-Songaa vs. Jaymz-
Confidence, Stale Cigar and Arrogance

The day opened with the sounds of life. ..The wind blowing into the mic on the camera, the birds, the cars on the highway, the footsteps of people wearing their heavy shoes...The view comes in and we see that the Tahoe is parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot. ..And there was Jaymz, sitting against the front bumper of the Tahoe. He had his legs pulled up against his chest with his arms folded on top, his head lay on top of his arms...The wind was strong and was blowing his long hair in every direction, it was a mess and it looked like he had been out here for a while. Then the irritating sound of the shopping carts rang through the parking lot. There was a man who looked to be in his twenties, his nametag said "Rob." He had about fifteen baskets that he was pushing through the parking lot and taking back to the front of the store. He hadn’t been by this side of the parking lot yet, but it was early and that’s why he didn’t notice the man. Rob eventually saw him, he stopped pushing his carts and studied the man for a moment then decided to go see if he was ok, or just asleep. He got over to Jaymz and hesitated for a moment, he slowly reached down and shrugged the man on the shoulder..Jaymz' arms fell from his legs and his head popped up, he didn’t look good..well, Lets be nice about it, ..Jaymz looked like complete shit.

He had a few day beard growth covering some of the scars on his face, he had huge bags under his eyes which were still bloodshot. ..He had dirt and parking lot grime on his clothes. He looked up at Rob who asked Jaymz if he was ok, Jaymz said nothing to him only staring at him. Rob’s eyes got wide, he knew this man!! He then began to stutter as he talked to Jaymz, wanting to know if he could have his autograph, or to sign his work shirt, ..run inside and get a camera and take a picture...What Rob didn’t notice that all this was pissing Jaymz off. Jaymz got up off the hard surface, stretched, ..and casually reached out and grabbed rob by the shirt..He pulled him close to his face, Jaymz smelt awful and Rob recoiled from the stench..Not a word was spoken as Jaymz slammed Rob's head into the side of the Tahoe leaving a pretty good size dent, Rob was out cold...Jaymz looked over the dent, he would call the insurance company later and tell them it happened in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, ..it wasn’t a lie, just not the whole truth. An older couple saw what Jaymz had done, he looked at them and they quickly turned their heads and headed into the store. Jaymz was a little confused on what was happening, he felt better today than he did last night.

Last night? What in the hell had happened last night??? He remembered being at the building but after that it was a complete blur. He fished for his keys inside his pockets, but they were gone..He looked inside the Tahoe and there they were, in the seat. He opened the door, got inside and turned the Tahoe on..He put the AC on low turning the vents to him, sitting there for a moment with his eyes closed. He wanted to know how he had got here, was he sitting out here all night? Surely not, someone would have taken notice of him at sometime...But he had to have been sitting out there all night, .he stuck and his clothes were dirty...Not only that but his ass was killing him from sitting on that concrete for so long! ..He didn’t know that his ass could possibly hurt that bad. He opened his eyes and looked into the rearview mirror. He was disappointed with what he saw. He was disappointed with what he had become. He looked like a bum, and it was something that he didn’t want to become..He knew had problems, he had problems all of his life but he had always been able to keep control of himself,

He knew that he had to go and see his friend, but what was the point? There was nothing that he could to for him, the guy was in a coma and all you could do is sit there and watch him, watch him sleep while he was connected to all those machines. He hated to see that because he knew that it was all his fault...Had he only been paying attention. ..None of that mattered, Jaymz had to take control and get himself together. The pills that Dr. Tabon gave him were not working anymore. He wasn’t sure that they really never did anything in the first place, that the effects of the pills were nothing more than a thought he had conjured up in his mind. He still had the impulses to hurt people, to watch the pain on their faces...It was something that he loved, something that he craved. but the "effects" of the pills seemed to control that a little, they seemed to keep his mind on one train of thought, rather than bouncing all over the place. He put the Tahoe in Drive and pulled out of the parking lot..He had to go see someone, he couldn’t take it any longer. ..and it was all Julies fault. He had promised the old man that they would be out in several days, ..but they weren’t. He wished he had believed the old man that Julie had been messing with him; but he just couldn’t believe the soulless woman that he loved would harm him.... But she had, and so far - Vadim hadn’t awakened.


Jaymz pulled into the hospital parking lot, it was early in the morning so there wasn't as many people here as there usually was. He turned off the Tahoe and made his way through the parking lot and into the hospital…The lady at the front desk gave him an odd look as he past by her, people coming down the hallway moved to the side at the sight of the dirty man…He took a left and came to a dead-end hallway lined with elevators..He came to the first one, pushed the “up” button and waited. He was going to go up on the fourth floor, take a right and end up at room 420. He had been here several times before, it had been awhile since the last visit. He didn't really know what to expect of his friend, except that he was sleeping. The elevator door opened, two old ladies walked out and seemed not to notice Jaymz..Old people stunk anyway, why would they notice him? He walked in and the doors closed, he pushed the 'four' and a few seconds later the doors opened back up. He stepped out and looked around, another lady sat at the desk smiling as the elevator opened. She seemed like a nice lady, willing to help anyone..even the stinkin’ people. Jaymz nodded to her as he went by and continued his way down the hall…With every step that he took he could have swore that the hallway was getting bigger and bigger…

His hands became clammy as he saw the door, room 420. He placed his hand on the handle and closed his eyes for a moment… He then took a deep breath and pulled down on the handle. He only opened It a couple of inches and listened, he heard nothing but the sound of the machines that Vadim was hooked up to. Jaymz walked in and there he was, looking like he was asleep, …The way he had been for almost two weeks now. Vadim looked even older, but laying in bed for the last two weeks had terrible effects on him…He was extremely pale, his arms looked like nothing but bones, the skin on his face sagged a little more…and he needed a haircut. His grey hair was longer than he had ever seen it, and he had known him all of his life. Jaymz sat down in the chair next to him, he looked on at his friend with an empty look on his face…Jaymz heard a sound and looked up, the bathroom door opened up and there stood Erik Black. He was wearing a nice blue suit, Black was cleaned up and more healthy than he had been in several years. Anger flashed in Jaymz’ eyes, somehow Black knew that he was going to be here. He didn't want him here, he came to see his friend. Black was always a well dressed man, dark hair and clean cut - and never once did Black ever have a problem with the ladies.

"Its been a while, stranger" Black extended his hand and Alexi seemed hesitant to shake it, but he did.
"What brings you here?"
Black stood straight up with his hands behind his back, and that ever so cocky shit-eatin' grin on his face, "I just figured I would stop by and see how the old man was doin."

Jaymz shook his head 'no' and stared at Black, ..Alexi knew he was lying. "..Like I said Black, ..what brings you here?"
Black took a seat and there was silence in the room for a moment, only the beeping of Vadim's machines that he was hooked up to before Black sighed and spoke.
"Alexi, there’s things that you guys need to know, its about Drache."
Jaymz rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, ..he lied about meeting with Terry Scott - what? You been talkin to Tristan too??"

Black shook his head 'yes', "Yeah - but he doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. Bale's a good man, but he don’t listen too well. You will though."
Irritated, Jaymz motioned for him to go on
"Well" Black hesitated, "You might wanna watch what you say around Drache, ..I don’t know how well you can trust that man any more."
Jaymz didn’t like the accusations, he stood up and got in the face of Black, "What the fuck are you trying to tell me Erik?? That just because he lied about Scott means that I cant trust him. Fuck, you havent even been around us or done business with Drache in several years!!"

"It makes no different Alexi, I helped start Zero Tolerance and I left on bad terms with that man, you know that... and I have NEVER fucked with any of you, NEVER.. I’ve never lied to you Alexi - and you fuckin know it. ..Something’s wrong Alexi, and I don’t like what hes doin... watch yourself"
This time Jaymz grabbed Black by the shirt and pulled him close, "If you think Drache is gonna fuck me over - I should kill you for that."

Black pulled away from the big man, "You haven’t changed one bit have ya? Still don’t want to believe anything different than what Drache tells ya. ..Listen to me Alexi, just listen. ..Something is happening with him, ..you just gotta trust me on this, as much as you don’t want to.. Name one fuckin time that I’ve been wrong, tell me one time that I’ve lied to you. ...You cant."
Alexi seemed to think this over before he sat back down in the chair, "Get outta here. Vadim needs his sleep, ..and I got things to do - I gotta tend to Julie."

Black adjusted his suit and nodded at the pissed off Alexi as he walked out the door, but he stopped and peered back in, "I'll be waiting Jaymz, ...when shit hits the fan - you'll see that I was right."


So the little Indian decided to show his face, ..I knew talking about him like the trash that he is would bring him out; and to no fuckin surprise Songaa didn't like a damn word of what Ive had to say. ..good. Look at this little man, hes all fired up and pissed like hes actually gonna do somethin, as if he actually believes that he can win this match. But ya know Songaa, if you don't care what I have to say then don't assume that we think the same. Your right, I don't give a fuck about what you’ve experienced in the last year yet “I can understand your enthusiasm.” Fuck outta here with that shit; if YOUR gonna tell me what I’M thinkin – then your gonna get to listen to me, cause that's just the way it is. So here, playin your game we’ll do it this way. “Songaa, I'm sure you can understand my enthusiasm in the fact when I say that I'm make you beg for you life when Ive beatin your into nothing come Anarchy.” So you cant say anything about that, nope, not in your line of thinking. Cause I know you don't agree, and what are you gonna do? …The thing that you told me NOT to do.. See? It just don't work that way. Actually, your more worried about how long you held the Airborne Title so many years ago, or whatever. Do you wanna know why you held the Airborne Title for that long? Because you didn't face me, that's why. It’s as fuckin simple as that Songaa, I would have come into the ring and spelt my name in the center of the ring with your blood,

..which I just might do that this week. Hell, at least I’ll get to spend a little more time in the ring to make up for the pitiful showing your gonna put out. And you know another reason you held the Airborne Title for that long? …because it was the Airborne Title, ..not the Global. Now, I'm not sure if you know the difference – and you don't appear to be a very wise Indian I once thought you were so I’ll explain it to ya. ..Cause when you hold the Global Title, you face the best fuckin talent week in and week out.. Sure, you may see your ugly little face in the rankings slot for the Global but don't get too excited cause this is more like a warm up match, …for me. For you, this is your chance to prove to the world that you can defeat the Global Champion for a second time – but you gonna fail, so don't even get your hopes up. ..but when you held the Airborne Title you didn't face the very best every single week, and you can argue with me all you want, ..but you didn't. Me, I face the best every wee—ah fuck, well I cant say that anymore I guess, not until I slaughter you this week and get someone worthy of a Title shot in the ring to give me a challenge. …You like me talkin down to ya Songaa? Look how pissed off it gets ya - and I think its fuckin great cause I sit back and I laugh.. You, like everyone else, cant stand it when I tell it like it is. I like to talk, I like to argue and I love to kick ass – so this is the perfect job for me Songaa..

I was born to be in the ring Shorty, and I was destined to beat the losers and the champions of this world; the latter category is which you don't belong to – and I will make a fool of you just as Ive done to everyone else. ..Ive watched around the GWA and I see people question me; they question how long I can hold this belt – and I call him hypocrites as some of these same people haven't held the belt for shit.. They’ve made this Title a revolving door and I wont let that happen… Feight wants to believe that hes the only man that can hold this belt for that amount of time; but yall better switch the way ya think cause I aint letting this Title go anywhere. People fear what they hate, and the people of the GWA hate greatness. They hate Zero Tolerance and they cant stand the fact that I have the Global Title. They’ll sit on the edge of their seats every week hoping that I’ll lose; cheering for whoever stands in my way of defending this title.. And you’ve asked me what Ive accomplished when you speak of your Title defences? Well Songaa, since Ive never defended this belt before, the answer is: nothing!! Any fuckin idiot could have answered that question. Of course I haven't had to overcome anything, what the fuck are you thinkin Songaa? All I did was win the belt, hard enough at that – but now the real test comes.. And that's putting that belt on the line week in and week out.. You talk like your someone but the last time I checked our on the outside lookin in when it comes to being the Global Champion.

Just wait Songaa, in a few weeks when I still have this title over my head, you’ll be able to see what Ive overcome and who Ive beatin.. Now I can show you what J and I overcame with the Tag Belts, or what I overcame while holding the Extreme Title. But the Global? ..your ignorance is showing again little warrior. But you smell that Songaa? Can you smell that in the air? …It’s the smell of confidence, stale cigar and arrogance that's gonna be breathing down on ya when you step foot into my ring at Anarchy. Every step you take down that ramp is just one more second that you come away pain free… I'm assuming that you don't live entirely off the land, but how do you feel about painkillers, ..and insurance. Cause your gonna need those two little things when this match comes to an end, ..and when your able to speak the first thing your gonna say is, “damn, I sure fucked up this time.” Afterall, “I'm sure you can understand my enthusiasm,” cant you? No, you don't agree? Well just remember, ..you cant argue or speak about it – cause that makes you a hypocrite and not a very good Indian. You already are a hypocrite though Songaa, ..you tell me I talk too much about Goth and whoever else and that I'm not worried enough about you.. Well, I don't think my words are gonna be fightin ya in the ring, but if they were were – you’ve been a quiet man this week so I don't think that your to worried about me “since you don't talk about me that much.” ..Kinda dumb huh?

Well, this is what I'm beginning to expect for you Songaa and I cant believe that I actually took you a little more serious than this. I mean, you tell me that your gonna put Chaos aside, yet you ramble on later about how your gonna put him in an ambulance and all that – what the fuck Songaa? You gonna talk about Chaos or not – cause you cant seem to make up your mind. One thing you have decided though, is that I shouldn’t be worried about Goth? ..You amuse me Songaa, you cant even fuckin think straight so how in the hell are you actually gonna win this match? No, Songaa I don't have Big Head Syndrome just because I won the Belt, ..thats something that I always have – if ya haven't fuckin noticed. Cause I like to tell ya that I'm better than you are, and to tell you why. I like how you pull a “No, me nothing” when it comes to your former stable coming to the ring and getting involved in the match.. You want me to believe that you had nothing to do with that? That those two just came out on their own, and as you said; they knew you wanted to win it on their own. Hhhmm,, well it didn't look like you were winning it on your own and that's when they came to the ring, ..and that's fine – as I told you, its one of the best things that happened to me so far, You bumped me up to gain the Global Title. ..Something that you don't get this week Songaa – but it wouldn’t matter what was on the line, cause I'm gonna finish what I should have the last time.