-Jaymz vs. Goth: The Global Championship-
Wall Walker

April 5th, 2007

Vadim wasnít aware that he was screaming until the doorbell rang - it was as if he was in a trance that he suddenly came out of.. His throat was tremendously sore and he coughed a few times.. He got up off the floor and hesitated to unlock the bedroom door. The pictures had fallen off the wall, the bed had bounced a few feet away - and he could still hear it, Julie scuttering along the walls and ceiling. He looked over at his journal, it was right where he left it and the desk lamp was still on. Chills raked his body again as the scuttering noises along the walls continued. He turned the doorknob and walked into the dark hallway.. Vadim glanced over at Julies door and there came a pounding from it.. He screamed again and let out a small cry as the doorbell continued to ring. He almost fell down the stairs as he hurried through the house; he bumped into the couch and let out a gasp of air. He tried to settle down as he got to the front door and took a deep breath, he placed his hand on the door and opened it...


Aaron Jenkins was a little concerned as he laid in bed watching the local news... Frannie had heard it first, but hell, she was older than he was and her hearing was more out of wack as well.. He assumed that she was just hearing things as she limped her way into bed.
"Donít you hear it Aaron? ..It sounds like its comin from Vadim's house." Frannie spoke in her old voice.
"I told you Fran, I dont her nothin' - and you know Vadim's got them folks livin with him these days, ..that big guy aint right."

Frannie kicked her slippers off and winced as she got into the bed, she was in alot of pain at her old age - and most elders were and tonight she would sleep good. She had a bridge game tomorrow with some of the neighbors (who were as old as she was) and she just knew that sleep would help her out tomorrow, though Aaron insisted that it wouldnít. She looked up over at the window with the shades pulled to, which faced Vadims house, with her wrinkled face
"You mean you cant hear that!?"
Aaron put his book down and placed his glasses on the small bedside table, he strained to hear, "....well, ..is that screamin?"

"Well thatís, ..thatís what it sounds like.. Honey, maybe you should go over there.. Make sure Vadim is ok." There was a look of concern on Frannies face, ..she wanted her elder husband to do his 'manly duties' but at the same time, ..she wanted him close to her. Aaron slowly got out of bed and put his house slippers on, pulled his robe off the chair and put it on.
"Honey, wear a hat...its cold."
Aaron didnít respond to her, he only nodded his head and shuffled out of the bedroom closing the door behind him. He walked through the hallway and opened a cabinet, sorted through some things and until he found the small container of pepper-spray and placed it in his robe pocket. He locked the front door behind him as he left and looked around the street, ..it was quiet - all except for the noise that was coming from Vadims house. ..It sounded like a scream, but it long and never seemed to end - almost like the high whine of an AM radio station. He shook his head in wonder but also in fear, ..there was something going on in this house over the past week and he didnít like it... Aaron walked the sidewalk and went up the driveway - Vadims Taurus was there and Aaron noted that the Tahoe that had been here as of late was gone for the evening -as it usually was this time of night. He could still hear the whine as he rounded the drive and headed for the front door. The porch light was on, as was the kitchen - lighting up the windows on the right side of the house. Aaron took a breath and knocked on the door. ...He waited as the high pitch sound never ended, never stopped and re-started. He knocked on the door again and his heart began to pump faster.. something isnt right here' crossed his mind as he rang the doorbell, ..and again - nothing. Aaron began to shake and morbid thoughts of Vadim lying dead in his house crossed the mans mind.. He pushed the doorbell frantically and moments later the noise came to an end. He heard something from inside the house and placed his hand in his pocket - a figure moved inside the window - he readied his hand to raise and spray as he heard the front door unlatch.. The knob turned and Aaron began to shake, ready to pull the pepper spray from his pocket. Vadim poked his head out of the door. His face was beet red and he looked terrible.

"Vadim? ..you alright?"
His cleared his throat and his voice was hoarse, "Uh, yeah.. Aaron Im fine.."
"Well, it just sounded like someone was screaming, ..it had been going on for a while, at least an hour.. just makin sure your alright 'oltimer.
Vadim was now concerned but tried not to show it, "old timer? Look whoís talkin. ...Im fine Aaron, ..not a thing wrong here."

Aaron wasnít buying it, he shook Vadims hand and told him good night. Vadim watched as Aaron walked back down the driveway and back next door. Aaron looked back over and Vadim gave him a wave. He stood there as his neighbor went inside and stood there. He didnít want to go back in the house, it was better out here - better away from her room... But Aaron had come over here and told him that he heard screaming? ..for over and hour? Surely that wasnít him, ..he couldnít have been screaming that long - he had only been writing in his journal, trying to describe the dream when the pounding from Julies wall came again... But - that was an hour ago? He did a half turn as something tapped on the glass from the inside. He turned back away and another tear rolled down his face, he was mortified - too fuckin scared of the thing that lived in his house, ...and it only acted this way when Alexi was gone. ..Then he felt something, ..something that wanted him to come back into the house. He turned and faced his door, not willingly, but something made him turn.. He watched as his hand went to the door and turned the front knob, he shook his head 'no' and muttered a few sobbing words that didnít resemble anything to English. His feet began to move against his will and he entered his house, a house in which he felt as if he was a stranger. The glow from the kitchen hid the living room in shadows as something scurried around..

His sobs continued to come as his mind told his body 'turn and run, ...run and never look back, never...never look back - Im nipping at your heels.' But his body didnít respond, he only stood there shaking in fear as he heard Julies door slam against the wall - she was out, out of her locked room... but hadnít she been anyway? He heard her coming down the hall, but by the sound she wasnít coming on the floor. The hall light from upstairs flicked on, Vadim shook in fear as a shadow filled the stairs. And it was then that Julies head popped from the top of the stairs... She had a smile on her face, a huge smile that was in the shape of a frown as her head was upside down.. Her hair hung down to the ground. Vadim didnít want to see the rest of her, ..he didnít want to see It crawling the top of his hallway... But she was there, and her head was around the corner.. Her eyes were glossy and bulged from her head, again, tearing the skin at the corners of her sockets. The drips of blood ran up her forehead as slobber ran from her upper lip and into her nostrils.. She was hideous and had the mixed look of an insane woman and the Devil. Finally, his body responded and he fell to the floor and began the shrilling screams again.. Julie made some grunts and her head bobbed up and down, ..suddenly her head dropped and her weight hit the floor..her hair now down in her face, the streaks of blood running up her forehead almost looking like horns.

She crawled down the steps and Vadim noticed that she wasnít touching the floor and an inch of air separated Julie from the carpet. The long shirt she had been wearing was torn and tattered, exposing parts of her breasts and sunk-in stomach. She made strange grunting sounds as she worked her way over to Vadim. He assumed this was the end, ..she had been stopping him from writing about 'the dream' which didnít seem to be a dream any longer now that Julie was here, ..in front of him. The Beast, the one that scuttered the walls over the bedroom, beating on them as she knew what he was thinking... He now no longer looked at her as 'Julie', she was a creature - and she was going to kill him, that he knew. He screamed and kicked, beat his head on the front door as The Thing approached. "why is she doing this to me? Why is she torturing me? ..Why are there demons in my house? ..Lord please help me" All these thoughts ran through his mind as Julie - The Thing - approached... She smelt of urine as she always did and put her face to his; he could smell her breath and it stunk of death, smelled of rotting corpses.. He could feel her breath on his cheek as she slowly moved her face to his.. He trembled in fear and his body shook, but he stayed there praying to the Lord that she would let him go. Julie struck. Vadim screamed again as Julie pounced - but then something happened and even Vadim noticed it. Julie stopped, stood up on her feet and ran back up the stairs, levitated up the stairs actually. Vadim sat against the wall covered in blood, sobbin if fear and pain as the front door opened and a giant figure stepped into view.. Jaymz was back.

"Vadim!? What the fuck are you doin!?? ..Is there someone in here???"
Vadim only shook his head as he cried and sputtered out one word, "J-J-Julieeee"
But Jaymz didnít believe him, Julie was in her room where she always was cause he could reach her with his mind, ..and he checked often, ..and she would never harm Vadim while he was gone..


April 10, 2007

Goth you seem to wonder when the contender has the power to tell the Champion what to do, ..or thatís what you claim. Well, take a look Goth - whoís getting the Title shot this week? Why? Because you know that Im stronger than you.. Because you fear me and want to hide it from the rest of the world. Some champ you are. And since when do you have to listen to me, you wonder? Well, obviously you listened to me Goth - I told you to go up and get the match signed...and what happened? So you wanna call me special, you wanna claim that your runnin the show? Naw, ..I got inside your head, the Champ, the man with the Big Belt didnít like the things that I said to him. Now look at ya, ..doing what I tell you to do - and youíve answered your own questions now Goth. Theres no need for you to ask "since when does the contender have the power..." Because 'when' is NOW Goth, ...I got the match didnít I? We got the match signed that we both wanted, a match thatís needed to go down for quite some time. So ask yourself again, does that make me the man calling the shots? Yes Goth, it does. I didnít have to demand a Title shot, ..I told you to tell your boys to get it signed up, ..job done. Barbed wire? No problem. In a cage? No problem. Just my style too, alot of blood, a lot of sharp points, ..oh yes Goth this is my type of match. It takes me back to the Extreme Division where Iíve thrived throughout my career, the matches and stipulations that I love,

so it cant get any better for me than to take the Title from you in a match that I call my own. Im gonna leave a reminder of this match for you Goth, ..you see these scars on my face - I love em, there like fuckin character marks.. They let ya know that your alive, that the pain is real and the blood will flow, but you speak of Zero Tolerance as if were nobody, ..so we have two active members....and? ...your point is? Because you donít seem to remember that weíve almost always been out numbered - we typically have no more than three active on our roster, so now were down minus one - and you think its gonna change? Because Rex is gone? Because Crazy J is still away? Well Goth, Im gonna give you a little reminder of what Zero Tolerance is all about when I hold your head like a pencil and carve those two dominating words in your forehead with that barbed wire, - and I'll do it backwards too, that way you can wake up every morning and see who owns you as you stare into the mirror and dream of having the Global Title. And I wonder how soft your mind as gotten when you speak of Zero Tolerance because, uh, since when did we 'lose' Fang? Lost him? Hell no, we kicked his sorry as out and had planned to since the day that Havok stepped back into the GWA. Did you really think that we were that fuckin stupid? Do you honestly believe that we didnít immediately see that you and Havok were going to team back up and - chances were - take back your old Tag Team Partner?

Fang was a pawn to get Rex, Goth - but shouldnít you know that? So we didnít 'lose' Fang, but you might have lost your short term memory, ..and your gonna lose this match and that might be something else that you'll soon lose from your memory. I donít understand you Goth, at first you tell us thereís gonna be this great war between Zero Tolerance and Damage Inc, ..but then you go on to tell us that were dead? that its only Sin and I living on the past accomplishments and the name of Zero Tolerance? I donít get it Goth, ...are we good - or not? Are we a stable to do battle with, or are we two assholes that---ok, well maybe we are assholes; or are we just tow washouts living on Dracheís Zero Tolerance name? Thatís a decision you need to make Goth because you wanna be on both sides of the issue as you seem to be. So if Damage Inc is gonna "start this great war" then that shows the confidence that you have, ..two versus four? That only shows me the power that Sin and I hold over you, and once you realized it - well, you decided it was better that you change your story... But you aired the whole thing Goth, ..so again, ..pick side. Pick something and stay with it. But you need to make up your mind Goth cause your kinda confusing me. First you tell me that I donít have the determination and that the flame isnt inside of me, ..but yet - later you tell me that you can see the determination and the fire in my eyes. Whatís it gonna be Goth?

..You cant it both ways so maybe you should decide if I am determined, ..or if Im not. Actually, it isnt for you to decide; yet you can come up with your own opinion on whether I have the focus on this match.. But what you 'think' and what I 'know' are two different stories but you seem to think two things that collide and dint jive very well... And do you know why that is? Its because you cant stand me, you fuckin hate me so much that it warps your mind, it causes you not to think straight.. Look at ya Goth, gettin all fired up and not making any sense. ..Fine with me, just form an opinion and stick with it. Though I know which one you will ultimately decide on you have already come out here and made a fool of yourself, ..but then again - what else is new? Its kinda like how you say that you donít give a fuck about the past that none of it matters, ..but then you go on and on about being in a cage and how many matches youíve won in them and how many youíve been in overall... But the past doesnít matter? It sure sounds like it matters to you, ..so again Goth you need to stay on one side of the fence when you speak. Goth, you know that Im your superior, fuck the whole world knows that Im superior and youíve shown that again to the world as you continually comment, "Yes, your right Jaymz" over and over again. Of course Im right, Im always right and I always have been; and that damn sure isnt going to change this week either.

Ya know, I recall you last week asking me if I heard from the ring announcer "And your new GWA Global Champion: Jaymz!!" No, thereís no need to point out stupid fuckin facts Goth - everyone knows that the ring announcer didnít say that... But you know what I like to call it Goth, I call it a premonition cause it looks like your little comment is gonna come true this week. You only think that you can step into my cage and show the world why you won the Title at the Psycho Circus...But this isnt close to being the same as the Psycho Circus Goth. Its gonna be you and me in that cage, and you cant get away - there wont be anyway out of that cage until they bring along the stretcher, ..and maybe, for you sake I'll end the beating on you after the bell is rung... But then again, I may not. I may choose to do a little more damage on your frame just as a reminder to why you shouldnít fuck with me, why you shouldnít fuck with Zero Tolerance and why you shouldnít fuck with your soon-to-be Global Champion. You can call it a structure of Pain, or whatever else you wanna call the Hell in a Cell - but in the end Goth, you'll be calling it something different. It will have a new name to you by then, "the place I lost the Global Title" is what you'll soon be calling it. That cage is my stomping ground and Iíve said it before, ..Im like the fuckin beast in that cage and ya just donít keep throwing me scraps, donít keep throwing me the rotted pieces of meat for me to devour...

Oh no, see this time I get the fuckin meal, this time they've thrown me the steak on the golden platter that is the Global Title. You arenít a very healthy lookin meal, ..but I like my meats rare, I like 'em still floppin on the plate when they bring it to me, so when I cut into it its bleedin and bloody. I still like to hear it "moo"ing when they bring me the plate, ...but this meal? Oh no, it wont 'moo' but its damn sure gonna be screaming... Cause Goth you can try and hide your fears from me, you can claim that you donít have any.. But your fear is ME and it always has been.. Sure, your confident as your the Global Champion and I wouldnít expect any less from the man with the Belt so I donít expect you to walk out here and come to terms with your fear of me, ...but I'll see it in your eyes Goth, the day that the cell is sealed and youíve fallen into the monsters cage is when the fears will come out. It sounds like your mothers given you some good advice once or twice in your life Goth, ..but I guess she must have left things out, ..things that she didnít want to tell her son. Cause didnít she tell ya to stay away from danger, ...not to feed the fuckin animals? Donít worry Goth, you wont have to run me through the barbed wire, I'll do it myself. I'll close my hands around it and let the tips shred my palms, I'll rub my face on it just to leave more of my character marks...

I like the points Goth, I like the sharp feel of pain and that seems to be something that you have forgotten... I like to bleed, I enjoy the sight of blood - why? I donít know, its just the urges inside of me that bring me joy and pleasure... I still think you forget who your talking to Goth, ...sanity? You want to come out here and talk to me about....sanity? Iíve been told since I was a small child that I wasnít sane, that I wasnít going to amount to shit in this world and that I would take up taxpayers money when they locked me away in the funny farm... and you want to talk to me about sanity? My whole life has been one big minefield - shattering pieces of my mind day after day... Iíve got street smarts, and I can fuckin fight with the best of 'em, ...but donít ask my to do much more than that Goth. I aint the brightest sumbitch in the world Goth and thatís something that everyone knows, ...but ya know what the professionals like Dr. Tabon chalk it up to? Insanity. Thatís why I take the pills, ..or well, ..use to take the pills that I no longer feel the need to take for the health of my mind. They claimed that it helped me, but they didnít see me everyday - they only asked me the same stupid questions and I gave 'em the same stupid answers. ...You see Goth, those pills would distract me from winning the Title, ..I couldnít focus on those damn thing because they claimed that it made me "sane."

Well ya know, I donít think that I wanna be sane, ..I wanna be the Global Champion. And you wanna know what to expect this week? Well Goth, lets go ahead and get it through your mind that your gonna lose this Title, go ahead and come to terms with this so you'll be expecting me to pin you, expecting me to win the match. I know you 'plan' on winning but we all plan on things that never happen... But you wanted to know what to expect, not what you 'planned' on. And Im tellin ya like it is Goth, cause thereís things that we donít want to hear sometimes, things that we donít want to accept because its not the result that we want. ..But you wanted to know what to expect; well your hearin it from one of the best Goth - youíre hearing it from someone older than you, someone with more experience, ..and old Vet of the ring. Iíve destroyed dreams throughout my career Goth - its a specialty of mine that I take fuckin pride in. Peoples goals and the things theyíve wanted to achieve have fallen into my hands and Iíve been the one who decides the winner, ...and the loser. And for you Goth, it wont be any different. I know you have goals and one of them is to destroy me in a singles match, ..this match. And of course you wanna hold that Title as long as possible, who doesnít - you wanna dominate and take the GWA by the throat, but...well, me and you aint gonna see eye to eye on that issue, ..cause I got other plans for ya Goth, and I got other plans for that Title...and soon, in a few days, ..its gonna be mine.