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Smoki's New Download Site!
By Smoki click to contact me
This new site started on July 10th 2001! Hosted by Angelfire, Thanks Angelfire! Anyone who wants to contact me, can do so by clicking on the above e-mail link.

~ Smoki

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What Is ZZT?

ZZT is a very cool old computer game made by Tim Sweeney in 1991, and was sold by Epic Games. It's ASCII/ANSi Game Creating System and the programming language, ZZT-OOP, is very easy to learn. Even though the graphics are a bit out dated, its still a very fun and fast paced game. The lastest version is called Super ZZT and has bigger graphics. MegaZeux and ZIG are newer games that are inspired by and are very similar to ZZT but have stereo sound and other improvements.

If you want to see other ASCII/ANSi Computer Games like ZZT, you can check out Kroz and Rogue.

Jet Pack

Jet Pack is another cool old computer game and like ZZT it is small enough to store on a 3.5 inch floppy disk, also you can create your own games with the level editor that comes in the game. If you like fast paced arcade style games, check it out!


Yserbius is a cool RPG game that you use to be able to play online with others. I don't think there is a server for it now. If you know of one, please contact me ,Smoki and let me know. Thanks :)


Xevil is a fast-paced bloody free-game that you should check out, it is very fun. In this game you are a lost soul in hell that must compete in a bloody tournament named Xevil! Get It here or get it at


This is a cool old role playing game that you should check out if you hadn't played it before. You can lean more about it here at The Ragnarok Home Page.

Queen Mum

This is a Digimon Type flash-game where you try to keep your Queen Mum alive!

Revenge of Yar's Revenge

Play this Shockwave-game now. Also Check out Space Blammo and Extreme Board-dom.

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Screen Shot
Cool Huh
  Screen Shot #2  
  Well Of Souls
Screen Shot
  Screen Shot #3  
  Jet Pack
Screen Shot
Start Screen
  Screen Shot #4  
  Jet Pack
Screen Shot
Demo Screen
  Screen Shot #5  
Screen Shot

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