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December 1, 2001

I would like to thank my Web mistress Teresa, for this beautiful Christmas journal page. It is my Christmas gift from her...… WELCOME HOME Wade and Jan!!!! The temperature got up in the sixties today, so we have very little snow left here. I was so surprised when I talked to my sister in Indiana last night and found out they still haven’t had snow there yet. Very unusual for Oklahoma to get snow before Indiana… Kenny called last night and he has volunteered to come tonight and shampoo our carpet. What a great Son… David came by this afternoon and took us for a drive in our new car. He likes it. This is my lucky day I will have gotten to see both of my sons… Dave fell two weeks ago today and we have been doing pretty well. But we will both be happy when we can start showering alone again… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 2, 2001

Congratulations to my DASN Friends, Alice for placing third in the Top Alzheimer’s and Caregiver’s Sites and Chip for placing fourth… Thanks to everyone who voted for my website in November. I ended up in first place in Top Alzheimer’s/ Caregiver’s Sites. Wow what an honor… Thanks to Pat in Carson, California for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Kenny and Kathy came last night and shampooed all our carpets and even our recliners. Everything looks so bright and smells so fresh. Thanks so much Kenny and Kathy, you will never know how much we appreciate it. I feel so much better today because the carpet is clean… I had a terrible time falling asleep last night; I was still wide-awake after midnight. Then I realized I had forgotten to take my evening meds and my sleeping pill so I got up and took them… I got me an extra weekly pillbox so I can set up my medications for two weeks. I got the idea from my DASN friend Alice. It sure will beat having to set them up every week… I mopped the kitchen and bathrooms, swept out the garage, did laundry and baked a Mrs. Smith Pumpkin Pie… I am starting to run down now. Tomorrow will be another busy day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 3, 2001

Thanks to Dewey in North Carolina and Diane in Australia for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had to get up early this morning, because Dave had a Doctor’s appointment. The Doctor removed the staples from his shoulder and he said everything is looking good. We then went to the Medical Supply Store and picked up my cane, now if I can just keep from breaking my neck while I learn to use it. I am so clumsy. Then we went to the BX and from there to the Commissary, and then to the pharmacy. I was so happy to finally get home and get my foot up. Oh, I almost forgot, I did try using the motorized wheelchair for the first time in the BX and found out that people are very rude to the disabled… I had a phone call from Jenni, she is doing fine and so is Madison. I can tell Jenni is enjoying being a Mother … I have noticed lately that I will start to tell Dave something and before I can finish, I will forget what I am saying. Another thing, when I am in the car and I want heat or air I can’t figure out if the blue is for hot or cold on the temperature control … Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 4, 2001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNNE!!! Lynne is my DASN friend in Iowa Park, Texas… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BEN AND BETHEL!!! Also my DASN friends… I am doing this entry early today because it may be late when we get home tonight and I am sure I will be too tired then… I did a load of laundry today and remembered to water my Orchids. I am afraid my plants are getting neglected since Dave has been hurt. But I have to take care of the important things first… This afternoon Dave and I are going to our EASE support meeting. Then we will go by the Dealership where we bought our car and they will do the window etch. Then we will go by Kenny and Kathy’s hoping to see Josh and Heather before they leave for Tae Kwon Do and from there we will go to Chickasha to see the Christmas lights. This is something I have always wanted to do. I have heard they are the best… I have been trying to call my Mother but I keep missing her. Since Indiana doesn’t change time and we do I can’t seem to figure out when is a good time to call her. I called my friend Lynne… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 5, 2001

Thanks to Diana in Australia and Sis in Texas for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… We got our car windows etched, went to see Kathy and Josh, Heather was at after school day care and Kenny was still at work. Then we went to get something to eat and off to Chickasha to see the Festival Of Lights. It was well worth the trip. It was so beautiful. I would recommend it as a must see. I made it home just in time to do my DASN chat… This morning I had to go back to the OU Dental College. This should be my last trip till next year. Dave let me drive on the way home… I have started so many things today but finished very few of them. Seems to be the story of my life anymore… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 6, 2001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! Chris is our grandson who is 20 today… My deepest sympathy goes out to my daughter-in-law Lori and her family on the loss of her Grandmother… Kenny and Lori called me last night… I felt so tired and exhausted last night. I thought I wasn’t even going to be able to finish the DASN chat. I got ready for bed and cried myself to sleep. I think all the appointments and extra work has caught up with me… I forgot to mention the other day that Dave and I went to our Alzheimer’s support group and it was such a disappointment we were the only ones who showed up except for the leader Neely… Dave let me stay in bed this morning and rest, while he took his shower for the first time by himself since his accident. He took Cindy to the groomers and went into work for a couple hours. It was his first time back at the office. Monday he will start back to work… I gave Karmeletia and Tootsie a bath and did a couple loads of laundry… Tonight we are gong to Kenny and Kathy’s for Chris’s birthday celebration. Mitchell, Jamie, Allison, and Mathew will be there from Kentucky. I am really looking forward to seeing the Great Grandkids… Goodnight all... KTFIOK

December 7, 2001

Thanks to Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… We had a great time last night at Chris’s Birthday Celebration. Kathy’s Mother and Dad were there also. Louise made her delicious Spaghetti. I had a great time just watching the Grandchildren play. They are such a joy to me… I have a gift suggestion list for the person with Alzheimer’s and the Caregiver. If you would like to receive it. Please email me at David called this morning and I called my Mother, she is doing fine and said the Nursing Home was really decorated pretty for Christmas… This afternoon I went with Dave as he had the biopsy of his cheek. We are both hoping it will come out okay. Dave and I have something to look forward too. Larry and Lynne, my DASN friends in Texas, are coming to visit next week. We look forward to your visit Larry and Lynne… Thanks Honey for editing my journal for me every night… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 8, 2001

We went to Kathy’s graduation this afternoon at Southern Nazarene University. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She graduated Summa cum laude with a Grade Point Average of 4.0. Needless to say Dave and I are so proud of her. After graduation we went to Kenny and Kathy’s for a delicious meal and lots of family to visit with. All of Kathy’s family was there. I got lots of great hugs from the grandchildren… I am really tired tonight after all the excitment... Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 9, 2001

It felt so good to wake up this morning knowing I had no appointments or anywhere I had to go. I love days like this. My hamper is full but today is not going to be a laundry day. I had plans of doing nothing but resting and not even getting dressed. Stayed in nightclothes all day and I didn’t even get caught either… We have been having lots of problems with our Internet server and Dave and I have decided if they don’t do something soon we are going to switch. My computer is my lifeline that is where my friends are. I don’t seem to have friends with skin anymore, not since they found out I have Alzheimer’s. I hope someday that will all change and people will realize that just because their friends have Alzheimer’s they should not quit calling or visiting them and their Care partners… My Christmas tree and all the trimmings are still in the attic. Dave isn’t able to get up there and neither am I and I still haven’t bought that first Christmas gift but I am not going to worry because it will all get done in time… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 10, 2001

I was so tired last night I went to bed at 9:00. I figured that since I was so tired I wouldn’t need an Ambien but after tossing and turning for three hours I got up and took one… I helped Dave get ready to go back to work this morning and then went back to sleep and I didn’t feel too good when I woke up. I was having chills and just seemed like no matter what I did I couldn’t get warm. I have this happen every so often… I got all my laundry finished including the bedding and cooked hamburgers for supper. We used the last of the tomatoes from our garden… David came by to visit and my phone buddy Virginia called… I missed not having Dave at home today… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 11, 2001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHERINE!!! Catherine is my Sister-in-law in Gahanna, Ohio… Thanks to Glenna in Vancouver, Canada, Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida, Jamie in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Janey in Plainfield, Illinois, Sis in Rusk, Texas, and Dave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma… Today is my sixty second birthday and I have gotten, gifts, flowers, and many cards, some have brought tears to my eyes, I even got one from Marcel in Europe. And phone calls from George, David and Lori, Kenny, Jenni, Lynne, Virginia, Dave. Aunt Florence, and Martha. But my best gift of all was that Madison came to visit me for the first time, David and Lori brought her… Dave came home from work so tired that he went straight to bed…. Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 12, 2001

Last night after I had posted my journal, Kenny, Kathy, Josh, and Heather came by with a big Birthday Cake and gifts. We had a good time, the kids love to come here and the dogs love the special attention. Anyhow I had a great birthday and one that I won’t forget in a long time. Having my family all come to visit was the best part… This morning my DASN friends Larry and Lynne came from Texas, which was a belated birthday gift. Lynne came with gifts too. What a day we had visiting, cutting up like we were a couple teenagers instead of a couple sixty-two year olds. Larry tolerated us well. Would you believe Lynne and Larry even climbed up in our attic and got down the Christmas stuff? It was a rainy miserable day outside but that didn’t stop us… When Dave got home from work he took us all downtown to the Memorial Site and from there we went to Norman to Barry’s Chicken Ranch for dinner… When we got home we watched Larry Rose’s Documentary Video. Soon Larry and Lynne had to leave to go back home. We wished they could have spent the night… Larry and Lynne thank you so much for the wonderful day… Later Dave and I watched a Gaither Video… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 13, 2001

Thanks to Judy in Lexington, North Carolina, Janey in Plainfield, Illinois, Jamie in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Aralee in Swartz, Texas, Diane in Australia, and Kassy for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Last night when I went to bed I was so tired I just knew I wouldn’t need a sleeping pill. WRONG!!! I tossed and turned all night long but I was just too tired to get up and take a pill. I will be taking one tonight for sure… I was back in DASN Chat today and it felt good to be back… I have rested most of the day. I did pay some bills and fixed Fajitas for supper… I enjoyed chatting with Sally in California, Glenna in Canada, Sis in Texas, Lynne, in Texas, Peter in Canada, Chip in Ohio and Kate in New Zealand on IM today, I love having a computer to visit with my internet family… Lori called and she will come tomorrow and help with putting the tree together… Looks like we will be having Christmas here as always now. I wasn’t too sure there for awhile. Kenny had invited us all to have it at their home but I think here will be best for all… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 14, 2001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR!!! Trevor is our Great Grandson who is three today… I slept well last night. This morning I helped Dave get ready for work and he is so happy it is Friday... I get so tired of these Diverticulitis attacks. I didn’t feel like going to see the doctor so Dave called and got me a prescription for Cipro. I know this will pass but I want it to be right now. I have spent most of the day in bed but I did get out my angels and displayed them. Tomorrow I hope to get out my Santa’s… David called this morning and asked me to go out to lunch with Lori and him at the New China Restaurant but I didn’t feel like it so they brought me a to go lunch and it was really good. They did the Christmas tree for me and it looks beautiful. Thank you so much David and Lori… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 15, 2001

Thanks to Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I am starting to feel better… I am also starting to get into the Christmas Spirit. We are getting beautiful cards everyday now from our family and friends, we love getting them. I got a Poinsettia from my sister yesterday for my Birthday. Thank you Martha, it is so big and beautiful… Dave has been feeling pretty frisky today. He and I moved one of the bird feeders so we could see it from sitting on the couch or loveseat in the family room. Then he went outside, and with only one arm, washed the car. It was the first bath for our new car… I enjoyed chatting on IM with my friends Helen in Georgia and Janey in Illinois today… I did laundry because I had too… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 16, 2001

My deepest sympathy goes out to Kathy, our Daughter-in-law, for the loss of her Grandmother who passed away this morning… Thanks to Linda in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I had a good nights sleep thanks to Ambien. I am a little worried about taking a pill to sleep but I know I have to have my rest to be able to function during the day… I have felt good today, thanks to my other drug Cipro … I finally was able to catch my Mother in her room. She is such a gadabout, which makes me happy. Mom sounded a little confused on the phone, I know she is failing and it really hurts. This is the first year Mom has ever forgotten my birthday. She has always sent me a birthday card with a five-dollar bill in it for as long as I can remember… She did sing Happy Birthday to me on the phone today and that made my heart smile. My Mother means so much to me… David called and said his pond is filling up with all the rain we are getting. Before you know it he will be putting fish in it. Madison had her picture taken with Santa yesterday but she slept through it all… I have been listening to Christmas music all day, it puts me in a good mood. Tonight we are going to a Christmas Dinner with Dave’s pilot friends and their families… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 17, 2001

Thanks to Debbie in Austin, Texas for visiting Mary's Place and signing my guest book... Dave and I really enjoyed the Christmas Dinner last night. The food was great and so were the guests. A very friendly group, there were around sixty pilots and spouses there. Our Son Kenny who is a pilot also, and his wife Kathy joined us at the dinner… I have been busy picking up around the house. I put my birthday cards away but not before I read every one of them one more time. I save every card that I receive, cannot throw them away… I took care of my flowers and plants. I noticed I have two new stems coming out on my Orchid… I have had some dizzy spells today so I was very relieved when Dave got home from work… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 18, 2001

Thanks to Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida, Jamie in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Diane in Pleasant Plains, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book. I love it when people take time to sign my guest book. It is like they came to visit me… I had a good nights rest and woke up with that over whelmed feeling again. Too much to do before the maids got here, dogs to bath, laundry, and more picking up to do. I got out the flannel sheets to be put on the bed. Dave said he was ready for them… I am still enjoying the Christmas music on the radio that plays only Christmas Music. I don’t even turn the TV on anymore… I called my friend Rosalie; we had a lot of catching up to do. I had just written this when I got a call that my baby brother Everett in Indiana just passed away… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 19, 2001

I had an appointment for a mammogram this morning and have either been on the phone or loading the RV the rest of the day. We will leave in the AM for Peru, Indiana going to my Brother’s funeral. David is going to go with us. That sure will be a big help to Dave… I will catch up with my journal when I return… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 20. 21, 22, 2001

We found out on Wednesday evening that my brother’s funeral was going to be on Friday instead of Saturday. Dave and I decided that would be too hard a trip for him to make in the RV driving with one arm. We would have to drive straight through to make it in time since in a RV you don’t travel as fast as in a car…. It was a hard decision to make… On Thursday morning David called to tell me he was renting a car and going to make the trip alone. I asked Dave if I could go with David and he said I could. Lori had to stay home and take care of the farm even though she would have liked to have gone with us… I got my stuff together and David and I left for Peru that afternoon. Driving straight through, he did all the driving. It was a long trip but it was nice having that special time with my Son. We listened to Christmas music and I even gave in and let him listen to his CD’s. Only once did I have to use the earplugs that David had furnished. LOL… We went to the Nursing Home to visit my Mother and she was so happy to see me. I had already called her and told her I wasn’t going to get to come home… David and I then checked into a motel. This was around 8:00 that morning. We neither one had any sleep but we showered and got ready for the funeral… There were a lot of family and friends at the services for my brother. It is so hard to believe that I have lost another one of my siblings. There were seven of us and now there are only three of us left… My brother, Everett was laid to rest at Mount Hope Cemetery in Peru, Indiana, the same Cemetery as the famous Cole Porter… After the funeral we spent some time with family members, Everett’s wife Ruth , Daughter Barbara, and his two grandsons, my Mother, my sister Martha, brother George and my deceased sister’s children Kathy, Jr., and Kip, Martha’s daughter Melenie… Then we spent the night in the motel… On Saturday morning David and I went to the Nursing Home, picked up Mom and took her out for breakfast at a local restaurant where family and friends met us. David and I were happy that Bert and Evelyn joined us there. They are old friends of Dave’s and mine who, when he was a little boy, taught David how to fish and raise a garden while Dave was overseas. After breakfast we told everyone goodbye and took Mom back to the Nursing Home. It was so hard for me to leave her. I gave her lots of hugs and kissed her goodbye and as we were walking down the hallway I had the urge to go back and give her another big hug… It is so hard when there is over eight hundred miles between us… We stopped in Kokomo and gave hugs to Ruth, George, Barbara and Everett’s Grandsons little guys who will miss their Papa so much… Everett was only 53 years of age… I will miss my brother so much but I do know I will see him again someday… David and I then left for Oklahoma. The weather was good for the trip except for some rain in Indiana. The moon looked like a slice of orange. We got home at 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Dave and my three little dogs were at the door to greet me… David, I am so happy we had the few days together. Honey I am happy to be back home with you. I missed you and know you would have liked to have been there with me… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma.

December 23, 2001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNI!!!! Jenni is my granddaughter who is 20 today… Congratulations to Josh and Heather who tested for and got their blue belt in Tae Kwon Do yesterday. I wish I could have been there but glad your Pops got to be there… I would like to thank all my family and friends who have signed my guest book, sent messages, and cards. They were appreciated more than you know… I slept well last night, didn’t even need a sleeping pill. First time in a long time I have done that… I have just been enjoying reading my Christmas cards today and taking it easy. Oh I came home with a big fat fever blister. Must have been all the stress… Tonight Dave and I will be making cookie dough so it can chill for the family to cut out, bake, and decorate Christmas cookies tomorrow evening. This is a tradition that we have done since the boys were very small. Everyone loves Mary’s Sugar Cookies… All our family will be here for Christmas Eve except Granddaughter Jamie and her husband Mitch and great grandchildren Allison and Mathew in Kentucky. We will miss them and will be thinking of them… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 24, 2001

I have really been tired today. Spent most of the day in bed just resting and sleeping… The family all showed up around 6:00 PM and we had dinner then they all started the cookies. I could tell that they were having a great time just visiting and laughing... Dave had a good time playing checkers with everyone and I spent time feeding and holding Madison. Later we all opened our gifts… What a wonderful time we had with our family. To me having them all here was my best gift of all… Thank you God for such a wonderful family… Goodnight all…. Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 25, 2001



Carole is my DASN friend who lives in Missouri… We have been invited to a Christmas Dinner at Lori’s parents, Marc and Barbara’s new home in Noble.. Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 26, 2001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN!!! Alan is my DASN friend in New Zealand… Thanks Marie in Miami, Florida and Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I seemed to be still trying to get over my jet lag or whatever you want to call it. I wasn’t even in an airplane. But it still seems like jet lag to me or maybe I feel like the Grandma who got ran over by the reindeer… I took my little Beanie Buddie with me on the trip to Indiana and I held it tightly for the 1700 miles we were on the road. It helped so much especially when I got frightened in all the traffic or felt sad. The poor bear has very few beans left in it’s legs now… Dave went back to work and I had a hamper full of dirty clothes so I have done laundry all day long… I have been enjoying Eggnog and Christmas Cookies. A very special treat that I only have during this holiday season… My dogs are still following me around like they are afraid I may leave again… Last night on our local news they were talking about a lady who had Alzheimer’s and had walked away from a local Nursing Home and they later found her body behind a church about 300 yards from the Nursing Home. This is so upsetting to me. They even went on to say she was wearing an electronic bracelet on her wrist. I hope soon they will do a better job of keeping track of PwiD (People With Dementia)… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 27, 2001

A Belated Happy Birthday to my friend Pat in California… Thanks to Peter in Ohio for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I slept late this morning and then finished up the laundry that I started yesterday… I am feeling down in the dumps and I am crying easily… Dave came home from work and took me for a ride and to Braums for an ice cream cone… I am determined to beat this depression. But until then I will grieve for my brother… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 28, 2001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!!! Lucy is my Sister-in-law in Huntington, West Virginia… Thanks to Jeanne in Honolulu, Hawaii and Janey in Plainfield, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book…. Today has been a continuation of yesterday but I did go for a haircut and that is always a big picker upper. This was my first time to go to this hairdresser. When she asked how I wanted it cut and I told her I just wanted it shaped. Well she thought I said shaved. She looked at me funny and we both laughed. Now I am wondering if I said shaved?? That could be a bad mistake. It seems like I am using the wrong words more and more now… Tomorrow will be a better day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK December 29,2001

Congratulations to Jean and Brian in New Zealand on their new Grandson Jaden Troy… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE who is one year old today… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOREEN!!! Doreen is a DASN friend… Thanks Sally in California for the Care Package… The temperature in the 20’s today and yesterday it was 59 degrees… I woke up with a migraine and have spent most of the day in bed resting. I have had many food cravings such as an omelet, hot fudge sundaes and spaghetti and bread sticks. Dave made me a delicious omelet and later a hot fudge sundae. I got out of bed this evening and made us Spaghetti and bread sticks. My head pain soon sent me back to bed… Goodnight all… Keeping The Faith In Oklahoma

December 30, 2001

Thanks Lela in Port Charlotte, Florida for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… I woke up this morning with a clear head and feeling better than I have felt in weeks. I kept telling Dave that tomorrow I would be better and I think he was beginning to think tomorrow was never coming. To tell the truth I was beginning to wonder also… It started to snow this morning and has been snowing all day. It is very pretty to look at, just glad that I don’t have to get out in it. I have done the laundry, made potato soup, chatted with friends, did the DASN chat, helped put the Christmas stuff away, and watched the birds and squirrels at the bird feeder… We had a phone call from David… Thank you God for a great day… Goodnight all… KTFIOK

December 31, 2001

Thanks to Diane in Pleasant Plains, Illinois for visiting Mary’s Place and signing my guest book… Today is the last day of the year. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by… I was thinking this morning about how I used to love to go to Estate Sales and Antique shops. I always liked seeing things that I remembered as a child. Once I bought a teapot just like the one my Mother used to have. She had gotten it from the Jewel Tea Man. I remember him coming to our home many times. I also remember the Omar man coming too. After I bought the teapot that reminded me of Mom, I decided I needed something that reminded me of my Dad too. So I went searching for a razor strap. My brothers and sisters and I had the razor strap used on us many times. I always got it the worse though just because I was the oldest and I should have known better. I never did think that was quite fair. I did finally find a razor strap, it was very hard to find. The one I found was fairly new and Daddy’s was a worn out one, which hung on the inside of the door in the kitchen. To this day I can still see it so plainly hanging on the door… I set up my medications today for the next two weeks and I added a new supplement, one that is supposed to support healthy memory and mental sharpness. I sure hope it works and I believe it will… Dave and I finished putting away the Christmas Ornaments. Carefully putting all my Hallmark Ornaments that I have collect over the years back in their special boxes. David called and he will be here tomorrow to put everything back in the attic for us… Dave and I made a quick trip out to the Airport; he was having withdrawals, I think… I made a pot of Chili for supper… Hoping everyone has a happy and safe New Year’s Eve. Dave and I will be wrapped in a afghan watching TV with our dogs in our laps... Goodnight all… KTFIOK

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