see that it really wasn’t happening. He unlocked Julies door with his mind, opened the door and poked his head in. The stench of feces and rotted food filled his nostrils as he peered in, she was standing next to the window with the large poster of a city that covered it. He didn’t care too much for that poster and thought there was something odd about it, ...actually, he hated that fuckin poster and wanted to tear it down but something seemed to be keeping him from it - telling him not to do it, to stay the fuck away.

She never turned, never looked away from the poster as he closed the door and once again locked it with his mind. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang - came again as he headed down the stairs with his eyes still lazily opening as they wanted to return to thier down position. He flicked on the light in the living room and he came into view.. He was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and the huge handprint on his chest that had been burnt into his skin stood out like a sore thumb. ...There was a t-shirt laying on the couch that he snatched up and threw on as the banging came from the door once again, ..this time pissing him off. He screamed at the person outside to hang on.. He unlocked the door and pulled it open with force slamming it into the wall behind, ..and there stood Chief Patterson... Jaymz looked around and noticed the flashing lights across the street. There must have been seven police cars and two ambulances out there.. He stepped past Patterson and onto the front porch

"What the hell's goin on over there?" Jaymz sat down in the wooden chair and pulled a half smoked cigar from the ashtray and fired it up.
"That’s what I’ve come to ask you about."
Jaymz quickly turned his head and glared at the older black man, "Ask me!? What the fuck is that suppose to mean!?"

Patterson seemed hesitant, "Alexi there’s some weird shit goin on over there... A little girl lost her mind, apparently she - and someone else - killed the old mans dogs, ..and ....were uh, ....eating them..."
There was silence for a moment as Alexi couldn’t believe he was being accused of this and Patterson caught the look, "Now Im not sayin you had anything to do with it - but the little girl said 'grandma' was there, and 'grandma' has been dead for six months. ....but there was someone there, that much we can tell ..another girl we would assume"

"so what the fuck are you doin over here?"
"Drache told me that I should come and talk to ya... Said you might know something."
Jaymz stood up and got in the face of the Chief, "You came over here and woke me up because some girl lost her fuckin mind and ate Paul's dogs? Do I look like a fuckin girl? Do I look like I would eat a fuckin dog?"
"no..but... Drache just told me to come ask ya about it since you live across the street, ..and he said something about you having a daughter who lives here or something.. Oh, and the little girl didn’t eat the dogs, ..but she was about to."
Jaymz always lied and told people that Julie was his daughter.. After all, she was only twenty-three and he was in pushin fifty. "Yeah, and she’s handicapped you fuckin asshole. She stays in the house and she’s not capable of leaving the house on her own, much less even leave the bedroom.. ..Fuck you Patterson!"

"Alexi Im sorry, ..I'm just...I'm just doin my job."
"No, your over here fuckin with me, that’s what your doin. I don’t know why Drache even sent you over here but Im gonna call him, ..and Patterson... If your lying to me - you know that your ass is on the street, ..and Drache will see to it."
Patterson shook his head and seemed sincere, "Alexi Im not kidding, he told me to come down here and ask you about it... It seemed odd to me to, ..Im on your guys' side man, ..you know that."
Jaymz rolled his eyes, "Yeah you know where your big pay check comes from..."

The two men sat there in silence again as the flashing lights from the cruisers lit up the houses causing shadows to move and twist in the night as Patterson looked back over at Jaymz, "Somethin weird happened over there though, ..that little girl, ..shes just fuckin blank. She wont say a word and I dont even think that she blinked when I was over there...and pale, damn I never seen a person so pale before."

'I have' Jaymz thought, 'and she’s in the bedroom upstairs.' But he didn’t speak these thoughts to Patterson because it was something that he just didn’t need to know... Alexi was sure he knew what had happened, had Julie been out while he was sleeping again? shit, this really had to stop - she was directing trouble his way and it was becoming a problem... But he loved her and he didn’t see a choice but to keep her around - isnt that what you did with your loved ones? Keep them around? ..but that wasn’t the part that was bothering him it was--

"Alexi, you just keep an eye out... Im not worried about you, I know you can take care of yourself... Just a bunch of older people here and I don’t wanna have to come back out here for this kind of thing, keep an eye out for 'em, ..I feel sorry for this old man as it is."
"Yeah Chief, I'll keep my eyes open."

Patterson extended his hand and Jaymz shook it, the big man nodded as he turned and left the porch and headed back across the street to make sure his boys had everything under control. Jaymz watched him leave and then he watched as they brought the little girl outside.. As soon as she left the front door she began to kick and scream, she didn’t want to leave the house - that much was obvious, but he found the whole situation kinda strange. He didn’t think Julie would do the things that Patterson said happened inside of that house, but then again he wouldn’t put it past her either. But the thing that bothered him the most was that Patterson said Drache had sent him over here... Why the fuck would Drache do such a thing? It just didn’t make any sense... But he believed the Chief as he knew the man had never lied to him before and he was on Drache’s payroll. But it just didn’t add up, ..Drache knew Julie would be capable of doing something, and that they suspected another girl - and he had sent Patterson over here?? It was really chappin' his ass and anger rose in him as he slammed the cigar down into the ashtray causing the red embers to fly back out. Now he was pissed, he stood up from the chair and went into the house, grabbed the phone and went back outside.. He called Drache’s office and waited - there was no answer.. He grumbled something under his breath and dialed Drache’s home number, ..and again, no answer.

He slammed the phone down on the deck causing the battery casing to fly off and the battery itself to disappear into the darkness. The phone made an odd beeping sound as the battery came out and he gave it a good kick out into the yard. He stood up and watched as Patterson talked to the old man across the street, which was no longer a concern of his as he wondered why Drache would send Patterson over here... The man had been acting strange over the last few weeks anyway but he had never thought that Drache might have something in the works, ...but then again, Drache hadn’t even bothered to contact him in the last week or so... Jaymz shook his head and walked back into the house locking the front door behind him. He took the wrinkled shirt back off and stopped by the kitchen, ...there were several empty vinegar bottles on the floor as Julie has tossed him down without a care earlier in the evening. He opened the fridge and drank what was left of the cranberry juice out of the bottle and tossed it to the floor just as Julie had done with the vinegar. He wiped his mouth and headed back through the man room and went up the stairs knowing that he needed to find his cell phone and try to get a hold of Sin.. He stopped by Vadims room and looked in on the old man, he snored loud and Jaymz could hear that before he ever stuck his head in. He closed the door quietly and walked down the hall passing Julies room but came to a stop...

He backtracked and put his ear to the door, a confused look came over his face and he shook his head slightly... Was he hearing things right? ..He could have sworn he heard cars moving and honking their horns, ..maybe an airplane? But it all seemed so faint and there was no TV or radio in Julies room. The lock on the door snapped into place and he threw the door open... The stench filled his nostrils again as his eyes scanned the room, ..Julie was gone but something caught his attention, the poster in the window. He walked over to it, seeing that it was no longer a piece of paper in a window, but it had become one with the window - and that people walked the sidewalks, cars filled the streets and clouds moved in the sky. A terrible pain struck the back of his mind as Julie tried to tell him something, ...and she pushed him with her thoughts, ..closer to the city in the window.


I sit here, sit here in the dark as I usually do - never letting my opponents see me the week before the match... Sure, I show you things - small bits and portions of my life that I allow you to see.. Things that are edited, that are fabricated - and things that are true.. Things that are mostly filmed in advance so I have more time to study my opponents, time to run my life the way I see fit. ...Most people don’t agree with the way that I live yet I could give a fuck less... But I sit here and you all stare at the blank screen only lit by a single light hiding my features ...listening to my voice. Im no mystery and I have nothing to hide, what you see is what you get and I’ve been berated for the life style that I have chosen. But I have nothing to hide and I never have because I have no shame for who I am... Unlike some people. Sure, Sin and myself may be sneaky, we may acquire bad deeds from certain ..people, or things... But we show you who we are, and you know how we act - and you hate us for it.. Were not ashamed to admit who we are, where were from and what we do with our lives, ...there’s no Mystery to us. For some, the people who claim their a Mystery ...these people who don’t want you to see them for who they are. And you ask, 'Jaymz if you have nothing to hide - why do we never see your face when you speak?' Why? Because its easier for people to listen, to pay attention when you cant see the thing speaking to you..

You try, you squint at the TV - hope that when I shift a little that you may catch a brief glance of me...But you listen, and you pay attention. Lets take that nobody Lady Ashe for example, you need to see her face because half the shit she says makes no sense.. she babbles on and on about things and uses words that don’t appropriately fit with what she’s trying to say, ..and that’s a fact. ...Now I aint the smartest man and I aint gonna impress you with my vocabulary - but you get the fuckin picture when I talk, ..you know what Im sayin - and its typically the truth that I speak. ...We don’t have to hide and aint a damn thing mysterious about us, ..like Mason Storm wants to be... He roams around the GWA trying to hide who he really is, as if hes one big question mark that nobody can figure out. My boy Sin has clocked him for his fear, the fear of being exposed, ..and that’s the truth, its Mason's biggest fear. Now I did give Mason a little bit of credit earlier in the week, and hes the only man in the GWA outside of A.P that’s gotten those kind of comments from me... Am I goin soft? naw, ..just callin it like it is. But even Feight has failed to come out with a winning record against me and don’t think that Mason is gonna "one up" me this week, ...but even with his bud Havok in the ring... But how strong is Mason gonna be when he becomes exposed? How will this "Man of Mystery" try and keep his little Hide And Seek act going on when hes being beaten from one side of the ring to the other?

How is Mason gonna keep that low profile when he takes his first loss? What’s the world gonna think of the Man of Mystery when he collects his first loss in the GWA? ...There wont be anything Mysterious about it, nothing confusing or complicated... We'll expose him for the regular man that he is, no more than an above-average wrestler in a group full of nobodies and has-beens. This is the week that Mason realizes that he made a mistake, made the mistake of joining Damage Inc. ..This is gonna be Mason's first real match against Zero Tolerance, Mason's first real chance to see what life has been like for the members of Vindication, ..Lynch Mob ....and now Damage Inc. I hope that you enjoy your time with Damage Inc., Mason - But I bet they've never bothered to explain a little history to ya ...have they? Have they told you they were backstabbers? Have they told you how many times tier groups have fallen apart and disbanded? Have they told you how many times they've failed, yet only to come up with some new name just to impress the world with their new 'gimmick?' ...Naw, they haven’t told you any of that. Have they told you about the one group that’s been the staple of the GWA? Have they told you how many times they’ve tried, over and over again just to take us down... Only yet to fail? Blind to history Mason, that’s what they want you to see... But Mason, Sin and I are going to change all of that for you.

Were gonna enlighten you on a little history of the GWA, Lynch Mob and Damage Inc. ...Were gonna show you why they’ve been constant failures, why they've always been below Zero Tolerance, why Grinder and Al felt the need to switch over to Zero Tolerance... We’ve always been a threat, we’ve been the ones that do the damage; we’ve been the ones that people want to conquer. So Al and Grinder switched over to Zero Tolerance - why? To pull a quick one on us, to try and be rid of us from the GWA forever... and did they succeed? Fuck no! Who stands here with the Global Title? Who commands the attention of Al and Grinder!? Who gets their blood pressure on the rise each and every week!? We do. They cant fuckin stand us and the signs that point to that? Grinder and Tony the Nobody Jackson will be the ref's in this match... That’s shows me a sign of weakness, it shows me that Grinder and Al BOTH know that Havok and Mason don’t stand the slightest fuckin chance of winning this match... if they did, it would be a regular paid GWA official standing in the ring during this match... Nope, not this week. They wanna run up the electric bill for this match, they wanna make sure that Mason and Havok have a few burns on their backs - make sure that we leave our marks on 'em for this match.... No, they want that to happen to us, ..but I welcome it... I welcome anything foreign into the ring because I love that type of shit

Ya know, Havok’s train of though is beyond me… He believes that I'm nothing more than a manipulator, a man who has lied to Sin and made him believe me… This Havok, ..this nobody, ..claims to be the son of Satan? This same nobody, tells me that I'm not who I say that I am. Really, Havok? And who are you to come out here and tell the world any different? Who is going to come out here and believe you yet tell me the things that I speak are false? You claim that I have lied that I'm not the one to take the throne when this pathetic mortal body of mine passes on and my soul takes its Rightful Place. Who are you to tell me that its false? Well Havok – cant I say the same things about you? Ah yes, I believe that I can… Because, where have you been when Ive traveled the Black Garden? Where were you when the Father touched my chest and scarred me for life? You see, I have the proof, I'm marked. You? Why should I, or anyone else for that matter – believe you? You say that Ive brainwashed Sin but that only goes to show me that you don't know and haven't paid any attention to who we are or where we came from. Since when did I brainwash Sin? When, and please tell me, did I tell these things to this man – who already knew these truths when I met him. How, and again tell me, did he know who I was and what I was to become when I didn't?… Tell me how he knew how to bring out the powers that I possess – the very powers which you deny that I have. I brainwashed this man?

No Havok, he knew more about me than I knew about myself when he first came to my side. You see Havok, I will be the center, I will be the most powerful… I will be the one who sits in the chair of all that is Evil.. I will be responsible for the lost souls that will enter into my unknown. I was once told by a preacher, a wise man that “If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away; it is better for you to lose one of your members than for your whole body to be thrown into Hell. And if your right hand causes your to sin, cut it off and throw it away; it is better for you to lose one of your members than for your whole body to go into Hell…..” I looked at that fool and told him that every fiber in my body has sinned, and will continue until my body leaves this world… For you Havok, you should take the old fools advise, because YOU are the fraud… I know my destiny, Ive been touched by the Hand of the Father and the General of His Army is here to assist me, and to clear my path to take what is rightfully mine. …For you Havok, I'm sorry that you’ve had delusional dreams, nightmares or fantasies – pick as you choose, ..to believe in. To call real. To call your life. You can tell me that I'm wrong, you can tell me that I speak false truths, ..but Havok when you die and you have to stand before the Throne, before my tormented Soul, you will tremble in fear and realize that you were wrong… You will beg, you will plead … But Ive been to the pits of Hell, Ive crossed the River of Styx, I know what exists in the Infinite world and you will one day learn..

You will one day learn of the truths as you suffer in pain, …as an unknown Soul mixed in with the millions that I own…. I wont quarrel with you about this any longer Havok, because its petty as I know the truths – and one day, ..you will to. You should be more worried with my mortal body, with Sins mortal body and the damage that were going to inflict on the two of you this week at Anarchy. You should be more concerned with the fact that this is a losing battle that your fighting, ..is that battle with Rex still in your mind Havok? Has that loss to Zero Tolerance been a burden to you Havok? Have you realized that stepping into the ring with us is no more than a losing cause? And Mason, ..does this man know what hes even talkin about? Well, if he would have watched the news in Detroit he would have seen what happened to the little girl across the street, ..since it happened last week.. As I told you, I show you bits of my life as I please… But Mason, do you not know the difference between a man – and a woman? You see I know Paul, and hes a good man – and when, did you see or hear that he was going to molest that little girl? Where do you pick these things up Mason? And grandma? …Well Grandma is dead, ..shes been dead for months, ..you shouldn’t believe the talk of a crazy girl, ..even when Paul spoke of his wifes death… Oh, Mason you’ve shown that you have a lot to learn, and this is going to be the week that Zero Tolerance teaches you a few things, …things you may not like, things you may not want to accept – but I'm not giving you a choice …and neither is Sin. Havok can be your wingman, or whatever whatever you want to call him, but in the end – nobody will be calling you ‘the winners.’