GWA Overall Record: 33-14-2
GWA Single Record: 24-10-1
GWA Tag Record: 9-4-1
GWA Stables: None
GWA Roleplay: Number 2

What is this Triple Threat Iron Man match all about? Is it about the United States Championship Title? Or is it about Revolution ending. About it going under because of The Canadian Destroyer? The United States Champion which doesnít surprise me in the slightest talked more about the former number one stable in the business being put under then concerning about his United States Championship Title. Jaymz is more lost up in the stables war, then concerning whatís in front of him. He can try to take John Harper down with his words, to get under his skin, but itís simply not working out that way. Harper is to smart, to on tasks this week to win The United States Championship Title. He wants to become the Iron man of Critical Mass IV. Jaymz can gloat, he can go on, and on about Revolution all he wants, but itís not going to get him anywhereís. Harper made the right choices, choices that had to be made, it shows Harper being the better man keeping Revolution well respect before it went under! No man Destroyed it, but The Canadian Destroyer, and it will always remain that way! Zero Tolerance maybe at the top of the federation right now, it maybe at itís peak, but they will never dominate The Canadian Destroyer! Harper has shown that in the past, and he will continue it in the present until the future, proving over, and over again he is better then Zero Tolerance! Jaymz is the only tough challenge, the only man that might push The Canadian Destroyer, but we all know Jaymz is going to have his hands full keeping up in this Iron man match at Critical Mass IV! Not only does he have to last the whole entire match, he has to beat two other men, Nick Adams, and John Harper. He needs to get more pin falls, more submissions by the end of the match or he can kiss his United States Title good bye!

We have yet to hear from Mr. Juggalo, and you can likely guess why. He realizes who heís up against this week, knowing heís in for the match of his life, maybe even the career ender facing Jaymz, and John Harper. We all know where The Canadian Destroyer stands, and what heís fighting for. Heís in a match which favors him, which makes him work extra harder to be ready. We saw him on the bike, how serious he looked how much he wants to win his second match at Critical Mass IV! Heís preparing for a marathon, for a match he will always remember, heís looking to make his opponents suffer in this match, and heís willing to take that extra step in the right direction. He isnít focused on his former group Revolution, he is focused on beating two men at Critical Mass IV, and winning the United States Title. He could care less about Jaymz making fun of Revolution dying, or what any of his opponents have to say. His mind is focused, it is made up on the United States Title. Harper continues to stare ahead at what counts, at whatís going to happen at Critical Mass IV! A wrestling match, a match thatís going to determined the United States Champion, a man whoís going to outlast his opponents, thatís going to score more pin falls, and submissions. That manís going to be The Canadian Destroyer, and everyone can see it. Do you think a 375lb man is going to outlast a man whoís quick, strong, and has all the technique in the world in an Iron match? Or even a clown who thinks he can handle the big boys! Pain showed him last week, and I can tell you this Jaymz, and John Harper will be showing Mr. Juggalo once again this week at Critical Mass IV that he doesnít belong in the top rankings in the Global Wrestling Alliance.

We are inside an empty building with nothing on the walls, it looks beat down as we see a wrestling ring, with two wrestlers inside the ring. The Canadian Destroyer in his black, and pink singlet, and another wrestler who is unknown standing about 6 feet tall, 220lbs, is wearing blue trunks. The Canadian Destroyer all of a sudden takes down the man in a small package! Harper holds it down for an easy three count, as Harper gets to his feet, with the man standing up leaping towards Harper who rolls him into an inside cradle for another easy three count! Harper lets go, as he stands back up. The man is a little slow to his feet, when the man comes back at John Harper, who shoves a knee into the stomach of the man, bringing him down with a sunset flip! Harper again holds it in easily for the one two three. Harper stands back up with the man coming to his feet leaping towards Harper once again, as John drops him into an arm bar! Harper releases the arm of the man standing back up, as he pulls the man to his feet shaking his hand, with the man exiting the ring, as Harper notices the GWA camera. Harper begins speaking towards the camera.

John Harper: Quickness, agility, strength, endurance, and smarts is whatís going to get you some whereís in this match. As you can see Iím training hard, Iím working on the little things that can put you ahead, and Barry your opponents. Thatís how quick it can happen, how quick you can fall behind the 8ball, and there is plenty of more where all those moves came from. Thatís what Iím all about, Technique, knowing what Iím doing between the ropes, Iím always looking for an advantage a way for victory. Itís moves like I just performed that get you victoryís, the un expected, when BAM youíre down for the one, two, three! Thatís what Iím all about, and when my opponents try to defend those rolls ups, BAM I hit them with a submission, or a big move turning the match around, when I fall back on my finishers The Harper Driver, and The Harper Stretch. There are so many options with so much time, so many ways to gain a lead, or to put my opponents away. My focus is on one thing only, and thatís to beat these two men for the United States Championship Title which awaits me. Iím not fooling around, messing around anymore. This is my best chance in a while, my best chance of gaining another Championship Title, in a match I love so much. A match I prove to everyone I can go the distance with anyone, any sized wrestler. I will show you my guts, the grit, the hard work I put into everything. The fastest, more athletic man will be walking away as the New United States Champion you watch, and see.

Harper looks down outside the ring, as Page Harris has just entered the little building. Page Harris works her way to the ring, as John Harper holds down the second rope, as the beautiful Page Harris enters the ring. Page Harris looks at John Harper, as she begins to ask questions to The Canadian Destroyer.

Page Harris: John, there are many of things people would like to know heading into Critical Mass IV, first things first John, your first ever PPV event was Critical Mass III when you faced Rob Hollywood in a fist of glass match for your Extreme Championship Title. You cam out on top of that match, and now when you look back on things after being in the Global Wrestling Alliance for a year, how do you feel your first year went, and what do you have left in the tank?

John Harper: Itís simple Page, Iím the quickest ever Grand Slam Champion, I have dominated so many superstars in this business. Many of Hall of Fame legends, I have beaten woman, men, monsters, great Tag Teams, I have done it all Page. My first year went great, Iím very happy with it, but I have a lot more to offer, a lot more I can do between the ropes. I am far from done, I still have a long road ahead of me, Iím still young, and strong fighting every week tooth, and nail. I donít ask for time off, I donít want time off like other superstars. Iím not wrestling for the paycheck, Iím here for the love of the sport, Iím here to WIN! Critical Mass III was my first PPV, and I shined in the spotlight, I beat Rob Hollywood a Brawler at his best at his own game in a Fist of Glass match. Thatís what I do, I have so many weapons, so many options that my opponents never know whatís going to happen next. This time around Iím going to take things in strides, Iím going to focus on one thing, and one thing only. I have no more distracts which make me more dangerous, more ready to compete. Ill be battling it out to continue to have the spotlight at Critical Mass events, and I will take Jaymz, and Nick Adams to the limits in this Iron Man match.

Page Harris: The Iron match, is a long hard fought battle. Itís a long road to becoming the United States Champion. I know your ready, your in top shape, but do you think your opponents will be ready? Do go that extra mile to keep up to you John? Why do you feel you have the best chance of becoming the Iron man of Critical Mass IV?

John Harper: Itís simple Page, very simple. Look at my opponents so far, look at what they are doing? Are the training? Or talking? Nick Adams hasnít even opened his mouth yet. Jaymz is all in his glory that Revolution is dead, and Zero Tolerance can finally dominate the Global Wrestling Alliance. Do they seem like they are trying to keep up? They think they can just walk into this match, and compete like they do every week? I mean I have experience in this type of match, Iím 2-0, I know exactly what it takes to win. They are going to get a wake up call about half way through this match. They donít have what it takes especially when they fall behind, and have to push harder to catch up, when simply they wonít have enough energy to catch back up. A 375lb man, sure heís big, and tough, but when you got your technique, your smarts he doesnít stand a chance to become the Iron Man, then you have a man who looks like a damn clown. He maybe in shape, but he has no experience, he wonít be able to handle the pressure, and itís already showing as heís speechless. Heís already falling behind in our dust, and heís going to remain there. Jaymz thinks because he had last week off he will be that much more ready, that much more well rested then the rest of us. Thatís not going to play a factor in this match Jaymz, your going to find out, and find out the hard way. I know for a fact ill be the Iron man at Critical Mass IV, because look at me, look how much Iím prepared, Iím ready to go toe to toe with these guys. We have a man I know who canít keep up, and I know exactly what heís all about, then another man whoís simply a coward, and it will show this Sunday at Critical Mass IV!

Page Harris: Speaking of Iron man John, there will be a Special Guest Referee in this match, you know him quite well, his name is John Henry Irons. You failed to comment in his direction last time on camera, what are your thoughts about him being the Special Guest Referee?

John Harper: John Henry Irons, a former Revolution member, and best friend. I know him all to well, in fact he was my best friend, and I stood beside him in his wedding, the first one ever in professional wrestling. A man who turned his back on his friend, and he paid the price. I kicked his ass, I beat him in the middle of the ring, we all know that. I donít care if heís called the Iron Man or not because Iím going to show John Irons himself, and the millions of fans watching also why Ill be the Iron Man this Sunday. As I dominate these two individuals. We all know John Irons hates Jaymz, and he doesnít care for The Canadian Destroyer anymore. In fact he was Nick Adams stable mate in Disasterpiece. So all I have to say to John Irons is to stay the hell out of the way, and call the match right down the middle. You owe me that much John Irons, you know that. I donít care how big you are, how strong you are, or whatís on your mind, if you mess with me, Ill take you down. You will pay the price, so Iíd make the right choices this Sunday Night at Critical Mass IV John Irons, and remember watch the true Iron Man in action!

Page Harris: John, The United States Championship Title is on the line, this is your chance to become a Two Time United States Champion. The first time around didnít go so great, what are you willing to do to change that if you become the United States Champion?

John Harper: I like the sounds of that, a Two Time United States Champion, a second chance to show everyone why I should be still the United States Champion. How I didnít deserve to lose it the way I did. I lost it against my friend Chaos, my stable mate because I made a huge mistake, a mistake I usually donít make. Chaos kept me close, and he knew exactly what Iíd be looking to do, and he made me pay by taking my United States Championship Title! He deserved it, but deep down inside me, I knew I deserved that Championship Title more, the title that I beat Sin for. Now I have my chance to regain that Championship Title, and take it for a ride. A long ride through the rankings, as I deserve the second chance. I will work my ass off just as hard as I am to earn that title. I will defend it every week, any style of match against anyone. And I will make a damn promise ill give the United States Championship Title the respect it deserves, and ill hold it proudly. Ill gain the respect I deserve because ill become a great champion, a champion that will dominate the United States Division. For now Page Harris, ill focus on one thing, and one thing only which is winning the title first in the Triple Threat Iron Man match for the United States Title.

Page Harris: Does the fact that you never been in the ring with Nick Adams worry you in your chances to become champion?

John Harper: A rook a puss, another rookie to face The Canadian Destroyer. Not one has beaten me yet, and I donít plan on changing a thing. I wonít be holding back a thing, in fact I know he doesnít stand a chance this week by watching his previous matches. Losing to Pain, and especially to Jack Faust tells me he is no whereís near my level, or even Jaymz level. I have no fear, no worries that Nick Adams will pull away winning the United States Title, the only way he might ruin my chances is giving Jaymz victoryís, but I wonít let that happen. Nick Adams is in for a long hall, a long road ahead of him, and I know damn well he will not be the challenge that I have fast before. Heís not an AP Feight, James Weck, or a Goth. Heís another rookie in this business whoís already falling under the .500 mark. So the answer to your question Page Harris, is thereís no damn way Nick Adams is going to cost me from becoming a Two Time United States Champion on any day of the week. Iím willing to prove that this Sunday in the Iron Man match. So watch closely as Nick Adams will be taken care of by The Canadian Destroyer.

Page Harris: John, we already heard from Jaymz this week, and he seemed to be more on the topic of Revolution dying. How you failed, how your greatest accomplishments what you loved is no more. What are your thoughts about that? And how he states Zero Tolerance is now on top of the Global Wrestling Alliance.

John Harper: Thereís one thing heís right about Page, all those other stables forming wonít last, they wonít dominate like Revolution did, like Zero Tolerance has done. I do have to give credit where it is due, but as for talking about Revolution dying, how I lived for Revolution. Thatís the truth, but everyone knows thereís a time, and a place for everything, and it simply had enough, it had a long enough road. I didnít quit, I didnít give up, it simply was time to move on, and concentrate on winning, on gaining the spotlight beating my opponents. Call it greedy if you want, but thatís what I had to do, and I did it. Zero Tolerance never destroyed us, no man ever destroyed us, and it will always remain that way. You can try to use this to your advantage this week Jaymz, you can try to get under my skin, to get to me, but itís not going to happen. I already put it behind me, and Iím focusing on Winning this MATCH, and taking the United States Championship Title! As for Zero Tolerance being on top of the federation, I donít see the Global Title around one of your waists, I donít see you dominating, as you already said you havenít been as of late! Besides the only time you dominate anything is when you out number everyone hitting guys from behind. Thatís how Zero Tolerance works, and as long as Iím still in this federation Revolution or not, Iím going to be a PAIN in your guys assess! Ill take you out first, Kevin King, Rex Butler, hell I already took out Sin two times, and he finally called it quits, and then Crazy J another Zero Tolerance member I have dominated! When will you guys learn, you canít match up to ME!

Page Harris: John, we have covered pretty much everything I had in mind. So I think Iím going to just let you speak to each opponent. Why donít we start off with Mr. Juggalo Nick Adams?

John Harper: Nick Adams, Nick, Nick, Nick, the only thing he has going for him in this match is John Irons will be on his side, the Special Guest referee who calls himself the Iron Man. Thatís the only thing you have going for you Nick Adams, other then that you stand no chance of beating myself or even Jaymz. I see you pulling up the bottom, and nothing else. Sure you might of won the Airborne Championship Title in your first ever match here in the Global Wrestling Alliance, but thatís nothing Nick Adams, then just a huge break. Iíve beat Ramone so many times I canít even remember, thatís the only match you have won. I donít know a lot about you, but Iíve seen enough to realize that you donít have what it takes to beat The Canadian Destroyer. Your stepping into the ring with a Two Time Tag Team Champion, The Quickest Grand Slam Champion ever in the Global Wrestling Alliance, and your other opponent is a Two Time United States, Two Time Extreme, Tag Team, and Global Champion. You think you stand a chance, a chance at defeating me? And Jaymz? I donít see you even scoring a pin fall, or a submission. You donít have enough in you for an upset, because you donít win with one pin fall, or one submission, you have to go the long mile, the rest of the road, and there will be no surprises. Ill be on top of everything, and there is no way in hell youíre going to sneak away with a victory, and the United States Championship Title. So Rook a puss, Iím going to embarrass you in front of millions, and millions of Canadian Destroyer fans, all the wrestlers, Jaymz, and your friend John Irons this Sunday. You can give it all you want, but itís not going to be enough, as I shred the paint right off your face with the sweat, the pain, and agony your going to go through!

Page Harris: Nick Adams will defiantly have his hands full, but what about The Untied States Champion Jaymz?

John Harper: He thinks because he had the week off itís going to give him a big jump, a head start of preparing for this match, but what did Jaymz do all week that he was off? He went home, he planned on how to take out Nick Adams, and John Harper. How to not get his hands dirty by being a boss, a leader if you must say. While you sat back Jaymz, I was working my ass off training, getting ready to take out Kohut which I did. I am more prepared, more ready for the big long road ahead of us. Youíre a two time United States Champion, you had a damn nice run the last time, but Songaa ended that title reign, a man I have defeated, a man I have totally dominated! This time around Jaymz your title run wonít be so long, two weeks to be exact when I am through with you. You think your funny with your little beat down last Monday Night Anarchy, you think you pissed me off, but Jaymz all you did was add fuel to the fire. You gave me more, and more reasons to defeat you at Critical Mass IV! Iím not going to enter this match pissed off, to make mistakes, Iím going to head into this match to out wrestle, to out smart, to put numbers up on the board beating you where it counts. Thatís how Iím going to get even with you Jaymz. I have dominated Zero Tolerance for as long as itís been around, and nothings going to change that. Not because Iím solo, or because you guys out numbered me last week.

John Harper pauses for a moment, as Harper keeps looking into the camera, and begins to speak up.

John Harper: Jaymz, I donít deserve this title shot because Iím Canadian? I beat Bill Barnhart the same way you beat him to earn your Championship Title shot, I didnít gain the Title Shot because I was Canadian. I know itís a cheap shot, itís a plan to get under my skin, to piss me off heading into Critical Mass IV, but itís not going to happen. Iím better then that, you should know me by now. Iím a proud Canadian, and Canadian Wrestlers perform with pride, they earn respect. Itís going to get to you even more, not just losing to your worst enemy, but losing to a Canadian Wrestler whoís going to bring that title home to Canada where it belongs! Ill take that Championship Title away from you in this Iron man match, and show you what a true champion does. You might have a tight grip now, but by the end of the Iron Man match when you are worn down, your tired, exhausted not being able to keep up, your grip will be no more, as I stand over you holding the title above my head, as the millions of fans begin chanting my name, as I look down on your broken down body! Ill take advantage of everything I possible can, ill take control after all your mistakes, and your size is a big factor! Ill take your knee, your hurt knee, and wrap it around the steal post, Ill slap you into the figure four leg lock, I wonít let go until I hear the snapping! Ill end your career, ill put you away for good, as you said you donít have many years left! When your facing the King of Submission, someone with so much Technique as I do you better be damn well careful! Jaymz, Nick Adams, both are you are in for a long groom some match at Critical Mass IV!! No Pain. No Game.

The Scene fades out as John Harper pointing towards the camera with that confidence look on his face