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Monkee Quotes

Monkee Quotes

Davy Quotes
"What advice would you give to young people just starting out in the spy buisness?"

"One more remark like that and I'll hit you with me purse."

"Your eyes are like cupcakes, floating in a sea of sour cream."

"You're a nail biter. You're a nail biter and your mother never loved you!"

"You're pretty tough with a fist in your hand!"

"We was shootin' a movie. Some cat came up 'n said 'You wanna shoot a movie?' I said 'Yeah we'll shoot a movie'. So we shot a movie."

"If you stop showing The Monkees , I'm going to hold my breath till my face turns blue!"

"Come on chaps, let's 'ave at it! Up and over!!"

"You couldn't teach a dog to do that! You can only train elephants!"

"That's what I said folks, crime doesn't pay."

"I am standing up!"

Mike Quotes
"He looks like a long-haired , nearsighted monster with a guitar"

"The power is inside of you. Nobody can give it to you…and nobody can take it away."

"Behind every dark cloud, there's usually rain."

"Due to a lack of interest, tomorrow has been cancelled."

"Work hard, play hard, and get plenty of roughage in your diet."

"Two million girls madly in love with him and he's gonna marry an old man."

"Well, he's not singing with his voice, he's singing with his feet"

"Oh, merciful heavens!"

"We're not typical young people, well we are typical young people, well young people just aren't typical anything"

"If a butterfly turns into a apple seed it will just lay there on the ground, but if the apple seed turns back it will fly away a beautifull butterfly."

Peter Quotes
"It always points to Davy"

"Who turned on the dark?"

"Nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor."

"Cross at the green, not in between."

"When I was very young, I used to be embarrassed about kissing. But now I can talk very openly about... S-E-X."

"I'm the dummy Micky. I'm always the dummy."

"Oh, I don't think your guilty! I just don't see how you could possibly be innocent."

"Don't fly don't fly, don't fly. If you get too close to the sun your wings'll melt!"

Micky Quotes
"Love is the ultimate trip."

"Age only matters if you're cheese."

"I'll love you twice as much on Friday cause I want the weekend off."

"I, myself, am deeply jealous."

"He's gonna be the death of us yet.

"I never said we made money. I said we sing."

"Age only matters if your a cheese."

"My Mommy doesn't let me play with toys that bang, bash, scratch, or go boom!"

"Well, my mother used to call me goo-goo eyes."

"Now Peter, we're gonna try to scare ya'-so don't be scared!"

"Yeah I did put my clothes on, but my clothes took off... Could it be my clothes are putting me on??"

"Not bad for a long haired weirdo, huh American?"

"I'm the 23 hour doorman, I used to be the 24 hour doorman but I couldn't take the long hours."

"These are the bones of the elephant man. And THESE are the bones from the Invisible man. AND THIS is the transmission from the Monkeemobile."

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