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____FEET tickling is absolutely the most pleasurable, sensual fun for both the Tickler and the Ticklee. It is the only form of dom/sub play that has both people laughing at the same time. I have never seen a video or photo of a Tickler doing his/her job on a helpless Ticklee's feet that didn't show both folks enjoying themselves enormously!
In the age a viloence and hatred and pain...Tickling between/among consenting folks who respect each other and value the satisfaction of pleasure is a most wonderful way to express love.

Foot tickling as an erotic stimulus is age-old and known worldwide. When their feet are gently stroked, many women experience intense erotic pleasure. Paintings of foot tickling can be seen in the Louvre as well as in the Museum of Pius Clementia in Rome. They’re also commonly found in China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia. Queen Hatshepsut (1600 B.C.) used to prepare for her lovers with exquisite podocosmetic care. The skin of her feet would be rubbed and scented with oil until it glowed. Then as she reclined on a luxurious lounge, palace eunuchs would tickle the bottoms of her feet with peacock feathers "to bring her to a pitch of sexual readiness". The noble and aristocrat Russians were devotees of sexual foot tickling. Foot tickling for sexual arousal was used in the Muscovite palaces and courts for centuries. Many of the Czarinas (Catherine the Great, Anna Ivanovna, Elizabeth and others) were fervent participants. The practice was so popular that eunuchs and women were employed as full time foot ticklers. They developed this unique skill so well that their occupations brought prestige and good pay.
Anna Leopoldovna had at least six ticklers at her feet. While the ticklers performed their task, they also told bawdy stories and sang obscene ballads. This was done to work the ladies up to an erotic pitch so that they could meet their husbands or lovers in a sex impassioned mood.