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December 9th, 2013
The Shivering Denizens are back from tour and playing shows locally and regionally in Washington. We just got back from a month long tour through the midwest and 10 unforgettable days in Nashville with Andy Gibson at his home studio. In the last stages of tracking/editing and mastering, we hope to release Sex, Drugs & Outlaw Country by mid spring with a huge CD Release Party being planned.
With all the money spent on the van and Nashville, we have started a Kickstart Campaign to raise funds for releasing this on vinyl. We want to thank everybody for their continued support!

March 8th, 2013
Shivering Denizens are rolling like a freight train right now....Booking shows like there is no tomorrow. We've got so many great gigs on the horizon, you will have to go look at our schedule. Click on our "shows" link above to see what we have going on. A big Midwest Tour is in the works for September and we are scheduled to record with the legendary Andy Gibson. He is the
non-pedal steel and dobro player for Hank Williams III and had a hand in recording many of his records, including "Straight To Hell". Everybody has their favorite players and favorite records but not everybody gets to play with them and record with them. I've had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming...LOL A big thanks to my good friend, Bob Wayne, in helping to make this happen. We start recording in Nashville on September 25th.

August 2nd, 2012
Farmageddon Fest was amazing. For more info on how the festival went, check out this review from SavingCountryMusic. It was our cd release for Baker-Whiteley that you can now get on CDBABY and other online distributors.
Baker-WhiteleyBaker-Whiteley, a small coal miner's town in PA, was where Ron E. Banner's Grandfather brought the family from Budapest, Hungry. Like most immigrants in the early 20th Century, the family went through tough times and had to do what they could to feed the family. This is a real American story and is what this country is all about. Don't get me wrong, this is not a "Patriotic" record. Each song has it's own theme and it's really just a collection of songs...Songs about working hard, hardly working, religious obsessions, murder, lust and the supernatural.

Recorded by Rob Bursmith (Pleasure Elite, Go Like Hell) at his studio in White Center, WA.  We brought back Fred Speakman in to play some guitar and piano.  We also brought Ando Ehlers (Farmageddon Recording Artist) in to play accordion on Double Shot, Honky Tonk Witch, Angel’s Last Waltz and Baker-Whitely.  We were also joined by Janet Adams-Schwab and Nathan Adams for some backing Vocals on Honky Tonk Witch, Mad Momma, Angels Last Waltz and Richard Ramirez.

January 4th, 2012
Ladies and Gentelmen,Welcome to the End Of Dayz…it’s 2012!  The Denizens don’t plan on stopping to smell the roses this year.  WE are full steam ahead and getting ready to record our third installment of The Shivering Denizens.  WE go into Luvlegg Studios at the beginning of February to record 11 songs, including a cover from famed BC punk band, SNFU.  Don’t expect anything new or different but some stuff will be a little darker and other stuff will be a little more carefree….I guess we are going for the best of light and darkness. 
We are playing Farmageddon Fest this year in West Yellowstone.  Headliners include Shooter Jennings and Bob Wayne.  Ofcourse, all the bands are headliners at this festival…It’s going to be a three day festival…You can get more info right here…FARMAGEDDON FEST.
The Shivering Denizens are in a hot competition to play at BATTLE IN THE BARN II up in Monroe at The Evergreen State Fairgrounds. Top prize is $1250 and a chance to play in front of thousands of people. Send an email to and put The Shivering Denizens in the subject line. 
We haven’t decided on our tour yet but plan on us hitting the road this spring to do at least a regional tour….I promise I will update this site more frequently….stay tuned!

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