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1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharged


First Picture of the car, taken the night of purchase.


Side, notice all the changes within weeks of purchase?


Side/Rear View.


Rear with shaved "Grand Prix" emblem off the decklid. NOTE: Overlays, Fast Toys Tips, and ClubGP License frame not pictured.


KMC Motion #754 Chrome Rims. These Rims were originally on my 93 GP for a few months before she was sold. NOTE: Potenza RE730s tires not pictured.


Front View. NOTE: Overlays not pictured.


Front/Right View.


Another Front/Right View.


Another Side View.


Another Side View.

Drivetrain Specs:

Engine: 3.8 (231 cubic inch) Sequential Fuel Injected (SFI) V6 w/ an Eaton M90 Generation 3 Blower

Tranny: 4T65-HD, 3-speed with Overdrive.

Engine Modifications:

  • Motor Sports Performance (MSP) Cold-Air Induction (CAI) Kit with Ram Air Inlet lid for Aftermarket Hood and Extra Insolation.
  • ZZP Stage #2 High Velocity Throttle Body (HVTB)with Stock MAF and Stock MAF Screen installed
  • ZZP Generation #2 3/4" Throttle Body Spacer
  • Casper's Throttle Position Sensor Enhancer (TPSE)
  • Autozone 180 degree non-drilled thermostat
  • Casper's High Speed Fan Switch System
  • ZZP Eaton Supercharger Coupler
  • Supercharger Coolant Passages Plugged via Intake Manifold with 1/4" NPT Allen Plugs and Teflon Tape
  • Dial_Ur_Boost (DUB) Interchangeable Pulley System (w/ 3.25", 3.4", 3.8" pulleys)
  • Oversized 3.5" Tensioner Pulley
  • Goodyear Gatorback Belt (For the Supercharger)
  • Digital Horsepower Inc. (DHP) Version 1.0 PCM without Happy Knob
  • ZZP "Standard" ICCU (In Car Control Unit) Version 1.7D
  • Fuel Pump Resisiter Bypassed (Always on HIGH)
  • ZZP/Tech Edge Alternator Rewire Kit
  • Intense 1.9 Ratio Rockers Generation #1
  • Borg/Warner "Select" 7 mm Lifetime Plug Wires
  • Borg/Warner "Select" Lifetime Coil Packs
  • Autolite 104s @ .045 gap
  • ZZP Ported Exhaust Manifolds (3-piece Coated Set)
  • Custom 3" Mandrel Bent Downpipe with a Stainless Steel Braided Flex Pipe.
  • Custom 3" Removable "Test" Pipe with no Catalytic Converter
  • Casper's Rear O2 Sensor Simulator
  • Custom 3" Exhaust piping to "Y" pipe
  • Custom 2.25" Exhaust "Y" pipe to Stock Mufflers
  • ZZP Generation #2 Polyurethane Upper Radiator Side Motor Mounts

    Transmission Modifications:

  • None, Bone Stock.

    Interior Modifications:

  • Valentine One Radar/Laser Detector Hardwired
  • Lotek Triple Pillar Pod w/ gauges: (NOTE: Lighting hooked up to factory dimmer control)
    --------Autometer Sport-Comp Vac/Boost Gauge w/ 194R Blub Backlight
    --------Autometer Sport-Comp Volts Gauge w/ 194R Blub Backlight
    --------Autometer Sport-Comp Oil Pressure Gauge w/ 194R Blub Backlight
  • Ramchargers L67 Scanmaster Version 1.0 (custom mounted in the cluster)
  • ICCU Red Screen & Switches custom mounted on the center console cubby
  • 194R Light Blub in Ash Tray for Backlight
  • 2000+ Grand Prix Steering Wheel Radio Controls
  • 2001+ Grand Prix Console Cup Holders
  • 2000 Grand Prix HVAC Controls
  • Switches Custom Mounted in drivers side Cubby Hole:
    --------Caspers High Speed Fan Switch
    --------TCS/ABS Disable Switch [***TO BE WIRED UP***]
  • ADDED: Factory GM/Delco 12 disc CD Changer w/ custom mounting (in the trunk)

    Exterior Modifications:

  • Trenz Billet Upper grills
  • Ventshade Headlight Covers (Clear)
  • GE Nighthawk 9007 Halogen Headlamp Blubs
  • Headlight Diffusers Removed
  • SUVLights Headlight Harness
  • High Beams + Fog Lights Enabled
  • StoneGuard Light Protection Cover Kit for Fog light Lenses
  • Super White Foglamp Bulbs
  • APC "Icy Hot" 194 Lisence Plate Blub (Super White/Blush colored)
  • American Sports Car Design (ASCD) "Ram Air" High Output (H.O.) Fiberglass Hood:
  • SLP Generation #1 "Whale Tail" Rear Spoiler
  • 15% Tinted windows (sides and rear)
  • Mudflaps (2, behind the front wheels)
  • "Grand Prix" badge shaved off decklid
  • Tom Gleason "GTP" Third Brake light overlay
  • Tom Gleason "Pontiac" Rear Overlay (Black/Reflective White)
  • Tom Gleason "Pontiac" Front tag cover Overlay (Black/Reflective White)
  • Tom Gleason "Supercharged" Front tag cover Overlay (Black/Reflective White)
  • Tom Gleason WS6 Style "Ram Air" logos on hood scoops (Black/Reflective White)
  • Tom Gleason "GTP" badge Overlays (Black/Reflective White)
  • ClubGP Store "Pontiac" Door Sill Overlays in White
  • KMC #754 Motion 16x7 Chrome Wheels with chrome stems and valve caps (on all 4 corners)
  • BFGoodrich Traction T/A's V-Rated 245/50/16s (on all 4 corners)
  • KYB GR-2 Performance Struts (on all 4 corners)
  • Oldsmobile Intrigue Rear Springs (On the Rear)
  • Northstar 41-158 Camber Adjustment Kit (on all 4 corners)
  • Performance Friction Brake Pads (all the way around)
  • ClubGP Store Chrome "Grand Prix Racing" license plate frame.
  • Fast Toys Dual/Dual Non-Resonated 409 Stainless Steel Chrome Exhaust Tips

    Misc Modifications:

  • Valvoline 10W30 Dino Motor Oil
  • AC/DELCO PF47 Motor Oil Filter
  • Valvoline Maxlife Transmission Fluid
  • Peak "Global" Radiator Fluid 50/50 Antifreeze/Water
  • Red Line Water Wetter (one bottle added to the radiator)
  • 2000+ Pontiac Boniville SSEI S/C Plug Wire Retainer
  • Most suspension parts coated in black paint
  • Most braking components coated in black paint
  • Exhaust System painted in Aluminum colored paint
  • Mufflers painted black, like stock
  • Engine Cover & Rear Bracket removed
  • Front Sway bar flipped (to ensure downpipe clearance)
  • Modified Hood latch to accomandate Aftermarket hood
  • Custom made Muffler hangers (Mufflers are raised and hidden more behind the rear bumper)

    Past Modifications:

  • Pulley Boys 3.4" Supercharger Pulley:
    "It was a great product, but I wanted to be able to switch to a smaller pulley someday without hassel. I wanted more than one choice for a pulley size anyway. I wanted a 3.25" for strictly racing, 3.4" Daily, and a 3.8" for road trips. The DUB kit offered all the above."

  • Random Tech Downpipe (3" DP, RT CAT, 2.5" U-bend removal):
    "Mine seemed to work alright, but that annoying flex pipe noise bugged the hell out of me. Plus the Downpipe clearance to my already flipped sway bar was VERY close. Also the O2 bung was too close to the floorpan to install an O2 sensor (unless you beat in the floorboard, I used a bung plug and a Simulator instead). The M and S is a far better product in my opinion."

  • ZZP/Techedge Mini-AFC 1.0:
    "I highly recommend this product to everyone! Perfect for adding a little bit of fuel to your lean motor, or leaning out a rich motor. I sold this because I was interested in tuning certain areas in the MAF Table, not all at once. The 2.0 version of the Mini-AFC has this feature, thats why I went with this."

  • StoneGuard Headlight Protection Kit:
    "A horrible product, I don't recommend this product to anyone! The Corners and the Fog light covers worked and looked great, the headlights however did not. After pulling off the covers i discovered my fairly new Headlight lenses were ruined! There are tiny cracks all over the place. They look horrible, espeically with the headlights on. I pulled the corner lights off and they were fine. I left the Fog light Covers on since they need the protection. Again, worst product i've ever seen! I use Ventshade Covers now without any problems."

  • ZZP Calibrated MAF sensor (From HVTB Stage 2):
    "After months of testing, it appears that this MAF actully makes my car run leaner than with the stock MAF. I've heard of others having this same problem with other HVTBs. When I reinstall the HVTB someday, I plan on installing my stock MAF opposed to this modified MAF."

  • 1st Exhaust System= M & S Production Downpipe unit (3" Downpipe/Carsound 94009 Catalytic Converter/2.5" U-Bend Removal flanged), Resonator removed with 2 1/4" straight pipe/Custom made Cut-Out Y before the stock "Y" pipe w/ a 3 bolt flange:
    "It was nice while I had it. With the stock mufflers in place the motor sounded stock, maybe slightly louder because of no resonator. It was nice to have on road trips, and my daily drive to work. The reason I kept this setup so long was the fact that it was so quiet and enjoyable. A part of me however always wanted something louder, that I could hear with the windows up. I was afriad of change though. Mostly I was afriad my car would sound like crap, and the exhaust drone on the interstate would be too much for me to take going to work. I'm glad I made the change now. My exhaust was VERY restrictive with the cut-out closed, even with the cut-out opened there was still restriction there. The cutout was my answer for a loud exhaust. It sounded alright, but it was unfiltered and not smooth at the same time. I do believe this exhaust was holding me back quite a bit power wise. The new setup is louder than stock, but not annoying either, some drone but its not too bad. I choose Turbo mufflers to keep the noise down and make daily driving pleasent. There not the best flowing mufflers in town, but they do a pretty good job. Overall, i'm glad I made the change over this setup."

  • McCord Power Plate 2 Electric Cut-Out Assembly:
    "No longer needed on my new exhaust setup since I do not have a cut-out "Y" anymore nor have 2 1/4" - 2 1/2" piping to support it. It was a high maintence item to keep sealed and leak free. Removing this got rid of one more headache."

  • M and S Production 3" DP/CarSound 94009 Cat/2.5" U-bend removal Flanged:
    "I thought this downpipe was far superior than the R/T Downpipe, man I was wrong. From day one I had problems with it. When I first installed it I noticed the 3" DP was too close to the floor pan. After it was installed, when going into reverse the DP banged the hell out of the floor pan causing false KR. I had to go to an Exhaust Shop and have them fix that (M and S did pay for it, but it was a headache for me). My false KR woes never quiet went away. I went through several exhaust changes since. Resonator Removal, Cutout installed, later the whole exhaust from the Cat back replaced with 3" pipe to a 2.5" Y into Turbo Mufflers. KR woes still existed. Well a few weeks ago I crawl under the car to do an oil change. While the oil is draining out I inspected the DP area. I saw the problem, the bend on the M and S DP (only pieces left from the 3" DP and the CAT) was hitting the Power Steering Lines! I got me a used stock Downpipe and had that installed and my KR went down quite a bit. The only thing I got out of the M and S DP that work is the CarSound Cat. Now i'm researching on getting a Custom 3" DP made to make my exhaust free flowing again. Granted there a people who have had great luck with there M and S DP, Sadly i'm not one of those people. This is just my personal experiance with that product."

  • South Florida Pulley Headquarters (SFPHQ) Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (AFPR) @ 56 psi:
    "This seems to be a great device, but I think its worthless for my car at this level of modifying. Maybe someday if I go with bigger injectors this device will work good for me. For now, i'll run the stock regulator and keep this for the future."

  • 2nd Exhaust System= 3" Downpipe w/ SS Flex pipe, 3" Carsound 94009 Catalytic Converter, 3" Cat-back to "Y" pipe (No U-bend, No Resonator), 2.5" "Y" Pipe, Turbo Mufflers:
    "For awhile I liked this exhaust, it seemed to work out great for me. After awhile the noise level and the minor drone started getting to me. Also, I heard my car from the outside a few times, I think it sounded pretty ratty honestly. I had to change it AGAIN! After alot of research I discovered stock mufflers flow pretty good and alot of high powered GTPs out there still use them. Luckily I saved my stock mufflers so I had them put back on the car with a 2.25" "Y" Pipe to mate the stock mufflers to the 3" Cat-back. While I was at it I had a "Test Pipe" section made and currently run Catless. Even with the cat removed the car is way quieter than before. Infact It almost sounds like a stock GTP, but with a deeper sound throughout the RPMs and even a deeper idle. I plan on this being my final setup. "

  • Intense Polyurethane Upper Motor Side "Round" Motor Mounts:
    "I owned these for only 2 days, unfortuneitly they were not for me. They made the car vibrate way too much. It was so bad that it was nearly unbearable to sit in traffic or even at a stop light. I would of never guessed then would of made so much of a difference. I hardly noticed anything with my ZZP Poly mounts. These would be perfect for an all out race car, or even a weekend ride but for a daily driver, no way. Luckily Intense was nice enough to give me a refund for these. I went ahead and got me Lifetime Bushings from Autozone."

  • Xtreme Sound 10 disc CD changer (in the trunk):
    "I had this aftermarket CD changer in my 1993 GP and this GP. It worked great while it lasted, I got several years of good service from this unit. Finally it died. I discovered in my trunk I had the factory wiring for a stock GM/Delco 12 disc CD Changer to work with my stock Bose system along with the stock AM/FM Cassette w/ 7-band EQ. The stock unit work much better because I need no remote and I can control most of its functions via the factory steering wheel controls. I wish I went the a stock unit in the first place."

  • ZZP/Techedge Mini AFC 2.0:
    "This device is perfect for someone who wants to really fine tune there fueling for max potential at idle, cruise and WOT. This device was a little advanced for me. I could never get it dialed in just perfect. If I had more patiance and time it could of worked well for me. I'm planning on keeping this device around, just incase anything happens to the ICCU. The best and only replacement to the ICCU would be this device."

  • Sylvania Silverstar Halogen Headlamp Blubs:
    "I always loved these blubs, they always looked great, had great color, and we're super bright (with my modified HL system). The last 2 set prematurly failed which leads be to believe that they cannot handle the extra voltage my HL system is putting out. I decided to go with a completely different brand. Hopefully these fare better, I love my bright lights and DRLs."

    Club Memberships:

    Featured On:

  • Club GP Owners Registry

    Story Behind the Car:

    This is my third car. Its a loaded 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharged. This car is Artic White with Charcoal leather interior. Its loaded with HUD, DIC, Drivers lumbar, Drivers heated seat, leather wrapped shift knob, leather wrapped steering wheel, Bose stereo, power sunroof, and dual air bags. I got this car on August 16th 2002 from a dealer out of town. I was searching for a car exactly like this (color and all) for over 4 months. It was hard to find a fairly clean non smoker car. I put my name out at several dealers to keep an eye out for this car. I also checked several diffent newpapers daily (so did my girlfriend). Finally one night a dealer called and said he had a White GTP in he thought i'd like. He forgot if it had Charcoal interior and if it was a 2 door or a 4 door. I decided to check it out early the next morning, figuring it wouldn't be right. As soon as I pulled in the lot, I saw it, I knew it was it (obviously, being a Mazada dealer and all). I inspected it, took it for a drive. It was in good condition, as good as I thought it would be. It needed a little work since i'm picky on my cars. After an hour of debating pricing, I finally got the car below NADA value and drove it home.

    Before I bought the car, I ran a carfax on it. I discovered that the car came from Michigan and spent all of its life up there. It was a commercial vehicle with only one owner. Being from up north and the age of the vehicle, some surface rust started appearing. I used some rust remove to remove it from everywhere I could find it. I'm taking care of all of it I find in the future too. I coating most of the suspension, exhaust, brakes, and other misc parts. I detailed this car to the best of my abilities. Before I started driving it, I did a major tune up on it. I worked on the car little by little almost everyday trying to get out a little more power. I try to improve the car on my free time, since it my only car and my daily driver, down time is very minimal.

    Why did I get this car? I needed a car that was quick, yet capable of being modified to produce more power, yet maintain excellent gas mileage and be low on maintance. At the same time it had to have some comfort and room, yet be sporty and sleek. The Grand Prix GTP was the perfect choice. I'm a fan of Grand Prix's, I have liked the style of the 97+ Grand Prixs since that body style came out. Back then when I heard about the 3.8 SFI Supercharged V6 with 240 HP and 280 TQ stock. I knew even before this car came out that it would be a badass performance car. Looks like I was right, there is alot of aftermarket parts availible for the 97+ GPs. I think this car is going to be fun to own.

    Other Cars:

  • 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharged [***Coming Soon***]

  • Past Vehicles:

  • 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE