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March 2009
“Mmmm, she's hot as a pepper but smooth as a Mexican brew”

Nothing says Texas more to me than ZZ Top…so you can believe I’ll be finding some divey bar, barbeque and some Top on the jukebox when I hit SXSW in Austin this weekend. I’ll be hanging with our close friends in the kick ass band, Witchburn and meeting a lot of old and new friends while I throw a few Zero Down cds out for good measure. Rehearsals with the Mighty Matt Fox have been kicking ass and we’ll show y’all what we we’ve got cookin on Friday, March 27th at the Sunset Tavern. Come out and show the support for not only our new member’s first show but our friends Darrin & Kathy’s new daughter who needs a little financial aid to offset some of her early life health issues. Rockin for a good cause so don’t think about just do it. After that we’re rockin Hells Kitchen with Hell’s Belles on April 4th and Winterland in Bremerton on April 10th with the mighty Plaster.
Lots of people to thank over the last couple months:..

Damon & Julianne for having us on the FROM THE MONKEYS GARAGE VOL. 2 CD.
CD has a ton of great local bands and even includes a Pearl Jam remastered cut from their first album. Check it out at:

Mischa & Jolene for including us on the soundtrack for the making of the KISW ROCK GIRL CALENDAR VIDEO which is featured this month in the Comcast Cable On-Demand Section. Get all the details at Believe me seeing a hot girl doing a photo shoot with your song being played over it is nothing but gooood!

We can’t thank all the guys over and enough for their support over the last four years. We even made their 2008 Best of Lists and that my friends is super fuckin cool! Devil horns way up to Waspman and Nailer!

Shout out to our new friend and supporter Torch at . He’s been playing plenty of cuts off our disc and I had a super time doing an interview for his site. Torch rules so help support his site.

Radio Hits:

KFAI 90.3/106.7 in Minneapolis/St. Paul
Joey at in Alberta, Canada
Michael Gowan at Axecaliber Radio in Rochester, NY (http://witr. rit. edu/)
Rock City Berlin at (

Last but not least…
Thanks to Hannah Levin for the shout out in her Seattle Weekly article (
Stefan Glass at Underground Empire in Germany ( for the review of “Good Times.”

Let the power of rock compel you my friends!!! Cheers from Lenny & Zero Down

The ending of one year and the beginning of another. The Year of the Ox is upon us and there has already has been an ending and beginning for ZERO DOWN.

In The End…After five years of wielding his axe in ZD, our brother Fred Speakman has decided to move on and do some other musical projects that we’re sure will kick ass!
There’s no denying the great times we experienced and the great music we made while Fred was in the band and as one of our brothers we wish him nothing but the best!

In The Beginning…It’s always weird going through a member change when you’ve had a solid line up for a long period of time….But at the same time it can be really exciting and bring a new spark to a band that may be getting a little too comfortable. Most importantly, it’s has to be the right person.

Well we didn’t have to look very far to find the next guitar madman to join the fold. Right next door in fact…ha..ha…at our rehearsal space. Enter Matt Fox (Bitter End, Dr. Unknown, Holy Terror)! Matt has been a friend of ours forever and is one of the true bona fide staples of the Seattle Metal/Rock Scene and we’re super excited to have him in the band! So raise up some of those devil horns for our new brother!

We can hardly wait to get the oldies but goodies down and get two or three new smokin hot cuts down to show all you people the rock goodness we have ready for 2009!
You’ll start seeing some new dates at the end of March/beginning of April. So lookout as Dio would say!

Two quick shout outs to John Richards at Classic Rock Magazine and Sorn at

John has really been trying to spread the word in the UK about us and we can’t thank him enough. When you’re a DIY band and some one like that takes their own time to push it out there for you, it makes you remember why you feel in love with the underground metal/rock scene to begin with and that there are still super cool people out there that are in it for the right reasons!

Finally to Sorn in Thailand. Devil Horns Way Up for showing myself and Ed “The Fireman” a great time in Bangkok and all the great press you have given the band on your site! Friends for life!

Less talk more rock my fellow sinners! See you out there soon!
Lenny & Zero Down

“Halloween You Are My Pride, Halloween Not Just A Dream, The Moon Is Full, Another Perfect Day Has Begun!!”
That King Diamond sure has a way with words doesn’t he? …ha…ha…Well…I might not turn a phrase like the King but I sure do have a lot of things to tell you about and a lot of people to thank!First, we want to thank everyone that was involved in making our short tour down the coast such a fuckin blast! It’s really amazing to have such great friends and supporters out there…and to meet so many new great people. Seemingly Hawk has strategically positioned family and friends throughout all of California so super thanks to Jenessa in Sacramento and Tammy & Chris in Tahoe for the great hospitality! You rock! Devil Horns way up to all these great bands and people who kick ass and support the scene out there !The Corruptors, Dalton, Aris and Poseidon, The Penalty Killers, The Antiarchrists, Backbone, Dano Distortion, Naked Rob, Mike @ Whiskey Dicks and Dan Thomas for the killer article on us in the Tahoe Weekly. BTW….any body heard of AC/DC? Sounds familiar right? Well….I think we all live in an AC/DC world right now and the sooner we realize that the better!...ha…ha…The reason I bring it up? Two in fact...

First, we’ve had the pleasure of playing a lot of shows with Hell’s Belles this year and we can’t say enough about how great they are as a band and people. So, it was super cool to be on the bill with them in Woodenville, WA when Chris Slade (former AC/DC drummer from the Razor’s Edge era) joined them on stage for a ripping version of “Highway to Hell!” It was great to see our new friends have a such a great moment. It totally ruled!

Second, the new issue of Classic Rock Magazine just hit the stands world wide with a big spread on the new AC/DC record and guess who just happens to be on the CD Sampler inside the mag. Yep, “Good Times at the Gates of Hell” is nicely placed on there between tracks by Airbourne, Krokus, Rose Tattoo, Saxon, The Donnas, etc…. Super thanks to Jon Richards for getting us on this killer sampler and the nice write up inside. So it looks like one last show for the year at El Corazon with Black & Blue and a ton of great local bands. So get your ass out there and let’s rock it hard one last time in 2008.

Plenty of new songs coming your way in 2009!

Happy Halloween!!!

Weekend Warriors West Coast Tour! Oct. 2nd - 5th

So today we got a letter from some (assuming) kid, Paul Nathan Jr. from Cheektowaga, NY asking us how much our new CD is. In today's world of communication, this seemed so archiac but sooo cool at the same time.
Assuming Paul isn't too internet/computer savy, he must have read about us in a metal magazine and then took the time to write us the letter.
In our book, Paul Nathan Jr. just went to the front of the class! Just like Waldo in the Hot for Teacher video...ha...ha...

This leads us to asking you, our friends and supporters to come on out and rally the troops to support our first shows in the extended Bay Area and Portland on the way home. Send some emails, make some calls and prod/kidnap your friends for the nite if you have too... because it's going to be a good time at the gates of hell!! knew that was coming.

Here are the facts Jack:
Thurs. (10/2) - Fire Escape Bar & Grill (Sacramento, CA)
Friday (10/3) - Thee Parkside (San Francisco, CA)
Sat. (10/4) - Whiskey Dicks (Lake Tahoe, CA)
Sun. (10/5) - Ground Kontrol (Portland, OR)

Hope to see you out there!!!

August 27th, 2008

“If you squeeze my lizard…I’ll put my snake on you!
Man…if that’s not one of the best opening lines of a song I don’t know what is. Not sure what that has to do with this update but play along since Fred’s usual witty banter will be missed because his laptop is being difficult. If that laptop knows what’s good for it, it better get it’s shit together before he takes it out in a field and pulls an Office Space beat down. Seriously…ha…ha…Lots of people, places and media to thank.

First up is the top of the metal magazine food chain Metal Hammer Review. Super big thanks to Caren Gibson for throwin down this great review of the disc. While all the other big metal mags seem to be losing subscribers L, Metal Hammer keeps on keeping on!!! This is what she had to say:

If good time Aussie pub rockers Airbourne have whetted your appetite for a bit of balls-to-the-wall retro raawk'n'roll, then Seattle 's Zero Down are worth checking out. Formed in 2004 and with 2005 debut Old Time Revival under their belts, ZD are equal parts punk, hard rock and old school metal, paying homage to the old classics with AC/DC, Motorhead, and Judas Priest all influencing. Produced by Martin Feveyear (QOTSA), Good chock full of bombastic blues-rock riffs and cocksure swagger. Imagine how Zeke, Scissorfight and Airbourne might sound if they got drunk and jammed together. It's classic without sounding dated and reverential without sounding copyist.

In the Far East, special thanks to Sorn at for our first review in Thailand. Check out his site as it’s the cat’s meow in Thailand. Look for a Zero Down interview soon. Also thanks to Miki at Rock Stakk Records in Osaka, Japan for selling our stuff and spreading the word. Check out his site and store at

In the great Northwest, we really want to throw the devil horns way high for some of the local press showing us some love. It’s not too often that the local press around here steps up and covers the local metal/hard rock scene. Too busy covering….uh….yeah you not what I mean. So mucho thanks to:

Kevin Diers at Sound Magazine (

John Larson at the Tacoma Weekly (

Matt & Jeff Gilbert at Manspat (“If Motorhead, Sweet and Judas Priest brought a Rottweiler together and trained it to fetch beer and kill, this would be that pup. With an attitude that’ll make these modern shoe-gazing self cutters cry even more than they already do. Zero Down is a waaaaaay better candidate for bringing back rock than those bitches in The Darkness were. Evil is finally fun again!)

So what’s up next you might ask? We’ll this Saturday we will be playing the Maryhill Festival of Speed in Goldendale, WA. Super cool extreme sports stuff near the Hood River with Jet City Fix. For more info go to After that we take a much needed month off to work on some new material to spice up the live set list and re-charge the batteries for October when we do our first small road trip down the coast. We’ll have the full details in the next few days, but we will be hitting Sacramento, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe & Portland the first weekend in October.

Okay…that’s it for now. Simple and to the point. So check back soon for our West Coast Tour dates & details and plenty of other NW shows in October and November….and yes Matt at Mansplat…Evil is fun again!!!


Hey all, Fred from Zero Down here. First off, we want to say thanks to all of you awesome motherfuckers and motherfuckettes who came to the Bret Michaels "Rock Of Love-Fest" at El Corazon a couple of weeks ago. The main thing was that we got to play a super long set for the people who were there for the music too. The spectacle in the other room, once Mr. Michaels arrived to sign autographs (and eventually leave without getting up to play any songs with us), was amazing to say the least. Those who got to take pictures with and speak to Mr. Michaels- good on ya. Glad that KISW, Zero Down and El Corazon could facilitate such an event for YOU, fellow Zero Down fan, to meet one of your biggest idols, Bret Michaels, one of the most talented and "important" icons in rock and roll "entertainment" history. And since that's in the past, it's time to get back to the real reason why we're a band- to kick your heavy metal ass and help you have some fun! We're dead serious. No joke!

Here's a reminder to check out our new YouTube video blog "The Online Metal Challenge" if you haven't seen it already:

Thanks to everyone giving us devil horns and compliments on our latest CD, "Good Times At The Gates Of Hell". We had a good time making it, and have had a good time playing it live. We have some killer shows coming up in Seattle-Tacoma, Portland OR., Everett WA., and elsewhere for the next couple of months. We're playing all over the place...and somehow, our bass player Ronnie still has time to go fishing. He can't be stopped. Here's some honorable mentions coming up-

Jul 12 2008 9:00P
Easy Street Records After Hours In-Store Show Seattle, Washington
Jul 18 2008 10:00P
Hell¢s Kitchen w/ Jet City Fix Tacoma, Washington
Jul 19 2008 8:00P
Dante¢s Inferno w/ Hell¢s Belles Portland, Oregon
Aug 8 2008 2:00P
Seattle Tattoo Convention w/ Nevermore & Pleasure Elite (All Ages) Seattle, Washington

We encourage anyone who can make it to come to Easy Street Records in West Seattle for an in-store show on Saturday July 12th (get there early!). We'll blow the roof off of Easy Street Records, and with your help, we can all put it back together again afterwards (follow me down the street for a beer when it's over...). And- once again, we're playing with our favorite headliners and friends Hells Belles in Portland Oregon on July 19th at Dante's Inferno. Also, Nevermore and The Pleasure Elite at the Seattle Tattoo Convention on Friday August 8th??? You bet!! You deserve a day off from work. Come down to the Seattle Center at 2:00 pm and see us play!

This week on "Fuck Yeah": Get ready for-

Aug 19 2008 8:00P
El Corazon w/ L.A. Guns & Faster Pussycat Seattle, Washington

That's right! Zero Down opens for L.A. Guns & Faster Pussycat. Get your tickets, because this may sell out.

And an FYI for all you north-enders...we're playing Jimmy Z's in Everett in September. Probably right down the street from you. It's been a while. Come support us! We promise to up the antlers for you!

Sep 6 2008 9:00P
Jimmy Z¢s w/ Pleasure Elite Everett, Washington

(For other shows, check out our website at

In other news, we're actually writing new songs as we speak for the follow-up to Good Times. That's right...we can't be stopped! I also heard a little bird say that we will be going on a mini West Coast tour in September...and now you really know that we can't be stopped...not even the election, lame media-inspired paranoia, or shitty gas prices can stop us!!

We wanted to say thanks to Nikos Patelis from Metal Invader for giving Good Times an excellent review. Some of Seattle's bigger journalists could give a flying fuck about us...but fuck it, we're loved in Greece! Check out the link:

That's it for now. Until then...keep your horns high and your lids low!

-Zero Down-

Thursday, June 19th

Hello Hell-Raisers. Zero Down here to present our first Video Blog for your Rock&Roll entertainment.
Don't think for one minute we're not serious, Zero Down is dead, "At the gates of Hell" serious. Check it out:
This video blog brought to you by We, the metal meatballs of Zero Down, and was made possible by the tireless
and brilliant filming and editing of Stef Rider, and the stunning still photography of Rachel Tate. Concept and
direction by Julianne, who thinks she's funny.

Speaking of funny, we'll be bringing our challenging Zero Down metal to El
Corazon this Friday, June 20th, to entertain the masses waiting around for Bret Micheals to stop over
after his casino gig. Speaking of metal, DJ Sammi Curr will be spinning the classics and the metal
obscurities as the perfect addition to this circus of the stars.


Wedensday, May 13th
Fred from Zero Down here. I just want to say that we just had quite a killer week being the only opening band for two shows with England's own UFO !! Wow...if that wasn't a doozy! Damn! Whoa! I mean, sheesh! Last Wednesday May 7th at El Corazon in Seattle, they packed 800 people into that rectangular room. I know that we kicked some ass, because no one was booing at us. Thanks to everyone that came out to see us along with UFO. I know some of you were there to do just that...we saw you singing along to the lyrics! Hell yeah! It might have been a little claustrophobic in there, and some of you weren't able to get a glimpse of UFO as good as you would have liked to (me included), but they still delivered, with or without Michael Schenker or the temporary absence of Pete Way.

Also, in Portland Oregon the next night, the Aladdin Theater was almost filled to capacity. We had one of the best times playing onstage, ever, at the Aladdin Theater. Thanks to the awesome sound people, the lighting girl, all of the Aladdin staff (especially the concession girls) and the fine rocking people of Portland. You made us feel right at home. UFO played a stellar set. We even got to meet them backstage, thanks to Kate, their wonderful merch lady. Phil Mogg, the lead singer, is one of the funniest guys we've ever met. Vinnie Moore is one of the most nicest, gracious guys in rock...along with Paul Chapman and Andy Parker. Thanks to UFO for taking pictures with us, signing autographs, and living up to our ideals as one of the coolest and most groundbreaking bands in the history of Rock.

We want to say a quick thanks to the recent slew of press that we are getting for the new CD. Check out some of these reviews:

Metal-rules (Hell yeah to Waspman)

Sleazegrinder CD Review (Thanks again for the continued support...)

Olympia Washington CD Review
by Brad Allen (To Brad- a super 'fuck yeah' and thanks to you!)

Also, thanks to Matt Nagle for the kickass CD review in the Tacoma Weekly. The link is gone, but the print sure was sweet.

RADIO: "Good Times" is getting played!! We want to give shout outs to:
Naked Rob at KSCU in the Bay Area!! (,

Bill Peters at WJCU in Cleveland (home of our bass player Ronnie Banner, who grew up listening to Bill Peters's show)

Sheck @ WLVR 91.3 FM in Bethlehem , PA.

Metal Mark at Audio Aggression/Open Grave Radio

...and also to our good friend DAMON STEWART, host of Garage Monkey (the 'Local Rock' show) on Funky Monkey 104.7 FM for continuing to play and support our cause. and

Honorable mentions regarding our 'one-way-ticket-to-hell' campaign as of late: SEAN FORTNEY (Thanks to you, it's possible...). JULIANNE ANDERSEN (Thanks to you, it happens. Look out your window...we just tore down the condo next to your house and replaced it with a Starbucks. Can we buy you coffee?). Last but especially not least, KENNY KAUHNO (the 6th member of Zero Down and #1 roadie).

Our CD is selling pretty good on CD Baby, I-Tunes, and local outlets. Instead of telling you over and over again where you can buy it if you haven't already (look at the links on the right, heh heh...), we'd like you to GIVE YOURSELF A ROUND OF APPLAUSE for supporting us in any way you can, have, or will, by coming and seeing us play soon. We have a lot of good shows coming up this summer (one with HELLS BELLES at the end of June in Bremerton WA...another one with some band called FASTER PUSSYCAT and their touring support band L.A. GUNS in August in Seattle...), but for now, we're looking forward to playing a killer show with JACKMOVE, THE HICKMANS and PINKZILLA this Saturday at Reid's Pit Stop in Longview WA. ( See you there!

-Fred and Zero Down-


Saturday, April 12th

Hey y'all. Fred here from Zero Down. All of us are looking forward to the shows coming up in the next couple of months. Can't wait to see you all in the front row shaking your devil horns with one hand, drink in the other, with your tongues hanging out (and anything else you want to show us...c'mon, we dare ya...). Always good to see people we know and love.

On the new CD front, "Good Times At The Gates Of Hell" is finally for sale in the local Seattle WA stores Sonic Boom and Easy Street...and also in Tacoma WA at Rocket Records. It's even available online at Do yourself and us a favor, and buy this version of Zero Down circa 2008, enbalmed inside a polycarbonate plastic disc forever. Believe us, we wish it was a two-sided vinyl analog long-playing LP, so that it would kick ass on a turntable. For now, we and you are stuck with a one-sided, digitally-mastered masterpiece made of pure 100% Pacific Northwest Heavy Metal Hellfire! There's always MP3s and such, but why not have the whole package in your hands instead? There's a fold-out too...just get out your magnifying glass and pretend that it's the real deal. You'll find that it's easier to lose or leave at a friend's house while guard it with your life once you get it into your possession!

This CD is starting to get great reviews from not only the USA, but abroad. Some of these sites are rating "Good Times" from 1-10, or 3-4 stars, etc. We feel privileged to find that most of the reviews are up there near 10, near 4 stars, or 94 out of 100. Check out these links if you have time to spare: by Tobias Piwek - Germany by Ben Ami Scopinho - Brazil by Derric Miller - US

Also, check out this review of our CD release show at El Corazon, written by our good friend in Seattle, Dan Halligan-

We're excited to be in the next issue of Unrestrained Magazine, representing North America/Europe (Thanks to Adrian "The Energizer" Bromley!!). We'll also be in the next issue of Fireworks Magazine from The UK (Cheers to Nicky Baldrian!!).

Our true metal comrade Martin Poppoff just recently reviewed "Good Times", and had nothing but good things to say, including this quote:
Hands, er, down, Seattle’s Zero Down are America’s best unsigned band, and to be that, you gotta have more than one beer-bongin’ record of clanging rock God-ness, and well, Zero Down have two, ‘05’s Old Time Revival and now this Ed Repka-painted ripper." (Martin Poppoff from the upcoming review on

Well, jeez...we're flattered more than Martin will ever know. Looks like we've got two magnificient Brits named Martin on our side...Martin Poppoff, and of course, Martin Feveyear (, the man responsible for the engineering and production of this CD. Barrels 'round!!

Besides our two favorite ZD-supporting local Seattle radio stations Funky Monkey 104.9 FM and KISW 99.9...KEXP 90.3 FM ( has been added to the Zero Down hit list. Abe Beeson will be spinning some of the cuts from "Good Times" on 'Audioasis', to air Saturday April 26th from 6 pm-9 pm. Turn on, tune in, and rock out. Yes, you can get KEXP in Mountlake Terrace WA. Just ask Hawk, our lead singer, who no doubt will be tuning in...that is, if he's not playing a winning hand of poker somewhere.

So what the hell! Hope to see you at our upcoming shows. Please check out our schedule for dates and locations. Among these shows, we're proud to be supporting some of the finest bands out there...Hells Belles (in Olympia WA April 18th, Seattle WA April 19th) and UFO (Seattle WA May 7th, Portland OR May 8th). Hells Belles...can you believe it? the hell did we pull that one off? Come be a part of this if you can. We'll see you there. Maybe we can sneak you backstage...that is, if we can sneak ourselves backstage, ha ha.

Meet you at the gates,
-Fred and Zero Down-

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey y'all, time for a little weekly Zero Down update. Hope that you all like our new website. It's so
much prettier than the last year's model, dontcha think? It especially reflects the new campaign
we are on to rock your heads apart more than we ever have before. We recently played our CD
release party at El Corazon, played with No Quarter in Portland at Berbati's Pan and to those who
attended- a double-fisted "HELL YEAH!" and "Thank You!" from the bottom of our metal hearts.

Speaking of shows- we have some serious kick-ass shows coming up. We're hoping
that you'll come with us and watch us help the headliners blow the roof off of these clubs!
Two of the shows are with Seattle's own all-girl AC/DC tribute band HELLS BELLES.
Both shows are in April.
Here are the dates-

4/18 Olympia, WA Capitol Theater w/Hell's Belles
"For more information:"
4/19 West Seattle, WA Rocksport w/Hell's Belles
"For more information:"
And if that wasn't enough...we're opening up for UFO...that's right...UFO from England. "Lights
out, lights out in Seattle...and in Portland too!!"
Here's the info for the two May shows:

5/07 Seattle, WA El Corazon w/UFO
"For more information:"
5/08 Portland, OR Aladdin Theater w/UFO
"For more information:"
As for our new album "GOOD TIMES AT THE GATES OF HELL", we have them for sale online
at the CD BABY site. Check out the link- .
The site also lets you listen to the songs...but I assure you, the quality of your computer
speakers and streaming audio fights like a wuss when up against the satisfaction you will get,
when you get one of these brand-spankin' new CD babies in your hand to transfer to your car
stereo, or your CD player at home. We are proud to say that it just might kick more ass than
many rock albums (yes, albums) coming out today...but we'll let you be the judge of that.

You can also find the new CD in Sonic Boom in Seattle, and soon at Easy Street Records too.
Of course, if you come to see us live, we'll have it available in mass quanities (buy one for your
parents...). And please, a good honest street team-like way to help out your fellow band, is by
asking for it by name at your local music outlet and spread the word.

Before we call this finished, we have to thank our friends at the local radio stations for
also helping us spread the word. To Damon Stewart and (the producer) Julianne Andersen of
Garage Monkey ("land of the kick-ass local rock") on Funky Monkey 104.9 FM- thank you for
playing and mentioning our band. Damon's a rock soldier...and Julianne doesn't take any
prisoners. To Jolene from KISW 99.9 FM Loud and Local- we love you and your support for us
and all local Northwest rock/metal bands. Thanks for introducing us on stage at our CD release
Also, thanks to the fans who have stuck with us through thick and thin, buy us jager shots, help
us and our merch and smoke machine king Kenny carry our equipment through the rain to the
Zero Down mobile.

And- to YOU!
You know, We like to think of ourselves as the "working man and woman's metal band"...the kind
of band that reminds you from time-to-time, after a shitty day at your job, how we are somewhere
out there, hopefully not far from you, waiting to get the chance to put a beer in your hand, a smile
on your face......and a loud, proud and evil tune in your head! Our goal is to rock you like you are
still in high school, wild and young, and taking no fucking shit from anybody! That's why we
formed this is our mission statement and our manifesto. Thanks for always making it one
big party.

Check back here for weekly updates, and see you at the gates!!

-Fred (speaking for my bandmates in Zero Down) -

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Zero Down: Old Time Revival