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Engine Rebuild


2/1/03 The only things left on the engine are the throttle linkage and transmission. The oil and transmission fluid have both been drained.

**When removing the pan, take out the back bolts first and work forward on each side. There is tab on the back of the pan that sits on the frame to hold it in place better when removing it. If you don't do this, you will get a mouthful of transmission fluid.**

While the pan was off, I took the opportunity to replace the transmission filter and what was left of the gasket. There wasn't a magnet in the pan to catch metal filings from the transmission. I strongly recommend putting a magnet in if you haven't got one either.

2/2/03 I drained the torque convertor and removed the 4 nuts. The engine to mount bolts have also been removed. I wasn't able to remove the bell housing bolts because the exhaust pipe is in the way. I'm hoping to cut it off from the catalytic convertor to gain access to the bolts.

2/9/03 The engine is finally out. I was able to get to all the bell housing bolts without having to cut and remove the exhaust pipe. The transmission is held up by two ratchet straps hooked to either side of the frame. This works great in place of a jack and allows the vehicle to be moved. I haven't been able to put the engine on a stand yet, but I've removed nearly everything I can at the moment.

2/10/03 The engine is finally on a stand. Click here for instructions with pictures on how to set up and use an engine stand. The timing cover, flywheel, oil pan, and oil pump were all removed. I'll remove the intake manifold and heads soon.

2/11/03 A lot was accomplished today. The intake manifold, heads, and crankshaft were removed.

2/12/03 The block is now totally bare. I removed the pistons, cam shaft, and lifters. The block and heads will be taken to be machined this weekend.

4/1/03 I picked up the block, heads, crank, and new parts this afternoon. Reassembly will start as soon as possible.

4/19/03 Here are pictures of the installed pistons and crankshaft.

4/26/03 Here's a picture of the completed heads.


5/10/03 Here's the inside and the outside of the pan. As you can see, the weld is invisible from the outside.