A Survey About Primates

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1) Have you ever wanted to own a primate (such as a chimp, monkey, or gorilla)?

Yes No (skip to question 3)


2) What made you want to own one?

Advertisements Movies Television shows Circus Friend

Other (please describe in space provided):


3) What deterred you from owning one?

No time Laws against primates as pets Too expensive Didn't know where to get one

Other (please describe in space provided):


4) A question about "The Chimp Channel".

Have you ever watched it? Yes No (skip to question 6)


5) What were your thoughts of "The Chimp Channel"?

Liked it Thought it was funny Thought it was stupid Did not like it


6) What does this picture of a chimpanzee tell you?

He's happy He's sad He's laughing He's fearful


7) How do you feel about using primates in entertainment (e.g. TV, movies, and ads)?

Don't care Don't like it Enjoy seeing them

Other (please describe in space provided):


8) Would you promote the use of monkeys and apes in the entertainment industry if you

found out that they would be retired to experimental testing laboratories afterwards?

Yes No Maybe


9) What conservation issues surrounding primates have you heard of? (check all that apply)

Gorilla poaching Jane Goodall's work with chimps Endangered monkeys

Other (please describe in space provided):


10) How have you been exposed to issues regarding primate conservation? (check all that apply)

Books Magazines Newspapers Television Zoos School

Other (please describe in space provided):



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