by: Misty

"Are you sure you can handle this?" Wryel asked me, smiling that *evil grin* of a sadistic tickler's smile, that I have come to adore and fear over recent years.
Wanting to impress him with my courage and spunk, I retorted "Anything you can dish out baby, I can handle", knowing full well that I would regret that remark as soon as it passed through my lips.
He, of course, being a man of great experience and knowledge of tickling, grinned wider and looked into my big wild eyes with his smiling brown ones. That look chilled me to my very core. I knew I was in for the tickling of my life, but I was much too intrigued and turned on to back out at this point. " long as you're sure, Hon", he said, as he came to me, still standing, as he reached around me, pulling me to him, and he kissed me so gently. He continued this gentle kissing, exploring my mouth with his, as his nimble fingers caressed my back, and held me against his body for several minutes. I began to go weak in the knees when he said "Baby, let's sit down and be comfortable, it's gonna be a long, eventful evening and you are going to need your strength."(Oh god) We sat on the bed.
Already I was burning with desire for this man, as this encounter was a long time coming, and I already knew full well, even at this early stage, that it would be all I had anticipated and more. My body was trembling, shaking, I was so nervous. He was concerned and inquired as to whether I was alright. "Y-Y es...", I said, trying to hide it. It isn't that I was afraid of him. I did not for one second believe he would harm me. It was just a fear brought on by the weeks and weeks of explicit mental images of my feet being tickled by him, culminating in my mind as he had often described them to me in lurid, taunting detail. Tickling was a talent for which he had a gift. He often described them to me over the phone, when I was not alone, telling me exactly what he planned to do to my feet once he was afforded the opportunity, and he held me with his words, not unlike a deer caught in the headlights. I was overwhelmed by the almost unbearable anticipation leading up to this day.
We lay on the bed and continued the kissing, which was growing more and more passionate with each second. His skillful fingers were touching my breasts through my clothing, and unbuttoning the front of my long blue silk dress as he kissed and fondled me from head to toe. He opened the front of the dress slowly, as if he was unveiling some kind of precious objec de Art. He slid it off my shoulders and got up from the bed to see what he had done. I lay there before him in a black lace bra and panties, still tingling from what we were just doing and the kisses he was placing upon my naked soles, and in expectation of sensations to come. He smiled as he reached for his bag of tricks. "You can take that bra off, Baby. You're not going to need it today." I complied, of course. He tied my wrists in an X position, and fastened them to the center of the bedframe behind my head. It was quite immobilizing, and I have never felt so vulnerable in my life. It was absolutely intoxicating, the excitement I felt from relinquishing control to this man, who had held my heart for months now. He tied my feet to the bottom of the bedpost at the ankles, running his fingers sharply across the soles, and holding them like they were fragile and must be handled with extreme care. All the while he was doing this, he was talking to me about the many smartass remarks I had made to him over the past several months, and how those infractions had earned me some extra feet tickling time in his estimation. He was amazing in his ability to recount them all. (Was he keeping score? Did he write them down?) Okay...I admit..they WERE numerous, as I do tend to be a bit of a smartmouth once I get to know a person, if I like them. This verbal taunting of his was really affecting me, and by the time he completed his bondage of my body, I was literally quivering with anticipation and fear. Yes there was some fear. I admit it. But it was ssooooooo exciting, and I was so turned on by him.
He reached into his bag of toys and brought out some peppermint lotion, which I love, and softly rubbed it onto my soles and between my toes. The feeling was electric and I started wiggling my toes and jerking my feet even though he wasn't really tickling me YET. This made him smile really big....the "tickler" smile again.....the one I craved seeing. He said "Hon...we are going to have a blast, so just relax, okay?" and with that he ran his fingernails up my soles from the heels to the toes, making me cry out very loud and gasp uncontrollably. He placed his face, against my feet and rubbed my soles against his soft cheeks, closing his eyes. He told me that Obsession was one of his favorite perfumes, and I was impressed that he knew the scent that I had sprayed on my feet before dressing that morning. Then he put his tongue and sharp fingernails to my wrinkled arches. He came to me then and put his lips next to my ear and whispered " be prepared to scream."
I was squirming inside my own skin, thinking now that I may be in big trouble here, and wondering for a moment if I could talk him into untying me, if I wanted him to, at this point. However, not wanting him to untie me, I remained silent and waited for the tickling onslaught to begin. I did not have to wait long. Out of his tickle bag, he produced a sable paintbrush. He looked at me, smiling, and said "you look so beautifully helpless there Misty, and since I didnít bring a camera to capture this moment for all eternity, I guess I'll just have to paint you." With that he took that soft sable brush and began with my face, tickling my lips and nose and ears with maddening strokes, from which I desperately tried to escape. I don't know how long he did this, but it felt like forever to me, as I cannot stand it on my ears and nose. When he stopped, I was gasping for air and already begging him to please please stop this torment. I could see how pleased he was at this development, and my dire situation was once again made clear to me. "Suz,"he said, "What is the Safeword?"
"I know the word, don't worry,"I replied.
"No, I want to be sure you do, so say it for me Hon, so I know you can stop me if you have to."
"MORE!",I said,is your Safeword.
"Excellent" he said to himself, also giggling. The sable brush began its journey down my neck and shoulders, making me shudder and giggle, as he stopped at special places, tickling back and forth, every once in a while going back to tickle my ear, knowing that my reaction to that was always guaranteed giggling and struggling against the bonds that held me fast. He tickled up the insides of my captive arms, causing me to laugh and laugh, squirming as much as possible in this tightly tied position that my arms were in. He continued on the insides of my arms, the helpless flesh crawling as he touched it so softly with that devilish brush. I was begging him to just scratch that area to relieve the itching that his torturous tickling had caused. He ignored my pleas for relief, and smiled wide, as if the begging pleased him to no end. Straddling my hips now on top of me....he looked into my eyes, bending down and kissing me, as his fingers found their way to my defenseless hairless, armpits and he began wildly tickling them as I squirmed helplessly beneath his 250 pound frame. I tried to hold the laughing back...but just couldn't do it. Those are one of my most ticklish spots, and I just broke into uncontrollable hysterics, and he was laughing almost as hard, just from seeing my reaction to his wicked fingers in my pits. He proceeded to tickle me there for what seemed like 2 hours, but in reality was probably about 10 minutes. When he stopped I was gasping for air and tears were streaming down my silly face. Unable to stop laughing completely...I was still giggling as I was trying to breathe.... And he was still giggling too. I love his laugh. He said, "Oh Lordy, that is wonderful Misty.", and just that statement cracked me up again. I could see he was sporting a whopper of an erection...and I was feeling pretty hungry at this point, myself.
Allowing me to catch my breath....he started in on my helpless unprotected ribs, and my tummy, which is very ticklish. He abandoned the brush for his fingers 10 minutes ago, and now was working over my torso into a ticklish tirade, when he reached up and began touching my breasts, nipple in either hand, rolling them between his fingers and watching my face for a reaction. The sensation was electric, and coursed through my body like hot current, finding its mark between my legs, and making me try to arch my back and buck him off, but I couldnít because he had me pinned down. He alternated between the crazy rib tickling frenzy and the sensuous breast tickling and fondling until I did not know what to do, laugh or moan. He was still giggling when he got off me and told me that I should prepare myself for the next level.
Walking down to the foot of the bed, he was smiling and giggling, and that look on his face was priceless. I knew I was in for it now. He took my bound feet in his hand and began tickling them softly. I let a small giggle escape and thought to myself....oh this won't be too bad. Yeah, right! Wryel held them so gently, I thought he might actually make love to them....(that's another story, LOL). He placed two pillows under them, and ran a piece of rope around them and to each of the posts, effectively holding them in place on the bed. Pulling up a chair to sit comfortably, he began my journey to tickle hell/ecstasy. Running his one nail from the ball of my foot to the heel, it was like I had been struck with a whole new degree of ticklishness. I have always been sensitive on my feet, but this truly was a new level. I gasped aloud. His facial expression told me that this was the desired result, and he began slowly tickling my feet with fervor. Nails up and down the arches, over and over again, as my body jerked and bucked on the bed, and I laughed like a wild banshee in the process. Music to his ears that, he was inspired to begin working on the toes...sucking them and running his tongue in between them, tasting the peppermint and using his beautiful straight teeth to scrape along the bottoms of the big toes, sending signals to my brain that I still cannot even interpret. After my toes were soaked from his mouth expertise, he started scrabbling his fingers sideways on the base of the toes, making me go wild with ticklish insanity as he did so. I was laughing so hard I thought my sides would actually split, and I needed air something fierce. He would hear none of it, because he promised to help me explore my limits today, and since I had not used the safe word, he felt it was safe to continue. He worked my feet over for about 15 minutes, pausing every now and then for a minute, to let me catch my air just enough so he could continue some more without me passing out. Up the soles...tickling the arches, nails up the sides, tickling my ankles, sucking toes, and then running the silk stockings in between my toes, like toe floss, a sensation that was more erotic than any other toe torture. I thought I might just cum from this, but he stopped just as I reached the edge. I was stunned. "Hey...don't stop!" I whined...."I wanted to cum Baby".
"Not just yet Sweetheart, I have another plan for that." he replied. (He always has a plan and a goal. LOL). With that he cut the ties that held my ankles together and the one that held them to the bed posts. I thought he was going to release me. NOT!!!! He spread my legs wide and tied each ankle to the outside of the bed posts, so that my legs were spread so wide he would have complete access to every part of me. Into his bag of tricks he went, and he brought out two big blue feathers, with wispy tips. Running a feather up the inside of each leg, from the foot all the way up to the upper thigh, he made me moan and giggle the whole time. I could not move a muscle, tied so tightly. All I could do was endure this exquisite torture. He brought the feathers up to the inner thighs and tickled me there for a long time, watching me try to move my hips up and down in spasmodic hopes of making the wicked plumes touch my pussy. I was growing desperate for release, when he took two pencil tips and began tickling me on my zones, both at once, occasionally running one over my aching clit, which now was peeking out slightly from the lips, begging for his attention. He selected a tiny white feather from the bag... positioned himself between my widely spread legs, and proceeded to tickle my clit with the tip of that feather very slowly, stopping after three or four swipes with the feather, as I moaned and giggled and moaned some more, begging him for just another touch, just one more, please!!! I was so wet at this point I began to feel disoriented from the sexual frustration he was putting me through. Sensing I was about to lose it, he buried his mouth in my pussy, licking me only three or four times before I exploded with an orgasm, the intensity of which I can't even put into words. He continued his mouth pleasure, making me cum numerous times again, wave after wave.
Finally, Wryel released my ankles, tying them together again quickly with his belt. Bending them at the knee, he brought them up and placed them against his chest. He positioned his rock hard cock against my pussy, into which it slipped with enthusiasm. He began to slowly move inside me, and I was moaning and enjoying this immensely, when he started tickling my slippery feet again as he made love to me. He pumped me harder and harder with his hard cock and strong body, tickling my feet all the while, until the two of us came together in a brain blasting, cock rocking orgasm that left me unable to utter a sound, and left him giggling incoherently as he lay on top of my body with his head on my breasts. And do you know....that this man...was still tickling me? LOL !!!