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Fitness and Fun

for ALL Ages & Stages in Belfast
A guide to your options for having fun and getting fit and ready for whatever life holds

with Loraine Elliott - RSA Qualified

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Fitness and Fun All Year Round

Summer Holidays 2008 Class breaks 14 - 18 July and 7 - 21 August.

Join in Fitness and Fun for all ages and stages in Belfast Northern Ireland, with Loraine Elliott (RSA Qualified). Whether you're just starting to take steps to fitness or whether you want to improve still further, there's a class (or two) in the Timetable that's just right for you.

Start now, to get fit and keep going the way you mean to go on. Tums & Bums gets you moving, gets your blood circulating, and gets you looking and feeling good. Young or old, male or female, if you want to start improving your fitness level, start here. Take the classes at your own pace and step up the intensity as you improve your fitness. For more toning try the Tone & Sculpt class or how about trying the Gentle Yoga classes? There's a class that's right for you. Monday to Thursday; lunchtime or evening, try Fitness and Fun and make new friends as well. You can check out the fees here.

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