See no Evil
Speak no Evil
Hear this Evil

The scene opens up on a clear night in Steel City. The moon hangs high in the sky, cascading light down upon the grounds of the church...One of the front doors open and Jaymz steps through...We see that he is wearing a black tank top, and black jeans..The tattoos that cover his arms can clearly be seen in the night...He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a cigarette, sits down on the top step of the huge building and takes a few drags...After a few moments he flicks most of the unsmoked cigarette into the grass and watches it smolder...He looks at his watch, gets up from the step and walks all the way down...He goes over to the side of the building and gets into the black Tahoe...He starts it up and pulls around to the front, the huge iron gates open up as the Tahoe drives through...Jaymz drives into the residential sections of Steel City making his way downtown...The streets are still fairly busy for this time of night as he goes by lots of the nightclubs and bars..He pulls over to the side of the street and parks the Tahoe...He gets out and surveys the area and takes a left going down the sidewalk..The farther he walks the less crowded the street began...The nightclubs started to become more spread apart giving way to the trashy looking bars...The few apartment buildings that were on this side of the street were mostly abandoned, along with a few resaturates and fast food drive-ins.Jaymz walked across the street and stood at the door of one of the old bars...Above the door a sign read "Greens Club #5"...Jaymz pushed the door in and country music filled the room..Jaymz stopped and looked around..

There were pool tables off to the left side along with a dart board..Two large men were playing pool at one of the tables, as one man leaned over the pool table to take his shot his huge gut managed to move some of the balls...The man only laughed, but Jaymz gave him a weird look wondering how being that fat is some how funny. He took his attention away from the two men and went down to the bar..He sat at one of the stools and ordered a beer...The bartender pulled out a bottle, popped the top off and handed it to him..Jaymz paid him for the beer, then turned around and surveyed the place...There was another man sitting at the end of the bar..He was bald on top, but had a huge white beard..His nose was large and red, its obvious that he was a regular to the bar. Just then the door flew open and a group of men came in..The men sat between Jaymz and the man with the large beard..They appeared to be some sort of construction workers as the wore clothes that were dirty and grungy, their hands were black and they were fairly big men..They were loud at his appears that they have already been drinking...Jaymz went back to drinking his beer not paying attention to the men, but he couldn't help to notice that the man on the end closest to him keep looking Jaymz out of the corner of his eyes...He finished drinking his beer, the bartender offering him another but he declined. He got up, walked past all the men at the bar and made his way out of the door...He started to walk back up the street when he heard the bar door open behind him...Out walked the man who was sitting closest to him..Jaymz stopped and turned around, waiting for the man to say something..He walked up to Jaymz, leaving no more than a few inches between them

I saw you....A few weeks ago, you killed that man out on the bridge...

oh really?

Yeah, how many other people are as tall as you are?

So where does this concern you?

Because it was fuckin wrong...Some people should die, like should molesters and shit..But that guy didn't do anything to you..You had no reason to do that.

There is a reason for everything. ...And what are you going to do about it?

I'm gonna call the cops asshole, so you can run now but I'll stay with ya until they get here

He pulls a cell phone out of his pocket, flips the top open but thats as far as he gets...Jaymz takes the phone from his hand, smashes it in his own palm and lets the remains fall to the ground..The man gets pissed and takes a swing at Jaymz..He connects on the chin but if barely phases him..Jaymz grabs the man by his throat and with almost seeming no effort flings the man against the wall of the bar..He hits and lands on the ground with a thud. Jaymz then walks over to him and puts a foot into his throat

Now...what were you going to do? ...You wanna rephrase that?

I saw you do it! Go ahead and beat me up or whatever, I'm still going to follow you and contact the authorities

you sure are worried about that guy...Your too worried about what you saw, I think that we can fix that problem.

Jaymz drops down on his knees, placing each one on the mans shoulders and placing all his weight down..Jaymz reached down into his back pocket and pulled out a knife...He flicked it open, the mans eyes got wide..Jaymz took his other hand and held it on the mans chin...He slid the blade of the knife into the mans mouth, in a not so wise move the man opened his mouth to scream and Jaymz took one slice and the mans tongue shot from his mouth

speak no Evil....

The man gurgled on his own blood still trying to scream when he wasn't even prepared for what Jaymz did next...He took the knife and slid it in the corner of the mans right eye, popping it out of his head..Jaymz took the dangling eye and ripped it from the wad of nerves that connected it from his head...Jaymz then stuck the knife in the mans left eye and did the same thing..He took the eyes and put them in the mans front pocket in his shirt, which was now covered with blood

...See no Evil..
...All you will hear is THIS Evil...

Jaymz got up and walked away from the man, as he was turning the corner he saw that one of the mans friends had come out to see where his friend had gone...Jaymz just laughed to himself, then he spoke

The final hours tick away 8ball, the time is short...For when we step into the ring it will be the biggest fight of the night...It will be one of the biggest fights in OWC History.....I see that some members of the Free World are worried about "having your back", what are you afraid of 8ball? Is there something that scares? Or are you just a little worried that you may not be the Victor and come out on top? You don't have to worry about people coming into this match and trying to take you out. This is in a cage, the only person that will be in that ring that you have to worry about is me. Nobody will be coming in, not anyone that I know and not the Free World. 8ball, you always seem to have some "hidden agenda", there is always something so secretive and naive that you think that you have to do...For me, its simple...I have no hidden agendas, I have no other things concerning this match. I am here to fight you 8ball, were in this match to decide a winner...To me its as easy as that...Theres nothing more to it. This is business, and I will have it taken care of by the time the night ends...I am no match for you? 8ball, that basically goes against everything that you said this week...If I was no match for you, then you would know that you can come into this match and leave as the winner...If I am no match for you, then all those times you came and thought you were the big shit by fighting me several times during the past few weeks would have been really easy. You would have taken me out one of those times...But you didn't, because I am a match for you. Once again, I think that you are underestimating me and taking this match for granted.

I love it when people underestimate me but don't really come out and say it...Because there will come a time in our match when I look into your eyes and see that something has changed...Something that is there, that wasn't when the match started. The thoughts will be running through your head at that moment...The ones of "Damn, this is a little harder than I had anticipated." You can come back and tell me that me that your not underestimating me but wouldn't expect you to admit it, even though it basically contradicts what you say in your earlier promos....I wouldn't even say something as stupid as "your no match" for me...Because you are, I know that you will bring everything that you have...I know that you wont give out until you have nothing left....I'm not saying that you are going to beat me, far from it. Im confident in myself week in and week out that I can get the job done inside the ring every single week...You cant win them all 8ball, but I go into every fight with the mindset that I AM going to win the match...I don't have one string of doubt hanging in my head when I get into that ring. Ive been doing this for years, I don't feel all those emotions...I know that I have to tell myself that I am going to win...There is no nervousness, fear, doubt...None of that...I know that you will come into the ring full of rage and anger...You will come in all pissed off...Constantly throughout the week you told me over and over again that I will make a mistake that will cost me the match. So far 8ball, you are the one that is making the biggest mistake...Come into that ring all pissed off and your mind unclear...Let your mind be clouded with the hate that you have for me, let the vision of the goal become unclear and that will be your mistake 8ball.

That will be the one that costs you the match...How many times have you seen a man come into a match with his mind full of fury and hate and seen him fall in a few short minutes? Ive seen it a hundred times 8ball, Ive been in the ring with those people...For some reason, when people get into the ring with me they get all pissed off...I can see it in their promos, it shows in their faces, it comes out in the tone of their voices....I see that in you 8ball...Constantly, you want to yell and scream as if that is somehow going to get your point over any better....Its like you think your going to come through my TV screen and strangle me as I sit in my chair. You jump around and pout, throw a fit...all acting like a small child. You need to grow up a little 8ball, for those reasons there...And also for the reasons of that you were pretty adamant about your dis-like for females...Now, thats the part that really worries me. Did you ever think that maybe you should take anger management classes? Maybe some kind of mental relaxation? There are several options open to you out there 8ball, do some looking around and find the most expensive one..that way you can go on raving about how much money that you are spending..Your last promo is a good example of that...Well, congratulations managed to kick the shit out of a punching bag and yell at it like it was me....Was I suppost to be afraid of that? I damn near fell asleep when I saw that I had to watch you go to the gym...I actually thought you might have been a little different..No, your just the same as all these other worthless wrestlers...I'm tired of watching all you people go to the gym,...

Everyday that I turn on the TV Im always seeing someone having to go and workout like that is really going to impress your opponent. Watching these "gym" promos is like watching golf, after about five seconds it gets old. I don't think that I can stomach anymore of them, go with the crowd 8ball...Go try and show off how strong you are, just like all the others do. You don't think that I can take shit from you? I will take everything that you have..First, I will take all of the energy out of your body, and then after I beat you I will take your pride, I will take your hope, I will take what respect that the OWC has left for you...I will leave you with nothing but the sorry ass Free World...That is all you will have left, your few friends..and your money.....Inside there will nothing left of you, you will know that you failed. You will know that your going to have to eat all these words you spoke this week...You will have to live with the fact that you have never been able to beat me. I'm going to throw you all over that ring, I'll throw punches at you that land with such force it will feel like a mack truck. I will execute moves on you that will pound your back into the mat with such velocity that it will send shivers up your spine. I will show you what its like to feel the wrath of Jaymz, I will show you that there is more skill to this big man than you think that there is. Does Madman watch your Promos? Does he see that your out screaming that nobody tells you what to do? Who are you trying to fool? 8ball, your part of the Free World and everyone of you takes orders from him. I know that you get tired of playing second fiddle, and you tell me thats all anybody talks about....

Well, I'm going to give you one good example of why they do....You didn't happen to watch any of Delevegas promos this week did you? For his match with Erik? ...You know, the man who took the International Title from you. Well, if you did watch them then you would have seem that Delevega basically said that he was better than you. Is not just me and the OWC that tell you that your playing second fiddle, hell, even your own teammates are acknowledging that they are better than you. So I suggest that if you want these type of comments to end than maybe you should start at home and work the problems out from there...That is where they stem from, that is where the core of these comments started from...It came from THEIR words, YOUR actions. You want to be the fuckin man? Then get your shit taken care of and then someone might respect you a little bit. This is not going to be the moment of triumph as you think it will, this will be a moment of disappointment for you...It might lead to a case of Depression...I guess that it wouldn't surprise me if you ran off and left after this match either...Will you be able to handle the presser that will come when you lose to me 8ball? ...I am nothing? Well, if that is true then I assume that you are wasting your time working out...Fuck it, call of the match...I guess that I have to give up...8ball said that I am nothing, so why should I even step into the ring? Oh 8ball, you are my are soo great...I am nothing. ..shiiit. There you go 8ball, just another comment that contradicts what you again said all week. Well, your friend Hero showed that hes a real fuckin genius. Of course were not cut from the same cloth..

We are two completely different people...Everybody knows that....I come into this match to destroy you and get the pin fall. What cloth are you cut from? You are cut from the material that they sell on the bottom shelf..The cheapest shit that you can find...The material that wont last long, its wears out and fades might be overused and one day, it rips..then its no good. I'm going to rip you from limb to limb, I will make you look like a piece of cloth by the time that I get finished with you. Like Hero said, come on in here and rip MY head off...I'd like to see you do that. Big task for a little man to accomplish. Now, you might tear some vocal cords or muscles in your neck will all the screaming that you will do...Your train of thought is way off 8ball...You tell me that I choked when I lost to JD? I choked, yet that was the first real singles match that I have lost since I came to the OWC. No 8ball, you are the one that chokes...You talk of all these titles you have held but like I said earlier, looking at your record it appears that you lose these titles right after you get them...Ive seen you get pinned on numerous occasions, but how many times have you seen that happen to me? ...But you get the fuckin nerve to come out and tell me that I choke. Thats the fuckin more ridiculous thing that you have said all week long...I think. A thing that I don't understand is that you tell me, I'll be surprised when the security doesn't come in and break us up....No, 8ball...I wont be surprised. Their not suppost to, I'm sure that they have been told that we are going to hook it up during the evening...Now, you can go down there and reassure that with them before you get into the cage...but no, I'm not surprised at all

Your wrong about another thing 8ball. There will be someone there who to keep you "from showing the world that that I cant get the job done"....That person will is me. I will be in that ring and I will be the one that shows you that you are wrong...I will be there to show you that you are underestimating me as the fight gets near...I have no other option than to win? Wow, you have been paying attention. What the fuck do you think I do? Do you think I come here, let people beat up on me and then fall down for the pin...just so they can win the match? Winning is the only option that there is 8ball...Im sorry that in the back of your mind that you have two options, have the option where you want to win...But I didn't know that you have the option to lose...That does not work for me, that goes to show me that you are a weak man and that, yes, now i see that there always has been doubt in your mind...Have you been thinking about your second option alot lately?...As the days come closer, does your consciousness tell you that they may not be a way to defeat me? Who said that I feared losing? What is there to fear? ...What the hell are you talking about? ...Some of the things that you say confuse me, because I don't really know where you are getting some of this shit. Now, maybe you "think" that I fear losing, but thats what you get for thinking....No, 8ball I don't want to lose but then you don't either...I could come out here and say the same retarded thing " I know you fear losing, your SCARED!!"....But I don't know that so it really wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for me to say something like that. Maybe you should come stand at my side and tell me what I think, that way I can be lazy and not have to do it.

Like when you talked about, you not fearing me like "everyone else does"... I fear that? ...Again, where did you come of with that? When did I ever make a comment like that? I don't care if people are scared of me, it makes no difference. If people want to get scared of me and come into the ring in fear of what I am going to do to them, then so be it...Its their problem not mine. That is just a weakness for some people...I guess you don't have a weakness, and its probably better that you don't...No 8ball, I don't play mindgames...I do what I like to do, ...i don't do it to please of scare people. I do some things because that is who I am. There are no mind games involved. You dont need to worry about all that, if it doesn't bother you then why do you bring it up? You are not the hottest thing going, I don't know who put that Idea into your head. you say "and if I wasn't then people wouldn't try to beat it into my head that I'm not"..People beat it into your head because it is true. You refuse to accept things 8ball, you refuse to accept that you are NOT the best, refuse to accept that there are better people in the OWC than you. Your ego clouds your judgement..You go home at night and stand in front of the mirror, flexing your muscles telling yourself how great that you are....Telling yourself that you are Gods gift to wrestling, that you are the highest person in the totem pole...Telling yourself that you are the ONE to beat, telling yourself that we should all respect you. You fill yourself with false illusions of the things that you really are..You don't want to see what we, the other wrestles of the OWC see in you....You want to see something totally different. You want to live in a world where everyone bows down to you and tells you how great that you are.....None of that will ever happen 8ball, not ever. You will be Silenced at Silence. This is my time, and I will show the OWC and the rest of the world what you really are....I will also show you that you are not what you want to be, or what you ever wanted to be.
You will face this living sin...

You will fall to this living sin.....

You will lose to this living sin......

Jaymz stops and washes the blood off of his hands from a water spout on the side of a building as the scene fades to black...