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Amongst this category are some of my most prized and treasured items. As I said at the beginning my love of saltglazed stoneware and am fortunate that several elaborate, and rare, inkwells were made. To find one in mint condition is extremely difficult but with perseverance it is possible. For those who would like to see a fantastic collection a visit to the "Bottle Museum" at Elsecar is a must also, if you can, do get hold of a copy of "Inks" a collectors guide

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This famous inkwell in the shape of a monk is one of
the most sought after saltglazed stoneware inks.On the
back it is impressed "Harrisons Monastic Ink 422
Strand ". On the base of this item is what may be a lighly
impressed registration diamond. There are several
variations of this ink, some with an address, some with
registration diamonds and some with the name "Ackermans".



This rare and desirable inkwell in the shape of Mr Punch.
This item is 13cm high and the back carries a registration
diamond but nothing else.








Another rare and highly desirable inkwell in saltglazed
stoneware. This ink is often referred to as the capped
schoolboy but is very much like Wellington, and would
have been made at around the time of his death, so
perhaps some sort of commerative item.




Saltglazed inkwell in the shape of a Lions Head.
This item came from Australia several years ago
and must rate among the top ten of stoneware inks.





This is one of the more common stoneware inks, but
still a rarity, and found in several different variations.
Some are found with elaborate borders, some with
names impressed in the base, but to find one in mint
condition is still a difficult task





A variation of the "Ugly Woman" ink. This has a light
creamy coloured top with thin dark brown dip top the base.






This half barrel ink carries the inscription,
in raised lettering,
Robert Whitfields
Patent Indellible & Safety
Writing Ink 64 Hatfield St




Writing on each panel, JOSIAH JOHNSON







A large desk inkwell decorated with
flowers. To the top is the central well
and three pen or quill holders and
around the edge is impressed





This rare ink is impresed





A superb French snail ink. It is a
leaf with fence at back, which acts
as a pen rest, and elaborate snail
whos shell revolves to open and close.




Traditional style of pottery snail
ink. This pottery ink is found in
a variety of colours and sizes.







China dolphin inkwell. These are transferred
on the base with registration diamond and the
name PERRY AND Co LONDON, they have
been recorded with both black and red transfers
possibley denoting colour of ink.







This inkwell is in the form of a potter by
the name of Charles Ridgeway. There is
also one of his wife, it would be nice to
have that one to make the pair.







White ceramic shoe or slipper ink
decorated with hand painted flowers
and gilding. It is 5inch long and 2.25inch high






This inkwel has more writting on it
than almost any other item I have seen.
These are sometimes seen with just top
part, no square base, these items are
therefore damaged or incomplete.



This black glazed, shows bluish tinge,
inkwell of a Negro is red stoneware,
5.5 inch long and 4.5 inch high Unsure
of the purpose of the open mouth, pen
rest at front, well above. Scarce item,
prone to damage.







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