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I need all the family E-Mails again, I had a crash and lost them all.

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8th Trans Group 27th Trans BN 2nd Trans Co. 1970
SP/4 Ronnie (Runt) Moore

Pictures of Thomas P. Moore and Mollie Madge(Daisy) Bramlet are posted

My name is Ronnie Moore,I have been working on the Moore history for about 6 years. I am a Great Grand son of Thomas P. Mooreborn IL IL and Elvira Moore of GA. to IL. Grand son to Thomas Paytney Moore born 1881 in White County IL and Mollie Madge Bramlet (Daisy)born 1887 in White County IL. to Ar,(both died in Ar. Thomas in 1935 and Daisy in 1950. Son of Hubert Moore and Violet Howard of Ar to IL to Ok. The Thomas Moore, Elvira Moore
If you find any broken links please let me know Ronnie (runt) or
I hope while you're here you'll visit the Bramblett/Bramlett site,also the Davis/Samons site(Great Sites). Please enjoy and I hope you find some of the information useful. Some of the information on these pages is my own and some not so they are subject to change as new materials are found. If you can help with any of the information here please email me, I will add to the site or make the needed changes.
You may print, save materials to disk or link to this site as long as it is not for profit and remains free for use.
"BUT" the format in which they are produced may not be used without the permission of there creator.

Remember I'm always updating this site as new information is found.
If you have any information on Thomas P. Moore that might connect him to the Fuel Moore of IL. Please E-Mail me. The Birth and Death dates are close but
WHO was Elvira Moore?? "Check the genpage for the answer"!
I enjoy hearing from anyone so please contact me if you have any information to add, send it to me I'll try to get it posted. Anyone can E-Mail me let me know what you think about the site.
NOTE:Daisy's second husband was Albert Hays m. 1947 in Clay County Ar.

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"Genealogy begins as an interest, becomes a hobby, continues as an avocation, takes over
as an obsession, and in its last stages is an incurable disease." ~Unknown author~

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