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Hey. Happy Thanksgiving Day. What are you thankful for? lol.
Hey.Nothing much is up. I guess everyone knows we haven't updated lately! I just wanted to say that I graduated from Woodman's grade 8 class. I won some awards, it was really fun. I got a boyfriend, and I guess you could I'm kinda happy.I haven't felt this "high" for a while.It's so amazingly weird. I'm I supposed to write my personal feelings here?? It's so quiet...I'm @ my friend's house and my other friend is here with her bf.My head is plagued with thoughts of Alex, the guy I'm going out with.Crazy! I'm so crazy. Sorry if I'm scaring anyone out there. I'm trying to release all of my tensions.

Merry Christmas. We both hope everyone is safe and happy.

09.21.01 azn107
It's been a while since I've looked up this page. I guess I forgot about it, but I did take some time off to update some stuff. Actually, me and sweetie_panda want to know what you think we should to to improve this site. I know, we're not one of those pages where we get hundreds of hits but we'd like to hear from you. Speak up in the guestbook or send us a E-mail at

09.25.01 sweetie_panda
Dropping in yet again.I put a picture in the gallery.Not much though.Counter.

10.20.01 azn107
It's been a while since I've been here and it seems to me that not much has changed. Anyway, I'm not here to say I updated anything nor did I do anything special. Just wanted to check this page out to see if it's still opperating. And it is. Drop by once in a while.