Before I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I ran a Licensed Day Care Home for Infants. I had my business for fifteen years. I was really good at it too.

The doctor said I should give up my job. That was so hard for me to do because every morning I looked forward to those smiling babies.

To fill the void of not having the babies to care for, I now have three little dogs. I also have an aquarium and enjoy feeding and watching the birds and squirrels. I am also designing this web site with the help of my friend, Teresa. Please enjoy your visit to my "Angel Babies" Page...Mary.

Because I love babies and see them as "Little Angels", I decided to dedicate a page to all the babies that I have lovingly provided childcare for during my life.

I would like to include the reasons why I love babies so much and what I miss about my childcare business. I would also like to share some stories about my experiences (I may change some, and leave you with some helpful tips and hints that I picked up while being a Childcare Provider.

What I Love About Babies and Miss About My Business...

I loved the babies. Their smiles would always make me feel so special and make me forget all my worries. I must have had that look that babies knew that I loved them, because I could be anywhere, and it just seemed like I would always attract their attention whether it be at the mall or at church.

When I had to give up my business because of my diagnosis of having Alzheimer's, I thought that was the worse punishment that the doctor could have given me. All of a sudden I went from having three to five infants coming into my home everyday and their parents picking them up everyday. Usually one parent would drop them off in the morning and another one would pick them up. The parents were always so appreciative of me caring for their precious bundle of joy. I went from all that, to no one ever coming to my door. It was so hard and so sudden.

Stories of My Experiences from My Childcare Days...

I started taking care of other peoples children when my children started to school. I wanted to be at home when they came home from school and earn some extra money at the same time. It felt good to help out with our income.

My husband was in the military and was an airmen and as you might know didn't make a lot of money. We moved often and no matter where I was there were always people looking for someone who was responsible and they could trust to care for their little ones.

When we got to Oklahoma City I started babysitting here by going to their homes. Soon word got around and I was so busy going to their homes to babysit, that people said I should start a business and keep them in my home. I was told by a Colonel's wife named Martha, who I loved dearly and I had kept her little boys, that I could charge just about anything I wanted and get it.

At this time our boys were in high school and my husband was a flight engineer with AWAC's and was always having to go TDY. So I decided to apply for my Child Care License and got it. I was licensed to care for five children.

I never had to advertise. At first I kept children five and under but soon I got to wanting to keep younger ones so I kept three and under and they got to be too much and I went to six weeks to one year. That was where I was the happiest. I was able to keep up with them.

I never wanted for a baby. When a mother found out she was expecting a baby they would call and come give me a deposit to hold a space for them. I was so happy and making a great income too.

Then I noticed I was getting so tired. That was probably the beginning of my AD. Dave would come home from work and I would take my feelings out on him. So when I look back it was best I did give up my business, because it was hurting our marriage. At the time I thought I couldn't do it. I felt I couldn't let all those mothers and fathers down. What would they do with their children? They made me feel like they would quit work before they would let someone else care for their children. They made me feel like I couldn't be replaced. But I found out I had to be.

Some Helpful Tips and Hints on Caring for Children and Babies...

Never put the babies down on their tummys and I never would put a bottle in the bed and prop it. Change diapers frequently, babies don't like to be wet. I recommend lots of rocking, singing, telling them stories, reading to them.

I never liked walkers or swings in my day care. I would either hold them, put them in infant seats or my favorite thing was to put a quilt on the floor and watch them roll and play with their toys.

When the parents would drop off their babies, I would encourage them to tell the babies bye and not linger. That always seemed to work best, for everyone.

The All About My Grandkids Section...

Our first Grandchild was Joshua Ryan Lockhart, born May 5, 1989. His Dad was Kenny and his Mother was Teryl. I was so excited about being a grandparent. I could hardly wait till he arrived. When he was born I bought this tee shirt that said, "Caution Grandmother with pictures." He was so tiny at birth. He only weighed 4 lb. 9 oz. His Mother had to go home from the hospital without him. He had some breathing problems. Had us all so worried. When he did finally come home. I could hardly keep from running over to just see him and hold him. When he was six weeks old Teryl went back to work and I got to keep him in my day care until he was a year old.

When David married Lori she had two daughters Jenni and Erin. When I first met the girls they were only seven and five years old. They were so cute. I fell in love with them right away. When David and Lori got married we then had two more grandchildren. Erin said they could call us Grandma and Grandpa 3, because they already had other grandparents. We liked the idea and have been Grandma and Grandpa 3 every since.

When Kenny married Kathy she had three children, Jamie, Chris, and Heather. They were all so easy to love too. Kathy also was a Grandmother. Jamie and Mitchel had two children, Allison and Matthew and with them it was also love at first sight. So they made me a Great Grandmother. I then had six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Then Jenni married Chris. Chris has two children Jake and Trevor. They are so cute. They remind me so much of David and Kenny when they were small. Now I have four Great Grandkids. I love it.

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