-Damage Inc vs. Zero Tolerance-

Our Time

I didn't believe ‘em, ..and now I kinda wish that I did since hes lost his fuckin mind. But he’s and old man, ya know? ..and sometimes, well, its hard to believe some things they say – cause their mind aint all there. But I think I was wrong. He told me that she was runnin around the house while I was gone, ..runnin between the walls, on the ceiling and whatnot. ..and I was suppose to believe that? Ive never seen it, ….nope, …not once. I did learn a few things though, and that she could hide things from me. All those times I was gone and I checked in on her with my mind thinkin that she was asleep – she was awake. …But she shouldn’t have been able to get from the room, the fuckin door is locked… Now my old friend has lost his fuckin mind, ..and I kinda feel bad. All my life hes been there for me, doin whatever I needed and I could always count on the man. All he does now is lay in bed with that fuckin weird look on his face, starrin’ off into space while slobber slides down his chin… The doctor wanted to put him in a home, ..but I couldn't do that to ‘em cause I know he never wantedta’ go to one of them damn places – he was too afraid they would beat ‘em… Well, if I ever caught wind of it they wouldn’t be doin that kinda shit anymore… But Shes responsible for all this, but I love her.. My mindless bitch.. Well, I cant say that shes mindless, cause she aint…

Her mind is filled with debris from god-knows-what, but whatever is in there controls her, ..makes her do the things that she does… I know it’s the Father that's filled her head with these things, these strange things that she does… but I lover her all the same… So she smells a little like piss, fine by me – shes perfect. I love her more than I did my dead daughter, or my living son… I don't need them, I got Julie and she made me realize that.. or maybe it was “Him” that made me realize… I promised the old man I would be out of here, a week before I won the Global Championship – and now? Well, I very well cant leave now cause I gotta stay here and take care of the old man… He hasn’t said anything in a while, he sputters and he spits fragments of words and I can see the fear in his eyes when Julie follows me into his bedroom, but I can see that he wants me there – that he doesn’t want to be put away, so I stay and do the same thing that he would do for me… But I wonder what happens when I sleep, when Julies awake, and shes in that bedroom – the room that Vadim claimed she was out of, ..and terrorizing him. ..But I guess I’ll have time to think about that, …later, …when I'm sleepin’.


“Grandpa, grandpa!!” The kid ran from the living room and into the kitchen, “Katie changed the channel and I don't want to watch what shes watching!!”

The old man looked up from the plate he was fixing, “Well what is she watching?”
The kid folded his arms and puffed out his lower lip, “My little Ponies.”
“Ahh, I see. And what were you watching?”

The kid glanced around to the floor then back at his balding grandfather, “Chuckie.”
“Aaron, I told you to turn that movie off along time ago… And your mom wouldn’t be too happy if she knew I was letting you watch something like that anyway.” The old man shook his head and slopped some more spaghetti on one of the plates, “and don't worry about it Aaron, were gonna eat in just a few minutes anyway”

“What the hell am I gonna watch when were done eating then!??” The kid stormed out of the kitchen and back around the corner where the old man heard the kid finish off what he was saying, “I hate this damn place anyway!” There came a scream from the room, he knew what had happened. Aaron snatched the remote away and changed the channel back. Paul sighed, he was too old for bickering children. But he loved them, even though they were getting older and didn't really want to sit around with their old grandpa anymore, ..but he couldn't blame them. He remembered when he was that age, all he wanted to do was go chase girls and be with his friends. He didn't like the way his grandson talked to him, and really he wanted to pull out the belt and beat his ass – but he knew the kid, and chances are he would run off if that happened.. And he didn't want that to ensue. He put their plates on the table and called them in. Katie, who just turned eight several weeks ago came in with tears in her eyes followed by the three little terriers that Paul owned, ..they could smell the food and believed they were gonna get something as well

“grandpa, Aaron changed the channel” She had tears in her eyes as she took her seat at the table. Aaron came around the corner with a look of satisfaction on his face. He didn't say anything to Aaron as he sat across from his sister and they ate their dinner in silence. Paul looked out the window and across the street, he was amazed at how Vadim had let his yard go. Spring weeds grew tall in the yard and that was very unusual as Vadim typically had the best lookin yard on the block. He thought that maybe tomorrow, after the grand kids left, he would go and visit the man and make sure that everything was fine as he hadn’t even come out of the house in a few days. He was aware that Vadim had spent a few days in the hospital but the huge man with the scarred face told him that he was fine and would be back in a few days.
“Aaron, STOP IT!!!!” Katie screamed at her brother and this broke Paul from his concentration. Katie had a smear of spaghetti sauce on the right side of her face and a meatball sat on the floor in a splatter of sauce.
“Hey!! Why did you do that! All you’ve done all day is pester your sister – Your done Aaron, go up to your room” Paul shook his head and turned his attention back to his plate as Aarons chair loudly skid across the tile floor and he stomped off up the stairs.

Paul stood up and got Katie a paper towel and wiped the sauce from the side of her face and a little out of her hair. Tears came down her cheeks again, “Its alright Darlin’ …Just steer clear of him for the night, ..hes being a butthole.”
Katie looked up with a smile on her face, she found it amusing that the old man used the word “butthole.” They both looked toward the front door as it slammed closed. Paul wiped his mouth and hurried to the door as fast as he could and looked out, and there was Aaron running down the street into the fading sunlight.

“Aaron!! Aaron!!!” Paul cursed under his breath and he wished their grandmother was still alive cause if she was – this wouldn’t be happening. “Katie, you finish up your dinner and go back to watching your movie – I'm gonna go find your brother.”
“But..but its gonna get dark!”
“I know, and you’ll be fine – you’re a big girl and nothings gonna happen. But I gotta go get your brother, your mom wont be to happy to see that hes gone.
“I would. Hes a butthole, remember?” A smile came across the girls face that made his own light up. He slipped on his shoes and kissed her on the head as he walked out the door, locking it behind him. He looked over across the street at Vadims house and noticed a figure standing in the window, the figure of a woman.. He looked away and got inside the old Cadillac, turned on the lights and slowly drove down the street


“Because you just cant, that's why!” Paul shook his head as he closed the door of the Cadillac behind him. Aaron got out the otherside and slammed the door closed as hard as he could, ..tears in his eyes.
“hey! Don't tear up MY things! Just because your pissed off doesn’t mean you can take it out on my possessions…”

“You’re the one that threw me down in the street, I'm tellin mom.”
Paul turned around before he opened the door of the house. It was dark now and there were a few bugs making dizzy circles around the porch light, the glow from the TV lit up the windows inside, “I didn't throw you down!” He got in Aarons face and showed who was incharge.
“You threw yourself down! you jerked away from me and busted your butt on the sidewalk, you made a scene out in front of everyone.. Do you know how embarrassed I am!? I have to see those people at Church this week

“I don't care!!” Aaron stormed past Paul and headed for the front door, turned the knob and put his shoulder into it. He let out a grunt as the door didn't open and a little pain went into his shoulder. Paul shook his head and found the key to the deadbolt in the dim orange glow of the porch light, inserted it into the door as Aaron ran into the house and took a quick right and headed up the stairs to his room. Paul could hear the boys sobs begin as he closed the bedroom door. He slid his shoes off and turned around to close the front door – something caught his attention in the night… He squinted his eyes and looked right where he could have sworn he saw movement.. He waited awhile and looked over the street, everything was fine – as it always was. He shrugged it off and went inside the house; he stopped as he came around the hallway. There was a smear on the floor, dark crimson and what looked to be claw marks. Paul looked up and nearly had to steady himself in the entryway; the wood floor was covered in blood. There were small bits and fragments of flesh ..and hair.
“Steely…” he whispered, Paul took a step into the room and peered down over the piece of flesh covered in bloodied hair, ..fur. “..oh my God…” again he whispered. He looked up and listened, ..he didn't hear his other two dogs claws tapping on the wood floor coming to greet them as they would everytime he came home.

“Katie!!??” he called for his granddaughter as his mind now raced, his eyes covered the floor of the living room one more time not seeing her – or parts of her. He hurried through the living room, slipping on the blood like it was ice, catching himself and going into the kitchen.. His mouth dropped in horror as the kitchen floor was streaked in blood and pieces of his dogs lay all in the floor.. he mumbled his grand daughters name once more as he looked on at her, sitting at the kitchen table. Her eyes were wide and blank, her dress covered in blood. She held a knife in one hand and a fork in the other. A chunk of Steely on the plate in front of her. He ran into the kitchen and took the knife from the little girl, ..and noticed that there was a plate on the other end of the table and the chair had been pushed out… And there was the rest of Steely, laying halfway off the plate.. He looked around in fear
“Katie – is someone here”

It took her a second to respond; it was slow and she seemed in her own world; “No grandpa, not now. Grandma just left.”


Ya know, things just don't go as you would like them sometimes… I would have liked to see my boy Sin keep that Title he had, I would have liked to tear someone up at Borrowed Time; but that shit just didn't happen. But ya always leave it to Zero Tolerance for a little surprise; and well, we didn't disappoint this week. It don't get much better when some guy walks in the GWA doors who possesses as much talent, and as much sense as Kevin King. Tristan started talkin to this man, wanted me to meet him – and whatta know? Me and the King hit it off, the fucker was meant to be in Zero Tolerance.. Hes in the right frame of mind, he knows what he wants – and the man knows how to get it. He had a few things to learn in the GWA ring so far, but theres no doubting the talent the man possesses and any fool who questions that, ..well…I’d hate to be the one havin to discuss that with King when hes standin across from ya. I like what he brings to the ring, and I watch him and I see the greatness he can be, a man who can bring home a Global Championship – well, that's if I ever decide to hand this belt of mine over to someone, ..and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Borrowed Time had turned out to be a success for our plans, and everything had gone just as it was suppose to until Al and Grinder had to come down and join the fun, …and that pissed me off. Though, I expected that to happen – I'm sure they didn't like seeing their buds being made a fool of in front of everyone, ..again.

Yeah, you can claim that you got the upperhand but we still got the things done that we needed to do, ..and had a helluva time doin it. But look how mad these guys got, ..couldn’t fuckin stand it and they try and throw Sin and myself in a match with Havok and Mason Storm ...and it only gets better... .with Grinder and Tony Jackson comin in to referee the match... Well, that’s just real fuckin wonderful - I mean, what are the odds that we get screwed out of this match? There pretty damn good if ya ask me and if either one of these two assholes decided they want to intervene in the match, put their hands on either one of us - well then its all over for those guys. Cause see, we aint gonna take no screw job, were not gonna sit back and let these two assholes decided they can change the direction of the match when Grinders boys are down.... But does the fun stop there? Hell no! Grinder told me that if I was to get pinned in this match that I'll lose the Global Title... Now aint that some shit? I find it funny, it just goes back to how much these guys cant stand us and that they'll do anything just to see us fall... Im sure it ruined their day to see that Goth failed to defend his Title several weeks ago and now Im the one holdin the Gold, ..so what do they do? Well, Songaa didn’t get the Title shot yet Havok and Storm can strip me of this Title if Im the one that gets pinned. ..Good. Lets see if one of these guys can pin me, ..cause uh - well, I don’t see that happenin'. Im sure that Havok thinks he can come to the ring and put a stop to my Title reign,

..that cocky little asshole just hasn’t been the same since he came back to the GWA, ..but we all know why he left don’t we? Sure, he knew that I wanted a piece of him and he bailed... But now he'll brag, brag about the win that Damage Inc collected over Zero Tolerance in Rex's last match... And he has every right to, but Havok didn’t make a damn difference in that match and actually, I wasn’t fuckin impressed at all with the man that won all these matches in a row that he was bragging about. Looks like Havok hit the ol' wall pretty hard when he left and never recovered from the damage... I mean, what happened to ya Havok? You aint the same man that you once was, ...you aint the same mother fucker that ruled the GWA in the past... Time slip up on ya? talent get a little...rich, around the GWA? This will basically be our first real battle Havok, our first real match that we'll have in the ring. The last one wasn’t shit and neither of us were in the ring long enough to do any real damage... but now, in a tag match? Oh yeah, ..you got it comin this time around. ..And Ive been waiting on this time Havok, Ive been waiting for the day that I show the world that you aren’t as good as you claim, that you aren’t as good as people want to believe that you are… Your gonna see what power is all about Havok, your gonna see what this Big man can do… Yeah, throw me the typical “big man” bullshit at me… Tell me I'm slow, old and fat – and everything else that Ive been told all my life in this business, ..but if all those things were the truth, well my record in the ring speaks for itself, ..and uh, ..I think you know who your Global Champion is – don't ya Havok?

How long have you been avoiding me Havok? You knew that I wanted a piece of you and I made that damn clear, but you ran and hid – you left the GWA before I could stomp your ass… Well, we may not be the two to finish the match – but I’ll get my piece of ya, before or after Sin shows you what fear is all about… Now I see that this guy, Mason Storm has been chosen to be in this match.. Good, he got his first taste of victory over Zero Tolerance.. True, King wasn't ‘officially’ a member of Zero Tolerance at that point… The world didn't know it, but we did and we all saw what he could do in the ring even though he lost the match… But now? You get to step in with the grand-daddy of Zero Tolerance and the man who makes people realize their fears… With Crazy J gone, I'm the only original member left but Sin has left his mark and made himself a staple of this organization and the world has seen that he isnt a man to fuck around with; and I don't think this is the match that you wanna be in Storm… You’ve made quite a name for yourself around here, and I almost feel sorry for ya – cause lookin at you compared to the rest of those idiots you run, ..I just don't see it Mason, I don't see why you decided to run with them… Did they snatch ya up real quick, is that why you decided to put a quick one over on Revolution? …They talked ya into it because they didn't want to face you, I’ve seen you in the ring - and to me – those guys couldn't hang with you, ..but that Damage Inc, not Zero Tolerance.

I’ve been waitin for this day Mason, the man on the rise – the one everybody has been talkin about is finally gonna fall… Cause yeah, I do think your better than your counterparts, but you aint better than Sin or Jaymz; and you aint better than Zero Tolerance as a whole.. See I like this match up cause Sin and I have been in the ring several times as a team, yeah we failed to get the Tag Team Titles but Harper and Pain are a pretty good combo and were tough to beat, ..but you two? How many times have you tow been in the ring together? How well do you know Havok and the things that hes gonna do? can you tell when hes about to break and needs a little help? Are you gonna be able to step up to the plate and help a man that you have almost no experience with in the ring? The battle between Damage Inc and Zero Tolerance isnt going to end anytime soon, this is a fight for supremacy in the GWA, and we hold the one piece that everyone wants to have, and you to get a chance to see us stripped of that this week, …I could lose that Title if I get pinned, …so I'm not the Global Champion this week because it’s a tag match – Sin and I are the Global Champs this week, ..cause if I'm in trouble, I know he’ll be there to safe my ass… I cant fuckin wait to toss one of ya sorry bastards into those electric wires and watch the pain roll through your body… but do me a favor, ..fry me up – let me feel the volts runnin through my body – cause I’ll like it, it lets ya know that your alive – and well, ..the two of you may not be after Sin and I raise our arms in victory.