-Zero Tolerance vs. Damage Inc.-
Damage ..who?

Julie knew it too, ..something had gone wrong but he couldn’t place his mind on it...Alexi sat in Vadim's living room and reminded the old tape of James Weck, it was a match with an opponent that he wasn’t familiar with as this tape had been recorded before their time in the GWA. ...He tried to watch, tried to focus but his mind was throbbing with the fact that something was wrong even though he covered all his bases yesterday and early this morning.. Even Crazy J who he hadn’t spoken with in some time, he had found someone to get in contact with and they told him that everything was fine with Crazy J, ..that was if you could say that anything was ever fine with Crazy J that is. He hit the play button again and Weck slammed his opponent to the mat. He pushed the Stop button, closed his eyes and rubbed them - opened them back up and let them focus on the room. He could smell bacon and his made his stomach churn. He got up from the chair and went into the kitchen where Vadim was cookin up his breakfast
"Want some?" The old man motioned towards the eggs he was about to cook.

"Naw, I'll pass on it right now... I just, ...I just cant get this feelin' out, ...something’s fucked up Vadim."
Jaymz sat down next to Julie who was wearing one of Alexi's huge Guns N' Roses shirts that was filled with small holes in the front, ..the ones that smokers get every here and there. He looked over at the woman, she had drool running down her chin and her eyes seemed to be off in the middle of nowhere.... He wasn’t sure, but it seemed to him that she was in deep thought - but that wasn’t possible, she wasn’t capable of deep thought. Then something else occurred to him, ..maybe she was watching something - something from her own mind. Now that, he wasn’t sure if she was capable of doing such a thing but by looking at her blank eyes it damn sure appeared that way. She had guzzled down a bottle of vinegar earlier in the morning and he had set another in front of her but this one remained untouched. Spit bubbles came from her mouth and he slapped her across the face with a pop that seemed to echo through the room.. Her head spun as if on a swivel and some of the slobber that ran down her face shot across the kitchen, landing on Vadim and on his plate of food. He stopped as if someone had pushed a "pause" button on him and glared at Jaymz -Julie seemed not to care as she went back to mumbling to herself and the slobber began to run from her mouth again.
"Now what in the fuck did you do that for?" He asked as he dumped his slobber covered plate in the trash.

Jaymz shrugged his shoulders, "Tryna get inside my mind and I don’t like that shit."
"Shes been acting weird all morning Alexi, ..I asked her what’s wrong, ..but you know -she don’t talk to anyone but you and that odd friend of yours."
"Yeah, that guy." Vadim cracked an egg back over the skillet and got himself a new plate. There came a crash from under the house and Vadim shook his head. "Alexi, you really got to do something with those animals of yours - their tearin my fuckin basement apart!! ..and the holes!! The holes in the yard, what!? do they think a fuckin war is comin - they dig trenches out there at night-time."
Jaymz kinda laughed, "Its your grave old man - they don’t like whiners."

With his back turned to Alexi, "Its time for them to go Alexi, ..You bring a circus with you these days."
"AH Fuck!!! You Bitch!!!" Jaymz jumped up from the chair as blood ran down his neck with a blob of slobber, Julie ducked under the table - her head shook as if she was cold and her eyes were wide. He wanted to smack the shit out her her but she was trying to say something, "..What? ..Julie, what did you say?"

"Ddddrrraaaaa....Drrrraaaaaaaaa..." She whispered from under the table. Vadim stopped cooking his egg and came over to Jaymz, .."Is she saying Draw?"
Worry filled Jaymz' mind, "no...no...she’s saying Drache." He said almost monotonously as he looked at Vadim and shot from the room instantly - he ran into the main room and grabbed his boots and came back into the kitchen.. he loosened the laces and began to talk as the phone rang. They looked at each other and Vadim scrambled for the receiver. At the same time Jaymz' eyes turned a light shade of that Evil black and Julie turned her attention to him.. She shook her head as he spoke to her with his mind, she came from under the table like a zombie and walked off through the living room and worked her way up the stairs. He got his boots on and stood up as Vadim gave a series of "uh-huh's" and "ok's" to the person on the phone. He hung it up and looked over at Jaymz, "That was Tristan, its Drache, ..their taking him to the hospital. He said--"

Jaymz didn’t care, he bolted out of the kitchen and out the front door and into the Tahoe. He hammered the SUV nearly hitting Vadim's white Taurus as he sped down the street. He dialed Tristan’s cell number and pushed the speakerphone button chunking the phone into the cup holder. It rang once before Tristan picked up, "Jaymz!?"
"What the fucks goin on Tristan!?"
"I dunno man, they just got Drache to the hospital - he wasn’t breathing and there was blood all over the place.. Bailey called me in there - it looks like he was attacked"
"Was there anyone in there??"
"I-I don’t think so, ..Bailey said there wasnt..its weird - but their taking him in right now."

"Im on my way." Jaymz closed the cell phone as he ran a red light, causing a truck to slam on its brakes. A cop car flew around the corner with its lights on in pursuit. Jaymz screamed "shit" as loud as she could and picked up the phone again. He called Chief Patterson and told him the situation with Drache; in which he told Alexi that he was on top of.. Jaymz began to scream that a cop was following him and that he wasn’t gonna stop until he got to the hospital - and that Patterson needed to get this cop off his ass. Jaymz hung up the phone again and a few seconds later the cop sped past Jaymz giving him a thumbs up - he now had an escort to the hospital. The drive didn’t take long as the hospital wasn’t far from Vadims house.. He parked the Tahoe next to a curb in a "no parking zone" which quickly became the "Jaymz can park here if he wants to" spot. He cussed to himself as he saw news crews had already shown up. A blonde reporter ran to his Tahoe as did several cameramen, he shoved them out of the way but of course that didn’t stop them. Anger rose inside and his eyes again to turn the horrible shade of black as the camera lens shattered and the machine began to smoke.. The young man screamed and dropped the camera as the skin peeled away from his hands and stuck on the camera. This caught the attention of the others around, just as Jaymz hoped it would, and he went inside the hospital. He walked quickly up to the receptionist and asked where Drache was,

..she told him that he was in the emergency room and nobody was allowed in there yet as one person was already in there. He ignored her and walked around the corner, the doors could only be opened from the inside with approval - but not for Jaymz - His mind opened the doors as they protested on their hinges...A doctor came around down the hall and told Jaymz that he needed to leave.. The giant man ignored him and continued on his walk, ..another Doctor joined his colleague as the followed the man, neither having the balls to grab him by the arm and stop him, but protested and threatened to call security. Becoming irritated with the annoying doctors the anger kept on its rise like mercury in a thermometer. He walked down the halls with the curtains pulled closed in the rooms filled with patients. His eyes stayed the horrible black color and as he past one room the machine inside that kept the vitals went ballistic with the beep that a person has flatlined. That shut the doctors up as one bailed off into the room.. The vital machine went off in the next room the past, then another, and another. Panic rose in the ICU wing as machines were going off all over the place, ..the doctor behind him gave up his pursuit as he scrambled into one of the room as doctors flew back and forth checking on the patients who's machines said they were all dieing. A head poked out of one of the rooms down the hall, ..it was Tristan. He saw Jaymz and headed his way

"How is he!?"
Tristan sighed, ..it was a sigh of relief, "Better...better.. Good news is, is that he wasn’t attacked."
"Then....what? ..you said there was blood - " Jaymz looked confused.
"Yeah I did... He had a heart attack Alexi, he hit his head on the desk as he went down. They said he should be fine, ..hes awake right now."
Jaymz pushed the curtain aside and stepped into the room.. Drache looked pale and his eyes were half closed, there was a bandage on his head with spots of red that had soaked through - he was hooked up to every kind of machine they had with their little green flashing lights and beeping noises..
"Hey Bossman, ..how ya feelin?"
"..Ive been better, ..been worse." His voice was raspy and weak. A Doctor came into the room and gave a quick friendly smile to the two men as he checked a few things and wrote something down on his clipboard.
"Well, the fuckin news crew is already outside.. Those fuckin assholes are everywhere, ..their like fuckin roaches" Jaymz shook his head in disgust.
The doctor looked at the machines as the beeps changed their pace and so did some of the numbers, ..the older docter lowered his brows and looked at the two men, "Uh, Im gonna have to ask you to leave this room, sir"

A man who was seven foot tall, you made sure to call him Sir. "Why do I need to leave?"
"Well Im gonna assume that stress brought on this attack, and uh - your stressin this man out, ..I need you out of here before he has another heart attack."
Jaymz didn’t say a word but only glared at the doctor and then back at Drache. Drache gave the motion for him to leave the room and that’s what he did. He stormed out, almost ripping the curtain from its rod as he left. Tristan was out there
"What did he have to say?"
"Well the fuckin doctor told me to fuckin leave cause was stressin him out, ..and said it was the reason for his heart attack. Im gonna go downstairs, ...Im assuming you’ve contacted Rex and Sin?"

Tristan didn’t respond, ...he couldn’t help but notice the stretchers that were coming out of the rooms that led down the halls, ..all the patients appeared to be dead..


Ya know, ..all we have between the time is some fuckin words.. And why not? ..The GWA gives us airtime and they say that we can talk about damn near anything we want, …well, I cant talk about their moms. So all we have is this bickering, ego stroking bullshit that flings like fuckin bullets, ..We all do it, everyone of us – but some people I just don't understand… They like to whine when I talk about them, …no,no,no don't pull that “well, you do too” bullshit on me – and let me tell ya why.. See, you people don't like the way I talk about ya… You don't like it that I'm a cocky arrogant asshole and that I don't give a fuck if you fall of the face of the earth today… I’ll let you know that your not better than me, I’ll tell ya why you just plain out fuckin suck. …I kick back and laugh at you people because you spew shit – things are fabricated and just pure bullshit. You don't like it when I call you out on those things; oh no – you people so fuckin fired up that veins look like their gonna pop! But what are you gonna tell me? That you manage to collect a win over me ..once? That I haven't won the Global Title? Ok, ..well, …and? Well that's about fuckin all, and you people dig – you fuckin try so hard to find somethin to say to me – and then you cry when I point you out for all your faults…But hey, isnt that what the GWA gives us airtime for? “Jaymz just tries to make you look silly” ..No, I don't make people looks “silly”, you guys just fuckin do that to yourselves I'm just makin sure that people remember what really happened, and how things work…

For example, the hypocrites that you are; Havok come out here and rambles on and on about Goth and making excuses for him and saying that nobody has ever been Goth three time in a row, which was bullshit.. So, when I have to correct him and tell him that he was wrong, I didn't make him look like a fool – anyone who was watching knows what happened in those matches. …But it gets better, Weck comes out here and tells me that I, me, Jaymz – talk to much about the past… These guys are the ones that we have to face in the ring this week? These three aren’t even on the same level, I’ve got people complain yet their buds are doin the same thing? Ah man, ..The Goth disease has worn off on these two… See, that's somethin else that Goth doesn’t like – reminding him, always goin back to something that gets the little man all fuckin jumping around and pissed off…. But why not? GWA says that I can, this air time is mine, ..its words Goth – and its all we got until Anarchy…Now, I will get Weck a little break here but still, this man seems to think that he as gotten under my skin. He claims that I don't have the focus, that I'm looking into the past, and that I KNOW this match is lost. Uh Weck, ..people don't get under my skin – and do you know why? Cause ninety percent of the time, I'm right.. No – don't argue with, cause I'm right whether you want to believe it or not. And if you think that I’ve given up on this match and that I'm not ready, then your makin a fuckin mistake,

- you think me, Jaymz Fuckin Yaroslav, “knows” that this match is lost, that Ive given up on it? Please, that was the best thing I heard all day long – because well, ..my mouth runs but you boys forget that when Anarchy comes around, my mouth aint doin the fuckin fightin, and these big fuckin clubs of mine got somethin to say… Now Weck, you can come in here thinkin the way you do but you’re gonna be wishing that you had prepared a little hard for this match – cause if you just think that I come to fuck around you got a hard lesson to learn… But that's fine, cause things are learned the hard way… So you just sit back and keeping whining that I talk to much and have “verbal tit-a-tats” with people… What the fuck is a “tit-a-tat” anyway?? Whatever it is, don't be bringin that shit around me …but that's not the point. The point is, …your out here runnin your mouth to – so uh, ..doesn’t that make you a hypocrite!? I mean, me talking about the past isnt ok, but then you can go “well, my past opponents..” Huh…how does that work? You don't like the things that I say because their true and that's all there is to it Weck… Of all the pure bullshit that the three of you have spewed I'm suppose to believe that Damage Inc is gonna win this match? Why should I believe that when nobody can believe a thing that you three say? Like, how Rex is thinks this is a one on one match – when Havok rambles on about me and nothing else earlier in the week?

..whoa, ..That fence in your backyard is a little too high to get them stones over aint it? How can I take it seriously when you say that your gonna win yet moments before you talk lies? And you’re the “mat leader”? So their kinda like your bitches? Goth and Havok do what you tell them to? Hhmm, well – I though they had a little more self respect than that, ..I mean, taking orders from a co-worker? ..Someone who’s on the same level, ..or actually may be better in the ring, than you? I didn't expect a Revolution type deal that ya’ll got goin on over there. You know Weck, you should be glad that you haven't faced me – you should consider that as doin a favor to your fuckin health. Yet you wanna come all out here acting like I should fear you – like your fuckin someone who’s gotten in my head… Spare me the shit Weck and your gonna feel awfully ashamed when I'm squeezing your head like it’s a fuckin tick. ..Your gonna be the one wallowing in pity when you realize that not taking me seriously was a goddamn mistake. I don't even know you, I’ve watched a few of your past matches and your match last week but that's all I’ve seen of ya – yet you act like you’ve been in the GWA for sometime now since Zero Tolerance has been here tearin this place apart. You got a lot of things to learn Weck and it all starts this week, ..you can catch up on the action while you were gone and we’ll show ya first hand what’s been goin down.

We’ll show ya what Zero Tolerance is all about and why you too are gonna shake in fear when you see one of us come down to the ring should you have the unfortunate event of facing one of us again. Goth knows, ..he knows what happens… But Goth has a different way of looking at things.. He wants to see the past as something to learn from that it holds no bearing on what happens in the future. ..Well, I don't look at things quite like that. I see our past matches, Ive seen the things that Havok, Goth and Weck can do in the ring, ..and in the past. I believe in the past cause it repeats itself. ..true? Yes, it is. I like to look at the past because it does tell the facts, ..but what people also don't see is that I look at the present, but they try and claim “it’s the past”… they believe that it doesn’t fuckin matter what you did last week – cause its in “the past.” ..No, that's a recent event, that's what we have to go off of in your last few outputs… But Goth can believe that its all nothing, that past every blink he takes is in the “dreaded past” and it don't mean shit… Well Goth it don't work that way – cause yeah, if I had lose to me as many times as you have, well I wouldn’t want to look at the past either. ..Wrong, ..nope. That's not how it works Goth, I acknowledge my losses as well as my wins, just as your doing…But you know what’s even better about all this? Im not allowed to talk about the past, even if the "past" pertains to last week - yet when one of our opponents have accomplished something, when they have done something thier proud of; well its funny that they can talk about it...

That they can go on and on about the past, ..but I cant. Now I don’t know how that works, or how that even makes any sense - but again, you have to look at the people who Im talking about.. They have one-sided views and don’t want to hear the truths unless it fits their agenda, cause if they don’t like it - well we have to pretend that it never happened - But you know what your worried about Goth? Your not worried about this match, your worried about me being ranked for the Global Title, ..and I should demand a match?? I should go to the bosses and tell them to book the match?? Well, aren’t those your friends? If you want me that bad then why haven't you “demanded” a match with me?? If your not afraid of me then go tell those sorry backstabbing assholes to get it done, ..book it and watch as I become the next Global Champion… But you wont do that Goth, you wont demand the match cause you know what the outcome would be – and you don't wanna see me become the next Global Champion… but fine, we’ll have it your way and I fuckin DEMAND that match – so tell your boys to book it, tell ‘em that you wanna fail once more at my hands. But that's later down the road, ..and as it is right now these guys act like their really important, like their on top of the wrestling world and they want to believe that Damage Inc is gonna run through the GWA and just beat the livin shit out of people... Well, wasn’t Vindication suppose to do that? ...Uh, what about the Lynch Mob?

Hell, you guys cant stay together long enough to shit, wipe your ass and flush. ...and that’s the truth, another truth that they'll want to ignore. Now Goth is gonna think that Im trying to "make him look silly" here, but really all Im doing - like Ive already explained - is pointing out the things that hes already mentioned. Now he says that the Despair Faction only changed because new people came along and the whole thing got dumped. So, what hes REALLY saying is that when Al and Grind decided to switch over as Weck came along, THEY wanted to change the name - and being the pansy that Goth is, he jumped up and down like a small child "yes master! yes master! - that works for me!!! I'll be your bitch, you guys can take over our stable and call it what you want" - Ya'll sound like Julie, that girl does anything I want her to do... But what about when Al and Grind talked with Drache and decided to be Zero Tolerance? Did we change our name? Did we bow down to the owners and lick their feet? Fuck no, we stayed the same and we didn’t change a goddamn thing. But this Weck guy, ..every time he opens his mouth he spouts off more shit than what falls from an elephants ass... Weck, I wasn’t making "a lame joke" about your name; I simply stated that your first name was the only thing that you have goin for ya....Your ignorant mind took it the wrong way, ..it wasn’t a crack at your name - it was a crack about your wrestling skills, your output in the ring... Now, is that a little more clear for ya?

Do you understand a little better or do I need to get ya a desk and a textbook so you can get schooled a little more? Has your mind gone soft Weck?? Is it all mushy and sloshes around in your head? - because once again you have managed to try and twist things around and don’t want to see them for what they are... No Weck, Im not saying we’ve already lost this match cause "I'm worried about outside interference from Al and Grind." ...Are you really that fuckin dumb Weck? Don’t you see that’s how those guys work? Haven’t you seen that its what they do? Fuck, ask Pain - he knows all about it... But once again, you took words from my mouth and tried to twist them all around - and see I don’t play that game. What? You want us all to pretend that they don’t interfere in matches? That they haven’t cost lots of guys Titles and victories? So by me stating the facts - I’ve given up on this match? That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve heard all week Weck, ..and you know what? The best thing for you to do is to just shut up, save your fuckin breath until you have a fuckin clue as to what your talkin about - cause your gonna look a lot smarter that way…Of course, it isnt gonna matter that much and ya’ll can keep on getting upset at the things that I say, ..but in the end – its gonna be Sin, Rex, and myself beat the ever-livin shit out of ya’ll – and there isnt gonna be a damn thing that any of you can do about it….