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The scene opens up on a cloudy night in Steel City, its so dark out that the cameraman tries to find some light to focus in on and give us the scene...all we can hear is water hitting the shore, so we roughly know where we are. He is finally able to get a clear focus on the camera and the scene comes to life...Were at a boat docking, huge yachts line the dock..some of them hooked up to generators as a few people decide that the water is the place to live..Then we see Jaymz, hes standing leaving back on the driver side of the Tahoe...His hair is pulled back giving us full view of his face, the ring in his eyebrow gleams in the light for the only second that the moon made its appearance of the evening...A noise is heard, like a chirping sound..Jaymz reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone..He flips the face up and answers...The cameraman takes a few steps closer to listen to the conversation but Jaymz holds out a finger motioning him to stop. He turned his back to the camera and lowered his voice as he talked on the phone....Moments later he hung up, opened the door of the Tahoe and tossed the phone inside..He locked it, walked past the cameraman and went down the dock..He got about three quarters of the way down and stepped into a huge yacht..Tinted windows wrapped their way around the cabin, radars spun around on the top of the boat but in the back it looked like at one time there was a table there and maybe a bench seat lined up along the side...You can tell because where the furniture had covered up wood for so long, not allowing the sun to take the color out of it.

Jaymz untied the ropes from the back cleats, tossed the ropes to the dock and went to the front to do the same thing...After he got the boat untied he came back to the rear, opened the cabin door and stepped inside..Most men could stand in here and drive the yacht but Jaymz is too tall..He ducked his head to get in the door and had to crouch a little as he made his way to the captains seat..There was a huge black leather chair there that he sat in...He fired up the yacht and took off away from the docks. The wind had picked up earlier in the evening and Jaymz was driving right into it, killing his speed. He trimmed up the motor and throttled the huge boat, it lurched up out of the water and took off...He drove for a few moments before trimming the motor back down and finally putting the yacht in neutral..He turned on the engine, leaving the lights on and left the cabin..He went to Port side and lifted the lid of the anchor-well and tossed it over board...he went back up to the front and did the same thing..Finally, when the huge boat was settled and not able to go anywhere Jaymz took a seat on the side of the boat...He glanced at his watch, rolled his eyes as he waited...He peered off into the distance of the open sea and became a little irritated as he was waiting...After what seemed like forever, lights came from the north-east approaching Jaymz..He got up and went to the starboard side of the boat and waited as the visitors approached...They finally got close enough and we can see that it was a small freight ship..They kicked back the power of the ship as they came closer to Jaymz'...He threw the buoys over the side so the larger ship didn't tear up his yacht.They floated up next to the yacht and two men that we couldn't see tossed over ropes and Jaymz began tying them to the cleats on his...Another man came out from the ship and jumped onto Jaymz' yacht. It was Vadim, he walked over to Jaymz

Its all here...

How in the hell did you get out here? ...There is no possible way in hell that you went all the way over there and came all the way back here on the ship..

haha, no,no,no...I contacted the people and told them that I was going to meet them at the halfway point in a chopper and come back with them

I see.....

I wanted to make sure that they had the correct cargo before it got back to you...I do think that we were being watched though....Im not sure if I trust these men on the ship either.

Let me speak to them

No, Jaymz. Your speaking turns into fighting

not all the time....

They don't even speak any English, all they know is Russian. ...I could translate but I think its better if you don't communicate with them at all...

well, lets see the cargo

Jaymz and Vadim climb onto the cargo ship as the two crew men only stand there saying nothing. They walked past several large crates and came to the back end of the boat. There were four boxes, all about seven feet long and about five feet high...

They had these loaded on here with a forklift, so I'm still not sure how were going to transfer them

Fuck, do I gotta do everything myself?

Jaymz grabbed hold of the top box and knocked it off the landed with a loud thud, the two crewmen came running over talking in their native language..Jaymz quickly turned his head, eyes narrowed and starred the men down...They stopped and took a few steps back...One by one Jaymz carried the boxes to the other side of the ship and slid them off into his yacht with Vadim positioning them as they came. Jaymz got back into his yacht and fished around for something in one of the live-wells..He checked to see if the crewmen were paying attention to him, they weren't, Jaymz took the thing in his hand and placed it under the water on the side of the ship...Vadim helped untie the boats from one another, said something to them in Russian and each took off their own way...As Jaymz and Vadim made their way back to the dock

What was that you put on their ship?

You said you didn't trust them, so I made sure that they never make it back....It was a package I stuck to the side of their boat...The sticky side, you keep up until your ready to use it. Its full of acid, before long theres going to be a huge hole in their ship, and nobody around to help them


Jaymz took his time in getting back, it appeared that something had crossed his mind and he spoke..

. You know 8ball, I really am confused...You keep on talking about the Underworld Alliance, but what part of "There is no Underground Alliance' do you not understand...Did you not see the official statement. The Underworld Alliance was something that spun out of control because there was nobody there to control it. I set back, I watched it all blow up and laughed. I knew that if Scorpion wasn't going to to his job then there was nothing holding the UA together...I told him several times when the UA was formed that he needed to get things done, he needed to have some control...But I guess he just couldn't handle that kind of pressure? It didn't really matter, after a few days when he was hardly around it was easy to tell this whole thing was going down the tubes...and it did. So, I have no "Underworld Alliance buddies"....For the record, there was a few certain people that I despised...But I was willing to go along with these people to bring down the Free World. I would have done my part, I wont be a no-show....You know that 8ball...You know that I'm here and that I back away from nobody...There were several weak-hearted people in the Underworld Alliance but they, in time, wouldn't have made it...So maybe that will clear a few things up for you about the UA...I assumed you already knew that, but I guess that you have selective hearing and everyday must be a new day for you...I wouldn't be surprised if you had to watch my promos every morning when you wake up just to remember what I said from the day before. Maybe you should check up on your current daily events before you go around and speak of shit you know nothing about.

You can talk about all this focus that you have but it seems to me you would rather be out shopping with the girls buying basketball jerseys and shit...So how focused can you be when you out chasing girls, shopping with the girls...hhmm, when I threw you in that house with all those gay people awhile back, did it leave an impression on you? Your too worried about being on TV and driving new cars..You just have too many things to do with all the money that you have, isn't that right 8ball? You see, I have alot of time on my hands...I have a lot of time to think, to analyze things, to see the things that I should and shouldn't do. I have projects that keep my busy parts of the time but I spend a lot of time contemplating what the match is going to be like...That is focus. Its something that I don't believe that you really have...When you tell me that you are focused and I see all the things that you do I just have a really hard time believing that...Consider sitting down some time and really think to yourself ..."am I focused?" and maybe you will see inside of yourself that , no, you probably aren't. No see, heres the point about being focused...Still, you keep on talking about how I talked about Delevega several days ago...Do you know why I talked about him first? I pretty much new what I was going to say when I gave my promo and I decided that since I had more to say to you than to Delevega; that it would make more sense if I told him what I had to say first...Does that bother any? I think thats the problem, your just a little upset because I talked about Delevega before I got to you...Still playing second fiddle, huh? I didn't think you would go ape-shit over something like that, but as I but the longer I think about it I really cant say that I'm am surprised.

And like I told you, I have alot of time to think...So don't be bothered by the fact that the World Title is something that I want..Do you not think that is my goal here? Why do you think I came to the OWC? For the money? Fame? Cars? Fuck no, I wanted to come here and be Supreme Overlord...My first run did not satisfy the need I had for it and was taken away from me...Dont worry though 8ball, in time I will get it back...Whether it be a few weeks or months, your good bud Jaymz will be Supreme Overlord before you ever leave this place...I know that you plan on staying here for a while as I do...And don't think that this will be the last battle between us either 8ball...This one is just to clear up a little tension that has been stored away in both of us....This has been meaning to happen for a long time and I am glad that it is finally here...This time I will get the pin over you, there will be no running from Jaymz this time...You may think that you wont, but maybe the thought will cross your mind as I am wiping your ass all over the ring, leaving 8ball only a former shell of what he used to be...Ok, 8ball...If your going to take the words that I say and use them as an example you better get your shit straight. 8ball, neither one of us has actually fell in the match to be pinned. ...and we've been in the ring several time. So you can use my quote of "There may be a time you beat that person, and they come back down the road and beat you." ...and you want to try and use that to your advantage? How many fuckin times have you come in on my matches? How many times have you fucked with my matches? You've also turned on me, and stabbed me in the same night?

But yet, you want to take my words out of context and try to make a point off of it? That mind of yours works in ways that I have never seen...Your Will and Determination wont get you through this match 8ball..If anything, you better hope that you have the stamina and endurance to stay up with me inside of that cage. Will and Determination will only take you so long if you cant hang in the ring with someone...Do you know how many people have talked about their "will and determination" and then fallen to me in the ring? Ive seen great men fall because they cant stay up long enough in the ring, they simply didn't have what it takes to win...I hope that you don't think that is all that it takes to win, because if you do I will make you pay and you will be very, very sorry. Maybe this is another thing that you need to sit down and think about. If you think its that easy you'll just end up on the bottom of the food chain. I know 8ball, I get the point..You "get in my face"..Yes, I often as you say it it almost puts me to sleep...Your just a pest to me 8ball, you like a fly...I swat you away but you just keep on coming back for more, except this time I'll have the fly-swatter and put and end to this shit. All you have managed to do is just get on my nerves, not enough to really piss me off...but just whip my nerves a little...Your like that little neighborhood boy, the little annoying one who always wants to come over, who always wants to talk to you while your out working in the yard..You don't really get mad, but the little shit just gets on your nerves and sometimes you just wanna slap the heathen and make him cry so he wont ever come back.

I don't know if your more like the fly or the little kid, cause both are really irritating. And for some reason you just don't quit...Ok, well, Ive decided that you more like the fly because after a while the kid quits coming back...But the fly never learns, he keeps on doing the annoying shit that gets him killed. Maybe you don't have the reasoning inside of your mind that should tell you once you have to get in the ring with me, that will be the end of it...There will be no more stabbing me, fuckin up my matches and all that other shit that you pull. I will put an end to all of that, and that will be end of you. Then you might realize that you have been making a huge mistake and in the future that is something that you just might end up regretting. When your career is over you will look back upon this moment and see that this will be the match that defined your career..You will see that this was the match that you took a bigger bite than you can handle. You will see that inside of your mind, you set your goals way to high...You will see that you were way to arrogant...You will see that you only THOUGHT that 8ball wanted a piece of Jaymz...You will look back and see that you tried to reach too high..You will look back and see most of all, that you ..failed. 8ball, you wont be refusing to stay down when I have you out cold. That is the way that it will happen, one of us wont be conscious when this match ends....There will be no fight left in you, there will be nothing left for 8ball to give..All your energy will be spent..I may be tired, but you'll be smooth out. Do you not realize that fury and anger are almost the same exact thing? Something that I did or said angered you and fury was built out of that...

Your anger led you to that ring, and it didn't get intense until you ran out there and the fight was on...Dont get them confused, I thought you had higher than a third grade education but I guess that I was wrong. You see 8ball, its not that I don't respect everybody here..thats not true. Its just MOST people. And the majority of those people happen to be in the Free World. I have no respect for you, Delevega, Grayson, Hero, Darkness..wait, who is he? anyway, Warmonger, ...oh wait again, isn't that they guy that was foaming at the mouth to get a piece of me, where is his challenge? I heard he came back here to face me yet I don't see him standing in the ring with me when I called him out. I don't respect any of you people, you have given me absolutely no reason to what-so-ever...Can you give me one reason, one good reason as to why I should respect you in any way shape or form? I sure as hell cant think of one, so maybe you can jog my memory and give me a few reasons. I suppose that you might have a hard time with that, and you tell me that I WILL respect you? Do you honestly think that by stepping into the ring with me is going to make me respect you?? Do you have any idea how may fools have stepped into the ring with me and fallen? Do you think that I have respect for them either. NO. Like I said, I don't respect anyone in the Free World but there is one ground that I will give Delevega respect on, and that is he didn't have to rely on cheap tactics or the Free World to take me out..He did it on his own...That is the only respect that anyone from the Free World gets from me...What last laugh do you think that your going to have?

Do you honestly think that there will be laughing in this match? Do you think this whole thing is funny 8ball? When I beat you, I wont laugh. I'll only look down at you, roll my eyes and sneer as I get out of that cage and leave you lieing there. 8ball, if you think that you can do it then run your ass down to the ring just like you did the other night and show me that you will...Make me laugh as you blow another fuse getting all this "fury" with your face turning red. Three seconds is a long time when you want something that you want and you know that all you need to hear is that "three"...I remember back in the day when I first got in this business, the first time I beat one of the best guys in the leauge..I went down for the pin and damn, that three just took forever...I never thought it was going to get there. ...And three seconds is way too long for me to stay down, how many people here have pinned me? Delevega got me to pass out, but who all here has pinned me? Are you underestimating me 8ball?? Great, you go ahead and do that...Come into the ring with that thought and see what happens, then the whole fuckin game will change. It will just spiral even more out of control for you than it already is...Wait, no 8ball I didn't say that I was upset that you were mentioning me less in your promos...There is nothing upsetting about it. I'm really am glad that you found something else to talk about. You go off and tell me that you are mentioning me less and less, I told you I was glad...Then the next thing that you say is "I wasn't speaking to you or about you I was still thinking about you and the day that I would have my chance at you one on one." ...Are you still that really obsessed? Do you need professional help? You know 8ball, I do think that I told you during of after our World Title fig....drop, I mean...That you would see my in your dreams...I would make you itch under your skin, you would feel the burn...Now you do...I have gotten inside of you 8ball and it sure didn't take all that much

I'm in your head, you cant get me out....Im in your daily thought, and you still cant get me out...It eats away at your mind everyday, all day long is Jaymz...You have a truly disturbed life...People may say the same thing about me, but you don't know who you are. You don't know what your purpose in life is. You let others control your thoughts....For me, I am my own man. I don't let people think for me. I don't let people drive me mad or cause me to think of them all day. I can control myself and that is something that you should try sometime 8ball...You need a little self-control and get some of your "fury" in check...You need to store some of that way for other waste to much to fast...You all wanna run out to the ring doing little flips and shit, with your face all red and mad. How many times do I have to explain some things to you...Well, lets start with this one: You attack me from behind and giggle like a little school girl around it, but then you try and put on a pity party about how "mean 'ol Jaymz attacked me from behind, wheres my sympathy?" ...Thats called revenge 8ball, I wanted you to see what its like when that shit happens to you...See, I wouldn't have done those things, like almost burning all of you, had you not done something to me....Mind you own business and I would have stayed in mine, but no, the Free World just couldn't do that..Damn, thats just not their style. Don't play stupid with me 8ball, and you can play your pity party somewhere else, cause there isn't anyone here who's buyin that shit.

The scene fades out as Jaymz stops talking.