TWF Male Roster
Wrestler Name Finisher Faction
cero Cero Tolerence none
Kerbourchard The Assassination none
Mirageen CCASL?? Hardkore Society
Chad The Chadon Bomb none
Colton Colton's Flying Face Sit none
Solaris Armageddon none
Axl Hollywood Rose {status unknown}
The Ryft Assmaster Hardkore Society
PumpHandle Slam Hardkore Society
Censor The Censor Kick Management
Nick Perez Checkmate none
Mr. P P-Bomb KIA
Rope Burn KIA
Sasquach's Fury Bender's Management
Vangea Burning Waters/
Final Blow!
Krazie Korean Asian Cutter none
Justin The Justin Jackhammer Management!
n/a Hardkore Society
Flame of Indignity none
Mr. Average The Average Slam none
Grim Jake Serpentine Sleeper none
'Mad Dog' Sean Stephens Mad Dog Drop none
AJ Styles Styles Clash none
TWF Female Roster
Lights Out! none
American Woman The Kravitz Senton Bomb none
Blondy The Blondominator none
Tag Team Roster
The Double C Batteries Three C none
Society Outlaws The Outlawer Hardkore Society
Outsiders Toll none
Agents Matrix Out Management
Ruthless The Ruthless Encounter KIA
Valet Roster
Jerry Smith Management Meltdown Management
Josh Points none KIA


HardKore Society

TWF Main