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Forced Metrication is Wrong

It is unnecessary, unwanted and undemocratic.

Forced metrication is unnecessary, unwanted and undemocratic. Our traditional measurements are well understood and perfectly appropriate for day-to-day life. They do not need to be replaced in shops, on road signs etc. Indeed, in so doing, our government is effectively cutting a vast proportion of our population off from any real understanding of measurement. Disenfranchising them from their right to measure. Most people do not want the metric system. Take a survey yourself on the street. You'll see what we mean. Worst of all, metrication has been foisted on us with out the opinion of the Irish people being asked. In our country, where in recent history, we have had to fight to be heard, this is blatant arrogance on behalf of the government and shameful complacency on behalf of the people at large. For more information, contact us at our e-mail address below.

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