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Y A J U    N O    L I N K S

Please check out some of these entertaining, informative, helpful, and just plain COOL sites!

A truly incredible place to visit!
Please, do not miss it!!!
The site is Japanese Text Only!
But, check it out anyway!! It is SWINGIN'!!!

Remembering the Good Old Days of Nikkatsu eiga!
(Japanese text only!)
Saburo Watari has created absolutely the greatest website devoted to the classic Nikkatsu Action eiga of Kobayashi Akira and Shishido Jo! Hi-cara and VERY COOL!! There is so much information on this website you simply will not believe it! All Jo fans are required to check out the excellent "Legend of Joe" section! What a fantastic job!
Domo arigato gozaimasu, Coolman!
Nikkatsu Kyodai #1!

A tribute to the coolest genre films ever made!

The helpful staff at Sasuga have aided me in obtaining many rare Nikkatsu Action videos, plus other Japanese import items. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Truly one of the greatest Japanese Cinema sites on the WWW! Their reviews and articles are all expertly researched, written, and presented. For information regarding current, as well as classic, Japanese films it is hard to beat MIDNIGHT EYE! Hi-cara? So desu!

The first English language website totally dedicated to The Master is back in full swing!

This is the best place on the net for Asian DVD's! Their prices can't be beat and their selection is amazing. They even special order. CHECK IT OUT!

A knock-out webzine! Rockin' good reviews, news, and links! These cats? Definitely hi-cara-san!!

Listen to the best Crime Jazz, Exotica, and Vintage Lounge Pop (via Real Audio) while cruising the Web!
Hey! Until they start releasing soundtracks from classic Nikkatsu Action films..this is the next best thing!
Dig it and get hi-cara!

The great NIKKATSU's Official Home Site! (Text in Japanese only !)
Japan's finest!! Cooler than Cool!! NIKKATSU RULES!!

This site for the University of Arkansas' Japanese Language Program is an excellent source of information for all things Japanese. If you are truly interested in Japanese culture; then, you simply MUST CHECK OUT the indispensible LINKS section! Fukushima-sensei? Hi-cara-san!!

Two of the best fanzines of all-time!! 'Nuff said! Don't be a square..GET THERE and be HIP!

(Japanese text only!)
I don't know about you; but, I am also a huge fan of Spaghetti Westerns
(or Macaroni Westerns as they are known in Japan)!!
If you like them too, then this website is a must for you to visit!
My amigo, Garringo has done a bang-up job presenting his personal experiences with various Spaghetti Western locations in Spain.
This is definitely one Cooler than Cool site! Check it out!
Subarashii da!

The first website dedicated to the brilliant Suzuki Seijun. Of course, this website's webmaster is way hi-cara! GO THERE!