-Songaa vs. Jaymz-
Global Champion

"Allright, lets go." Jaymz walked into the open door of Drache's hotel room with his hands loaded with bags of his and Julies, ...and the GWA Global Title case in hand. Drache was wearing slacks and a white undershirt showing the tattoos that ran up and down his arms. He turned and looked at Jaymz with a confused look on his face
"Huh? ..what are you talkin about?"

Julie pushed past Jaymz and into the room, she ran immediate over to Drache’s window and stood there, just as she would do at home. "What do you mean - what am I talkin about? ..Were fuckin leavin, Rex is gettin his shit packed, hes gonna meet us in the lobby. ..And Im gonna take the back way out, ..media's out there and I don’t wanna be bothered by that shit right now."
Drache shrugged his shoulders and looked at Jaymz, "Well go to the airport and get yourself a plane ticket if you wanna leave."

Jaymz glared at the man as he turned his back to finish whatever he was doing, "What the fuck is your problem?"
Drache slammed down the gun he was cleaning and looked back towards Jaymz, anger rose in his body. "I don’t have a problem Alexi. Im tellin you, ..if you wanna leave - go to the airport, get on a plane and go.
There was silence in the room for a minute as the two men stared down each other, but quickly broke the silence as they looked over at Julie who was beating on the glass window - something had caught her excitement down below. "Im not leavin till tomorrow, if you wanna hang around you can go back tomorrow with me on the ZT plane, ..that work for you Alexi?"
"Yeah, ..if you weren’t bein such an asshole."

Drache went back to cleaning his gun and Alexi dropped all the bags he was totting around and closed the door behind him. The two men still didn’t speak a word as Alexi paced around the room; there were some papers on the desk that had gotten his attention and he picked them up - but before he could read it Drache came and snatched the papers out of his hands.
"What the fuck man!?"
"..Not for you eyes." Drache put the papers in his briefcase and locked it. Jaymz found this odd and shook his head, he pulled up a chair and took a seat - resting his feet on the bed watching Drache work clean the gun.
"So what’s so important that you gotta stick around this shithole until tomorrow."

Drache didn’t look at the big man as he responded, "I gotta meet with Terry Scott later this evening. Its been a while since weve been here, I figured I would go see him.
Jaymz knew there was something wrong with this story and he decided it was better to play dumb and than to question Drache. As far as he knew, Drache hadn’t done business with Terry Scott in several years, "What, he in trouble or somethin?"
"Naw, nothin like that. Just business, and he owes me some money.
Jaymz nodded, "well - I cant take Julie to the airport, what time you plan on leaving tomorrow?"
"Sometime after ten a.m., ..I'll let ya know."

Again Jaymz nodded his head as he stood up from the chair, he walked over to Julie and took her by the arm pulling her out of the room. He left his bags there with Drache as he didn’t really see the need of taking them back up the elevator.. Drache wouldn’t like it, but fuck Drache - he was being an asshole. Jaymz took the elevator back up to the room, he unlocked the door and shoved Julie inside as he stayed out in the hallway leaving her behind. He knew there was something wrong with Drache’s story and his attitude this morning. His massive feet echoed in the hallway as he took the stairs in the back way - avoiding the media traffic that was outside. He liked taking the stairs as it was good exercise, he needed it. One by one the heavy footfalls fell on the metal steps as he went down the flights of stairs until he came to the bottom. He opened the door and peered out, the lobby was way ahead and he could see the frenzy of cameras outside the huge double glass doors. He exited the stairwell and went the back door where it was quiet, well, all except for the flow of traffic on the highway. He pulled out a cigar and fired it up.. The smoke rolled up in the stale night sky, he looked to his own room - he knew which on it was as he could see the figure of a frail woman looking our the window. He pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number with the Detroit area code.. It began to ring before it was pulled from his hand. He spun around, ready to fight (who would fuck with the GWA Global Champ???) and there stood Sin with a shit-eating grin on his face. He held the phone out and Jaymz snatched it from his hand

"Nice win." Sin sat down on the curb and Jaymz followed him with a grunt. The tall man had a hard time sittin on the curb. He pulled a cigar out and offered it to Sin who shook his head and refused.
"Mmm..hhmm. Damn shame you couldn’t take that US Title.
Sin shrugged his shoulders and looked on at the highway, .."When you guys leavin?"
"Well Fuck, I wanted to go tonight but I guess Drache has some business with Terry Scott."
"Im out of here, Im not stickin around this shithole any longer." Sin stood up and started to walk away before he stopped and turned and looked back at Jaymz, "Hey Alexi..?"
"yeah?" "Who’s Erik Black?"

Jaymz threw the cigar out in the street and looked back at Sin, "Hes an old ZT member.. Good guy, real intelligent..., just didnt want to be a part of it anymore - hes a millionaire now..... Why ya ask?"
Sin seemed to ponder this before he slowly shook his head, "No reason." He turned and walked down the sidewalk that curved to the side of the hotel - and Sin was gone. Things weren’t right, and Jaymz knew this, Drache talkin to Terry Scott? and Sin asking about Erik Black, a man who hes never met? He fired up another cigar and sat there on the curb of the back parking lot when a car pulled in.. He squinted his eyes as the car came in and parked down in the forth row. He heard the laughter of two girls, ..young - in their twenties he assumed. Two doors slammed and the horn honked one quick sharp time and the sound of high heels clicked up the pavement… Two beautiful women came into view, older than he assumed at first and he could smell alcohol on their breaths. He sat there on the curb as they approached, one smiled at him as the came by
His voice was deep and raspy and smoke came from his nostrils, “How you ladies doin tonight?”

The one that smiled at him spoke in a drunken loud discourse , “Oh were good!!! How about you!??” She eyed him down and he smiled at her. She was a brunette and very slender, ..and tall for a woman. Jaymz suddenly closed his eyes and grasped at the back of his head, he dropped the cigar from his mouth and put his head between his knees and groaned. The girls looked at each other, a little frightened, then asked him if he was ok. He grunted, curled and uncurled his fingers on the back of his head – and then he stopped. The girls looked around and they heard it too.
“Kelly, did you hear that?”

They all three looked up at the same time to see the frail woman beating on the glass of the hotel.. She was jumping, slamming her fists and head into the glass.. Jerking and contorting her body in odd directions smearing the blood from her head that had been busted on the glass. The girls screamed,

“Oh my God!! Look at that freak!! …Shes a psycho!!

Jaymz jumped up from the curb with surprising speed, ..his eyes were pitch black and he was breathing hard.. The girls could see their reflection in his eyes and their faces went pale.. The air seemed to weigh down on their shoulders as the giant man approached them
“I'm…I'm sorry? ..do you know her?”

They took another step back as he approached and spoke, ..but with a voice not his.

“My King….My King…”


So the Wrestling Gods have restored order in the world; Zero Tolerance is hated, feared – and back on top. This with only two active wrestlers… But where is the world now? Its right here, ..in my hands. The new Global Champion, and its something that Ive been waiting a long time to hear.. Ive waited and watched all the people that I’ve destroyed here in the GWA for the last nine months – these people who have gone on to win the Global Title ..and I would shake my head, knowing that I was better than all of them, ..but that my time would come when it was right. ..And what better time than to show Goth what power was all about. I hope he liked his stay hanging up on the barbed wire and getting Silenced so many fuckin times that I cant even count. A man who basically guaranteed his victory like he was Joe Fuckin Willie, except the end result didn't turn out quite the same, ..did it Goth? See, you’ve never been able to get past me and this is just another round that Ive won, just another battle that you have left hanging your head in shame that you couldn't get the job done. I know, I know, you’ll wanna cry and bitch about how Zero Tolerance got over on Damage Inc. but it was pretty fuckin fitting if you ask me – because that's what pieces of shit like you guys deserve. I bet your boys Al and Grinder were a little pissed off huh? Getting stuck back in that room and not being able to do a damn thing about you getting your ass kicked…

See, you don't fuck with Zero Tolerance and I don't think that any of you have learned that yet, ..but maybe, ..just maybe ya’ll finally fuckin bought a clue. But Goth, that match was over for you anyway, ..I could have ended it as I pulled back the mat and beat you down on the concrete, but my ego got the best of me – and who wanted to see you lose that quick, had to give ‘em a little show right? Oh yeah, I wanted to beat you until you were nothing and that's exactly what I got, all that and even more when Sin, Rex and Drache came to join in on the fun. Look at me Goth, Jaymz; your Global Champion.. Has a nice little fuckin ring to it, huh? I bet it makes you sick knowing that of ALL the people you could have lost to – it had to be me.. The man you wanted to beat so fuckin bad, the man who hate the most - ..and you failed. Yet again. But its not over Goth, I'm sure there will come another time when I will just have to remind you exactly why your still my whipping boy, my out of shape sparring partner. You had your little fun Goth, you got to jump around and act like a fuckin retard when you pinned me at the Circus, …but its back to the way it used to be Goth and well, ..I have a feelin its gonna stay that way for a long time. It time for you to sit back Goth, take a seat for a while and watch one of the best in the business and how a Global Title is defended. You didn't wanna listen to me Goth, you still refused to accept the fact that I was stronger and just a little bit more ring-smart, ..yeah I said ring-smart, than you are.

..And what changed Goth? Nothing!!! But do you know what I find better than anything Goth? You blabbed about the Circus and wanted to ignore the fact that at one point I believe I was being attacked by all nine guys, …you told me it was no problem – that if you were put in the situation that you could handle it with ease. Huh, well ..you didn't fare to well with Zero Tolerance in the ring, …and you were saying..what? But its over Goth, go back to being the whiny, bitchy little kid that you are and watch an old man run this place, ..watch how I slap these people around and show ‘em what being Global Champion is all about. And if I hear any more crying from Ramone I'm gonna fuckin puke. Stevie, your one to talk about brain cells yet you come out here spewing that shit towards Sin and myself.. And what exactly, …Fearless one…. Are you gonna do about it? Accomplish what you didn't do the first time and beat us? ..You couldn't get the job done against us when Rex was in the ring so you think anything is gonna change now!? What the hell are you thinkin Stevie? .. I don't think you really have an idea as to what your talkin about… Hey, it was a no disqualification match so we decided to make it a little more interesting.. I mean, who the fuck wants to watch a match if Zero Tolerance isnt involved… See, we make shit happen – and to me, your match was hard on the ‘ol eyes, and since nobody cares about the four of you – well, we decided to give it a little more entertainment value, ..and plus I was bored. But you see the threat Stevie, just as the whole GWA does and they hate Zero Tolerance..

I'm glad that you hate us Stevie, it only lets us know that were doin out jobs – and for this week, I call it a success.. grabbing the attention of the world, making fools of Damage Inc, slaughtering Goth and taking the Global Title to Zero Tolerance for the first time. Oh yeah, ..that’s a damn fine week. Now, as much as I would love to defend this Title and show the world that I can back it up, ..it isnt gonna happen this week. And why is that? Well, I guess they don't see Songaa as Global Title material – and well, I don't either. Now this is the asshole needed Artic and Metamania to beat me, ..yeah, yeah, yeah – this is where Goth whines, “well you did too!!!” …No, the difference is I had Goth beat and I was kickin the fuckin shit out of Songaa until his boys came out and saved his ass. But ya know, now that I look back on it and see what’s transpired since that match – I can call it a good thing that I lost that night.. Songaa became the US Champion as he took my belt, ..and for that Songaa did me a favor. Cause look where I'm at now, ..sitting here on top of the GWA with the Global Title, somethin that Songaa sure isnt gonna get to see. So Songaa, where are you boys this week? Looks like they ran off and left ya didn't they? Back to the ‘ol solo route for you but that seems right up your alley anyway. So there’s no hiding this week Songaa and I'm gonna show ya, much like I did to Goth this last week, what happens when you think that you’ve suddenly become better than me…

Remind ya a little of why you fell to me the first time… You better hit the peace pipe hard this week or find some magic fuckin herb that's gonna heal your pain cause I we got that little score to settle and show ya why nobody in the GWA has ever managed to pin me twice, come out a winner more than once in a singles match.. You wanna be the first? Pain tried, ..but he failed. Your old member Metamania tried, ..and he failed. Ashe tried, ..and well she failed – but I guess that she didn't learn to well that night when I took back my Extreme Title from her. You? No, I don't think so. You were lucky enough to get around me the first time – but the second? Oh no, see you don't fool me, not the biggest mother fucker in the GWA and I’ll see to it Songaa. I hope you saved a bunch of magazine articles, ..press clippings, and old match film of our last match cause you’ll one day say “see, I did beat Jaymz. I beat the best, I took his US Title from him. The greatest the GWA had to offer, the giant, the great Alexi James Yaroslav.” Cause you’ll want to live in that day Songaa cause the way I see it, …well, that was your one time. That was your fifteen minutes of fame and I hope like hell that you enjoyed it, ..cause you aint gonna wanna keep all these highlights, ..No – you don't want to see yourself get Silenced over and over again.. Ask Goth, ask him how he felt after he felt the Silence a few times.. Oh, that's right.. you know what its like don't you? Yeah you do, but this time its gonna be a little better – cause I'm gonna put a little more into it, a little more power just so you remember in the back of your mind – that once again you came up as a failure, ..that this time you didn't beat the best. So show up to the ring this week, do me the favor getting my weekly fix.. be the worthless shitbag that I get to kick around for the week, ..cause I cant wait.