GWA Overall Record: 33-14-2
GWA Single Record: 24-10-1
GWA Tag Record: 9-4-1
GWA Stables: None
GWA Roleplay: Number 1

Critical Mass IV, Julyís Pay Per View for the Global Wrestling Alliance. Every title will be decided, some very interesting matches, itís going to be a glorious PPV! We canít wait, you canít wait for the action to begin, and itís only getting started! Critical Mass has been around for ages, and it was the first PPV for The Canadian Destroyer. He defended his Extreme Championship Title against Rob Hollywood in a fist of glass match over a year ago. John Harper has been around this company for a long time now, he knows the ins, and outs. He knows exactly what it takes to win, and he will be doing everything in his power to move to 2-0 at Critical Mass IV! Itís been a long road, with a lot of exciting things happening for that whole year for John Harper. Heís a Two Time Tag Team Champion, and a Grand Slam Champion! John Harper has accomplished a lot in his Global Wrestling Alliance career, and he doesnít want to end it yet. He is fighting to become the best known GWA superstar in the business. Heís pushing for wrestler of the year, he is ready to bring home all the awards, as he strides in the right direction heading into Critical Mass IV! Harper has gained The Global, United States, and Tag Team Title in 2007, and the year is far from over. Critical Mass PPV means a lot to The Canadian Destroyer, it was the first big event in his career, and he won a tough match! He showed up Rob Hollywood beating him in fashion! He went punch for punch, move for move because John Harper can! The PPV is around the corner, itís coming quickly as The Canadian Destroyer is deep into his training, into his studying the tap, and focusing on what needs to be done! Harper needs to continue winning, to continue being the Destroyer he is! Heís in tough this week, but who wants an easy ride, an easy victory without working for it! When you work for a win, and earn it. It feels much, much, better then a cake walk.

Another victory for The Canadian Destroyer last week on Anarchy, as he defeated the Number two contender for the Global Championship Title. John Harper has put two wins up on the board in a row, itís been a while, and heís starting to feel the momentum once again. Harper told Kohut, and the fans all week long what would happen inside that ring, that he would out wrestle, out work, and out smart Kohut. Thatís exactly what The Canadian Destroyer did by rolling Kohut up when he least expected it! Another opponent that John Harper proved to not be worthy of being in the same ring as him, another wrestler to taste defeat! Kohut thought he was all high, and mighty being the number two contender for the Global Title, but again John Harper took the spotlight. Harper doesnít give up that easily, he doesnít say quit when he was down, and out. Harperís gotten things back on track, his head remains in the game above everyone elseís in his up hill climb to become the United States Champion. His two opponents this week are going to run into trouble, into a brick wall, as The Canadian Destroyer isnít planning on going any whereís! Harpers looking to move to 2-0 at Critical Mass, 3-0 being on his own without someone watching his back, and to put together his third win in a row. To do that order he needs to get by Nick Adams, and the United States Champion Jaymz to do so!

Triple Threat Iron Man match for The United States Championship Title. John Irons will be the Special Guest Referee! This defiantly will bring in the crowd, everyone will be watching who the true Iron man will be! A lot of different people will have different opinions of whoís going to win, and whoís going to lose. Whoís going to be able to hang on, to last in this Iron Match. Itís going to be a long hall, a long match, a fight until the end to see who will be the United States Champion! The Canadian Destroyer has been there before, a long with Jaymz, as he is also the current US Champion! As for Nick Adams, he has to be considered the underdog, as he steps into the ring with two former Global Champion, to vets, in the ring who will go down in the history books! Lets see what the young kid has to offer, and which legendary veteran will show his true colors in this match trying to gain the victory! You can count on John Harper pacing himself, using his brains to his advantage, knowing what to do every step of the way! Harperís been in these styles of matches before, two to be exact being 2-0 in those matches! John Harper knows how to get ready for such a style of match, he knows how to prepare, how to take down his opponents, and this week you will listen to his words closely because he means business! He has a match, a championship title to win, and you can count on him walking into the spotlight holding a new piece of gold over his shoulder!!

We see The Canadian Destroyer pedaling on an Exercise bike, as sweat drips down from his forehead. Harper has a towel wrapped around his neck with a gray muscle shirt on soaked in sweat with black shorts, and whit running shoes. Harper is pedaling his ass off getting in shape for the Iron man match. Harper grabs the towel from his neck wiping the sweat off his forehead, as Harper keeps on pedaling looking straight forward at the GWA Cameraís.

John Harper: Itís all about fitness, all about the shape you are in to last, to compete at the same level. To be called the Iron man, you have to become the Iron man, you have to work, you have to become solid. Itís going to take one hundred, and ten percent effort, itís not something you become over night. It all comes in strides, it all comes by who you are, and how you have become that person. I mean look at me, The Canadian Destroyer, Iím 5í1, 190 lbs of pure muscle. Iím the total package, I can do anything inside the ring. I can conquer it, I can run the match anyway I want to. Wither I brawl, high fly, become Hardcore, or use my Technique to my advantage! It doesnít matter because I can do it all, thatís why I became the quickest Grand Slam Champion in the history of the Global Wrestling Alliance. I earned it, I worked for it, just like I am going to be ready, prepared for this Iron man match for the United States Title. My opponents donít stand a chance lasting this whole match in the ring with me. I wonít quit, wonít give up, ill fight to the last seconds in this match you mark my words. Ill be the last man standing still breathing strong, as I hold the United States Championship Title over my head improving to 3-0 in Iron man matches, putting together three victoryís in a row, becoming 2-0 at Critical Mass Pay Per Views, and 3-0 wrestling on my own without Revolution at my back! Iím your total package, your soon to be United States Champion.

The Canadian Destroyer keeps on pedaling, as the sweat gets heavier, and heavier. John Harper is pushing himself to the limits, to get himself ready, prepared for this Iron Man Match. Harper wipes his forehead once again clearing the sweat as he keeps on pedaling as he speaks to the camera crew.

John Harper: When you look at my two opponents for the week you know damn well they wonít hang with me through out this match. They wonít be able to keep up to my skills, my endurance, stamina, and most importantly my counters as I will run away with this thing. I showed last week taking out Kohut my way, I out wrestled him, out smarted him, out lasted him, and thatís exactly what ill do this week against Nick Adams, and The United States Champion. I wonít stop at getting one pin, or one submission. Ill keep aggressive, putting numbers up on the board as quickly as I can, but in a smart way! Ill become the United States Champion once again you can count on that. Jaymz being a brawler, a fighter, standing in at 7í2, 375 lbs. Do you honestly think he can keep up to a man in as good as shape as I am? Sure he has power, sure he can fight, but does he have the endurance, the stamina as The Canadian Destroyer? Can he last that long between the ropes? Breathing heavy? Or will he just fall under, will he lose it, as The Canadian Destroyer steals the spotlight? Then you have Nick Adams the underdog, a man thatís likely never ever seen this style of match, especially being in the ring with Jaymz, and myself. No doubt this is likely the biggest match of his career, can the hardcore man handle the pressure? Can he last it out with Jaymz, and me? A 6í2, 208 lbs man. I know my opponents, I have them studied already, but I still have a lot of work to do. I am the smallest man in this match, but I have to be the favorite with the biggest history out of the three of us. With the skills, the shape that I am in! You can count on The Canadian Destroyer pulling through, pulling past my opponents this week taking that extra step, extra mile to over come my opponents!

John Harper continues pedaling at a steady pace, with sweat still forming on his forehead, Harper flips his hair out of his eyes, as he continues staring into the camera, as he speaks up once again.

John Harper: Slow, and Steady wins the race, keeping things under control, at a steady pace is exactly what I do. I know what Iím doing this week, I have been down this road before, and ill continue going down the right route. See Iím smarter then Nick Adams, then the big man Jaymz, I know exactly what Iím doing every step of the way. Inside the ring, outside the ring, when I am training, studying my opponents. I know exactly, exactly what I am doing, and what Iím looking for. This is where my opponents lack, they lack the skills that I have, the training, the preparation, and it will show at Critical Mass IV! You need to know in such a match like an Iron Man match, you need to conserve your energy, use it at the right moments, especially when your in the shape like Jaymz. You need to make things count, and thatís what Iím going to do best! I been through pain, and agony. I been in big matches, extreme matches against the best in this federation. I have felt the pressure before, none of this will hold me back at Critical Mass IV from winning the United States Championship Title by beating Nick Adams, and the current champion Jaymz! Nothings going to hold me back, no moves, no nothing will hold me down, keep me down from moving forward as the New United States Champion!

John Harper stops pedaling as he stands up from the bike walking over to the table. Harper grabs a bottle of water snapping the cover off, taking a big long drink, as he splashes himself in the face. John Harper looks back at the camera, as he begins to speak again.

John Harper: The United States Championship Title, the Championship title thatís currently around the waist of Zero Toleranceís Jaymz. The last title I won, that declared me the fastest Grand Slam Champion. I defeated Zero Toleranceís Sin for that Championship Title, and Iím going to do it again only by defeating Jaymz this time around. The United States Title that I didnít hold onto very long, the title I lost to Chaos. I didnít become the champion I wanted to become, I didnít make a mark in the United States Championship Division, but that time, that chance is about to change as I will be champion in seven days! I will take back whatís mine, what should be around my waist the United States Title! I am putting all this effort, all this time, everything into winning that strap, that piece of bright gold that will help The Canadian Destroyer back into the spotlight, the spotlight I deserve! Ill be honest, I have been failing, failing to win the big matches, the Global Title, Extreme Title, but now Iím going to change all that by beating Jaymz, Nick Adams, for the United States Title in an Iron Man match at Critical Mass IV! That United States Title will be around my waist at the end of the evening, and ill take it on a long road, as I donít plan on losing it like I did before! Itís time I stepped up, time I get hungry once again being The Canadian Destroyer I can be, and it all starts this Sunday in an Iron Man match.

Harper takes another drink of his water, as he wipes his face off with the white towel. John Harper begins looking into the camera with a mean look on his face, as he talks in an angry voice.

John Harper: Jaymz, Jaymz, Jaymz do you honestly think you can beat The Canadian Destroyer up, and get away with it? Having Zero Tolerance take me down four on one, five on one what ever it was? Do you think Iím going to let you get away with that Jaymz? I donít like Zero Tolerance, and hell you guys hate my guts as you could see last night on Anarchy, but Jaymz Revolution is no more for itís reasons, so if you want to pick a fight with me, then donít be pissed off when you lose! Iíve already beaten Sin two times, Crazy J two times, Iíve beaten you all in Tag Team Action, what more do you want? Zero Tolerance continues to fail by my hands, and it always will! Youíre the only man to pin my shoulders in Zero Tolerance, the only man that had a little success against me, but Jaymz I might remind you The Legendary AP Feight was the one who laid me out, and you took credit for the pin! Thatís the only success Zero Tolerance has had over The Canadian Destroyer, and it will continue that way. You wonít be able to keep up to me in this Iron man match. Your slow, and sluggish. You wonít last, you will feel defeat. The only way Zero Tolerance gets the upper hand is on an attack on myself, or two on one what ever it maybe! I will Destroyer Zero Tolerance, and ill start off by taking out itís best superstar in the club none other then the United States Champion! Why fool around, when you can go right to the throat eliminating the best man who might stand a chance on keeping Zero Tolerance alive! So many times youíve held them on your shoulder Jaymz, so many times, but this time you are meeting The Canadian Destroyer in the middle of the ring in for the first time other then the Psycho Circus! Your about to find out what I am all about!

John Harper begins walking back, and fourth, as Harper glares into the camera with that look on his face. John Harper doesnít pause for to long, as he continues talking towards the camera.

John Harper: Youíre a big man Jaymz, you can fight with the best of them, but you cannot wrestle like The King of Submission. You arenít as good in the ring pulling off the moves, compared to having an object in your hand like in the Psycho Circus! These are different circumstances that favor me, and Iím use everything to my advantage! Youíve always been a great champion Jaymz, but we all know you donít have what it takes to dominate The Canadian Destroyer in an Iron Match. I wrestle for a reason, not for the money, the paycheck, not to beat the living hell out of my opponents to bring a smile to my face, but to win. To out wrestle my opponents, to use my skills knowing I was the better man. To entertain my fans, the fans that are still by my side even though Revolution is no MORE! Those are the reasons I am still here Jaymz, and itís going to show at Critical Mass IV! We have done battle in the past, in the Psycho Circus, but mainly in Tag Team Action. Where I come out on top once again with the better numbers, not even losing to you ONCE! Thatís right Jaymz, the only think you have on me is that pin in the Psycho Circus, and this week I need to show you, and the fans why that was a fluke, why AP Feight did the number, and not you! Ill be the Iron Man Jaymz, the Iron man in this match. I wonít be wearing Iron pads, or anything. Ill be the stronger, faster, smarter man in the ring. I will build up my lead, I wonít look back until the dust is settled, and Iím the new United States Champion. I will show no mercy, no mercy while Iím ahead of you by three, or four maybe even ten pins, or submissions! I am a machine, look at me, look at the shape I am in compared to you. Youíre an oversized bastard, with scars up, and down your body! There is no damn way your going to compete with The Canadian Destroyer!

John Harper keeps looking at the camera, as he pauses for a moment, he looks towards the bike in the room, as he glances back towards the camera continuing to speak.

John Harper: Jaymz not only am I going to beat you because I donít like you, or because your in Zero Tolerance, or the fact you hold the United States Championship Title, but the fact that you defeated Marshall White for that title, the man I wanted at Critical Mass IV! The man I wanted to get my hands on, to make him pay, and pay big time! Youíre the spoiler, you ruined my plans of taking out Marshall White, so now you must pay for your actions, you must realize you crossed the wrong path at the wrong time! Iím coming through with rage, on a roll looking to take you out. There are so many reasons behind me defeating you this week, so many good reasons for me to work extra harder to take that United States Championship Title. Itís only a matter of time Jaymz, a matter of time before you pay the price! Youíre going to deserve everything you get, everyone you get will be coming your way from The Canadian Destroyer. For your attacks, for beating Marshall White, for being in Zero Tolerance, and most importantly for being the United States Champion!

John Harper finishes off his water, as he throws it into the trash can. Harper wipes his mouth slinging the towel over his right shoulder. Harper looks at the camera, as he speaks up once again.

John Harper: I donít know a hell of a lot about Nick Adams, but Iíd say he doesnít belong in the Global Wrestling Alliance. He belongs in the damn circus. The way he paints his face, the way he acts. Heís not a wrestle, he doesnít have the experience, the passion, heart, skills that I have. I see Nick Adams with more of a talent of juggling balls. The kid belongs in the circus not in the wrestling ring with Jaymz, and myself. It will show this Sunday Night on Critical Mass IV! He will be lucky to even score a pin, or submission let alone keep up with the Iron Man! Yeah thatís right Nick Adams Ill be the Iron Man, ill prove to 3-0 in Iron man matches you watch, and see! Your not up to my level, and ill even admit your not near Jaymz either! Youíre 1-2-0. You beat Stevie Ramone for the Airborne Title, big deal been there done that! Ramone is my bitch Adams, like your going to be mine! You lost to Jack Faust! I mean common you honestly think you stand a chance in the ring with The Canadian Destroyer? You think you can handle all the pressure Nick Adams? Do you think your going to rob me from becoming The United States Champion because Iím going to make damn sure you donít! Your Hardcore style wrestling will get you no whereís just like Jaymz brawling abilities will be no use against me because I dominate! I use my technique to my ability!

John Harper jumps back on the bike, as he begins pedaling with his towel around his neck. Harper is pushing himself to the limits, as sweat is still forming on his forehead. Harper looks at the GWA camera, and begins to speak.

John Harper: I know for a fact, a damn fact this is your biggest match in your career. Youíve never faced a man 7 foot 2, 375lbs. Youíve never faced someone with skills like me, with the experience, the technique. Youíre going to feel the pressure, and the pressure is going to drive you into the ground. Itís going to collapse on you, so you canít breath, you canít handle all the pressure with the fans screaming, chanting, you wonít know whatís happening half the time as you continue to hear count after count, tap after tap! You will lose track, you will see the numbers go up, and up from me, as you wonít be able to keep up! As you see the number rising you will get exhausted just looking at it! Youíre in for a long ride, a long road in the Global Wrestling Alliance, and you just met your toughest match! Ill show no mercy, no holding back, as your dues will be paid! You might have backup like Jaymz, but thatís not going to keep me from becoming the Iron Man at Critical Mass IV! Youíre not going to know what to do inside that ring Nick Adams, with two of the best superstars staring down on you, when you hit your moves, and I get back up in your facing not giving you a moment to breath, to rest. You better get in the shape of your life, because this Sunday at Critical Mass IV youíre not going to have a good night, the night you are hoping for wonít happen so Nick Adams you can dream, but remember I am The Destroyer of Dreams!! Both you, and Jaymz can come ready willing to fight, but you wonít be able to last against The Iron man!! Thatís right The Iron man, The Canadian Destroyer!!!! No Pain, No Game!!!

The Scene fades out, as Harper puts it into over driver on the bike as he prepares for his Iron Man Match!